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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Taking a break from their annual screechfest bemoaning the fictional liberal War on Christmas, the brave generals over at Fox News recently dispatched two of their female warriors to a very different front… the not-so-fictional War on Women. Only these fierce combatants were there not to defend the sistahood, but to wage a war of — and on — their own.

First up was President George W. Bush’s White House press secretary — now Fox News host — Dana Perino, who, in a discussion on The Five about the murder-suicide incident involving Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher and the mother of his young child, asserts that women need to take responsibility for violence against them. Even while acknowledging that women “are victims of violence all the time,” Perino agrees with her co-host that the solution to the problem is for women to carry guns… but takes it into blame-the-victim territory by loftily proclaiming that they should also “make better decisions.” (Watch here.)

You pretty much deserve what you get, implies Perino: If you fall in love and have a child with someone who starts drinking heavily, taking drugs, “Constitutionally” acquiring a collection of deadly weapons and then makes the very bad decision to blow you away with one of them, it really is down to you. Not them. You. Thanks for that, sistagurl. Hopefully the next woman who’s attacked by a complete stranger will also heed your sage advice and “make better decisions” about… walking around in public.

Next to take the battlefield was author Suzanne Venker, who, in her second misogynist op-ed for Fox in as many weeks, opined that women should just stop being so gosh-darned stubborn and accept their lot in life — as subordinates to men. Let’s call a truce in the war on men, she harrumphs, and we’ll all be so much happier. She then trots out the old hunter-gatherer canard (men like to hunt, women like to nest and take care of everyone, blahblahblah), explaining that men are “content to mill about in their man caves. They like to hunt. They like to build things and kill things.”

“If the ultimate goal is lasting love,” she goes on, “women are going to have to become comfortable with sacrifice and capitulation.” Surrender to your femininity! Let your man be the man! Let him take charge! Reject the “feminist dogma” that tells you that you must be equal to men! Get back in your binder! And after several hundred words crushing women under her shoe like pesky insects, she delivers the coup de grace — diminishing your own accomplishments and submitting to your rightful masters is… liberating.

There’s no greater enemy than the enemy within. And in the very real war on women, at Fox News, it’s an inside job.

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99 responses to “Fox News Women Declare War On… Women”

  1. The GOP, and especially the Tea Party and the evangelicals, are getting ready for Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. 2016 will be the Year of the Woman and Democrats are positioned to make it happen. Our candidates are formidable. They have the qualifications and stature needed to succeed, and they will. We are likely to see the biggest landslide in the history of the United States in 2016, and if the best the GOP can do is promote Ayotte and Hutchinson…they are in serious trouble, especially considering who their “advisors” are. People are tired of voting for a front man, like W, who was played like a puppet by the big guys that controlled the agenda throughout his pathetic administration. We need real leaders, like Obama, Clinton, and Warren…and younger ones like Debbie Wasserman Schultz to keep on fighting in 2020 and beyond.

    • RobertCHastings says:

      Amen, brother!

    • Vila is right. All the speculation at the moment is that Clinton will run in 2016. Which I believe she will, because the Clintons are genuine politicians — people who actually like politics and who, unlike the vast majority of the G.O.P., are not simply in it for the money.

      But if she doesn’t, the most likely result will be the freshman Elizabeth Warren being pressured to run, just as had been done with Barack Obama (the last primary candidate to announce his candidacy) in 2008.

      So you can bet the G.O.P. is expecting to lose the women’s vote. Which is why they’re already so hard at work trying to diminish women. Just like in the most recent election, the only way they know how to deal with voters they are losing with is to prevent them from voting.

    • RobertCHastings says:

      The women you mention, Clinton, Warren, Schultz, etc. scare the hellout of the conservatives, because they are strong women who can stand up for themselves and stand toe to toe with any man in Congress, and usually come out the winner. All the right has to offer are cretins like Santorum and Ryan. Even Gingrich has the temerity to hint at another run in 2016.

