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Monday, September 24, 2018

As Democrats prepare a major campaign to attack Republicans for their ties to billionaire political donors Charles and David Koch, certain GOP politicians are making the job spectacularly easy.

Senator David Vitter (R-LA), who plans to run for governor of Louisiana in 2015, is not ashamed of the Koch brothers. On the contrary, he considers them to be true American heroes.

“I think the Koch Brothers are two of the most patriotic Americans in the history of the Earth,” Senator Vitter told the crowd at a town hall in Blanchard, Louisiana on March 18. The comments drew enthusiastic applause from the audience.

“God bless the Koch brothers,” Vitter added. “They’re fighting for our freedoms.”

Video of his remarks is below, via American Bridge:

Vitter certainly has plenty of reason to be thankful for the billionaire brothers. Koch Industries has donated $38,000 to Vitter’s campaign committee and leadership PAC over the past year, and Koch-backed dark money groups have been blanketing the airwaves in Louisiana with misleading ads attacking the state’s Democrats.

Photo: Senate Democrats via Flickr

250 Responses to GOP Senator: ‘God Bless The Koch Brothers’ [Video]

  1. I hear a sucking sound. Could it a troll looking for some cash? Of course he is not ashamed of the Kock bros, he is not even ashamed of his own personal behavior.

        • Seems I am starting to get to some of you? The track record is starting to show. Michelle Obama takes a vacation trip to China on our dime…when we are billions in debt? Time to rethink the wheel…. and no, I am not out of my cotton-picking mind.

          • No Joe Schmuck,you aren’t “getting to me”,the reason being I know what I’m talking about and you Mr. shitheel republican don’t have a motherfucking clue!!

          • Here we go with the cussing. If you knew what you were talking about you would drum up facts. We Conservatives don’t call ourselves Republicans for a reason, namely RINO’s. If you were so well informed you would know that.

          • Say schmuck,You sound like an individual that would throw both ends of the rope to a drowning man! Remember this Schmuck,Heaps sees,but fews knows,lots start,but nobody goes,see snakes ,but can’t kill em,make dates,but can’t fill em,so honk your horn and toot your tooter,there goes Schmuck on his motor scooter.Hello world,IT’S ME!!!

          • ….and your guess would be wrong. What is it with you people. You think that every Conservative is a racist. We have some great Ethnic Americans in our camp. Ted Cruz, Bobby Jindal, Allen West, Ben Carson…. Any of which I would vote for in a heartbeat. Does that make us Racists? These people have more common sense than you all…..and you call Republican African American’s ‘Uncle Tom’s.’ What hypocrites!

          • Since the white supremists doubled after Obama was elected and since a white supremist is hate and fuels hate, he or she cannot find anything good about a president, who happens to be Black, then that racism would be hard to hide. I do know Republicans who are decent and not racist. You would probably label them as RINOs.

          • Starting to cuss are we…that means you have no concrete solution to what I am stating. Your only recourse is an emotional outburst.

          • You do know that while we were at war and while we were struggling economically Laura Bush traveled to Zambia, Mozambique, Mali and Senegal in 2007, further in 2008 she traveled to Haiti. Just like Mrs. Obama she was representing the United States. Mrs. Obama met with China’s First Lady, Peng Liyuan where they are focusing on the power and importance of education and she will visit a high school and a university. If you want to know about other first Ladies, look it up.

          • Not only did Laura Bush travel to the places Grannysmovin said, Laura took two other trips hauling along their two daughters touring a number of African nations, and then Laura and Georgie boy made two trips more by themselves touring Africa because that’s about the only place on the planet that wouldn’t arrest Georgie on sight for crimes against humanity.

            The Bush’s spent more money on the five trips they made to Africa than the Obama’s have spent in all their travels and vacations combined. In fact, Georgie spent more money flying back and forth from Washington to his Texas ranch (more than 78 times) than Obama has spent in all his travels. When you’ve taken more than 950 days vacation in 8 yeas – you’ve spent a heckava lot of money traveling around. All while he was running up more than 7.4 trillion in debts all while accomplishing absolutely nothing for America!!

