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Monday, October 24, 2016

Big doings in Big D — the George W. Bush Presidential Library is open for business!

What a piece of work it is: a $250 million, 226,000-square-foot edifice on 23 acres in Dallas. His brick-and-limestone structure is certainly imposing, but once inside, you quickly see that it’s a $250 million can of whitewash. Of course, all ex-presidents want libraries that show their good side, and Bush himself was organizer-in-chief of this temple to … well, to himself. What’s most striking is not what’s in it, but what’s not.

For example, where’s that “Mission Accomplished” banner that he used as a political prop in May 2003, when he strutted out so fatuously on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln wearing a flight suit to pretend like he had won the Iraq War? And how about a video loop of him finally showing up in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, cluelessly praising his infamously incompetent emergency management honcho with the now notorious shoutout: “Heck of a job, Brownie.”

Also, while there are 35 featured videos, a replica of W’s oval office, narrated presentations by top Bush officials and even statues of the family dogs — where’s Cheney? Shouldn’t there be an animated exhibit of the perpetually snarling veep in his dark chamber, scheming to shred our Constitution and set up an imperial presidency (or, more accurately, an imperial vice presidency)?

Another essential element of George’s tenure that goes unportrayed could be called “The Dead Garden of Compassionate Conservatism.” It could feature such mementos as him cutting health care funding for veterans, closing of the college gates for 1.5 million low-income students and turning a blind eye as eight million more Americans tumbled down the economic ladder into poverty on his watch.

Then there’s a shady exhibit that deserves more exposure. It’s the list of 160 donors of over a million dollars to the center, with each name chiseled into bricks that form what should be called “The Brick Wall of Special Interest Government.” Among those chiseled in are AT&T, casino baron Sheldon Adelson, Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News empire, several billionaire funders of right-wing politics, the founder of, and even the royal rulers of Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates.

  • charleo1

    What is true, is the Presidency of George W. Bush managed to
    produce some of the worst public bungles, and outright failures, to get it
    right, on the issues that came to define his administration. The Iraq War
    being the most consequential Not only for it’s drain of the Country’s blood,
    and treasure. But also the way in which it was prosecuted. Time, after
    time, it became clear, the glaring, lack of forethought, as to a plan, once
    Saddam Hussein was removed from power. The Bush Administration seemed
    to be surprised to learn, that all Muslims do not believe the same things. Or, that
    this is very important to the Iraqi. Or that, in fact, there are two factions of
    Muslims, who continue to be at odds with each other. And we were essentially removing one faction, the Sunni, and empowering the other, the Shiite. And,
    in a place, where surprises seemed to appear from every corner. It became
    horribly apparent, an American President had set his Army into harms way
    without any plan as to their options, if things did not go as planned. Too late
    it occurred to Bush, he had too few troops on the ground, to prevent the
    sectarian violence, that eventually engulfed the entirety, of the Country into a bloody Civil War, with the American military bogged down between the two
    warring factions. Now, if he leaves all that out, in the interests of putting a pretty face, on what was a pretty ugly Presidency. What’s he going to put in that library, anyway? His plan to save New Orleans?

  • FredAppell

    I wonder if there will be portraits of his 2 greatest bungles, whoops! I mean accomplishments, (the Iraq and Afghanistan wars) hanging proudly on the walls.

  • lana ward

    $250 million? That’s what Obama just gave to our Enemy, Egypt. Everytime he turns around, he’s handing our enemies millions!!

    • Actually, Egypt has been an ally of the west. Better, in many respects, than Israel.

      As a matter of fact, because of our efforts to help them preserve a massive piece of their archeological history, we have been GIVEN, not loaned, one of those massive monuments that would have otherwise been underwater after the Aswan dam was built.

      • lana ward

        Actually Egypt is our enemy now that Obama got his terrorist buddy elected. He has been giving him millions of dollars, fighter jets, tanks—and America is broke

    • awakenaustin


  • Presidential libraries are usually designed to highlight the positive, but when one is built with remnants of the Twin Towers in its entrance, ostensibly to elicit positive emotions towards the man whose ambivalence contributed to the destruction of a symbol of American might and the death of 3,000 people on U.S. soil, you can’t help wondering if the planners of this monstruosity actually believe their fellow citizens are suffering from an advanced stage of Alzheimers or are plain dumb.

    • mike

      As to the comment on the Twin Towers, another example of the lies and untruths that come from you, IT IS NOT IN THE ENTRANCE, it is the Main Exhibition Hall and is the 3 exhibit. Does it produce emotion? Damn right!! Can one touch it? Yes! Even you said last week never forget.

      The library and museum covers all the controversial and critical moments in his administration. Katrina, 2 wars, financial crisis, eduction reform, and his highly lauded Aids initiative in Africa.

      Now don’t forget Johnson and 50k dead in Vietnam based on a lie. Can’t be too Selective now, can you???

      Again, distract, deceive, change the subject. We are in a bigger crisis with the economy. Your guy said about Obamacare: cost would go down, not, going up. Your guy said stimulus would keep unemployment below 7%, Not, we still haven’t seen it close. Your guy said: Benghazi was a video and we will to the bottom of it, Not, American people/congress still have not given all the info. Green job said the president will the future but now most green companies in bankrupcy because cushy crony capitalist investors and friends of your leader took the taxpayers money.. Millionaires and Billionaires aren’t paying their fair share(37% of taxes) and yet he just paid 18% this year. Claims Republicans are destroying Medicare but he is taking out 500+ billion to pay for Obamacare. Not one dime of new taxes for Middle Class but that all changed in Jan. of this year. But you want to talk about Bush. What a waste of time.
      Obama has proven when one says things that turn out not to true he loses his creditability to govern.

      • darkagesbegin

        You write like W. talks. Are you a lurker, George?

        • mike

          Name one thing that is wrong with what I wrote.
          Don’t think the lurker fits. It seems you fit the “lurker” make a comment and disappear, little participation.

          • dtgraham

            Well how about, “Green job said the President will the future but now most green companies in bankrupcy (sic) because cushy crony capitalist investors and friends of your leader took the taxpayers (‘) money..” We could start with that George.

          • mike

            Let’s start with two: Solyndra, Fisker. Solyndra-Steve Spinner elite fundraiser for Obama hired at DOE to oversee loan programs and pushed Solyndra, Spinner actually pointed out to Biden in email that Geo. Kaiser, another fundraiser, was a major player in Solyndra. Oh by the way, ABC not Fox reporting. Washington Post-Solyndra stunk.

            Fisker-no experience in mass producing automobiles, let alone battery powered cars was backed by KPCB’s, venture capitalist, with names like John Doerr, and Al Gore. Fisker sent monies over seas. Oh, again Washington Post.

            Beacon Energy Empty Shell-Washington Times.
            Belly up and failing companies with Obama monies. Evergreen solar, Solyndra, SpectraWatt, AES’ subsidiary Eastern Energy, Nevada Geothermal, Sun Power, First Solar, Babcock & Brown, Ener1, Amonix, Fisker, A123 systems, Enderdel, Chevy Volt, Solar Trust of America, Schneider Electric, Johnson Control, Willard and Kelsey solar.

            Average cost per job $200,000. 19 companies have failed and 15 other are failing.

            Refute the above if you have the guts.

          • dtgraham

            For starters, like darkagesbegin I was only referring to your grammar and syntax. Green energy? All right.

