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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Having given up on creating jobs, Wisconsin’s Republicans are focused on attacking women’s ability to make their own medical choices. “Small government”-loving Scott Walker will become the new “Governor Ultrasound” when he signs a bill mandating that all women face an invasive medical procedure before they are allowed to have an abortion.

To get a sense of the anti-abortion fervor in Wisconsin, watch the video above. Former Real World star Rachel Campos-Duffy, who is married to former Real World star Rep. Sean Duffy (R-WI), recently called anti-abortion activists “warriors,” adding that “they’re human rights activists on the scale of William Wilberforce, who fought for the abolition of the slave trade.”

She also had a warning for the 80 percent of Americans who believe abortion should be legal at least in some circumstances.

“And those who kept silent during this time I think will find themselves on the wrong side of history,” Campos-Duffy said. “We often look back at things like the Holocaust and slavery and go, ‘How can they think that way?'”

This rhetoric of comparing abortion to slavery is common on the “pro-life” far right. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has done it. Ken Cuccinelli (R-VA) loves it.

Yet the far right often fights against the availability of the measures most likely to prevent abortion, including sex education and mandatory birth control coverage.

And those who believe that opposing abortion is like opposing slavery rarely note that abortion rates are higher in countries where it is illegal.

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31 responses to “GOP Congressman’s Wife Compares Abortion To Slavery And The Holocaust”

  1. docb says:

    Can you say STEPFORD….What ignorance!

    • FredAppell says:

      Someone should have told her that her 15 minutes of fame was over years ago.
      The dumb bitch probably thinks she is still on a reality show. I really don’t care what a persons religious or social beliefs are, but when they go and compare abortion to the Holocaust and slavery, they have crossed the line.

  2. Lynda Groom says:

    Where did they find that twit?

  3. charleo1 says:

    If the State can demand a woman undergo a medical procedure that is
    neither medically necessary, and aganist her will. What, other medical
    procedures could the State force a woman, or anyone else, for that matter,
    to endure? And it is very much like slavery. Where the State sanctions that
    it’s all well, and proper. When certain set of circumstances present them-
    selves. The State may suspend, or eliminate, the individual’s personal Rights.
    And, intercede as a dispassionate third party, as a matter of law. When it
    deems such an intervention is necessary. Now, what could ever go wrong
    with a policy such as that?

    • sigrid28 says:

      The first thing that can go wrong is that the woman in question, considering having an abortion, will have to pay for the ultrasound whether her doctor thinks she needs it or not ($100 to $300). If she does not have health insurance that will cover it (let’s see how the health insurance lobby weighs in on this one), she will be at best in a low-cost community health care system, if any still exist in Wisconsin. If not, will emergency rooms perform these ultrasounds as part of the health care for the uninsured that is now handled in emergency rooms–seeing as how these ultrasounds would be mandated by law? Let’s say there is no heartbeat and an ultrasound is needed before a medically necessary abortion–who pays? Everyone in Wisconsin raise your hand, and if Medicaid funds are involved, everyone in the United States raise your hand.

    • stcroixcarp says:

      I have been trying to find out what the penalty is if a doctor refuses to do the ultrasound and does the abortion. Wisconsin republicans have gone insane. I would gladly stand on street corners collecting recall signatures in the middle of winter if we could get rid of these perverts.

    • Bill says:

      I wonder who will pay for the procedure, not the GOP.

  4. Robert P. Robertson says:

    I absolutely resent when these Republicunt/neo-Confederate Tea Bags hi-jack the struggle of Africans to accommodate their agenda of fear and hate. There is no way anyone can compare the massive and deliberate kidnapping, death, and inhumanity of an entire people over the continuous course of seven hundred years to a woman’s choice over her own body, as if the countless millions of Africans in their massive and lengthy holocaust had a choice to be slaves or to be free. Wilbur Wilberforce legislated to abolish slavery in England, but England still profited from the slave trade well into 1893 in their colonies in Africa. Plus, their closest ally and historical foe, America has continued slavery well into the present in America itself. These anti-abortionists should really hold their stance rather than try to gain sympathy or support from others or to try to legitimize their cause with something as universal and fundamental as abolition. Their opposition to abortion is purely religious. The law has set lines on when an abortion should or should not be performed. Yet, it is a woman’s choice. Her body, her choice, and no one else’s.

