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Tuesday, October 25, 2016
  • Ford Truck

    With all the BS going on in the U.S. that could be made fun of, why does National Memo run so many editorial cartoons dealing with foreign nations?

    • alphaa10000

      We need reassurance something as absurd as daily life in the US routinely happens elsewhere. Besides, this is a much smaller world than it once seemed.

  • Allan Richardson

    “Once all the Germans were warlike and mean,
    But that couldn’t happen again.
    We taught them a lesson in 1918,
    And they’ve hardly bothered us since then!”

    Tom Lehrer, “The MLF Lullaby” 1965

    * MLF, or Multilateral Force, was a plan to put “small” tactical nukes under the control of local NATO field commanders from multiple NATO countries, including West Germany.