    • RonaldS says:

      There you go again. Logic works with many of us but not the Tea Party.

    • James says:

      Remember Hilery saying she had to dodge snipper aka as sniper fire in Bosnia,A LIE . How about Warren claiming to be a native American aka Indian.A LIE

      • BDD1951 says:

        They were not lies.

      • Bill says:


        Warren claimed she was told by her family that there was some Native American blood in her family bloodline. That has never been disproved unless you count Scott Brown’s staff making indian war whoops at some demonstration. An act that show the infantile level of behavior on his staff’s part and it wasn’t even the slighest bit creative. Also James the name of the Sec. of State is Hillary, learn how to spell it correctly.

      • JSquercia says:

        That’s your BEST shot . In reply I have 3 letters for you WMDs

    • Melvin Chatman says:

      Mittens and “W” all of a sudden, don’t seem all that bad!
      I forgot to take my REALITY MEDS – I’m OK now – WHEW that was scary!

    • Eyma Lyer says:

      All the dedmons mentioned by vila are the reason this country is in this shape. They are destroying every freedom we have. ALL libearls must be thrown in prison and left to rot.

  2. charleo1 says:

    It seems to me, too many young men, and women enter into the always very tricky, always,
    more complicated than they could possibly imagine, interpersonal relationship, with a partner
    who also has not the slightest idea how this little dance they are preforming actually works.
    It’s the tragic human condition, that we often make the decisions of the greatest import, when
    we are young, and have absolutely none of the practical experience that will serve us so well later on. What could possibly go wrong? As half of us find out, a lot. When it does, friends often back off. Parents sometimes relive their own bitter experience. “Get a good lawyer, and file first!” Then,
    all the heartache, (and it hurts!) And, feelings of failure on both sides can manifest themselves
    in all kinds of ways. Both may self medicate with alcohol, or drugs. Engage in dangerous
    behaviors. Drunk driving, promiscuous sex, and for certain young men, a kind of psychosis.
    Obsessive thoughts of the failure of the relationship, or sudden feelings of unbelievable loss can take over, and lead to a desperation. In this state of mind, really all bets are off. If he has access
    to a weapon, he is now able to make the biggest, and often final mistake of both their young lives.
    And, it is not a one off. And we as a society, need to stop treating it as an aberration. As something
    no one could have foreseen. It is a male. He may be rich, or poor, White, or Black, with people
    around him, that care about him, as the star KC. football player, or isolated. But, he is in crisis.
    And, for his sake, and the object of his obsession, we need to better recognize it. Better equip both
    our boys, and girls, with the tools to be more successful in these relationships. And make them
    both aware, just as horrible accidents occur, even when one does everything to the best of their
    ability, this marriage, this relationship, is also susceptible to fail. Because, especially with males,
    this fact, especially, with those men who have the hardest time adjusting, seems to have not ever have entered their conscience, such a possibility existed. And it knocks them out of their minds.

    • jebediah123 says:

      You are right, “charleo1”, that most couples that marry have no concrete training on how to conduct a successful marriage. The comments made on Fox News minimize the role that women play in a relationship.

      That said, UNFORTUNATELY AND SADLY there is no “magic bullet” of wisdom or advice to fit every troubled relationship. In evidence, I can state that well over 60% of the couples I knew that married ended in divorce, some of them violently.

      In contrast, my wife and I met on a vacation in Toronto, Canada —–I, from the U.S. and she from Japan. We knew each other face to face for 3 days when we decided to marry. We got married one week later and have been so for 40 years now.

      Now, in response to the comments made on Fox News, a relationship such as marriage will only be successful if both individuals are EQUAL PARTNERS in all related situations that arise.