  5. bpai99 says:

    Neanderthals still walk the earth. Some of them marry. Exhibit A: Campos-Duffy.

  6. Independent1 says:

    When are Republicans going to wake up to the fact that by making abortion illegal it is not going to keep women from seeking some way to get an abortion? When are they going to realize that Roe vs Wade hasn’t really increased abortions, it has only reduced the number of women who die during an abortion by allowing them to have the abortion done in a clinic that is designed to provide an abortion, rather than having it done in some shady back room performed by a non doctor, usually some real quack??? As was happening so often before Roe vs Wade!!!

    States that outlaw abortion are not going to see a lessening of abortions, they’re only going to see an increase in the death rate of women who have their abortions done on the blackmarket. How sad that these people only seem to be concerned about something that is not a real person yet, and appear to care very little for the fetus that has grown up to be a woman and is now making a choice that really is only hers to make.

    • Lynette Huffstedtler says:

      I don’t think they really care what happens to a woman who has an abortion. The truth is that ultimately, they are trying to stop the sex itself, and if they can’t, punish it. (At least, punish her, since a great many of these who are trying to impose these religious views believe that sex is the sole responsibility of the woman, no matter how it came about.) If the woman dies during the procedure, oh well. It’s not like they really care about the lives of women one way or the other. And I’m sure I’ll get a response from someone talking about “Oh, so she shouldn’t be responsible for her behavior?”. To which I reply- that’s bunk, since the far right only ever seeks to punish one party (always her) for an act that takes two people.

      • The_Magic_M says:

        > The truth is that ultimately, they are trying to stop the sex itself

        What other logic is there behind prohibiting contraception, then abortion? The message is “if you have sex, you will have a baby, so if you don’t want that, stay celibate”. It’s a proxy war against anything they consider “against biblical values”.

        The only other possible reason is that they are afraid their white voter base might abort too many future white GOP voters. Or that the future mother of the Second Coming will abort him.

        • Tom_D44 says:

          Prohibition of contraception? Really? Or is the argument really about whether parents should know if their kids are trying to get it as minors? Do you really have a problem with it if a parent wants to know if their child is pregnant? Do you really have a problem with it if they want to be involved in helping them get through that situation while teaching them one of the biggest life lessons you might ever have to face?
          Do you really believe that every person who is against abortion is doing this solely because of religious values? How about just basic social responsibility? How about our children learning about the importance of the family? How about they learn about the seriousness of the choice to have sex and those consequences? How about they learn about the dangers of STD’s and how it can destroy their lives from such an early age? Have you even watched the stories coming out of the the Gosnell trial? Snipping the spinal chords to kill babies that came out alive like they were chickens on a farm? Shouldn’t our society take this seriously? Should we worry about the long term consequences of a young girl, trying to get herself out of trouble for making a bad decision and then having to endure the killing of her baby, right in front of her, when it accidentally comes out alive. How will that affect her for the rest of her life? Is that not a very very important message? Should the way out for this very serious situation really be this easy and simple, and should it be paid for with our tax dollars? Do people really learn anything about the value of anything when everything is just given to them? Forget about the bible – these are just basic moral and ethical issues that should concern all adults regardless of faith.
          What is very sad is that this is a partisan issue but what isn’t these days? Sure there should be special circumstances under which it is allowed. Up to a certain time durnig the pregnancy, in the case of incest or rape, or in the case of the mothers health. But the democratic talking points of this “womans health” issue is completely blown out of proportion because by far and large abortion is used as a way to get out of an unfortunate situation. Most of the time it is not because of rape. Most of the time it is not because of a risk to the mother’s health. Most of the time it is because of convenience. And should the father bear responsibility for the situation – yes. But we all know that this is an unenforceable situation and that there are deadbeat guys out there who just won’t care. So unfortunately this does fall back on the girl to keep herself out of the situation.
          Here’s a thought – how about we all boycott the reality TV show about the guy with all the babies, which he can’t afford to care for and stop glamorizing this exploitation of people and this lifestyle? Or the deadbeat dad they just exposed on the news with 22 kids from 14 moms. Who is raising these people? Is that not something that reasonable democrats and republicans can agree on?

