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Thursday, October 27, 2016

It wasn’t that long ago that the act of “gift giving” didn’t require a maddening trip to Walmart or a desperate online search for this season’s must-have toy. Rather, a gift implied something from within, a little piece of yourself, no matter how small, showing you care.

Could that old-fashioned concept possibly become new-fashioned? Yes. With today’s working-class depression severely restricting the ability of most people to splurge on “stuff,” and with the public’s rising unwillingness to keep shoveling their money at narcissistic corporate profiteers, a return to a more modest — but also deeper — spirit of gift-giving seems to be spreading.

  • Deb Aaron

    Good on the heifer international. My Mom has been doing this to over 20 children and grandchildren for over 5 years. She gives and now everyone looks forward as to what she has chosen for us. It has become a tradition for Christmas at her house, but I love to give handmade gifts made by myself or local craftsman.