            Of the 90 billion in the Recovery Act only 16 billion was appropriated for loan guarantees under sections 1703 and 1705 of the program. 28 companies were eventually approved although not all 16 billion was loaned out. Only 3 of the 28 companies later filed for bankruptcy: Beacon Power, Abound and Solyndra. An independent review of the Dep’t of energy loan and loan guarantee programs found that the failure rate was lower than Congress had expected. That was a 10.7% failure rate, with the 3 companies being approved for a little more than 6% of the 16 billion. Furthermore although the Solyndra money is lost, it’s not yet known how much, if any, of the money from Abound will be recovered and about 70% of the loan to Beacon Power has been recovered by the gov’t. Investors in these companies were both Republicans and Democrats.

            The other 74 billion went to projects like:
            ~ 5 billion for low income home weatherization
            ~ 10 billion to modernize the electrical grid
            ~ 6 billion to develop advanced batteries and other car tech.
            ~ 18 billion for transit projects
            ~ 3 billion to develop clean coal (amazingly)
            ~ 3 billion for job training
            ~ 2 billion for manufacturing tax credits
            ~ many more…long list. Look it up.

            Insofar as jobs produced, while there certainly have been, gains in that sector don’t necessarily lead to wider employment. For example, the wind energy industry has actually shed 10,000 jobs since 2009 even as the energy capacity of wind farms has nearly doubled. Efforts to develop high speed rail or better electric car batteries could take a decade or longer to yield real dividends and Obama did mention that. While it is extraordinarily worthy for driving long term economic transformation, it is still a little inappropriate to sell the alternative energy industry as a short term jobs program, I will admit.

            Notwithstanding the obvious urgency of CO2 reduction, noting the advancements and achievements of the Chinese, Japanese, and Germans in this field should be demonstrative of the need to be involved in the alternative energy industry. If nothing else, fossil fuels won’t last forever.

          • mike

            At least you did your homework, but I already knew the 90 billion was not all spent or all used in one category. It doesn’t change the numbers or closed business, or wasted dollars. Nor does it change how some firms got their monies from the govt.. There are more than just one Steve Spinner’s within the administration.

            Larry Summers said it best when he said that govt should not be in the VC(venture capital) business.

            Should govt. and business work together to compete at times, probably. Obama is a Statist so I don’t count on it.

            What Obama did was to just about kill coal, oil production for the future. Was our reliance on fossil fuel perfect, no. But it was cheap and it would have allowed us to get back on our feet. What it did was raise energy prices, take money out of the consumer pockets, and help slow are economy recovery. He would have been better off to do a combination and slowly move to better alternatives.

            Just remember this is the lowest growth since 29, lowest labor participation since 79. Todays mediocre Job number show this is a mediocre recovery.

            Nothing to be happy about.

          • dtgraham

            This idea of Obama’s “war on coal” and killing oil production is just a war on reality mike. Data has been compiled and analysed from the Mine safety and health administration regarding coal. Coal mining jobs have averaged 88,152 under Obama. That represents a 15% increase from the Bush average of 76,470. Employment in that sector in 2011 and 2012 was the highest 2 year period in 15 years. Each of the top ten coal producing states have seen more jobs on average under Obama than under Bush, and 9 of those states saw higher employment in 2012 than at any point during the Bush years.

            I don’t give Obama any credit for that though. It’s just due to a decrease in productivity, that’s all. Coal is growing scarce and difficult to reach, and it takes more miners than it once did to mine the same amount of coal. The point is, that there is no war on coal and it hasn’t been “killed”.

            Regarding oil production there’s a Republican narrative, advanced by Romney last year, that attempts to portray oil production increasing on private land but decreasing on federal land. At least the official party narrative is a little closer to reality than the conservative media position that has Obama totally destroying oil production. The former is only true for the year 2011 where domestic oil production on federal lands was down 14% and natural gas production was down 9%. However, oil production from federal jurisdictions has risen over the Obama years. In total, the increase has been identical to the decrease from 2011—14% or about 241 million barrels of oil.

            Where there has been a reduction in drilling permits and leases, is in offshore oil and gas drilling because of the BP gulf disaster. The reasons should be obvious. There’s a crying need for a safety upgrade in deep water drilling, regarding valve integrity in particular. Until this is done, new leases and permits have been slow walked.

            Natural gas production on federal lands and federal waters has declined in the Obama years but this has only been a continuation of a trend. It’s been falling on federal lands since 2003 because of the development of hydraulic fracturing which occurs mostly on private and state owned lands. Fracking has driven down the price of natural gas. As a result drilling on federal lands and waters has become a less attractive method for producing natural gas.

            I’ve seen “gasland” and I have grave concerns about fracking. Frankly, I wish Obama would put some sort of moratorium on fracking until a lot more study is done on this method but he hasn’t seen fit to do that.

            I’m kind of with you on venture capital but only to a point. There are important technologies that governments have gotten off the ground which simply couldn’t have happened any other way. The internet being one of them. There are some things that private capital can’t develop profitably. Sometimes only national governments have the means, and the different set of long term priorities, needed to make something happen. Just per se though, as a general statement, I’m not real big on governments getting involved in venture capital either. It could be worse mike. They could get involved in private equity.

          • mike

            Sorry for the slow delay. It seems I am a very evil, evil person with those who post on NM. I have really been vilified and it just makes me smile. I have been averaging over 20 attacks each day, some ludicrous, some just can’t read, and some hate my guts. Oh well it is a free society.

            As to coal, there is a very good article on at,, “Unprecedented number of US coal-fired stations to be shut down in 2012”. Sources are, Back on 07 Obama said he would tax/regulate them out of existence. I believed you said there is no war on coal, if that is right then why are so many coal-fired generators being forced to close. Production could be high for the simple reason we are exporting it via Canada to China. China now burns half of the 6 Billion tons of coal used globally each year.

            As to oil. why was 1.6 million acres removed by administration for shale exploration? I will have to do some research on leases sold last year.

            I will look at your other points just for my own interest. Enjoyed the conversation.

            I have to go, the queue is getting quite long to tell me to shut up, leave the site, teabagger(which I am not), idiot, fool, liar, jerk. What fun it is to take them out of their comfort zone.

          • ralphkr

            Fisker had no experience in mass producing automobiles??? You are so funny, mike. Fisker is the company that was building the Boxster and Cayman for Porsche to distribute.

          • mike

            Again you show your ignorance. Fisker worked for Aston Martin.

            Fisker Automobile was started by Fisker and Bernard Koehler. Fisker Karma was their FIRST CAR in production .After repeated delays they started manufacturing in 2009 and after the EPA finally approved their emissions they were delivered in 2011. They stopped production in 2012 while trying to find new investors and was further complicated by the bankrupcy of A123(one of Obama’s green babies).

            Next time do your home work then you might stop looking so uninformed.

          • ralphkr

            Well, mike, you finally have a smidgen of truth in your post. Fisker did work for Aston Martin (designed the DB9 & Vantage), the BMW Z8 while with BMW, Shelby ZR1 while with Ford & Koehler also worked at Ford, Aston Martin, and BMW (mini).

            Valmont, the company actually building the Fiskers did build in excess of 200,000 Porsche Boxsters & Caymans (now being built by a lower cost Austrian company) and I personally believe that building 200K high quality vehicles does suggest mass production. Valmont has also built Saabs, Renaults, Talbot, Opel, Mercedes, among others. There was an overlapping period when they were building both Porsches and Fiskers.

            Perhaps your ignorance is due to the fact that you think that Fiskers only exists as an American Corporation while, in fact, it is a subsidiary of a Finnish Corporation.