          • charleo1 says:

            You say, it’s sad that abortion is a partisan matter. You’re
            exactly correct. The Right of a woman to decide for herself about the procedure, is settled law. No one, not the Left,
            Right, or Center, is pro-abortion. The SCOTUS decision was
            not based on being pro-abortion. It was decided, in Roe V.
            Wade, on the grounds the State had no Constitutionally
            granted power to interfere, or overturn the private decisions
            of it’s citizens. As well as the additional violations to the
            Constitution, the State would need to make in enforcing any
            law prohibiting abortions. Including, State mandated,
            sterilization. of the poor. Today, what you say in confidence to your doctor, the State cannot require neither you, or your doctor to divulge. They may not, in any circumstances, “bug,” a doctor’s examination rooms, to surreptitiously obtain that information. However, with laws prohibiting abortion in effect. The State now has the legal standing to monitor all women
            of a child bearing age. All pregnancies would require that doctors, and clinics, immediately report the woman’s condition to the State Agency in charge of prenatal care.
            And the Office of Fetal Protection, or whatever. Who then, technically, are in charge of the case. How many of the
            guaranteed Constitutional Rights of women, found to be
            with child, have already been violated in this scenario?
            The fact that Conservatives have such a piss poor
            message, they need to pander to religious factions in this Country. And it’s too bad Conservatives feel, that the only
            way to get that vote, is by sacrificing the Civil Rights of women who happen to be pregnant. Crappy Republican
            policy, is not these women’s fault. And they no Right, none,
            to insert themselves in any way, into the private lives of
            any of the citizens of this Country. So says the Supreme
            Court. And, so it should be said by all.

          • jnap says:

            Tom, your arguments are about what you personally believe and not the truth. On one hand you say that women should not have an abortion and on the other, they should not engage in sex. Further, you state that they should not be allowed to have birth control either. Well Tom, how about you preach that crap to men? How about a law that requires every child born to have either a father that accepts the responsibility for providing for the child for the next twenty one years or the state accepting that responsibility? How about you accept the responsibility for the child for any women that decides to have the child instead of having an abortion?
            Telling people they should not have sex is just plan stupid because the sex drive is a part of the human makeup.

          • AuntInAZ says:

            “How about they learn about the seriousness of the choice to have sex and those consequences? How about they learn about the dangers of STD’s and how it can destroy their lives from such an early age? ”

            Yes, how about they do? Here’s the biggest problem with your argument-those on the right who want to limit or eliminate abortions also want to cut off any sex education that isn’t abstinence only. They don’t want children to learn about sexually transmitted diseases and the seriousness of their choices. Because if kids have any sex education they will go out and have sex. However, studies have shown that a good sex education program that does NOT focus on abstinence only actually results in LESS sexual activity by young people.

          • Lynette Huffstedtler says:

            Not to mention the whole insane imbalance of punishing women for having sex, making them solely responsible for sex, and turning a blind eye to men’s part in it, with a wink and a nod and a “Boys will be boys, men will be men. Let a man be a man!” Yet simultaneously women aren’t supposed to engage in sex, except for marriage. Which I’ve witnessed over and over again result in male resentment and fury at what they perceive as women holding sex hostage for a ring. Advertisers use sex as a fundamental marketing tool, and have for decades. So men are surrounded by sex and sex advertising, given a tacit pass for pursuing and engaging in it, (if not outright encouraged to do so) yet women are told not to and punished for doing so. Do you see the illogic and imbalance of this approach? I don’t think that simply running around with any and everybody is a good idea, but I’m sorry, these people are trying to put a stop to people having sex at all, and they’ve made it no secret that is what they want to do. So if women all follow what these people say the must do, who are men going to sleep with, each other?

