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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Leonard Pitts Jr. offers readers a chance to win a free copy of Michelle Alexander’s book, “The New Jim Crow:”

I have something for you.

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  • Nayber

    I haven’t read book but agree the War on Drugs needs to stop. It is a waste of money that has not had any real impact on the drug problem in this country. If we really want to balance the budget, we need to stop this war and the wasted money spent on it. Then we need to legalize drug usage, put a reasonable tax on them all and sell them through some type government run store. We then need to use part of the profits to pay for alcohol/drug treatment for those who want it. The rest can go toward our national debt which the War on Drugs created. Of coarse, this will not be the “beat the hell out of them” approach that the ultra conservatives scream for all the time. Also, that is the treatment approach that does not work. I state that positively as a retired 20year professional treatment provider.

  • Wflew

    I just finished reading the sample reading of this book and it is a must have. Please send me a copy.