          • Dude, we weren’t in the mess we are in now and the media followed. Whoopdedo on Bush’s ranch. He actually worked during his vacations. Obama flys all over the world on our dime playing golf in many locales…..and you believe Obama has accomplished anything.

            He has flown more than any other President in any other time in our existence.

            This is from Mark Knoller of CBS.

            The pilots and crew of Air Force One are flying more hours than a rookie on a beer run. They are tired of it too, and are adding more crew to Air Force-1, – I know this for a fact because I’m one of the instructors that trains the crews Our company (Atlas Air) has had the Air Force-1 and E-4 contract for over two years and I’ve been doing it
            for about 8 months now.

            Last year (2010) Obama flew in Air Force One 172 times, almost every other day.

          • Hogwash every bit of it!!

            We were involved in two wars!! Bushie Boy was running up 300-500 billion in deficit spending every year!! On two wars and nothing profitable for t he economy so it languished for 8 years!! The worst 8 years of doldrums economy in American history!!

            There was controversy going on everywhere with respect to the Bush administration’s lies in getting us into an unwarranted war; the administration using torture which had driven almost every country on the planet to hate America – and here is Georgie Boy hiding out on his ranch in Texas spending most of his time playing golf, clearing brush and doing everything but being President FOR ALMOST 1/3 OF HIS PRESIDENCY!!!

            950 Days on his Texas Ranch!! I’m sorry, you can’t govern correctly when you’re 1,800 miles away from where the action is!!! Washington!! Grow up you clueless nincompoop!!l

            And if Obama is using Air Force One a lot it’s because he’s constantly trying to work things out to get around an obstructionist GOP Congress that is comprised of the biggest idiots that have ever been elected to office!!

          • Don’t bother responding to his obviously ignorant rants. He is a troll and not worth your time. Ignore him.

          • It’s a shame he didn’t work a bit more in August of 2001 and pay attention to the PDB telling him Bin Laden determined to strike in USA .
            Here’s one BIG accomplishment that Obama has that eluded Bush HE KILLED Osama and BTW he didn’t create the Worst economic problem since the GREAT Depression

          • Bush made a show of working on his ranch. That ranch was bought strictly for show. I don’t know if it has sold or not, but it was put on the market soon after he left office.

          • Yes, and he did a lot of good for relations with China. Even George Washington said we needed all the friends we could get across the water.

          • Undoubtedly,but Nixon was still a crook and a liar too.Lets not overlook the fact that we do not need friends at any price.I’m all in favor of good relations with China but beware the sleeping dragon.

          • He was an alcoholic who had dementia and it was easy for him to get into trouble. I don’t condone what his administration did, but he wasn’t all bad. The wingnuts of today think everything done by the Obamas has to be bad. Since they can’t find the good, they are just hate mongers.

          • Yeah they think he’s bad even when he adopt’s THEIR idea .The basis for Obama Care is a plan from the Heritage Foundation

          • You wouldn’t understand the need for diplomacy as you are not even sure what that is. Why haven’t you said, “What about Benghazi?”

          • You really don’t understand diplomacy because you think you are always right….and….’What about Benghazi?’

          • If you can use facts to prove me wrong, I would be happy to ponder them. You do not. You use canned rhetoric put out by the koch brothers’ propaganda machines. You use sources that are merely hate blogs. You have not put one provable fact out there.

          • guess you were ok with Bush’s 962 days on vacation and all the traveling his brood did on the taxpayer dime.

      • Hey Joe, You are definitely posting on the wrong site, to real government brainwashed zombies. I have posted and received dozens of replies trashing me and whatever I might have commented on. I actually think it’s funny how nasty these liberals get, seeing they preach love and peace. LOL

          • Thinking people would be someone that does not follow the tyrant emperor we have in our white house.

          • Okay, which is it? Tyrant emperor or weak pushover? Because you neocons seem to use both interchangeably. Could it be that you just don’t like him? Is it because of his shoe size?

