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Monday, October 24, 2016

Fox’s Gretchen ‘Scoop’ Carlson, With Breaking News

Fox’s Gretchen ‘Scoop’ Carlson, With Breaking News
  • donbronkema1

    Behold a 30-year Populist/Technocratic ascendancy, which, triumphant world-wide, could save mankind from the Void of extinction…

  • DownriverDem

    Women and enlightened men will elect President Obama. Angry, bitter, racist white men who drag their women along with them will vote for Rmoney/LyingRyan. (I am white)
    We must all get out and vote like Obama is 10 points down in order to counter all their voter suppression laws.

  • CaptainWes

    Interesting. She is blond, deranged, sells her soul for the hghest bidder’s message, and has been on watch under a red light. Guess she is ready to sound a fire alarm? She must be a real FOX!!!

  • What’s the similarity between two governors from Mas,,, Dukakis never got it and this one will never too..

    • ralphkr

      You know, when the Republicans picked GHW Bush to run for President I immediately thought, “What a stroke of brilliance. Picking a guaranteed loser so there shall be a Democratic President when all of Reagan’s chickens come home to roost.” Then the Democrats ruined the Republican plan by finding an unbelievably worse candidate in Dukakis. At least Bush used what he learned from the CIA to pick Quayle as Veep to guarantee that no one would assassinate him.

  • One party is afraid of everything guess.