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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The revival of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich’s presidential bid crystallized Sunday when he received the front-page endorsement of the most influential conservative newspaper in New Hampshire, the first-in-the-nation primary state and a must-win for frontrunner and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

“We are in critical need of the innovative, forward-looking strategy and positive leadership that Gingrich has shown he is capable of providing,” reads the editorial in the Union Leader, which also includes jabs at Romney’s reputation for flip-flopping and lacking a core.

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13 responses to “Newt Gingrich Is Officially The Anti-Romney For More Than A Week”

  1. cemab4y says:

    I have admired Newt for many years. He has a keen intellect, and he was instrumental in bringing in the first balanced budget in decades. My only concern about the presidency, is why would anyone want the job?

  2. jimmytman says:

    Are the Republicans really dumb enough to nominate possible the most corrupt career politician in their history. This guy has so many skeletons in his closet, he could be a Halloween exhibit at Disneyland.

  3. dawnowens says:

    Newt is the most hated politician in the country. He embodies the definition of smarmy, and all the debate skills in the world will not translate well into the day to day minutiae that is running a country without sending it into a deepening chaos.

    This is a guy who called for the death penalty for anyone caught bringing in 2 oz of marijuana into the country, left his first wife who had put him through school including a PhD and refused to give her child support, making her rely on her church for food money; left the second wife after telling a staffer that she ‘wasn’t pretty enough to be First Lady’, was charged with 80 ethics violations by colleagues in Congress and fined $300K for it (many who abstained from voting did so because they thought the fine wasn’t large enough)… I could go on and on.

    There ARE actual sane, intelligent and reasonable men running for the presidency. Why does the MSM pretend Ron Paul does not exist? Gary Johnson, Buddy Roemer? They cannot be as marginal as this career sociopath, and yet this is what we hear about? Newt’s debate skills as presidential timber??? How many pundits do we need to point out the difference between bullshit and honest, detailed answers which show a command of the issues, before we realize Newt is a just another lizard? If Newt Gingrich is elected president, what is left of this country will not survive the fallout, and I mean that phrase literally. He’d be an unmitigated disaster. Can you actually see this guy uniting the country?

  4. ocexecutive8 says:

    I totaly agree with Matt Taylor. I don’t trust Newt, I feel that he is not the type of person to be president of this country. I will not vote for him if he gets nominated as a Republican Candidate. God help this country if he gets nominated.

  5. CROWE33 says:

    Maybe it is time for a TRUE Republican to get elected. Or at least to run. He has leadership ability, as evidenced by his CONTRACT ON AMERICA back in the Clinton days. His actions against CLINTON shows the has little care about the consequences of his actions, or non-actions to the efficiency of the Government. His actions toward his wives shows that he has little care, if any, toward the underdog or the poor.

    His acts in his own behalf is typical extreme right oriented in satisfying his own wants without regard to the consequences to others.


  6. chazzz79 says:

    Newt”s objective in life is selfserving .
    He has a very expensive Wife in more ways than one.
    Pres. Obama and his family have put their heart and soul into saving this country .
    I pray and trust that the American Voters can and will vote with this in mind .

  7. DAlnB says:

    “ – What a freaking joke! Union Leader is probably one of the most GOP supported and backed media in the country comparable mostly to FOX radical talk show hosts. It only takes a simple “Google” to take readers into the newspapers web site and look at the personalities found there. Most share their time with FOX and babble radical GOP talking points on a daily basis. The “Union Leader” suggests they are “the most influential newspaper in New Hampshire” but I would have to hope that is only their stand and not the general consensus of the people of New Hampshire. The articles I reviewed on their web site are far too slanted to be representative of an open minded media!
    I would hope if this News Papers claim that they are the most “influential conservative newspaper in New Hampshire” is not shared by the people of New Hampshire. If the articles I read in the paper are influence anyone it may very well be what has happened to Americas Quality of Life over the past ten years!

  8. CROWE33 says:

    NEWT has shown that he is smart and clever. He laid back and let the other candidates burn themselves out. Then he launched his own campaign..or rather rachetted it up. One after another, they did just that. One turned out to be a dirty Old Man instead of the wise old Granpa image that he had built. Another could not remember his own platform. One was perceived as too much like a Democrat..

    The moment for NEWT had arrived. He is NOT going to lose because of stupidity. His past actions toward his wives, etc, is OLD NEWS.

    I believe that he will win. He already has RUSH and the other RADIO RIGHTIES in his corner, although they have not yet admitted it fully. The only question left, I believe is the Identity of his running mate. It will for sure NOT be Herman Cain.
    Then in the election…the REAL ONE, he will lose. BIG.

  9. DianneLee says:

    I know, but for God’s sake don’t bring up the fact that he got kicked out of congress for ethics violations, divorced his wife to marry his current mistress when she was dying of cancer and all the other stuff— until after the gets the Republican nomination.

  10. supremebuddy says:

    This man is one of the most slimy people who have ever been in government. So a person can break the law, represent only the elite or Illuminiti/Dark Cabal and he’s WONDERFUL to some of you??? You talk about government mind control!!! You have been put to sleep and will never recover or re-awaken!

  11. TammyNieuwsma says:

    Hi, I’m sure it was a complete accident on your part. I’m sure Ron Paul just slipped your mind. He just happens to be polling better then Newt in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Just putting it out there.

  12. Hankk says:

    If you really want to see what a Depression is and does to a country, just cast your vote for any republican. If you want to be a republican candidate congress, or President no matter who you are or what you have done just go on national TV and say “I’m a born again Christian” Newt the fruit did and look the South just loves him. However remember what the last B.A.C. namely G.W.Bush did to our country.

    hankk, MI

  13. malvoe says:

    Him and his wife in the white house???? She is really scary looking and so is he without all of his moral bagage !!!

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