          • mike

            Nice try!!! It is Valmet oh bright one. It was their first car and only car to be assembled by Valmet. Say what you want, it was their first attempt of a electric vehicle using other companies parts(GM, etc.). American Taxpayer money building cars not with American Labor or in this country. Now that is a fact. Stimulus monies put in the wrong hands and not to the benefit of the American people. Who thought that one up!!!
            Wasted money by a govt. thinking it could be a VC(venture capitalist).

          • ralphkr

            Valmet doesn’t know how to build electric cars??? Once again your knowledge of things automotive is absolutely astounding. I bet you think that GM, Ford, and Mopar cars are build in the US and that Honda, Kia, and Toyota are imported from Japan. (the fact that the Japanese cars are built in the US explains all the recalls they have here). Obviously, you completely missed the fact that Valmet has been building the Think electric car (sold as a city car in Europe) since 2009.

            The idea of putting stimulus money in the wrong hands is attributable to both Bush & Obama with ALL of the Bush stimulus money going to the wrong hands. I would add that being a Venture Capitalist is far superior to being a Vulture Capitalist (see Hostess).

          • mike

            At last you got the name right. Good for you!!!

            Quit trying to put words in my mouth. They fundamentally were unprepared to mass-produce an automobile as complex as a battery-powered luxury cars that it proposed to sell for $100,000. A $100,000 car that only the 1% could afford. Whose idea was to sell a car so over the heads of 99% of Americans. How many cars did they produce before going under? 2000 in about a year. Now that is really mass production isn’t it.

            What you won’t talk about is the private investors that invested 1.1 billion and were wiped out, all were sucked in after the DOE loaned them $529 million. Bernard Koehler stated in an email to DOE that the loan was the only hope to bring in private money. “We are oversubscribed in this equity round with the DOE support – nowhere without it” (August 2009). Why did they need the money because they were hard up for cash to pay suppliers and faced potential layoffs(August 2009). Loan approved September 2009. So where did all that money go in those 3 years and only 2000 cars were built?? Again, it lacked the experience to mass produce.

            Oh brilliant one, enlighten me on who you call the wrong hands.

          • ralphkr

            I did forget to mention that EVERY Fisker Karma has been built in Finland (nor are there any plans to build any of them in the USA since we do not have the skill set in the US to build high end vehicles) which certainly puts the lie to your statement that only ONE was built by Valmet. The destruction of over 30 million dollars worth of Fiskers and the refusal of their insurance company to pay certainly has not helped Fisker. The plans are to build the Fisker Atlantic in the US.

            Mikey, lad, the wrong hands that got the stimulus money were the same hands that caused the problem in the first place. The bankers caused the calamity and were rewarded for their efforts and they still hold the power to destroy the world’s economy. Come to think of it, I have met honest lawyers but never met an honest banker.

          • mike

            Again you make my point. My original statement: Fisker had no experience in mass-producing cars. Your statements prove that they were underfunded and therefore not experienced. Not one car built in there own plant. Oh by the way they received 192 million up to June 2012. You still can’t answer where the 1.1 billion went.

            It seems you want to ignore emails sent to DOE, typical.

            I never said anything about one car. Besides, Kisker Auto never built any of the cars, you can play the semantic game but not one was built by the company. 2000 in a year is far from mass production.

            What are you drinking now??? Banks got NO Stimulus Money! Fact!!! In your twisted mind you don’t know the difference between 2008 Stimulus Package and TARP bailout, which by the way Obama voted for TARP bailout. Pathetic again. you never learn.

            After what Fisker has gone through, do you think any investor will want to invest in them now. I don’t think so.

            I have met both Honest lawyers and Honest bankers many times, it must be the company you keep.

          • ralphkr

            Saying that Fisker had no experience in mass-producing cars would be like saying that a new software company started by Bill Gates has no experience in software. The principals of Fisker had been powers at Ford, BMW, & Aston Martin and all those companies mass-produce cars plus the actual manufacturer of the Fisker Karma has build mass producing cars for years and one of the cars that they currently have on their production line is a full electric vehicle. The only thing unique about the Karma is that it is a luxury model. In one of your posts you stated that Valmet had built the first and only Fisker car. You claim that 2,000 cars does not qualify as mass-production and yet there have been vehicles built by GM, Ford, and Mopar that totaled less than 2,000 but I am pretty sure they are also generally considered mass-producers of cars. By the way, Fisker was very open in their quest for investors that they needed the money because the Feds had turned of the money flow.

            Banks got NO Stimulus Money? That is so wonderful to know that you do not consider Bank of America, Wells Fargo, J.P. Morgan Chase, Citigroup, Capital One, Mellon, Columbia, Washington Federal, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and hundreds of other financial entities that sucked up the TARP funds as not being banks. Very interesting viewpoint on your part and I find it rather puzzling as I always consider that they were banks since I have had checking accounts, savings accounts, and CDs with some of those same entities.

            I am so glad that you have met Honest bankers but I wonder how they are able to hold their job since the best way to make money for their bank is to cheat and use depositor’s funds illegally. See BofA, JP Morgan, etc.

          • mike

            I guess you are mentally challenged. The Banks got “Tarp” money. That was in the last month of 2008.
            The Stimulus happened in 2009. The Banks got “Zero”, period.
            Two different programs two different administrations.
            Tarp was not part of Obama’s Stimulus.
            Did Fisker Auto. build any of the cars? NO!!!
            “Fisker very open” what a crock of sh_t, go read the Koehler’s emails to the DOE and follow the time line, once they got the loans the investors came on board.

          • ralphkr

            Speaking of mentally challenged, mike, you are a prime example and definitely should be working at Faux News. I do find it strange that in the same paragraph that you denigrate me for being so stupid as to state that the banks got money from Bush that you verified that the banks got money from Bush.

            I gather from your statement that Fisker did not build any cars then you also feel that Porsche never built any Boxers/Caymans since, just like Fisker, Porsche paid Valmont to build them.

            An interesting point about messages from Fisker principles after DOE cut of the money tap is that the ones to investors and potential investors plainly stated that unless they got more money that Fisker would most likely go under. That appeal raised the amount of non-Federal money invested in Fisker from the pre-cutoff $500 million to $1.2 billion. Do the math, Mikey, $700 million raised after DOE cut off funds. Well, you could stretch it and say that the ALL the investors came on board after the DOE loan while ignoring the fact that most of the private money came in after the DOE loan was shut down.

            If you ignore where the money actually went and assign all money spent to building Karmas then each Karma cost in excess of $660K to build and was sold for $103K but that ignores the millions being spent by Fisker tooling up the ex-GM factory to build the Atlantic which now appears to have been wasted because it is extremely unlikely that it shall ever be built. In fact, a major investor that was considering buying the Fisker company has reconsidered because of fears that they would be required to build a cheap ($60K) car in the US.

            Oh, and Mikey you earlier stated that you had met honest bankers and that I had probably never met an honest banker because of the company I kept. Well, I must agree since I have only met very successful bankers and for one to be a success as a banker you must commit many, many immoral and/or illegal acts. Obviously, if the bankers you have met were honest then they can’t have been very successful and are most likely upon the verge of being fired by the directors to be replaced by successful crooked bankers.

          • mike

            So George is the only president, or are you only starting with George? There is a pattern and history of this in all administrations but never to this depth as in this admin.

            Lets see, 23 companies in bankruptcy, 29 failing, 56% of loans went to heads of companies who were donors, bundlers, supporters of Obama. Last fall it was reported inspector generals from 10 departments filed 1900 investigations of fraud with 600 convictions in the last 3 years since stimulus approved.

