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Sunday, August 20, 2017

38 Responses to General Kelly’s Toughest Job? Controlling Trump

    • 17 day vacation? Or Kelly’s Obedience School is “out for summer” so Trump can be free to go right back to what he does best: tweet more lies and distortions of truth.

      • the country and the world should be so lucky . then again it stands now 1 out of 2 the DUMPSTER DON is already COLD now to just nail down the DEAD part and we could have something good there

  1. Kelly in retrospect has to be out of his cotton-picking mind to think he can bring order into the house of chaos Donald has constructed around himself. And this isn’t some ordinary house we’re talking about that was built over the past few years—this is a dilapidated structure Donald has crafted going back to his days in middle school.
    There’s no chance of order being established in the dangerous House of Chaos which Donald has built, and Kelly and the GOP should have had the smarts to realize this long ago. I’m still incredulous that so-called mature adults like Mitch and Paul Ryan expected like 4 year-old’s that Trump would suddenly become “Presidential”. Paul, Mitch, et al, may as well still believe in the Tooth Fairy.

    • Actually I think General Kelly has done a pretty good job at reining in Trump and his peeps so far, anyway it’s been quietier at the White House, I’m thinking it’ll be short-lived though.
      I read something today that said everyone has to go through General Kelly before they can see Trump, and all the tweets have to be okay’d by him to, he makes suggestions on a nicer way to say the same thing.
      What is sad is someone has to “rein in” Trump in the first place.

      • General Kelly is due kudos for getting Scaramucci out, but I doubt if Trump can be contained for long. It’s just not in his nature to restrain himself—too many decades of ill-mannered impulsive behavior to contend with.

        • I’ll bet anything Kelly will be gone before the end of September. Why? Because in any corporate pugilist battle, get in the way of Bannon or Conway and they make them disappear.

          Now, it’s as simple as using the Russian hackers to pump out more lies, more distortions and more delusions.

          My particular favorite is how they are trying to blame the Dems for Trump cheating to win a bogus elections by demanding yet a millionth investigation of Hillary, Comey and AG Lynch.

          This is Cover UP just like they tried in WaterGate. The facts are different. ONLY the Republican Party refuses to take responsibility for not properly vetting Trump before they allowed him to run from their party. Once you start with that and the fact that their irresponsibility put Priebus in the White House, nothing else they say or do matters.

          • I certainly hope your wrong about John Kelly being gone in another month. As a military man order is in his DNA and because Trump respects him maybe just maybe he’ll listen to him. Essentially he’s the first real adult in the House of Chaos trying to bring some discipline and order. Failing that the nation as a whole is in for a serious world of hurt

          • Kelly’s entire military life has been one of regimentation. Trump has more than proven he cannot abide rules and regulations. He may do so for a short period of time while he conjures up more escapes routes from the Constitution and rule of law.

            The real problem as I see it is that Kelly is like the newly promoted VP of a corporation. He stands between Bannon and Miller’s grandiose ideas of being the only influence on that moron in chief.

            More whispers in a CEOs ears have had influence than there are Russian spies in the KGB.

            In corporate life at the top, every day is another day of power plays, control battles and all to be the back room voice for a CEO.

            No surprise why I’m glad I’m removed from that snake pit thanks to boy genius screwing up his own company. He was “Trump Lite.” rofl.

          • But did you see in one article today that 53% of Americans supposedly think the country is going in the right direction? Which if it’s true, only goes to show one more time just how out of touch with reality that the majority of Americans are: Trump and the GOP are setting America up for a major economic correction.

            And it’s starting in rural America which is getting the shaft because Trump pulled America out of the TPP.

            Trump’s Trade Pullout Roils Rural America


          • Maybe no necessarily stupid…..many of them are college educated white men and women (unlike what many polls said at first), and you’d think they would already be educated.

          • When do you think they’ll finally realize that Trump conned them with his lies during his campaign….he has NO thought of how he’s going to put them all back to work or how to fix their many problems….all he’s doing is making things worse for them and for everyone else…but, they still kiss the ground he walks on. What will it take for them to see the light…..who knows!

          • And WHY they would allow someone like Bannon that close to the Oval Office is beyond me! He’s the LAST person that I would allow to get a security clearance….but, then again, Trump doesn’t really care all that much for security clearances….they’re just a minor hindrance to him!!

      • Unfortunately, he missed the tweet this past week-end about one of the senators that disagreed with him….it was a blatant pile of BS against a senator from Arizona, I believe! Someone needs to rein him in and put a muzzle on him… well as cut off all of his fingers or make him wear thick mittens so he can’t tweet. I read somewhere that he keeps saying he has so many “followers” when, I actuality, about 49% of them are bots! I think that’s kinda the same as his inauguration “crowd.”

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      • It barely lasted through last week-end when he began his “tweeting” about Senator Blumenthal…..where was Kelly then?