          • Tyrant really? And how does he come by that name?

            Because he’s signed fewer executive orders than any president since the late 1890s??

            Because he’s the smallest spending president since Eisenhower with an average of 1.4%/yr budget increases? (As compared to Bush 2 and Reagan who averaged over 8%/yr.)

            Because his administration has rounded up and deported more troublesome illegal aliens than any previous president?

            Because he kept his promise and got us out of Iraq?

            Because despite GOP opposition he followed through on the auto bailout which not only saved the auto industry but 1.5 million workers their jobs while keeping America from falling into the GOP’s second created world-wide depression?

            Because despite GOP obstructionism he went ahead and used his Presidential authority to cut the banks out of the college loan process, making college loans affordable for more HS grands than at any other time in history?

            Because he started a war on fraud in the defense and healthcare sectors allowing his administration to recover more fraud monies than any previous president?

            Because he didn’t let bin Laden get away from perpetrating 9/11 like the guy that intentionally let 9/11 happen??

            Have i hit it yet?? Just what has Obama done that has earned him the title of ’emperor’. I don’t think you have a clue like you don’t have a clue as to which way is up!!!!

          • Go get your pointy white sheet. Anyone who uses stupid name calling in lieu of reasonable facts must be one of those. If our form of government allowed for an emperor or a tyrant, none of his ideas would have been tabled. As for the ACA, it was handled exactly how democracy works. It was presented, argued, changed to compromise and passed with a 2/3 majority. That is not how a tyranny works. An emperor is someone who swallows up little countries to make an empire. So, if something is duly passed into law by virtue of the vote, and a bunch of backwoods people keep trying to keep it from going forward – who are the tyrants?

          • Tyrant? What country do you live in? go with your anti-American Koch family and republican num-nuts because they are the ones who are tyrants. They sabotage this country with dirty money, lies, and shady conduct and you have the b***s to call our president a tyrant? Maybe you should stop watching faux news too. They’re taking all that air in your head and filling it with lies. Wake up! Are you rich? Is that your problem??? Because if you’re an average American citizen like me and you still support these crooks then you are completely dumber than a box or rocks.

          • You follow the republican trolls, Kenny. what makes you think you’re right blech! go away!

        • Truth to power. The truth is not nasty, and good is not evil. The Koch brothers corner the market on evil; this country can’t afford their kind of “patriotism”. They are like the Robber Barons of yore, only more ideologically mad.

          • LOL, the Conservatives are waaaaayyyyy ahead of you all. We don’t even like our RINOS, we don’t like the money our representatives make, we think they make way too much. Shouldn’t that be of interest to you. Don’t you think they should be more concerned about our Country rather than on the money they make.

            Get a clue. Pelooser is one of the
            richest people in the Senate. Gore has made millions on the Global warming initiative on fools like yourselves. Soros sits on his computer
            trying to figure out ways to financially ruin the US, all the while, making millions. He employs no one and there are many like him. Entertainers are promoting and singing the progressive song and what arethey anyway, just entertainers. They don’t put food on your table or pay for your bills and housing. A rich Country can give to the poor and
            downtrodden. They can help their fellow man. But what happens when there is no more left to give. You think about your family and yourself
            first, don’t you? It’s all about common sense….

            Get off the Koch brothers….read it and weep……


          • You get your moniker honestly, mr schmo. From your first incorrect point, Nancy Pelosi is not in the Senate. Mainly though, I would give you some props if you ever discussed the failings of some R’s, and better yet if you ever came up with real solutions to the problems we face, rather than just your blather about those you disagree with. In other words, you are a loser.

          • Oops, can’t stand Pelooser anyway… At least, I’m willing to admit when I’ve made a mistake. LOL

            I will admit that the R’s have made mistakes. The mistakes they are making start with the term RINO. Most Conservatives are on board with that and we hope to make some changes…..

            By problems you mean, if ‘the shoe fits?’ By real solutions, you mean your solutions. That is egotistical bullshit. Your solutions are NOT working for us. They are taking us further and further into a sinkhole.