          • dtgraham

            Do you have a list of these 23 companies or at least know where I can find this? The best I can do is 5 bankrupt green companies from the 1703 and 1705 programs that provided loans to hundreds of green energy companies. Some sites say 3, some say 5. The conservative sites and blogs range from 12 to 19 to higher, but they never give the names of these companies.

          • mike

            Solyndra, abound solar, Beacon power, A123, Amonix, Azure Dynamics, Azure Dynamics, babcock and brown, Ener1, energy conversion devices inc/uni-solar, Evergreen Solar,inc., Konarka Tech., Range Fuels, Raser Tech., Spectra Watt, Stirling Energy system, Thompson River Power, Mountain Plaza ?, Olsen Crop service, Nordic windpower, Satcom tech, Cardinal fasteners, Revolt Tech,

            I have more but this is a start. This is from at least 3 sources. At this time there is about 15 billion lost or at risk(23 bankrupt, 27 troubled). I have seen in some articles as many as 29 bankruptcies. I am trying not to be to political but 60% of the 50 companies are politically connected to Obama admin.. His admin. is not the first nor the last but probably the biggest(not verified). What I have seen are companies that were approved for loans, but never received them, now bankrupt which raises the question, Who were approving these loans?

          • dtgraham

            I guess that’s the thing isn’t it. Approved for loans but never received them; have had layoffs; experiencing financial difficulties; troubled; heading to bankruptcy(?). Those are the categories that the others seem to fall into, outside of the 5 who actually did declare bankruptcy (A123 and Satcom were recent). That describes a lot of businesses, many of whom eventually make it or never were in that much trouble in the first place. Also, if they failed without ever having received loans, it’s kind of tough to lump them in with Obama’s failures even though they may have been approved.

            When questioned, the former Romney campaign once issued a release saying that it takes at least a year to get an idea whether the green loan was worth it and the company may make it. Time will tell.

          • mike

            I disagree with only 5, but I will look at it again. What I think you are missing is that loans were approved with very little due diligence to see if they were viable. Who made/makes financial decisions and approves loans just to meet a political objective not sound business practices. Maybe they didn’t receive the monies but it was there for the taking. That is why govt. does not need to be in determining winners and losers.

      • ralphkr

        Really, mike, you should try reading some real history books and true current reports instead of relying upon the alternate fictional universe reporting of Faux News & cohorts. Our troops were fighting in Vietnam long before Johnson was president (ever since Eisenhower sent our troops there in the 1950s). Almost all of the Green Companies are profitable and there are thousands of good paying jobs with them.

        I love how your prophets claim that the FBI was not allowed to investigate Benghazi for weeks but cannot explain why FBI agents were seen poking around the Consulate a couple days after the attack. I guess that they were just there as tourists, right? And those morons also claim that the President ordered that no aid be given to the Consulate, the infamous fictional “stand down” order. Yet a relief group was there from the CIA within an hour and lost 10 of our Libyan soldiers in the battle. Our special forces landed at the Benghazi airport just after midnight only to be ambushed by a large, well organized unit while rescuing the people at the CIA unit. I suppose that all those Americans are now subject to courts-martial in your twisted world.

        Yep, the Republicans definitely want to destroy Medicare, SS, Medicaid, and anything else that gives money to those who are not a multimillionaire. By the way, those making billions are NOT paying 37% in taxes but are paying from 14% to negative tax (pay no taxes and demanding retroactive rebates).

        • Independent1

          Great factual post! It’s hard to understand how so many totally clueless GOP lovers can be so hoodwinked by the American Mafia (aka the GOP).

        • mike

          There you go again! Do your homework. Eisenhower-500 advisors, 4 deaths. Kennedy 12,000 advisors by1962, total of 16+k in 1963. Total under Kennedy 196 deaths. It was only after Kennedy’s death did the number of deaths and wound increase dramatically.

          As to green jobs, BLS classifies them as Production, Process. Brookings Institue has shown that only 184,000 jobs nationwide from cleantech.

          Never talked about FBI and Benghazi but since you bring up the subject, they did not arrive until 3 week later-CNN. Hell, the media had access long before the feds.There was a small relief group but were held at the airport by libyan govt. for several hours. They are hero’s, so get off this twisted crap and putting words in my mouth.

          As to the 37%, let me try again. The top 1% are paying 37% of all revenues received, top 15% paying 80% of all taxes received. Is that clear now???

          As to SS, Medicare, Medicaid it is not the Republicans wanting to destroy them it is your party that has its head up its ass for not facing the fact that it is unsustainable. The SS, Medicare trust keeps repeating this warning but the Dems. aren’t listening and in fact told Obama it was off the table in December.

          • ralphkr

            Isn’t interesting that you say CNN reported that FBI did not arrive in Benghazi until 3 weeks later but Faux News was complaining that ONLY 4 FBI agent were investigating Benghazi Consulate 3 days after the attack. That relief group was not held at the airport by the Libyan government. If what you write had a shred of truth than how was the relief group ambushed at the CIA complex miles from the airport less than an hour after they landed?

            There is a great difference between paying 37% of all tax revenues and paying 37% tax rate. Considering that the top 10% are collecting 80% of all income that 37% is a big discount and is reflected in the fact that our actual taxes on big businesses are the lowest in the industrialized world since they pay from 3% to 15% with many of them paying NO taxes and getting refunds (negative income tax).

            I have been listening to SS Trust claiming that SS shall be bankrupt in 4 to 8 years for over 60 years now. By the way, their current estimate of bankrupt in about 18 years is the best report I have ever seen from them.

      • delcon

        Heh! Give it to Mikey he’ll eat anything faux news give’s him! Richard M. Nixon was a saint compared to dubya and v.p. darth

        • mike

          Never said that, don’t put words in my mouth. Just once show me where I gave you false information.You feel so strong about my thoughts show me, show me.
          Such horse manure about Fox, none is this from fox. Do your homework and find the truth.

      • Independent1

        Boy Mike, are you really that delusional!! Just for the record, there was never 90 billion spent on green energy jobs like Mitt Liar tried to constantly taut; of the 90 billion allocated in TARP for Green Energy only 26 Billion was ever allocated and of that almost 90% of that investment has created thriving green energy companies – just ask the folks in Iowa that are building all the wind turbines. (The majority of green energy companies ARE NOT going belly up!). And Obama has not taken any Billions OUT OF Medicare – that’s another GOP blatant lie – the 716 Billion SUPPOSEDLY taken out of Medicare is all projected SAVINGS by fixing a lot of screw ups in the original Medicare law.

        And if you’re so concerned about Benghazi where were you when the Bush Administration allowed 3 terrorist attacks against our consulate in Karachi Pakistan without ever doing anything to try and stop even one of them. And it wasn’t 4 people that got killed in the 3 attacks on that consulate, it was 18 killed, including a diplomat and 51 injured. And guess what, not one Republican hypocrite even questioned what happened!! Why is that??? And if Bengahzi bothers you so much, doesn’t it botther you that during the last 3 GOP presidents, there were more than 3,350 deaths (including more than 3,250 Amricans) during 31 terrorist attacks on our foreign offices and even the homeland with far less hypocritical focus than has been given to 1 attack in a 4 year period with 4 people being killed??? Which was by far the safest 4 years for America’s overseas personnel in the past 40 years??????

