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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

No matter when the House votes on repealing Obamacare—it was scheduled for Thursday but abruptly postponed—President Trump and the House GOP have shown the nation that the Republican Party’s most extreme elements are in the driver’s seat.

Instead of anything resembling political discipline or party unity, the arch right-wing House Freedom Caucus has demanded a series of increasingly draconian measures to be put in the Obamacare repeal legislation to secure their yes votes. Whenever Speaker Paul Ryan brings a repeal bill forward with enough votes to pass it, it’s likely to be a hollow victory for Trump and the House GOP. That’s because its details will be so harsh that even more GOP senators will likely side with Democrats and vote no.

“There are at least a dozen skeptics of the bill among Senate Republicans, who maintain a slim 52-to-48 advantage, and many of them want to maintain some of the current law’s more generous spending components,” the Washington Post reported midday Thursday, before Ryan postponed the vote. “If Republicans fail this initial test of their ability to govern, Trump and Capitol Hill Republicans may face a harder time advancing high-priority initiatives on infrastructure, tax reform and immigration. They might also find themselves navigating strained relationships among themselves.”

The White House and House Republicans know they have to pass something to save face, as they have gotten off to the least-productive start of any recent presidency. However, beyond the question of whether any legislation that suffices in the House is doomed in the Senate, is the emerging reality that the House’s most ideological Republicans now know that they have power to hold that body hostage to their bottomless whims.

As of late Thursday, it appears the Freedom Caucus is on a rampage that neither Ryan nor Trump can satisfy or defuse. The nation is seeing a primetime display of boundless extremists who, once they are given concessions, keep demanding more. Millions of Americans who value Obamacare can only hope that these Republicans continue their stampede sufficiently to derail any repeal.

Look at how the week began. On Monday, Ryan, responding to this hard-right flank, revised his legislation that would strip health care coverage from 14 million people in 2018 and grow to 24 million in a decade, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Ryan added a punitive work requirement for low-income Medicaid recipients. It hardly mattered that the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid has helped people return to work and that new requirement would make it harder for many people to hold jobs, as economists said. Somehow this right-wing cadre sees that as spreading freedom.

By Thursday, the Freedom Caucus had met with Trump and were said to extract more concessions, namely a pledge to repeal Obamacare’s “essential health benefits.” These require insurers to cover services including emergency-room visits and hospital stays, mental health, maternity, preventive care and prescription drugs. The Freedom Caucus’ rationale was that not everyone uses these, so why should they be included in all health plans and premiums? This section of the law also bars insurers from setting premiums based on a person’s sex, medical condition, genetics or other factors. Yanking these standards would be a bonanza for insurers, while pushing those lacking coverage when crises strike into financial ruin. But that, too, is more freedom.

Exactly how the essential benefits revocation would be legislatively handled was one of the reasons why the vote was postponed. A pledge by Ryan and Trump that it would be kept out of the House bill but added by Senate GOP leadership wasn’t sufficient for some Freedom Caucus members. They wanted it in the House bill and didn’t believe that its inclusion would procedurally kill the bill in the Senate. (A spokesman for the Senate Democratic leadership said doing do would invoke rules requiring 60 votes to pass; there are 52 Republican senators). Other Freedom Caucus members said they didn’t trust the Senate to add it as an amendment. While others, such Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) remained unsatisfied because Ryan’s repeal didn’t revoke every line of Obamacare.

The House Republicans and White House said they expect to bring an Obamacare repeal bill to the floor as early as Friday. Whether the elements of that legislation will doom its passage in the Senate is an open question. But for now Americans have seen who holds the power in the House. It’s not Ryan. It’s not Trump. It’s the most extreme right-wing Republicans. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.

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38 Responses to GOP Extremists Delay Trumpcare Vote, Demanding Exclusion Of ‘Essential Benefits’

  1. I hope they pass it.
    Because if they do pass it…
    After President F**kface Von Clownstick specifically and repeatedly promised “better, cheaper, healthcare with more coverage for EVERYBODY”….
    Then the Republican party will go down in flames and not recover for a decade… or maybe ever (in it’s current racist, science-hating, moronic form).