            Liberalism has been an unmitigated disaster
            everywhere it’s been tried. It has bankrupted countries, destroyed inner city families, and made a mockery of education. Indeed, any area
            of our culture or economy which is dominated by liberals is a mess. And the more liberal a country is, the more likely it is to be broke with
            massive unemployment and little idea how to turn itself around. Not to mention that liberalism runs contrary to human nature, and its cousin
            socialism has slaughtered hundreds of millions of people. Einstein defined insanity as repeating the same behaviors and expecting different
            results, yet that is exactly what liberals are doing. Hence, anyone who still believes liberalism can work is either stupid or insane.

            ‘Ignorance is bliss.’ Because of your unwillingness (narrow-mindedness) to reach across the aisle we are stuck in no man’s land with no recourse….

            You want Solutions, these are a few ideas that come to mind;
            -Lower Taxes on private sector and businesses
            -Business incentives to help the sector grow
            -Less Government – Help the poor and mostly help the disabled. Government needs to make sure people on welfare and public assistance really deserve it. People who are able bodied should work for welfare.

            -Get rid of Obamacare – it’s ruining us. We need competition among private insurance companies nationally to get the best rates. Private insurance savings account which is taken out by your employer.
            -Competition and discipline in schools. Reading, writing, arithmetic. Science and Technology are important. Exploring space is important. Students who excel should be challenged and pushed ahead. Common Core needs to go.
            -Import duty and taxes need to be implemented on Chinese imports.
            -Outsourcing needs to stop. Taxes on businesses need to be lowered so that American companies can compete with the rest of the world.
            -Military needs to stay strong. I am anti-war not anti-military. As it is we are loosing our respect internationally.

            -Our Constitution and Amendments need to stay intact and, yes, that means the 1st and 2nd Ame dments. After all it is part of who we are.
            -Frickin get rid of all the energy restrictions. The pipeline in Alaska is one example. It has allowed reindeer to thrive. They have pipelines all over Europe (they are way ahead of us). I believe in energy efficiency and less pollution. I think we have accomplished that. We need to be far more energy independent. If you want to help with pollution issues maybe volunteer assistance to other places in the world like China and Greece. Both have huge pollution problems. Get the rest of the world on the page. It is not solely up to us to have clean air and energy.

          • Why don’t you do some studying? The most liberal country, the one with the highest taxes, the one with zero poverty. is Norway. Zero poverty.

          • Yes, and I do know that many Europeans are leaving their Countries and immigrating to Norway. Did you know they have a quota and only let certain people in. Gee I wonder why?

          • So do we. We need to reinstate the quota to make it fair for everyone….not just one particular race which takes and takes. You are not doing any favors catering to them. It only enables. Just like what the Dems have done for the African Americans for decades and decades. It incites laziness….

          • As I stated many times before, conservatives will win local elections, but they will not win on the Presidential national level without moderating. You may disagree with that statement, but this progressive words ring true

          • Well…..if things get bad enough the pendulum will certainly swing the other way. France is a fantastic example of that…….

          • By the time they get through, they will cripple the voting process until our votes won’t count or we’ll be purged.

          • Raise your arm to one party rule. That is what you want. The other party or parties must be evil and therefore stamped out.

          • You couldn’t be further from the truth. That is what you want. We just want our freedoms back and we want to be rid of the suppression of government. I cannot wait until Obama is out of office in 2016. I’m almost sure things will cool down. He has been the ruination of this Nation…..

          • Joe, I sincerely doubt that the situation will calm down. Matter of fact, I believe the United States will have its first female US President. The gratitude will be placed in the Republican split party decisions for years to come.

          • OMG, Killary. I can hardly wait. Don’t really think much of her. She was not a very good Secretary of State and, of course, the Military will suffer. Remember ‘it takes a village.’ That is the most Communist statement anyone could possibly make. Oh well, your call. Since my family lived under Communism you have no clue what you are asking for…..

          • name calling again. You tparty people are so good at that and throwing bricks through Democrat headquarters, getting ready for your own crystalnight.

