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Friday, March 22, 2019

Another big Democrat is “Ready for Hillary.”

General Wesley Clark has joined James Carville and Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) in saying they’re hoping former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will run for president in 2016.

“When Hillary Clinton took over as Secretary of State, America’s image around the globe was badly damaged,” Clark writes in an email to Democrats. “Since then, we’ve ended the war in Iraq. We’re winding down in Afghanistan. We decimated al Qaeda’s leadership, and helped democracy grow in the Middle East.”

The general led NATO under President Clinton and has been a longtime supporter of the Clintons. The ad above in 2008 firmed up the former First Lady’s foreign policy credentials, which were questioned before she became one of the nation’s most popular chief diplomats.

“Supporting Hillary is an easy decision for me,” he said. “I know she’ll steer us straight at home and represent us right abroad. We all know that Hillary would make the best president for our country.”

Mrs. Clinton made news herself last week by saying that she really hopes there is a female president soon.

“Let me say this, hypothetically speaking, I really do hope that we have a woman president in my lifetime,” she said at a conference focused on women’s issues in Toronto. “And whether it’s next time or the next time after that, it really depends on women stepping up and subjecting themselves to the political process, which is very difficult.”

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21 responses to “General Clark Is ‘Ready For Hillary,’ And Hillary Is Ready For a Woman President”

  1. CynthiaRuccia says:

    I am ready too!!! Let’s hope that we can quash the sexists and misogynists this time around:

  2. docb says:

    Being ready and declaring are two separate things…We may be ready but she needs to be cautious about when she declares and not become 2 year fodder for the rabid right again!

  3. Dominick Vila says:

    Looks like General Clark is bidding for the Nr. 2 spot…as a minimum, he will be our next Secretary of State.

    Needless to say, the time to elect our first female President is long overdue, and I can’t think of anyone more qualified and deserving than Hillary Clinton. The Tea Party will go after her from every angle, but they are likely to find out that Hillary is not a person that can be pushed around. I expect her to fight back in a way, our incumbent President, has not done.
    I support President Obama’s record and agenda, but I respectfully disagree with his conclusion that most Americans are intelligent enough to discern the truth from facile political propaganda. In fact, I believe the reason so many Americans still oppose the implementation of ACA is because of the administration’s failure to communicate its benefits to the American people in a way that is obvious to everyone. I doubt Hillary will do the same.

    • Jim Myers says:

      I would rather see Senator Elizabeth Warren as VP than General Clark.

      And, if Hillary does not run, I would like to see Senator Warren run for the Presidency.

      However, I do believe that General Clark would make an excellent choice as the Secretary of State.

  4. Catskinner says:

    If the Democrats nominate Hillary, all the public will see is her hoarse scream, “What difference does in now make…” Over and over and over and…

  5. Buford2k11 says:

    We should be careful of what we wish for…Hillary is an exciting prospect….but the tone of “we are ready for a women president” could be self-defeating….there are more women out there more than ready to be President, Hillary should not be the only choice we have…I would think Liz Warren would be better, but she is currently at war with the big money folks who would bankrupt the world to keep her out…Hillary and Bill are pretty friendly to the money folks….we need less bribery and more honesty in our government…like that’s gonna happen…

  6. FredAppell says:

    I wish Wesley Clark would run again. His platform was similar to the other Democrats but he wasn’t a populist. He simply didn’t have the name recognition.

  7. Jim Myers says:

    There is NOTHING that a woman can screw up any worse than men have already screwed up.

  8. Lovefacts says:

    Hillary would make a wonderful president. She’s firm in core beliefs. She won’t betray the core of those beliefs to make a deal., and unlike Obama, she’d make a good poker player. She’s also able to deal with people hating her and saying hateful things.

    Sometimes I think Obama is too smart. He sees the results of 100 moves out and is immobilized–Hillary can and does decisions. Worse, as Dominick said, Obama’s faith in the American public’s ability to be intelligent enough to discern the truth from party politics is misplaced.

    IMO, this is the result of extremism during bad economic times and using terrorism to create a climate of fear, the down our education so we’ll become a nation of sheep, and finally but not least politicians who cater only to the wealthy, care only about being re-elected, and are incapable of talking in anything but sound bites because they don’t understand the subjects or history.

    • silence dogood says:

      “He sees results 100 moves away” That’s hilarious. He can’t even speak without a teleprompter much less see around the next corner. He and his crew belong in a clown car.

      • keyne says:

        Sure, that’s why he was a professor at a world-class university before going into politics: because he can’t speak without a TelePrompTer. Do you actually *read* any of the right-wing talking points you mindlessly parrot?

        • silence dogood says:

          Ya he’s really cool. Check out his recent Germany speech. He’s sweating like Patrick Ewing on the foul line.

        • silence dogood says:

          If you spent any time around the University system you would know that law “professors” are a dime a dozen. I don’t care what school it is.

      • WhutHeSaid says:

        But he sure whupped you redneck bigots’ asses good, now didn’t he. Twice. How’s that ‘clown car’ theory workin’ out for ya there?

        • silence dogood says:

          Why do you sheep keep throwing around the redneck/confederate crap. I live in the same zip code as the new SOS. The clown car usage is working just fine as it becomes more apt every day.

          • WhutHeSaid says:

            If you goobers got whupped that bad by a bunch of clowns (twice), what does that say for you?

  9. Wanda Davidson says:

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  10. silence dogood says:

    Electing Hillary based on her genitalia will work out just as badly as electing Obama based on his skin color.

    • WhutHeSaid says:

      Actually, having a woman President immediately after an African American one would probably make all of the Tea Bigots’ heads explode at once. Sorry about your luck, but nobody ever promised you that being a vile and despicable slug would be easy.

  11. DurdyDawg says:

    My sadness will revolve around how the T-peers and neocons will continue to harass her should she choose to run in 2016 in fact I see this happening to Warren or any woman and in fact ANY Dem who will win. These do nothings will continue the slurs, accusing them of being commie libs who will destroy our way of life and waste more tax payer money on frivolous Impeachment proceedings while punishing everyone as they focus on those who voted another Dem into office by denying jobs, infrastructure and civil rights for women, minorities and blue collar workers (basically continuing to do what they’ve been doing since 2008).. We must rid congress of these blood suckers and replace them with honest representatives who will work with each other regardless of party affiliation, only then might we save this country and ourselves. Taking sides, drawing lines in the dirt.. spewing hatred over anything and everything among your fellow citizens is exactly what the manipulators want.. Don’t let them win, unite with each other, eliminate the haters in our g’ment and show our heirs we weren’t as self-centered as we started out as.

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