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    • I so agree. When I worked 10 feet from 4 CEOs offices, I can tell you that you have to wear lead-lined protection from the cats and dogs who are constantly in the kind of power battles that go on in nearly every corporation. It’s always worse when the CEO is a known crook. Then, his little corporate Johnnie and Janie Jump Ups started going for the throats of anyone who dares get ahead of them.

      I always found it comical to what depths these low lifes would go to “please” the CEO.

      As for working as a team, that’s an illusion. What kind of team is founded upon the kind of competition Trump so loves in his? This is what Kelly is not prepared for.

      The military life means teamwork or death at any minute. The corporate life is a slow descent into the kind of mental misery and hell only the lowest life forms can manage.

      Ryan and McConnell heard the word “billionaire” when Trump approached Priebus to run from the GOP ticket and that was ALL they needed to hear. Trump admitted in the 2nd Clinton/Trump debate he donated $100 million “to my campaign.” Where did he get that from when barely 3 years earlier he filed for 6 corporate bankruptcies to pay massive money laundering fines.

      • It cracked me up when they said that the only way they could get him to pay attention to briefings was to salt it with his name because he LOVES to see his name on things! That’s pretty ridiculous for a grown-ass man!

  2. The very fact that Trump has consistently refused to say a single negative word about Russia, proves he is acting as the Ambassador to Russia for Putin.

    The worst of this mess is that now not even General Kelly will ever control Trump. How can he? Trump’s father, Fred, had to separate Mommy MaryAnn, a Scottish immigrant, who only got her legal status by way of marriage, and her precious little Donny Jr. Mind you, this harriden from hell had 4 other children she mostly ignored while Donny pushed past them to get to Mommy’s breast.

    Kelly will never control Trump’s mouth. He acts like all right wingers, terrorists and extremists do..on impulse when they believe they are threatened.

    Right now, the right wing sites are doing their level best to try to make Trump’s lies look normal. They are trying to erase years of corruption they would NEVER have allowed Hillary or Obama to pull off. Even when they continue to try to jail Hillary for those deluded, imaginary crimes.

    Trump kills 11 military since January 2017 and not one word out of the righties about Tillerson’s lack of experience in state department and military affairs. Just more of the “Lock her up.” Maybe, it is time for some of us to start locking these big mouths up and deporting them to Moscow since that is where their allegiances lie.

    • You can bet that if Hillary had killed that many, they’d be on her like you wouldn’t believe….after all, remember Benghazi?

  3. For anyone including John Kelly trying to control Trump is the equivalent of trying to herd cats 🐱 He already knows the man is going to do whatever he’s going to do so his job is damage control and screen visitors seeing his majesty including family. That’s probably one good reason why Ivanka and Jared are moving back to NYC

    • The Katzenjammer kids are only moving back to NY because they know they need distance between themselves and Kelly. Now, they get to work Daddy’s warped brain from a distance.

      This is why I believe Kelly won’t last: Blood is always thicker than water.

  4. “Trump gets pleasure from humiliating people. Bullying turns him on. And his victims get off on their bondage.” – We’ll see if Kelly likes the pink tutu or the exit door.

  5. Clearly looking at the tweet storm coming from the leader this weekend Kelly’s first test is a massive fail. I give him six months before he loses all hope of reigning in the boss.

    • I agree….I don’t usually like Marines (being an Army officer myself), but I certainly feel for him….he’s got a tough job ahead of him. He needs to send Trump to Marine boot camp! He could lose the weight and maybe learn some respect!

      • He would not last the first week. Just getting is shots and hair cut would be too much. BTW, thank you for your service. We civilians can’t say that enough.

        • I appreciate your thanks…..what some people don’t realize is that female soldiers joined of their own volition unlike the men, many of whom were drafted. They deserve more of our thanks than I do, believe me. Many died that didn’t need to die, and that saddens me greatly. Many were friends, classmates, etc., and it was hard. When I went into the service in 1964, we were WACs (Women’s Army Corps), so we didn’t train with the men, but we worked with them once we got out of basic training, and many never came back! It’s the sad truth about war, and our illustrious president has NO idea how it is or how it affects our young men and women in the military! Because he’s never seen a war….he has NO concept of what it entails! He’s the one that sends our troops off to Afghanistan or Iran to fight ISIS, etc., and has NO idea what it’s like! We can only hope that the “generals” can keep him from going that far!

          • Thank you for your kind words and fleshing out the story. My parents were among the ‘greatest generation’ and proudly served in WWII. A couple of my aunts were in the service, one in the Navy and the other in the Army. My moms best friend worked in a defense plant in Los Angeles and visited her every morning while my dad was in the South Pacific. She worked the grave shift and when she arrived she was wearing mannish clothing. Some of the neighbors thought my mom was stepping out on dad while he was overseas. They always told us that story when I was growing up while laughing themselves silly.

            I understand and agree completely with you assessment of the commander-in-chief and his naive concept of the true cost of war. Again, thank you for your comments.

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