          • I can say, “Michelle Bauchmann, Ted Cruz, Rick Perry, George W. Bush” but you can’t be respectful and say “Nancy Pelosi.” What you are comes across loud and clear.

          • And you have rules. No real conservative is supposed to vote his or her conscience. If they do you label them a RINO. You are destroying the Republican Party. It is easy to see you are programmed and cannot stray from that programming.

          • No, we are aware of what we don’t want. We see the issues in our party and are making strides to change them You people are just happy to walk around with blinders on.

          • If that is the case then sir, we shall be ruled by the superior republicans for the distant future.

          • Bull. You don’t know us very well do you. Why don’t you tell me what you don’t like about Republicans and I will be able to tell you just how wrong you are. Saying you don’t like us does not tell me anything and it is like spitting into the wind.

            By the way, we don’t want to rule you. We want freedom reinstated. You are the hypocrites telling us how we should and shouldn’t be. How dare you. I don’t tell you how to act. Believe me if we did what you are doing to us…there would be riots in the streets. CoExist my ass.

          • …and I might add….so are you. Only difference between you and me is the fact that, like many Conservatives, I can think for myself. I don’t need to hold the governments hand. Sadly, many Conservatives don’t like the RINO’s. Destroying the Republican party? Do you really know what we are about? Why don’t you tell me how we are ruining everything. I bring you facts, you send me the usual emotional mumbo jumbo that means nada.

          • Over and over again I hear the same tired, hateful rhetoric and you think for yourselves. If a conservative does think, vote his conscience, or is civil to a liberal, he is labeled a RINO. In my state we have an honest house member who happened to vote, one time, against the rigid rules that says he can’t do that, and now the tparty is running nasty attack ads against him. You are the people who have to think a certain way.

          • Just so you know Pelooser(as you call her) is not a Senator . Actually it is my understanding that the richest member in the House is Darrell Issa .

          • That’s nuts. Why don’t you look in your own camp and, specifically, at George Soros. The king of deceit. Only the joke is on you…..

          • I don’t have a camp, as I am an American who thinks and acts as I see fit. I have many opinions based on real facts, and they change from day to day. You have nothing but Soros and Benghazi. You offer nothing to the conversation of advancing our country in a positive way. You are a troll, and a bad one at that.

          • No you don’t. You let father government lead you around by the nose. You think and act as you see fit… I think I uploaded the statistics somewhere that stated that Conservatives are better free thinkers than Liberals. Liberals are more apt to follow… It is a proven fact.

            Do you? Why don’t you give me a taste of your ‘real facts’ and I will be more than happy to dispute them.

            Advancing the Country in a positive way! What the hec is so positive about it? I can upload a list. Why don’t you give me your ‘positive’ list.

            Troll and bad one….OK, again with the emotional mumbo jumbo. You need to give me facts otherwise you are blowing smoke up you know what.

          • Upload this. You are unintelligent and it shows through. I shant provide you facts, they are available many places if one wants them. You are aptly named, Schmo.

          • That is the usual retort. I bring you factual information and you cuss at me…You give me nothing. Who then is the unintelligent one?

          • Who indeed? You are the one that receives the “usual retort”. How many times must that happen before you realize it’s you, Schmo?

          • You have not brought factual information. If you think you have, you certainly didn’t teach at an accredited college.

          • “College professor” ha-ha-ha. I haven’t seen any facts from you, just hateful rhetoric. “College professor?

          • I wish you would look at George Soros. He isn’t in government. However, he really believes in democracy because he was born where they didn’t have a democracy. Just because he gave $140,000 to a liberal candidate, you try to equate him with the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers give a million dollars each to different colleges with strings attached as to what they can teach. The Koch brothers have several front organizations that are for raising money for politicians and to disseminate propaganda. George Soros also has started organizations in Africa to feed the starving. He has started several research laboratories for medical research. I like the Real Republican Party, that is being destroyed by the tparty. Soon, there won’t be any Republican Party.