        If you want to see a disaster, just look at what the GOP allowed to happen over the past 30 years:

        -Bush Years there were 12 attacks with more than 3,050 deaths including more than 3,000 Americans:
        2001 – World Trade Center, New York and Pentagon, DC; 3,000 Americans killed
        . 2002 – US Consulate in Karachi Pakistan attacked, 12 killed; 51 injured.
        2003 – International Compound, Saudi Arabia, 17 killed .
        2003 – US Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan, 2 killed.
        2004 – US Embassy bombed in Uzbekistan, 2 killed 9 injured.
        2004 – US Consulate Saudi Arabia, 8 killed.
        2006 – US Consulate, Karachi, Pakistan, 4 killed including US diplomat.
        2006 – US Embassy, Syria, 1 killed and 13 wounded.
        2007 – Grenade launched into the US Embassy in Athens.
        2008 – US Embassy, Serbia, attacked by thousands, no one killed.
        2008 – US Consulate, Turkey, 3 killed.
        2008 – US Embassy in Yemen bombed, 13 killed.

        – Under George HW Bush, there were 12 Embassy attacks with 60
        being killed.
        – Under Reagan, there were 7 Embassies attacked with 31
        being killed including 17 Americans; not to mention 241 Marines killed in their barracks in Beirut Lebanon .

        • mike

          Never talked about the 90 billion. There are many green companies given monies after bundling and fundraising for Obama. I think if you go look at the 26 billion you will find close to 7 billion in companies already bankrupt or failing-Center for Public Integrity.

          Don’t change the subject on Benghazi. Do we know the whole story? No!!! Why are the 32 survivors unavailable to Congress, why are “whistle blowers” being threatened by admin., why after allegations of a coverup does the FBI finally send out photos they have had for 7 months of attackers. Who came up with video idea, who changed the data. Who denied increased protection for consulate. Why was Stevens meeting with Turkish Amb. on that day. More coming next week in congressional hearings.

          CBO has said it. Taking monies out of Medicare to fund Obamacare. Do you really believe taking money from Hospitals services, Medicare Advantage, DSH hospitals, skilled nursing, Hospice is not going to effect benefits. You are nuts.

          What about the Clinton years and attacks. A little selective aren’t you?? And you are putting 9/11 in the Bush column, give me a break. So in 8 months in office Bush caused the Twin Towers to collapse, all his fault. Right??? What a sick piece of crap. No, I think delusional on your part.

          Keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

          • Independent1

            You believe in the tooth fairy too right?? Anyone who believes all those conspiracy theories about Benghazi is a bit touched in the head. And Yes, the twin towers falling are quite well George’s and Dick’s fault.
            You do realize don’t you that the CIA warned Bushy boy 7 times from May 1 to Aug 6 that al Qaeda was planning an imminent attack on the homeland – 7 times!! And all they wanted was Georgie boy’s permission to focus on trying to stop the attack – Bushy Boy had the CIA and FBI focused on finding him an excuse for attacking Iraq and apparently he didn’t want to distract them from that super important mission – giving him something besides lies to start a war so he could get Saddam killed and Dicky Boy could channel billions of dollars into his defnese industry buddies pockets – including his.
            And Bushy Boy even snubbed his nose at the CIA – they were so frustrated after the 6th warning in early July 2001, that a couple of the guys on the brefing team put in requests for transfers because George and Dick just didn’t want to listen their warning that an attack was imminent. Bush snubbed his nose at their warnings by deliberately going on the longest vacation ever taken by a president – more than 30 straight days – he didn’t return to the office in DC until just days before that imminent attack the CIA had been warning about happened. Now admittedly, it’s not positive they could have stopped the attack – but when you’re responsible for the safety of the American people and you deliberately choose to ignore 7 warnings – that’s 7 warning that bin Laden is planning an imminent attack – I THINK YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY RESPONSIBLE FOR LETTING THE ATTACK HAPPEN AND FOR DERELICTION OF DUTY AS PRESIDENT!!!! Georgie boy and Dickie Boy should both be in prison for their blatant refusing to do nothing to try to stop an attack that cost 3,000 American’s lives!!! Nothing Obama has done, could do or will do, wil EVER come close to the debacle Georgie Boy and Dickie Boy did in 2001. And do you know what’s even worse in my mind??? After 7 warnings, Bush Boy chose to make the CIA’s intelligence briefings “Deputies Only”; which means he and Dickie Boy didn’t even sit in on the intelligence briefing for Sept just days before 9/11 happened.
            Go burry your head in the sand Mickie Boy you’re as cluelless as they come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            And by the way, here are the attacks during Clinton’s years which are totally beside the point – my point was that not one of the GOP hypocrites that are following up on fairytales over Bengahzi, even rose one question about why Reagan and the two Bushes didn’t provide the Embassy and Consulate protection to keep 61 people from being killed in 31 attacks during their presidencies. Here’s a summary of the attacks during Clinton’s presidency:

            Under Clinton, there were six attacks including World Trade Center and USS Cole killing 304, including more than 50 Americans.

          • mike

            And did they tell him it was the twin towers? NY times in 2012 asked the question: could the 9/11 attacks been stopped had the Bush admin. acted with urgency contained in the briefs..We will never know. SO IF BUSH HAD ACTED WHAT RECOMMENDATION DID THEY GIVE HIM? All they gave him was something “imminent and time frame flexible”-NY times. Shut down the country? Use some common sense, should Bush have declared Marshall law? Tell me what he should have done. AGAIN, WHAT WERE HIS OPTIONS!! What your ilk just don’t seem to understand that departments within the fed. govt(FBI-CIA) could not share information. Even the Boston attack showed they are still not sharing their information.

            I never denied mistakes weren’t made but this obsession it was all Bush’s fault is just plan crap. What I wonder is if Gore had been elected and this had happened what would it have done to all those years of Clinton/Gore. What did Bush do to make it easier to attack than what Clinton had in place. GIVEN THE SOME INFO CAN YOU HONESTLY SAY CLINTON WOULD HAVE ACTED DIFFERENTLY? We will never know.

            We will see on Benghazi!! Great article by Steven Hayes with copies of emails from State department showing changes made in talking points. I don’t expect you to look at since you are lazy and afraid your positions will be compromised.

            No, the Clinton attacks were not shown and if you are going to be intellectually honest if should have be shown not some lopsided facts.
            Keep living in the past, the future is the economy and it sure looks dismal. Figures speak for themselves.

          • jarheadgene

            WOW MIKE ! You are such a Tool of the P.O.S.G.O.P. !!! ha ha ha, I have been laughing so hard at your misinformation. And to not give “W” the credit for being caught with his pants down on 9/11 just proves my point even more. He was handed lots of information, re Bin Laden, by the Clinton administration, and he ignored it. And then when the guy does launch a successful attack, W orders we chase UBL into the mountains and then lets him go, only to pick a fight with Iraq. How much is Karl ROVE (piglet in a suit) paying you?

          • mike

            I guess you have a hard time with words like “imminent” and “time frame flexible”. What were the recommendations for him to put in place? Was he to declare Marshal Law? Close public buildings, road blocks. Use some common sense, what were his choices??? Your Superiority Complex is showing.

            Was he in the mountains?? And was he to ignore the Afghans request to stand down for 24 hours. It is troubling!

            Just remember Benghazi and all the information and requests not acted upon by our President and now running for president Hilliary. Looks like the truth is finally coming out. Should be interesting!