      • charleo1 says:

        Firstly, as to your mutual decision to marry after a three day courtship, Congratulations!
        May we never get so jaded, and cynical, we stop believing in love at first sight! You are
        obviously two very honest, and good people. And recognized that in each other, right off.
        I have thought for years there should be a Life Class for 7th or 8th graders, and cover
        most everything. How to set up a bank account, balance a checkbook, how one obtains
        a loan, etc. And also discuss interpersonal relationships. The best ways for couples to
        to talk to each other. And how to argue, without harming the relationship. And what
        happens went couples get a divorce. Child custody, and child support. Because, it
        seems to me, many of these men/boys in many ways mentally, the breakup comes as
        a total surprise! The fact that it happens all around them. Probably even with their own
        parents. There is this sense that it is not going to happen to them. And when it does,
        they literally fall apart. Been there. The stress for me was enormous. The failure of
        something that I held in great priority. That is supposed to last a lifetime is over in
        5 years! But the rage, or desire to act violently, absolutely no. But I did wish in hindsight,
        I would have known more going in. So there wasn’t so much guessing, in uncharted
        waters, so to speak.

  3. Don B says:

    The only thing bigger than the coffee urn in the Fox News break room, is the vat of peroxide the female “news” anchors use…..Its affected their gray cells.

    • RobertCHastings says:

      What gray cells? If you are referring to the area between their ears, it is as empty and vapid as their statements. An autopsy would probably reveal a close relationship to Lucy, the earliest identified proto human, with a brain not much larger than that of a dog.

  4. docb says:

    It is fux..they have bimbettes and stepford wives..nothing of import! A serious intelligent woman does not give them or the channel the time of day!

  5. nobsartist says:

    Who cares what “fox entertainment” thinks?

    • johninPCFL says:

      Something like half the population gets most of their news there.

      • Gene says:

        It’s not news. It’s propaganda. It’s strictly right-wing brain-washing

        • johninPCFL says:

          It’s interesting that O’Reilly’s ad at the beginning of his program touts the dozen years he’s been rated the #1 cable news show, but he claims he’s just an entertainer. Apparently the right-wing loons can’t tell the difference.

          Remember, according to O’Reilly, Christianity isn’t a religion, it’s just another philosophy.

      • nobsartist says:

        Those are the idiots that vote republiCON.

      • JUDITH says:

        From what we see in some of these comments I believe you may be right. That alone should tell you the mentality of half the population, as you seem to think gets most of their news. How about doing some research on your own?

    • Doctor T says:

      Problem is that there are alot of lemmings out in this country who buy into this horse dung. Enough of them to be concerned about the safety of the rest us.

  6. old_blu says:

    If that young lady Kasandra would have had a gun I don’t think it would have helped a thing she was in love and didn’t think it was going to happen.

    ” Perino agrees with her co-host that the solution to the problem is for women to carry guns”

    Don’t these people realize that another gun in a situation like this won’t help.

    • RobertCHastings says:

      NO! As “lovefacts” stated, they are just repeating NRA talking points. Neither is capable of either developing or stating anything intelligent or reasonable. To increase the number of people who are packing will do nothing more than increase the murder rate.

  7. Lovefacts says:

    I was talking about this article with my husband. He, like me, is disgusted. Very few people, and especially women, know how to kill someone in close quarters, don’t have weapons on or near them 24/7, and as in this case, are taken by surprise. These types of comments are nothing more than NRA talking points. And these commentators should be ashamed for taking part in this.

  8. Tiro Lynn says:

    The psychotic advice for women to accept their supposed lot in life and allow men to rule over them is precisely what gets women into domestic violence and stuck in those relationships. The more these things are spoken to our teenagers, the more crazy men and victimized women we put into society. The answer is to proclaim loudly where ever we can that men and women are equally human and as humans we need to respect and honor one another.

  9. Fox News can suck it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. If I depended on my “hunter” exhusband, I would have staved to death. HE SPENT MOST OF THE TIME IN BARS DRINKING UP THE MONEY WE BOTH MADE. Instead I went back to school, took machine shop training & became the 1st woman machinist at Allis Chalmers, Appleton, WI. Then I eventually made enough money that I could survive on my own.