          • AuntInAZ says:

            It is illogical. You’re right, it makes no sense.

          • Lynette Huffstedtler says:

            Then you should be paying attention to the laws they are trying to pass to outlaw contraception. All contraception, for everyone. Period.

    • DurdyDawg says:

      Well, there is another reason.. They can now arrest the woman and anyone associated with the abortion for 1st or 2nd degree murder thus legally fill the privatized prison system quotas.

  7. The_Magic_M says:

    > This rhetoric of comparing abortion to slavery is common on the “pro-life” far right.

    They also love to claim that abortion is “genocide on blacks” which is especially ironic when uttered by some redneck right-winger who hates blacks the minute they are born.

  8. monkeyjoe says:

    Thankfully its people like this that are causing the mass extinction of the Republican party. Let her spew her hate and idiocy, all it does is make the entire GOP look more out of touch and unelectable.

    We’ll see who’s on the wrong side of history

  9. Allan Richardson says:

    It would seem to be against conservative ECONOMIC principles to outlaw abortion. What would a conservative say if the only compatible organ donor for a dying person was unwilling to give a kidney, or blood, or bone marrow, but were forced to do so anyway? What would they say about a medical procedure to save the life of Alpha which required a healthy person Beta to be joined Siamese-twin-style to Alpha for nine months, to be forced on Beta even is Beta is not willing?

    • mah101 says:

      We already know what they say when they are required to have health insurance. They just can’t think on more than one level at a time, so don’t recognize their hypocrisy.

  10. old_blu says:

    Jeeez, they pick mates that are as ignorant as they are.

  11. hjs3 says:

    Some serious stupid for breakfast right there….

  12. m8lsem says:

    “Yet the far right often fights against the availability of the measures most likely to prevent abortion, including sex education and mandatory birth control coverage.”

    And then there’s poverty. Poverty is the situation which leaves a women in the horrible situation of wondering if it’s humanly possible to raise a child in her situation without she and the child being utterly destitute. And the pro-life Tealiban doesn’t want to spend a nickel to help the situation; oh, no, it’s all her fault; they are pro-life, but not pro-living.

  13. elw says:

    The twisted thinking of the Radicalized-Right is well documented and has little influence on the overwhelming majority of American voters. That is why they have lost the last three National elections. The only thing statements like Rachel Campos-Duffy’s do is move more and more people away from the GOP. They also help to keep pushing the Republican Party on the downward slide they are on at the National level. Not to worry the people in State like Wisconsin will wake-up and soon you will see that same slip for Republicans at a state level.

  14. ralphkr says:

    All this rhetoric fer & agin women’s rights could be solved very quickly and simply. Just pass a law that requires “pro-life” people to post a $250,000 bond (to be adjusted upwards for inflation) for the support of EACH and EVERY unwanted child born. This shall completely solve the problem of people demanding the halt to sex education, birth control availability, and abortion rights and let them put their money where their mouth is. My bet is that as soon as they start having to pay for their beliefs that they shall suddenly start demanding mandatory birth control use starting at the age of ten.

  15. howa4x says:

    The problem for this woman and thousands of other caring republican women is that after the baby is born these same loving women start screaming about tax cuts and watch programs that this poor single mother needs to help her evaporate. This is the story about Bi polar republican women who think their job ends when a baby is brought to term. Forget about helping this young single mother. Then these loving republican women turn around and call her a taker. Part of the 47%. It is like they are all mentally ill.

  16. tax payer says:

    If a woman wants an abortion than let her have it since it will save us money that she may get for 18 years as benefits for the baby, if it’s born and not loved by her, and the hit and run breeder.

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