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Saturday, February 23, 2019

Detroit (AFP) – General Motors said Tuesday that it sold 9.71 million cars last year, beating out rival carmaker Volkswagen but likely only holding onto second place behind world leader Toyota.

GM said it managed a 4 percent gain in global sales despite tough conditions in depressed Europe and slowdowns in Latin America and parts of Asia.

Sales grew 7 percent in the United States and 11 percent in China, now the world’s leading markets.

GM unit Chevrolet sold a record 4.98 million cars and trucks, while its luxury brand, Cadillac, gained 28 percent on the back of strong sales of 50,000 units in China alone.

Photo: Mark Ralston via AFP

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3 responses to “GM Sold 9.7 Million Cars Worldwide Last Year, Up 4 Percent”

  1. Independent1 says:

    Americans need to take a moment and think about this: 9.7 million cars from a company that Mitt Romney wanted Barak Obama to allow to go bankupt; at a time when there was no nongovernment money available to have bailed GM and Chrysler out of the financial holes they were in. So why was Romney pushing so hard to get Obama to let GM and Chrysler go through normal bankruptcy?

    So the bankruptcy process would fail and he and his rich hedge fund buddies could buy up GM and Chrysler, can at least all the unionized jobs and ship all the work, and possibly even the companies themselves to China. Just like they did with Delphi – the auto industry’s largest small parts maker. Gone were 25,000 union jobs, gone were all Delphi’s assets into Mitt’s and his buddies pockets; and what was left? 25,000 Americans without jobs and thousands of those too old to find new jobs, in retirement most likely with drastically reduced pensions paid for by guess who?? You guessed, you, me and millions of other American taxpayers. ( And just a side note to this, Delphi now operates from at least China and Mexico with close to 100,000 workers that could be in the U.S. if Romney and Singer hadn’t shipped all Delphi’s manufacturing jobs to China.)

    But fortunately, Obama didn’t cave and followed through with the bailout and stimulus which not only most likely saved America from another depression, but also saved at least 1.4 million Americans there jobs, which save America lots of debt runup to pay for unemployment, and which has brought in Billions in taxes since the bailout which has meant, that the American taxpayers have realized at least 7 or 8 times return on investment that the 10 Billion final investment – arguably the best investment America has ever made.

    And just think, those billions in taxes that GM, Chrysler and maybe even Ford related companies and workers will be paying for the next who knows how many years, will be coming to the American government, instead of maybe China’s; all because President Obama didn’t cave to Romney on the auto bailout.

  2. Francisco Ringoli says:

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  3. Bozeman says:

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