    • lexi001 says:

      Good for you Colleen! Why these women chose to use this forum to denigrate their own gender is beyond me. Stunning that they didn’t have a response that told women to build their own self-esteem instead of trying to get it from a man. A marriage is, or should be a partnership, not a hierarchy with the man on top. Both must be equal. The only real difference I see between men and women is men obviously have more physical strength and women have more brains. Don’t get yourselves in a snit over the remark. I am just quoting the most recent findings.

    • karinursula says:


    • JSquercia says:

      Collen my hat’s off to you

  11. lexi001 says:

    Wow! What pathetic women. They shouldn’t even have the right to call themselves women, more like puppets

    • Doctor T says:

      Journalism “Ho”s is more like it.

      • lexi001 says:

        I always look forward to responses. However, your use of vile words like “”Ho” makes me wish you would not bother to respond. People are much more willing to listen to other’s who don’t find it necessary to use demeaning language. If you have done some critical thinking on the issue and have something useful to say, try using that instead

        • Valerie A says:

          I agree 100%. We should quit calling these Bitches Hos.

          • JUDITH says:

            Ladies, it takes so much away from us by using the language we have all been offended by for so long. I’ve always said what you think and what you say needs to be monitored in the brain before responding. I may think exactly as you both do but would not position myself with those that find that kind of language the only way they are able to express themselves.

          • foolsdance says:

            Well stated, Judith.

        • Barbara says:

          Ho may seem like an inappropriate word to use but, when I see “The Five”
          and the girl on the end with the dress up to her rear – 4 inch heels – and
          swinging her leg constantly to get attention, that is the word that comes
          to my mind.

  12. ococoob says:

    Nothing is worse than a woman putting another woman down. Women are their own worst enemies!

  13. fredamae says:

    To be perfectly Non-Pc and Blunt: FOX “women” don’t have the Ovaries to take on the Liberated Woman—and their “men” don’t have the balls to fight us honestly—Myths, Fairy-tales and magical thinking is all they have. America has progressed. Period.

  14. rpg1408 says:

    It just shows that political neanderthalism is not gender -specific.

  15. RonaldS says:

    Fox News (oops on the news) can always find well-paid talking heads to do their bidding. Sadly, there are women from white, middle class evangelical backgrounds that have been brainwashed as it were to believe in their “proper” place in life. As I said before, their numbers will continue to shrink as a % of the electorate. The next 2014 election will see a further reduction in elected Repugs eventhough they will still hold onto many local (House) seats from evangelical strongholds. 2016 hopefully will put a dagger throught the heart of the right-wingers. However, it will take the young voters of today to break the pattern long-term.

  16. howa4x says:

    This is the rehash of the old southern baptist leadership phamplet that women are naturally suboordinate to men. Tell that to accomplished women like Hillary Clinton, or our 3 female Supreme court justices. What astounds me is here is a party that did really bad with women, and their pravada TV news station attacks, them. I guess Ann Coulter should put down that poison pen and find a good white Christian man to surrender to. Let’s have some leadership here Fox. So if I’m reading this right Sara Palin should have stayed home with Todd. What about all those women in high corporate positions? There is a modicum of truth that if you marry and angry gun nut there might be trouble down the line, but that is avoiding the issue of why do angry gun nuts have access to firearms to begin with
    The real issue here is Fox just trying to get the base of angry white men upset now as a prelude to a Hillary run.

    • Mildred says:

      I belong to a Southern Baptist Church with a sunday school attendance of about 375. A few months ago the pastor had those who had been married 50 or more years to stand . There were 13 couples and I think every one of the women worked outside the home at some point in their lives and raised a family and kept house all at the same time, so there had to be a little cooperation between the husband and wife as equal partners. Also, every one of the men loved and respected his wife as the person she is.

    • JSquercia says:

      Find it funny to see Rove praising Hillary . I suspect that tune will change when she runs .

  17. dslocum says:

    Thanks for the expose on the Stepford wives of Fox News and the fictional war on Christmas!!!!!!
    Keep up the good work.