          • jarheadgene

            Blah blah blah….more P.O.S.G.O.P. talking points, i.e., let’s try to sell Benghazi as being tantamount to the 9/11 attack…YOU FOOLS. “W” never heard the recommendations because he and Dickhead Cheney refused to listen to the briefings. At least Clinton launched missiles in the right direction after the USS Cole attack. W’s choices started and ended with doing what PRESIDENT OBAMA ordered “KILL USAMA BIN LADEN!” W did not have to wait for 9/11. UBL was already responsible for the death of many Americans, and obviously wanted more dead. UBL was in the mountains when W stopped caring. President Obama saw to it the hunt resumed until U.S. Navy Seals put a hole in the bastards head. Next thing I expect from you is a speech about what a great American Karl Rove is. HAHahHAHA.

          • mike

            On Benghazi we will see. Never compared it to 9/11.

            So 43 was not interested in bin laden dead? “Stopped caring” more of your BS.

            What is this obsession with Rove? Funny.
            Tell you what show me where Bush stopped see/going to Daily Briefings before 9/11 and I will concede on this point. That should be easy for you since you have all the answers.

          • jarheadgene

            Sorry most FOX Pundits do equalize them. Yes “w” stopped caring see Youtube shots about his lack of concern…First time I remember March 2, 2002. or sometime around then. But he continued that same way up to the Kerry debates. As for the daily reports before 9/11 Paul Wolfowitz had dismissed the threat as anything real and Dickhead Cheney and W were taking the same stance The 9/11 commission reports state that. Not “some people say” as FOX news likes to say. Sorry Mike I don’t have all the answers nor do I pretend to, but I read quite a bit and I know how much FOX news lies, Mitt Romney lied, Dick Cheney lied. And as for Karl ROVE he is trying to run the P.O.S.G.O.P. like his own personal puppet. and he will lie continually to decieve America.

      • Betta

        “Billionaires aren’t paying their fair share”

        Did you see where the company Facebook made $1.1 BILLION and paid absolutely NO TAXES on that money? They finagled it in a way where the taxes were passed on to the employees. One Billion dollars and paid no tax. I just don’t get it.

        I also saw a report and video yesterday of the IRS agent reported the fraud the illegals are getting away with to the tune of over $4 BILLION. They are claiming 9 dependents, which is legal, but those kids live in Mexico! Illegals are ripping off the American taxpayer getting income tax checks of $29,000.00 and up illegally claiming kids that do not live in the US.

        The IRS agent reported it and was told by the IRS “Nothing we can do.” Americans are put in jail for tax fraud all the time but its okay if illegals literally steal $4 BILLION?

        Getting to the point not sure which way to bend forward or backward.

        • mike

          You have corporate taxes and individual taxes.

          Will you accept that the top 1% accounts for 37% of the tax revenue?

          Don’t for forget GE has not paid any Fed taxes in years. The CEO of GE, Jim Immelt, chaired Obama’s Job Council and laughed with Obama when Obama said there were “no shovel ready jobs”.

          The story you are referring to about immigrants abusing the tax code was out of Indiana. NBC affiliate found one home was used as the address for three families and collected large sums, the children never lived in this country.

          With all this fraud, IRS, Medicare payments, Medicaid payments amounting to 100’s of billions, and the left thinks Obamacare will be run efficiently. Now that is funny.

          Unfortunately for you and I we have to be contortionist.

  • hjs3

    Wonder if there is a signed copy of the “The Pet Goat” in there some place.

    • Allan Richardson

      It might be the only BOOK in there!

  • David Turrentine

    monumental waste to the glory of A–h—s.

  • labrown69

    What is truly ironic is that this dullest of far left crowds goes so far out of their way to bash Bush without seeming to notice that Barak Obama has perpetuated almost every one of his civil rights abuses seamlessly and in fact, enhanced many of them. I think many of you people would prefer Fidel Castro to George Bush as long as he called himself a Democrat. No less than Noam Chomsky himself recently stated that he was “surprised by Obama’s attack on civil liberties. They go well beyond anything I would have anticipated, and they don’t seem easy to explain”. Chomsky cites the Holder vs. Humanitarian Law Project that reaffirms Bush’s position on torture saying ” I am stunned by his inexplicable “attacks” on civil liberties in the forms of various laws expanding upon the executive powers set forth by President George W Bush.


    “What it is is the same kind of commitment to expanding executive power
    that Cheney and Rumsfeld had. He kind of puts it in mellifluous terms
    and there’s a little difference in his tone. It’s not as crude and
    brutal as they were, but it’s pretty hard to see much of a difference.” – Noam Chomsky

    • Look, kool-aid drinker, Obama is not perfect. Those of us that are centrists and even those on the left know that.

      What YOU are failing to see is that ALL of the policies that you talk about came about under the RIGHT WING leadership and RIGHT WING congressional power. They took a record surplus, that we had thanks to those “leftist” policies, and within less than 2 years, turned it into a record deficit, got us into TWO wars, one of which was illegal, transferred America’s wealth directly into the hands of the 1%, ruined employment and the economy, all while suckering people like you into buying their propaganda (ala Josef Goebbels).

      As far as calling Obama a despot, you need to check your facts: IT IS CONGRESS THAT MAKES THE LAWS. That congress has had a GOP majority in it since 6 months into Bush’s first term. And in the 5 years that Obama HAS been in office, the GOP has INTENTIONALLY OBSTRUCTED EVERY BILL THAT THE PRESIDENT HAS PROPOSED; even bills that the GOP originally supported. If Obama came out in favor of air, the GOP would stop breathing. More’s the pity he doesn’t. I would pay to see that.

      • labrown69

        How ironic that an ignoramus such as yourself would call anyone a “kool aid drinker” and say “policies that I talk about came about under the RIGHT WING leadership” when in fact this jack ass, Obama, has had FIVE YEARS to try and mitigate them and instead has enhanced and expanded them and WHEN the TOTAL deregulation of the financial services industry … Ronald Reagan’s dream of total deregulation was signed by that famous right wing leader, Bill Clinton, first in 1999 when he repealed depression era safeguards by signing the Gram-Leach-Bliely Act and then again in 2000 by bypassing all government oversight and allowing the over the counter sale of derivatives and swaps by signing the Commodities Futures Modernization Act. Shouldn’t partisans like you have to take some sort of political literacy test before being allowed to vote? What would you do without Bush? Let’s review. I have revealed two jack asses, YOU and Obama!

        • awakenaustin

          You have yet to tell us your ideal President. Enlighten us. When you start by insulting others you really have no complaint when they insult you back.

          • labrown69

            I don’t believe there is such a thing as an “ideal president” nor have I ever expected one but when you hear Elizabeth Warren questioning regulators as to who their allegiance is, the bank or the public, it shines the light on what cockroaches Obama and Holder are. After that, I tend to have libertarian leanings in that I think our point of departure for all governance should be that “FREEDOM” in an of itself and for it’s own sake should be the point of departure on which we base all legislation. If there is not a powerful societal reason to limit the choices of individuals then don’t. I don’t smoke cigarettes but the concept of banning smoking in one’s own home in Santa Monica is ridiculous. Social engineering is ridiculous. Liberals USED TO BE closely identified with their passion for civil liberties but not any more. Now liberals are just a whiny bunch of social engineers who believe the end justifies the means and want to get back to their televisions. I am sick unto puking of those who placate themselves with the fact that the “right wing” is worse.

          • When these things happen, you better look to your States! If they are GOP controlled, then you see the most reciculous laws being passed such as no smoking in one’s own home! These are not Federally mandated laws! They are purely GOP because they LOST at the Federal level so they will get revenge by being obtuse on the State level!!