    • Donald Trump’s Iraq War is going to be North Korea to distract from the Russian investigations that are heating up. We’ll all wake up one morning to hear that the U.S. has invaded them and the Russian thing and his health we-don’t-care bill will go to the bottom of the pile.

      • Apparently, that is why Trump needs to take money from American tax dollars for Defense. He knows a war in North Korea will be a major nuclear disaster. Not to worry, He and his Grifter family will all be in that safe little bunker protected from his own stupidity and inability to shut his mouth.

        • I’m just wondering what the heck good is a health insurance plan that doesn’t cover the ESSENTIALS? Do those dumm azzes even know what the word means? Yeah……make America Great Again – get those pricks out of the Whitehouse.

    • I so agree. I always thought of Paul Ryan as just a little weasel. Now I realize he is King Rat. He makes jokes about wanting to get rid of healthcare, SS, Medicare and Medicaid since his “keg party” days.

      This leads me to believe all too many of the Republicans are nothing more than a bunch of rotten boozers.

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  3. Among the benefits the Freedom Caucus claims are not needed:
    1. Annual checkups, including blood work, and other diagnostic tests
    2. Maintenance Medicines, including insulin, hypertension medication and cholesterol control meds
    3. Maternity related treatments (including delivery)

    However, they do want continued coverage for Viagra.

  4. Did you see who was in the room for that meeting? All white males. OLD white males. THAT should tell you everything.

      • MB…The wonder of it is that these moron males actually believe they know women better than women do. Really? Did they take some college course in the female species and graduate with PhDs?

        The problem with these old geezers is what they hide. They know they keep women under control by refusing women equal pay for equal work. This includes many female surgeons who are paid less than a male surgeon. That’s how far up the ladder their inequity goes. Then, on an inequitable wage, they demand women pay EQUAL taxes to men. They wonder why women right now are ready to give them all a Lorena Bobbit special?

        Worse, these morons make women pay for Viagra for males well over the age of 50. They use the excuse “it’s for other medical reasons.” Yet, when women rely on Planned Parenthood for “other medical reasons” these jerks start defunding and delaying services.

        My prediction is that if these morons go through with TrumpCare as it now will allow insurers to refuse to cover maternity benefits, we will have a country of males all walking around with 5 hour erections paid for by women’s lower wages, impregnating women these men have NO intentions of taking responsibility for.

        Women will not stand for this. They will yank these morons off the floor of Congress in a mob scene these guys asked for.

        I recall once when my Mom was working as a WWII Rosie the Riveter in a munitions plant here in NJ. One of the males who “couldn’t serve” in the military was one of those rats like Ratso Ryan who got a woman fired because she came into work ten minutes late.

        They hauled his ass off the plant property and pummeled him until he learned to keep his stupid mouth shut. So, Yes. It does happen.

          • The sad part of this is the large number of American women that still support Trump’s agenda.

          • MB…I have several female relatives who live in southern and a southwestern state. I can tell you firsthand they view my independent nature as “too mouthy.”

            Mr. Man opens his mouth and they cower in the corner of the room. This is freedom?

            The common thread I see in their clinging vine dependency is money. In the south, midwest and southwest, these women are paid far less than women in the northeast.

            Before I retired, I was earning an average NJ salary. When I mentioned it to one of my southern female relatives, they acted as if I had “done something” behind closed doors to earn it. They just couldn’t grasp the idea that women in the Metro area don’t settle for second best.

          • Yup…I hear ya’. I have a brother (who disowned me and won’t even speak to me because I am a “godless Democrat” who won’t let him tell me what to do. He is a Southern Baptist Dominionist married to a southern belle-used-to-be. My own father told me about 40 years ago “you should not be making more money than your brother, it isn’t right and you should help him support his kids”. Old ways of thinking that never died.

          • The male/female battle has gone on to the extent that women now realize the bottom line for the male of the species is World Domination over those they consider their “inferiors.” Women fall into that category by their design, not ours.

            Just let one of them endure 9 months of pregnancy and their platitude of female weakness falls apart.