  18. Not my thing, but of course I don’t listen to Fox Hate News!!!!! These women are just stupid and tho think there are women in this country who listen to these women????? WAKE UP!!!! Fox is not new it’s entertaniment!!!!!!!

    • 54StarryNights says:

      I doubt Fox cares if women listen to them or not. They are not their demographic. I’d list their demographic, but I don’t want to say something rude.

  19. Bill Jackstat says:

    Those people working for Fox seem to live in a different universe.

  20. Hillbilly says:

    I am not sure these two Fox not News reporter are even women. Their statements are the same ones I heard back in the 50’s when I was growing and the statements always came from men and their walk behind them wives. When you are married it is a partnership and like all partnerships it has to have give and take from both parties not one party giving all the time and the other one taking all the time. Wonder if these women? are married or in a relationship, if they are do they become 2nd class citizens when their partners are around?

    • karinursula says:

      You said it my friend. I’m 68 years old and I had the kind of marriage, 50-50. Nothing else works, especially since I worked full-time throughout my marriage and we also raised 3 children.

  21. charleo1 says:

    Fox can be accused of many things, but being progressive, or informative even, about the growing
    power of women in business, politics, and relationships, is not one of them. It’s not what they
    do over there. They, much like the wives they celebrate, determine the desires, and opinions of
    their partner, or in Fox’s case, their audience. Then they, having no core beliefs of their own,
    simply reaffirm that which their viewers believe. It’s all about pleasing one’s liege, at Fox.
    We report what we know you like to hear. You decide if we succeeded.

    • 54StarryNights says:

      I wish Oprah would buy the Fox Network. It would serve them right to be taken down by a woman. I’m not a big Oprah fan, but she has the money and the smarts to take them down.

  22. albert says:

    nothing new about FOX.

  23. Are these women right in their head?

    • Pam_L says:

      No, they’re not, Joyce, and not only that, they sound like something out of the 1930’s or earlier. I truly loathe female collaborators and consider them to be enemies of other women. They would sell the rest of us out in a heartbeat, as they have so obviously done on Fox. Absolutely disgusting.

    • 54StarryNights says:

      They’re rightie in their head. It’s a serious condition for which there seems to be no cure.

  24. S-3 says:

    @Dominick Vila
    I fucking hope so, Dominick – this war on women must end soon, if not here and now!!

    Women are the backbone of this nation and by the way we’re treating them so poorly right now, we’re just asking for violent revolt and anarchy to be shoved in our faces – and for all the wrong reasons, too!

    I hope England and Canada aren’t having this problem, either – they’re looking like better places to live each and every day!

  25. Doctor T says:

    F-News has reached a new low (if that is possible). It is disgusting to see these women pimping themselves to the Ruperts of this world. But then they are probably so lacking in individual thinking, no real news media would want them!

  26. yodalynx says:

    Com’on guys what did you expect from the airheads at Fox. Relevance? Integrity? Intelligence? How long will people listen to these incompetent boobs (excuse the pun) and think it’s really factual and actual news?

  27. Jaimikai says:

    Dumb as Garden Hoes! (Say it fast twice)

  28. dalnb says:

    The best thing that could happen is to just ignore FOX. If everyone would just ignore them, not refer to them, not contact them, not talk about them and like mom always said – just ignore them and maybe they will go away!

    FOX has without a doubt the worst Talk show hosts in the country (including their radio and TV people).

  29. 4030Lisa says:

    Those aren’t women, those are jack asses busy masquerading as women. Funny how jack assish, airheads like them don’t do as they say and stay in the kitchen… nesting. Hey, hold on… I think they may be right! Yes, yes, I think we’d all be better off if they did just that, stay home and stop polluting the airwaves with such bouts of virulent, verbal vomit.

  30. drightone says:

    Hopefully, the cons won’t figure out that this is the 21st century until way after the 2032 elections. More than likely, this past election will be the downfall of the Republican Party. They’re antiquated, liars, sexist, racist throwbacks to a bygone era.