        • We don’t hate you Ken,it’s just that you are an asshole who posts stupid comments.Why don’t you use your head and go elsewhere ,where you will be appreciated.That’s what a “SMART” person would do.

          • See Ken, this is what they do.

            …..and Mark. Has nothing to do with stupid and smart. It has to do with common sense. Palin and Romney both mentioned that Russia wouldn’t be an issue…..Now who has the last laugh. We are in tune and alert to all that is going on. Visit ‘The Hill’ or the ‘The Washington Post’ some day. You’ll see how we think. LOL We quite often are all over the web. That’s why we are here. As far as I know it’s still a free country.

          • Too stupid to realize that the people you support would make sure that it is not a free country.Too stupid to know that no one here gives Obama and the Democrats carte blanche.Take your selves and your stereotypes and stick them where the sun don’t shine.You will gain no traction here at the Memo.

          • Too stupid to know that you are a sheep being led to the slaughter. Too narrow-minded to think for yourself without Father government holding your hand. I only come here to stand up for our side and to retract the lies that are constantly being bashed over your heads about Conservatism. To make you aware of what ‘divide and conquer’ feels like….and finally to let you know that we don’t want all your stinkin laws in our face. We have rights too….

          • You have the right to obey the law of the land enacted through a legal exercise involving the will of the majority of the people and their duly elected representatives,or you may leave it.At sixty one years of age I have seen and heard the tactics used by the gop.I have witnessed both Romney and Ryan using that term to describe their political campaigns.Democrats have no need to employ divide and conquer tactics,the gop is dividing and conquering itself.If it remains it will not resemble anything it has been before.
            You and yours are the only ones being bashed,not about conservatism but rather with The Lie of Consevatism.Clearly,you have been fully indoctrinated just as they would have you .You are very close to being a mindless automaton who has arrogantly arrived here with the misbegotten notion that you are are going to teach those who are already educated and well informed from a wide variety of sources and experiences.We already know and comprehend more than you have the ability to conceive of.
            Your presence here is preposterous.Your point of view is preposterous.Your comments are preposterous and You are preposterous.You have no influence on anyones perspective or thoughts,much less their lives.Your ridiculous pronouncements are no more significant than a pimple on a fleas ass.

          • The law of the land according to your side, solely? That is no longer a democracy. That becomes a dictatorship. Hate to tell you this but since Obama has come into office, the law of the land has been one-sided.

            According to these points, yes your side has enacted a bait and switch of sorts.

            “1. Dividing black and white. Instead of calling for unity, Mr. Obama
            has repeatedly taken sides in high-profile racial legal cases, such as the case
            of Trevon Martin versus George Zimmerman. Race relations are worse now than ever,
            black people are worse off than ever before economically, and their leaders
            including Mr. Obama keep blaming whites instead of looking at deeper issues. (HE IS MAKING THIS A RACIAL ISSUE, NOT US)

            2. Dividing rich and poor. The Obama administration has repeatedly attacked the rich and sided with the poor, instead of siding with all the
            people. This tactic is called ‘class warfare’ rhetoric, and divides the nation mightily. It ignores the fact that our nation was founded on liberty, and this necessarily means that some will be wealthier than
            others, as this is how they choose to live their lives. Calling it unfair, racist, or other derogatory names is false and simply causes anger and resentment in those who choose to listen to it.

            How can someone who works 80 hours per week and devotes his life to earning money be compared withsomeone who chooses not to work at all, or who does as little as possible? They will not have equal wealth, and should not.

            3. Religious and secular. America was founded on the principle ofreligious freedom for all, including, of course, the option of not being religious. Instead of unifying these groups, however, the Obama administration has repeatedly attacked religious groups, forcing them to comply with his liberal agenda of abortion on demand, free birth control for everyone, and other things that are offensive to
            religious people throughout the United States.

            In other words, insteadof respecting all beliefs, he has taken sides, once again, which further
            divides people and is quite unhealthy for the nation.