          • labrown69

            Trust me when I tell you that the City of Santa Monica and the City of Calabasas both of whom have enacted the most strict anti-smoking laws in the country are not “GOP” controlled. These are bastions of the far left, almost Communist republics.

          • awakenaustin

            Unfortunately, Senator Warren would disappoint also. No one stays a politician long without reality imposing itself upon them. Senator Warren, whom I like a lot and she probably doesn’t care whether I like her or not, is asking rhetorical questions. There is just a pinch of demagoguery to those questions. They may be different in degree, but not different in kind from the type of questionning Ted Cruz undertakes. I forgive her and not him because I agree with her and not him. Therein lies the rub.

            It is a simplistic rendering of the world to suggest, as some do, that there is no difference between the Presidencies of Geo. Bush and Barack Obama or that the situations in which they governed and govern are the same. It is as simplistic to presume that there isn’t a background reality against which all efforts to govern must be measured and evaluated.

            Unfortunately, “FREEDOM” is not value neutral or self-defining. As an reference point, let me offer Janis Joplin and “Me and Bobby McGee.” Those elected to govern are always expanding the freedoms and liberties of some at the expense of others or in the converse, limiting the freedoms and liberties of some to the benefit of others.

            All law is social engineering. The law against murder defines whether a killing of another human is murder and when and if it is justified. Laws against murder are designed to limit the freedom of potential murderers to the benefit of potential victims – deterrence. (Because of the character and circumstances of murder homicide statutes are probably ineffective in doing this.) All laws are regulatory.

            Choice is not the same thing as freedom. You may be free to choose, but have no choice.

            Your exercise of your freedom imposes risks and costs on others. In and of itself, that isn’t a justification for curtailing your freedom, but it is a reality you should try to appreciate a little more.
            Politics is about making such choices. You certainly have the freedom to continue to believe that everyone you disagree with is a dumb-ass or whatever, but it doesn’t make them so or you right.

          • labrown69

            Oh please! Banks stole houses, lied on loan docs, forged documents, falsified data on notarized documents and perjured themselves in court in order to steal homes. There is no demagoguery to those questions which refer literally to cases in point and she is the ONLY one asking those questions. Scum bags like Holder and Obama who hurried to force settlements which were lousy for those who got screwed are the demagogues. Nobody denies that Obama inherited what is possibly the worst clusterf**k in modern world history but 5 years into it he has screwed up everything he has touched including health care.

          • awakenaustin

            I am happy the world is so simple for you. Heroes and villians. Good luck.

          • labrown69

            Some things ARE simple and the crooks who steal rely of fools to pretend that theft is complicated. Let’s face facts .. if Bush was doing what Obama is doing you would be squealing like a stuck pig.

          • awakenaustin

            You know what I find interesting, is how you can conclude from anything I have said that I think theft is okay or that I like Wall Street bankers or I am happy about the housing implosion and people losing their homes or even that I think theft is complicated. (Although sometimes it can be very complicated to prove.) If I could figure that out then maybe I would understand why you think that was an appropriate insult. You see the world in absolutes – heroes and villians. It is a point of view I don’t find particulary attractive because it generally leads to great excess. It allows people to fly planes into buildings and set off bombs on street corners. The innocent become complicit and conflated with the guilty. The baby gets thrown out with the bath water.

            Actually, President Bush would not support much of anything President Obama has done, with the exception of the drone attacks.

            It appears to me this is particularly personal with you. Sorry for that.

          • labrown69

            Aside from the fact that your you are incorrect about what “Bush would support” at least militarily I conclude that you are muddying the waters to excuse the fact that in five years Eric Holder has not brought one indictment. “Hard to prove”???, no it is NOT “hard to prove” … all you have to do is watch a broadcast of 60 Minutes to know that hundreds of thousands of documents were forged using the names of non existent bank executives and phony dates and phony transactions. I own two homes, my car is paid for and I have two horses and a Harley but when millions of Americans get FU*KED, it is VERY “personal to me” whether Bush does it or Obama does it. I tend to care more about the guy I vote for.

          • awakenaustin

            You have this rant that you are intent on and what others maight actually say is never a hindrance is it. You just conclude, regardless of what I might say, that I mean what ever you want me to mean. You just conclude whatever you want to conclude right or wrong you are going to anyway.
            I am always interested in the layman’s version of the law. The silly things people beleive about what the law allows and doesn’t allow keeps my children fed and a roof over their heads. (Does this now mean I will have to endure some ignorant insult about attorneys?) The idea that proving a theft is aways simple allows jurors to convict innocent people. (I am not saying that the ‘thieves’ you are talking about are innocent, although I suspect you will argue that I am.) Frankly, I don’t remember saying a single thing supportive of or even about Eric Holder.
            I am happy for your success.
            I only own one home, because I can only live in one place at a time.
            You might reexamine your chain of causality, but I bet you won’t.
            I hear they have a medication for self-righteous indignation.

          • labrown69

            My Father and Grandfather were both attorneys and my Father graduated SC Law School with the highest grade point average of any student graduating that year in the entire nation. We had a plaque from the Bureau of National Affairs which stated it. He also lectured several times a year at Hastings. As for your trying to slither out from under making excuses for this corrupt administration, I will simply suggest you educate yourself and a very good place to start is with attorney Neil Garfield’s blog because you obvious either do not understand or grossly under estimate what has taken place and it’s impact on the economy and the lives of the American people. Start here ->

          • awakenaustin

            Couple of things. You should re-read what I wrote. This time don’t insert your own interpretations between the lines. I tend to say what I mean pretty directly.

            My position that your thinking is simplistic is a statement regarding your world view, not an excuse for anyone.
            You make the classic mistake of thinking that understanding and explaining someone’s behavior is somehow excuses it.

            My disagreeing with you does not mean I am making excuses for anyone. It clearly includes the possibility that you are ‘simply’ wrong.

            Congratulations on your family.

            My family and I are just average.

            I will look at Mr. Garfeild’s blog.

          • labrown69

            Sometimes there is a big difference between “simple” and simplistic in the negative connotation sense. Call it what you want but yes, I DO believe that what you call ” understanding and explaining someone’s behavior” UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES is a de facto obfuscation. While most of life is complicated, we have a tendency to over complicate many things that arent. Larry Summers wanted to break the banks up in 08 and Tim Geithner overruled him at the pleasure of this president. I knew 4 years ago that banks were not complying with the pledge they made to modify loans in return for being saved from bankruptcy so they could live on, “undead” like vampires on our blood. Obama and Geithner know this too. I am in Real Estate and I have watched banks repeat the process hundreds of thousands of times of telling homeowners who they already fu*ked that they “can’t modify the loan because they are current on their payment” and then when they follow the banks instruction and get behind they are sandbagged with a foreclosure. These are servicers who UNDER EXISTING BLACK LETTER LAW have no legal claim to foreclose, particularly in judicial states where they have had to perjure themselves in courts in order to do it. This is the most urgent of national emergencies far in excess of Hurricanes Sandy and Katrina and to have let it get this far and add insult to injury by claiming “I should try and understand it” is preposterous. We will come back from Hurricanes but we will never come back from this except possibly in the form of a banana republic. It is THAT simple. That five years have gone by under these circumstances without even trying to address these conditions is unforgivable not to mention the myriad civil rights abuses that have seen home boy Obama prosecute more whistle blowers that a bunch of the most right wing justice departments combined and perpetuate the worst of Bush’s civil rights abuses almost seamlessly. I support same sex marriage but I’m afraid that is not enough to placate me and the prick would not even have done that if he did not know that it was a net win.