            I have always been outnumbered by men in family, business and religion. I learned to fight like a man, spit like a bull dog and refuse to be cowed by a bellowing bully.

            If the only reason for male existence is to be Masters of the Universe, they have a lot of explaining to do about why their great plan to be the only controlling force has not worked out so well.

            When the Republican males decided to “get rid of Hillary,” they proved what women already knew: That they are pathologically predisposed to an addiction to power over women.

            It is always a woman who takes down the mighty male. It took a single female accountant to take down Enron.

          • The one thing I have always thought was the silliest male argument was calling women “feminists.” What should we be called? “Manists?”

            There actually is a word for what some men in this country are attempting: “Mandocracy.” Meaning a government of men, for men, by men. roflmao

          • Some female members of my family behave exactly the way you describe. Most of them are single issue individuals. For most opposition to abortion is the most important, and often the only issue that matters.

          • Dom, if you polled 1 million American women, they would tell you they are not pro or con abortion. What ALL women know and MEN refuse to accept is that women want the right to make their own medical decisions with regard to their bodies. The minute a man leaves the bed, he gives up any future rights to decision making on HER body.

            What women want is for men to stop insisting they know women better than women do. The reality is that women know men far better than men do because women are the first humans men bond with at birth.

            When I hear or see hick politicians in TX, OK and other Corn Pone and Mutton Chops states saying that “pregnancy from rape is God’s will,” I want to vomit. NO. It is NOT God’s will. It is a MAN’S will to take control of a woman’s body and violate her and then demand she raise the child of rape or incest.

            Funny thing about men. If their wife is raped and is forced to bear the child of rape, there isn’t a woman in the world who doesn’t know that child will be abused by the husband because every time he looks at that child, he is reminded some guy stuck it to his wife. Double standards have to stop.

          • Not Women. Clinging vines who have been deliberately dumbed down to believe they are only capable of being Walmartian employees. The men they cling to expect these women to be terrific cooks, keep the house clean and the kids cared for.

            They do not want these women to have higher educations. A highly educated, fully financially independent woman is their worst nightmare because it represents an affront to their all too fragile grip on their manhood.

            That’s why these men hated Hillary, hate Elizabeth Warren and to go back even further, loathed Eleanor Roosevelt.

            These guys just don’t get it that you cannot keep women in second place when they are as capable as any man of doing the same job. That women are expected to always “settle” is on its way out. It is time for the Great Depression males to grow up.

      • But of course old white men always knows best what’s good for women. Stay barefoot and pregnant at home and let real men work and be the decision makers ????

    • Definitely a gross imbalance. No wonder nothing can get done, and when anything does get done, it’s always detrimental for all, because certain partisans secretly insert “tome bombs” set to go off and scuttle a ‘disagreeable’ agreement.
      That way, they can say—“Oh Look at what happened. Who put that bomb there?”

      • It was not a statement against who they are but why were they the only ones. Why are they making statements like, I’m not having a baby, my kids are grown and do not need a dentist? IF they had been all male and black, red, green, no matter, I would have written the same. I consider it insulting these ‘person’ can dictate what I can have as a woman or a pregnant woman or a woman with a new born child. I cannot believe Game of Thrones is in the House of Representatives led by Tywan Lanister!!

        • Rather take a room full of grown men, leaders in Congress, and have them prove they’ve no idea how insurance really works.

          One of the key points of ObamaCare was to insurance really insured. Too many policies didn’t cover too much stuff, so the expenses were, once again, dumped on the public.

          Every dollar of health care costs the insurance companies can avoid paying is a dollar you and I have to cough up.

    • Although “white males” are particularly problematic in how the Western World has evolved over the ages, we must be mindful that they are members of the same human family as I. That one’s outer skin coloration may have one hue or another, the bottom line, the crux is that many of such humans have failed to balance their inner lives with how they should properly relate to other humans of the same family.
      Since we are all “African” under the skin so to speak, then our duty is to help those who insist on exalting themselves over others because of a “white” exterior and being male, to not become infatuated with themselves over those 2 tenuous circumstances.