  31. These two females should stop working outside the home and let their men (do they have men?) take care of them. They can cook, clean and run around barefoot and pregnant.

  32. Dana Perino, Suzanne Venker should not consider them self as women. They do not know what a women is. They are brain wash but the Republican/tea party and Fox news. They are very stupid and should not allow to present themselfs as women. If Clinton and Warren run for the President and vice President, they will get my vote, they are real women and not want a be like Perino and Venker.

  33. The GOP, aptly aided by FOX, have chosen suicide by media. They will continue to say the most stupid and divisive things they can think of into any microphone in hopes that someone will just shoot them!

    RIP grand old party

  34. Bob says:

    Are you sure that Venker said “capitulation” and not “copulation”

  35. Bob says:

    Replying to my own “Joke” comment. I can’t resist a play on words.
    But in all seriousness, I certainly hope that Hillary runs for Pres again. I voted for her in the primary in 2008 and I will certainly vote for her again. The woman has the brains, and the drive to steer the ship USA.

  36. Sierra111 says:

    So women are not to walk around in public any longer, and they should accept their ‘lot in life’ as subordinate to men. Men like to build things and kill things. Women should diminish their own accomplishments and submit to our rightful MASTERS?!?!? Those two sound like they would love to live in Iran – so let’s get up enough money to send them there!

    They said nothing about a marriage being a partnership where both parties work together and compromise.

  37. daffodilly says:

    I don’t have any idea what either of these women look like (as I don’t watch Fox news shows) but I can imagine the reaction of any man who might be greeted after work by one of them swathed in Saran wrap (remember that one?). Let’s bring back that old Tom Jones song “Wives and Lovers” and put on the “Madmen” garb, light a cigarette slug back a few martinis and have a real lovefest!!!

  38. Minell says:

    be far real. talk to john mccain, and his possums.

  39. Faux News Super PAC a 501(c)4 for the GOP, wrong as usual.

  40. Pat Brown says:

    Women should arm themselves. Right. Provide weapons he can use against you. And if you succeeded in actually shooting him and he dies, you go up on a murder charge. When you claim it was self-defence they’ll ask you to prove it. You’d be reviled by Fox and the GOP for taking the law into your own hands. Something women should never, ever do. Men can stand their ground, women cannot.

  41. Realist says:

    It isn’t a War on Women. It is a War on Stupid Women. Too many females willingly submit to relationships with males they already knew were unstable or violent, but forgive and forgive again over and over. When the guy threatens them, or is abusive, the ignorant female will accept the apologies, and take the guy back. Which often has fatal results. Can they STILL cry “Victim” if they overlook a violent persons violent behavior? Ignore the friends and family’s advice to dump him? Ignore the drunken rages? Ignore the threats? There are a lot of ignorant females that cling to a guy who they KNOW might one day kill them. Call it a Daddy Complex. Call it a need to be punished or abused. But don’t call the cops whn the creep wants to kill you. All the warning signs were there. YOU just chose to ignore them. Stupid women who make stupid choices, against the advice of friends or family, should not be sympathized with. Just write them off. FOX women won’t make excuses for the stupid women, and are trying to alert them to their bad choices. Was anyone able to warn Nicole against O.J.? She played with fire, now she’s dead meat.

  42. Realist says:

    The libral media is constantly trying to demonize Republicans. Anti women, anti children, anti immigrant, anti diversity. Keep the heat on, to try to diminish any opposition to the Liberal Takeover. This should be a country of Homo’s and Illegals, and welfare trash, and blacks and hispanics running all the Government operations and corporations. Just hand over the keys, and get out of the way. Then the whole country will be like Chicago. Blacks and Hispanics, killing each other, trying to gain power over turf, to protect their “Operations”. Just hand over the keys, and get in your cage.

  43. bg1435 says:

    What some Women will do for money. Whatever they have to do to please their bosses. We can only imagine. These women glorify Akin.

  44. 54StarryNights says:

    These two need their heads examined. When they die, I hope they donate their brains to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

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