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Sunday, June 17, 2018

NEW YORK (AFP) – General Electric Friday reported a one percent rise in second-quarter earnings on lower revenues, citing an improving U.S. market and reaffirming its 2013 targets to increase profit margins.

Net income at the U.S. industrial behemoth came in at $3.13 billion, about one percent above the year-ago figure of $3.10 billion.

Net income on an operating basis came in at 36 cents per share, matching analyst expectations. This figure excludes non-operating pension costs.

Net income on a per-share basis was 30 cents, up one cent or three percent from last year.

GE’s revenue came in shy of expectations at $35.1 billion, compared with forecasts of $35.6 billion. Net revenues a year ago were $36.4 billion.

GE chief executive Jeff Immelt said the business environment in the second quarter was “slightly improved” compared with the first quarter.

The company saw “strong growth” in the U.S. and emerging markets “remain resilient,” though the climate in Europe “is stabilizing but still challenged,” he said.

GE recorded profit growth in six of seven industrial segments.

But results in the power and water segment, currently the company’s largest industrial group by revenue, fell by 17 percent. Profits in this group dropped to $1.1 billion from $1.3 billion. Analysts have said this unit was hit by declining wind and gas turbine orders.