  5. I think Humpty Trumpty’s ultimatum for a vote today is the real “deal” they made yesterday – his big dick ultimatum gives the Rethugs a way out of the quagmire they have created so they don’t all drown in it…and who knows what he gets in return.

  6. DONNY DUMP HAS SAID IT AND IS A RULE OF HIS . LIKE HIS BOOK THE FARTS OF THE DEALS ( it stinks ) HE SAID HE ALWAYS GIVES HIM SELF ROOM TO JUST WALK AWAY FROM DEALS . so it the DUMPSTERS pea brain he isn’t losing this for his records he’s just walking away (THE BIGGEST LOSER ) he will now try to do nothing at all when it comes to anything to do with the ACA or any of the country’s healthcare plans . the clown will just try to blames it on the DEMS . even if the clown did use and ran on getting rid of the ACA but its time for the DEMS to put the pressure on the DUMPSTER and the whole GOP gang of pinheads party and keep bring up (like the pinheads did to get rid of the ACA ) what 60 votes ? now the DEMS have to get the things to better the ACA . the biggest joke of all is its an easy fix . just make the GREEDY BASTARDS RICH pay a fair share of a percentage in taxes like every one else no more no less just the same percentage that’s all like every one else . with that there be a lot less problems in the country . seems he is on the RT. of fixing things by doing nothing . the people will se the GOP gang of pinheads care nothing for the people of the USA only the 1 & 2 % greedy ones . and if the DONNY DUMP brain dead followers open their eyes and see just how much the PINHEADS don’t want to work for the people then vote them out of office . put in ones that care and want to help all the people of the USA the DEMOCRATIC PARTY again very easy fix all pay fair share of a percentage in taxes and alls well in the country

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  8. I am beside myself with glee to see Trump and the GOP worrying themselves silly over TrumpCare, the Russia Connection, and all manner of other criminal activity and nepotism. With Ivanka being the “eyes and ears” of daddy Trump, she’ll have free rein to snoop and tattle on anyone bemoaning Trump’s atrocious mishandling of a job he clearly was unfit for from the giddy-up.

    Well, back to some reading, outdoor activity, music, and waiting for the next installment of “The Trump/GOP Fiasco” Reality Show. It doesn’t get any better than this!!

    God has been most wise in allowing for enough rope to be laid out on the Wash. DC/Trump Tower landscapes,, to see who would be foolish enough to take the rope and fit around the neck. From 2008 alone, the GOP has been quite willing to fasten some rope around their necks, and helping fit the rope around the necks of colleagues(how thoughtful); Trump has been gathering rope for decades—enough to hang himself, resurrect himself, and hang himself again, and again.

    Talk about bad Karma and an endless cycle of reincarnation of bad qualities that won’t end.

    • If Trump has evidence, why wouldn’t he present it publicly like he does his accusations against Obama? It’s because he has none and is manufacturing yet another round of sabotage with Ratface Ryan’s help to stop any investigations.

  9. Will the Healthcare/Russia Fiasco turn out to be Trump and the GOP’s Waterloo, or will other issues added on, such as Trump’s misogyny, the GOP’s magnetic appeal to racists and other depraved humans, and the GOP’s overall preoccupation with greed, be required to reduce the infernal house called “Modern Conservatives” to its knees.
    However this storm plays out, Trump, Ryan, and McConnell should be collared with a bell and a label “GOAT”, to be worn permanently as their daily attire, or pictured on billboards as reminders of who not to emulate. Maybe squeeze in portraits of Bannon, David Duke, and Putin as well, as reminders to the world.

    The billboard thing may seem extreme, but when we think of the cyber-meddling, contributing to civilian casualties and forced migration from homes due to Syria’s crises, the racist/nationalist rhetoric, the wanton misogyny, and the fiscal chaos and attendant economic benefits these men have been able to reap at the expense of others, then such a display would be mild in comparison with what they truly deserve.

    Any individual(s) who’ve allowed themselves to wallow in the mud of lust, greed, racism, and unrestrained nationalism, was eventually brought to dust and humiliation, only to be remembered as dark footnotes in humankind’s book of evolution. There’s plenty of room for new footnotes, so Trump and the GOP—don’t despair.

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