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Monday, March 25, 2019

Reprinted with permission from MediaMatters.


Fox News host Eric Bolling, who has for years made sexist remarks on air, has been suspended from the network pending an investigation into whether he sent “lewd photos” to female coworkers, according to CNN. HuffPost on August 4 reported that, according to a dozen sources, Bolling sent an “unsolicited photo of male genitalia via text message” to at least three Fox colleagues. Following HuffPost’s initial report, one woman, who Bolling has previously called “Dr. McHottie,” has come forward about Bolling’s behavior toward her.

Bolling had a pattern of making sexist remarks as a co-host of Fox News’ The Five. In 2014, Bolling had to apologize for asking if the first female pilot for the United Arab Emirates, who conducted bombing against Islamic State terrorists, “would … be considered boobs on the ground.” Later that year, Bolling said men are “more successful … and better leaders” than women. In 2013, he lamented that allowing young girls to play football was part of “the wussification of American men.” The year before, he had criticized a story of a 9-year-old girl playing football, saying, “Let the boys be boys, let the girls be girls.” And in 2015, Bolling cackled in response to co-host Kimberly Guilfoyle’s remark that “anything a guy can do, a woman can do better.”

The network has also been under increasing scrutiny following reports of workplace sexual and harassment and racial discrimination. Over the years, many women have come forward to reveal the sexual harassment they faced at the network. Last year, then-Fox News head Roger Ailes resigned in the wake of a sexual harassment lawsuit filed against him by former Fox News host Gretchen Carlson. In April, Fox host Bill O’Reilly was forced out after The New York Times reported on numerous sexual harassment lawsuits he quietly setted. In July, Fox Business host Charles Payne was suspended after sexual harassment allegations were levied against him. And a recent report in early August accused a former top Fox official of sexual harassment. Additionally, the network is also facing a racial harassment lawsuit from former Fox employees.

In an August 6 article, CNN reported that Bolling’s attorney said Bolling “denies the claims” that he sent “lewd photos” to co-workers and that Bolling “may return once the investigation is complete.” From the article:

Fox News said Saturday that host Eric Bolling will be suspended from air “pending the results of an investigation” into whether he sent lewd photos to co-workers, a network spokesperson confirmed to CNNMoney.

News of the suspension came one day after HuffPost published a story saying more than a dozen sources confirmed that Bolling had sent female colleagues an “unsolicited” photo of his genitals.

Bolling’s attorney said he denies the claims.


Fox’s statement about Bolling on Saturday indicated that he may return once the investigation is complete.


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7 responses to “Fox’s Bolling Suspended While Being Investigated For Harassment”

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  2. FOX is a Network straight from Hell, and conceived for one purpose only—to lie, deceive, harass, malign, or whatever it takes to denigrate other human beings. There is not an iota of what would be considered as of a spiritual nature associated with FOX and all its employees; it is an organization which has no moral standing and therefore deserves to be censored. And no—the 1st Amendment doesn’t grant the right to malign anyone or to verbally abuse others. If this is really what we think the 1st Amendment sanctions, then it would be best to strike it from the Constitution, and amend this artificial man-made code with a replacement Amendment (“1A” for example), with an entirely new set of standards, motivated primarily from the principles enshrined in the heart of every Revelation from God sent over the eons in successive and progressive waves.

    • Clarahbickley says:


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  3. FT66 says:

    Am not surprised at all. Nothing good comes from the so-called: “Fox News Outlet”, if it is not lies, it is all about how they present them to public especially men.

  4. 788eddie says:

    Eric Bolling’s history of off-color sexual harassment on screen are legendary if one likes that sort of behavior. I kept wincing for the women who were present with him.

    Case in point: when discussing women’s roles in the military, someone pointed out that the Saudi Arabian Air Force had its first active-duty female pilot. Bolling’s comment: Would you call that ‘boobs on the ground?’

    The man is an unaware low-life. I’m not surprised that he’s been suspended. The question is: for how long? When will the Fox “powers-that-be” slap him on the wrist and put him back on air?

    With Fox’s reputation, I suspect not too long.

    • Dapper Dan says:

      Truthfully after the dismissals of Bill O’ Reilly and the late Roger Ailes there’s a fair chance Eric Bolling won’t return. Fox doesn’t want to risk another sexual harassment lawsuit by letting this wolf back into the henhouse

  5. notafoxfan says:

    fox news has tolerated and even promoted behavior like that of oreilly.ailes and bolling for years..this is no surprise…

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