    • Mark McKennon

      Well, you’re half right. I agree; indefinite detention, the NDAA, and catering to Monsanto, among other issues, suck out loud. They are big problems and bruises and disappointments and seem to be a huge dichotomy for someone who seemed to be so altruistic. I am also sure that he is acting on advice that he himself feels less than powerful to counter.

      But let’s also look on the upside:

      Obama signed an equal pay law, moved gay rights much farther along the track and more quickly than even the most moderate and populist of Republican’ts would have dared to try, did very heavy lifting on health care legislation that while far from perfect has started to get the blood-sucking insurance companies from dominating lives with so little restraint, has certainly improved our foreign relations image, has not gotten the U.S. into any new wars, refused to capitulate to Republican’t attempts to blackmail and abolish Planned Parenthood, EPA, the CFPB and Dodd-Frank (that they hate it so much seems to prove it is having some of the proper ethical and dissuasive effects), and other improvements. And the case can be made that we would be in better shape yet with a jobs bill, legislation to get homeowners out from under burdensome mortgages, lessen the onerous debt of college students, debate or confirm his many nominations to judgeships and other important posts, among many other matters. Every single one of which has been BLOCKED BY REPUBLICANS in acts of legislative sabotage the Republican’ts would howl bloody murder if it was a Democrat strategy.

      • Barbara Morgan

        labbrown89—The law that catered to Monsanto was slipped in a bill by a Republican representative because she knew that bill was going to be passed and when called out for slipping in the law that made Monsanto unsuiable if any of it products harmed people or animals claimed that she didn’t realize her slipin put Monsanto above the law. So any catering to Monsanto has been done by Republicans that don’t brother to read laws to be that they introduce on the floor.

  • ObozoMustGo

    Did you know that they have already built Obozo’s presidential library? Here’s a picture of it. Maybe this is why the flies swirl around him constantly… just sayin

    Have a nice day!

    “As democracy is perfected, the office of president represents, more and more closely, the inner soul of the people. On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.” – H.L. Mencken with foresight to the future of Obozo’s election

    • You mean, “Just LYIN'”

      Obama has done more for this country in the first 4 years than Bush did in the eight that his regime was in power. And failure of progress that we have suffered since Obama took office….well, talk to your GOP congressmen about that. They already admitted that they were intentionally going to commit treason, i mean obstruct, everything that Obama tries to do. That’s public record.

      Just keep drinking the fakes noise and Rash Lameass kool-aide, because if you are too dumb to see the truth of the right wing, then you are probably too dumb to vote.

      Or is it just that you are a racist and hate Obama because he’s not white?

      • ObozoMustGo

        You mean done more in 4 years to F%#K America over and turn us into country of division by race, class, and gender while instituting a Euro-Socialist redistributionist model with chronic high unemployment and little to no economic growth? Is that what you mean? His first 2 years with COMPLETE CONTROL clearly scared the sheet out of Americans and resulted in a historic landslide election that stole control from him. This is exactly what America wants…. gridlock. And the last election proved that as well. Obozo’s agenda has been thwarted legislatively, but of course, the piece of sheet dictator that he is doesn’t mind because he’s just bypassing Congress by Executive Order, for which by the way, he should be tried for treason and hanged.

        Have a nice day!

        “Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were an Obozo supporter. But then I repeat myself.” — Mark Twain

    • awakenaustin


    • You are just a plain nasty troll!!

      • BDC_57

        He is a lying nasty troll

    • hjs3

      Oh Dear! He’s quoting Mencken…
      Now there’s a stalwart blast from the past for representative Democracy….

      • Bill P

        hj3 that’s all Bozo does, he copies a quote from somewhere and pastes it in his comment. Most of the time he has no idea who he is quoting. In the past he has quoted George Orwell and claimed Orwell was a conservative. When challenged he had nothing to say.

        • Independent1

          You can’t respond to bonefida questions when all you have between your ears is AIR – like Obozo does. It’s hard to really think without brains.

          • BDC_57

            you got that right he is a air head

  • The most glaring omission to the library is the fact that the twin wars were the greatest transfer of wealth in American History, from the American people to a small, well connected, cadre of companies.

    They were virtually given the keys to the vault, with no restriction on how much money they could syphon off, and syphon they did! To the tune of Hundreds of Billions of Dollars each.

    They stole money by the boatload, and what did we get in return?

    Trillions of wasted Dollars, massive amounts of death and destruction on Iraqi soil, the loss of respect for America on a world wide basis, job losses in the millions, etc. The list goes on and on.

    George the Second wants vindication? Why?


    • MerryMarjie

      Thumbs up, Jim!

    • Allan Richardson

      Millions to contract truckers to haul “sailboat fuel” across the desert.

    • jarheadgene

      So Well put Mr Myers. Those two will truly be brought before the REAL KING !
      Oh make no mistake JUDGEMENT DAY is coming. All those who worshipped money over GOD…..too bad ….so sad. 🙁

  • howa4x

    He could build all the library’s he wants to but it won’t help the fact that he is being ranked somewhere between Hoover and Nixon as some of the worst presidents to hold office. We are still digging out from under the rubble of his 2 administrations. No wonder why they wouldn’t let him anywhere near the last republican convention and don’t expect to see him at any in the future. He is the leper king of the republican party.

  • adriancrutch

    The toilet has a Glory hole!

  • bestofandy

    Time will tell just what George’s real legacy means to the American people. It has already said that he is an ignorant incompetent idealist. But really he is an example of corporate greed and squandering of American taxes to benefit the rich. So maybe we can look at him for this and improve the Republican party image and really serve the American people in a better way in the future.

    • jarheadgene

      The best way to improve the P.O.S.G.O.P. image is to dismantle it and make it a fond memory of the past. “Absense makes the heart grow fonder.”

  • oldtack

    How many of you have taken your vacation time to tour the 13 Presidential Libraries? If so, what invaluable information did you find there? Prior to 1955 all Presidential “Libraries” and Museums were privately operated by the Families. In this system a lot of documents were lost or destroyed and gifts disappeared.
    In 1955 the Presidential Libraries Administration was formed and the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) was established. Libraries are built with “donations” etc.and then the NARA assumes the cost of maintenance and upkeep. Last years NADA expense of taxpayer dollars to perform this duty was 177 Million dollars.

    In this, the 21st Century, the age of cyber technology, how much of the important information in the Libraries can copied onto microfilm and other means so as to be readily available to the world rather than housed in an expensive edifice in any one particular section of the Country?

    As for the various gifts – store them or sell them.

  • JDavidS

    Look at it this way… by the time you tally up the cost of Dubyas’ wars, hell, $250 million is just pissing in the ocean.

  • montanabill

    Here is the left, once again rewriting history, pretending they weren’t a part of it.

  • Anyone with half a brain knows George Bush was the worst president,EVER!!!!

  • I think it is hilarious that you wrote this article especially in a time when we have a President who does everything he can to NOT follow the constitution and go around congress and everyone else to advance his agenda. He has more scandals brewing than Nixon and you and the other so called main stream media continue to ignore them! This article is laughable – We could only wish we had a true American in office again instead of this communist regime who is hiding everything and answers to no one!

  • You forgot to mention something that Rachel Maddow touched on – the options in the “Decision Points Theater” are carefully worded to make it sound like invading was the best option, and if you choose something different, the video responses are designed to shame you for your choice. Again, a propaganda machine to extol the virtues of the Iraq war.

  • this is nothing but a bunch of bulls**t from an a**hole w/ bush derangement syndrome