            4. Selectively enforcing the law. This is perhaps the most divisivetechnique of this administration.
            The president of the United States takes an oath swearing to uphold all the laws of the land for everyone, equally. This is called equal
            justice, and is a fundamental legal doctrine that unifies a nation. People know what to expect, and are treated the same no matter who they are regardless of race, sex, or ethnicity.

            Mr. Obama has not upheld the law equally such as immigration law, the new health care law, the
            federal Defense of Marriage act, the federal law against marijuana use, and others. In fact, his
            administration often shows contempt for laws he does not agree with, and his justice department head, Eric Holder, lies regularly under oath.

            This behavior replaces respect for the rule of law by the whim of the ruler, which is a mockery of the
            entire legal system and all democratic processes of government. This causes great uncertainty among thepeople, and often sets them against one another in an effort to obtain preferential treatment by the government.

            6. Abandoning time-tested and traditional
            American values. This has a
            powerful disruptive effect upon the America people. The most recent example is the administration’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and its opposition to a more moderate and more
            democratic government in that nation. The Muslim Brotherhood is an extreme terrorist group
            who plan to annihilate America, and have announced this. Yet the president supports them, while ignoring our traditional allies in the world.

            The effect of the divide and conquer strategy is to confuse the people, divide them into groups
            by race, color, ethnic origin, religion, wealth or other things, and to set them against one another. That is
            the strategy, folks.”

            Whether you like it or not Conservatism is making a comeback. I only hope it continues.

            France with it’s high taxes and unemployment have begun to make a switch….


            I also read today that our Republicans are getting more and more popular because of what is happening politically. This Country was not based on one side and this has nothing to do with color of skin. We were all excited about Obama. In fact, I voted for him in 2008, but his communist/socialist ideology coupled with inexperience have placed him very low in my book. Plus, the divide…. Like many Countries internationally, I simply don’t respect him.

            You are educated in one direction with deaf ears in the other. My pronouncements maybe be insignificant to you, but to a hell of a lot of Americans who are beginning to see the light it is not that way. As far as influence, I don’t care. I just want to stand up for my side. Just like you would if you were in my shoes……

          • So, I find thsat you so-called conservatives believe that an unarmed boy with candy and ice tea deserves to be ran down and shot.

          • “It goes without saying that conservatives and liberals don’t see the world in the same way. Now, research from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln suggests that is exactly, and quite literally, the case.

            In a new study, UNL researchers measured both liberals’ and conservatives’ reaction to “gaze cues” — a person’s tendency to shift
            attention in a direction consistent with another person’s eye movements,even if it’s irrelevant to their current task — and found big differences between the two groups.

            Liberals responded strongly to the prompts, consistently moving their attention in the direction suggested to them by a face on a computer
            screen. Conservatives, on the other hand, did not.

            Why? Researchers suggested that conservatives’ value on personal autonomy might make them less likely to be influenced by others, and
            therefore less responsive to the visual prompts.

            Got that? Conservatives do things their own way, they aren’t going to follow the crowd, they stay on task. Liberals are flighty, easily suggestible, and have poor attention spans.”

            This is very true…. We are more the skeptics who don’t want to go along with the program. The rebels. Maybe that is what has made America so great…the balance of both and that, apparently, is lacking with this current administration.

          • I have told you before, I do not believe in political parties and wish there were none. Because I don’t believe in political parties, no one tells me how to think. Some of our founding fathers did not believe in political parties. I do believe in education and you show the need for better education despite the fact you claim to be a college professor.

          • All those two are low information annoyances. They should go where they will get patted on the back for the most hateful thing they can dream up about the President.

          • You have a very low tolerance for anything that doesn’t resemble your way of thinking. That is very narrow minded…..

          • Not really if you ever said anything that made sense we would be more than happy to listen to you. So far though you haven’t said anything worth reading.

          • That’s because I don’t blow in the same horn as you do. If you said anything remotely sensible, I would agree with you. Villa has a clue. He knows how to be diplomatic and discuss. The guy should run for office. We need more Democrats like him….

            I don’t expect you to agree with me one bit. I just want you to be able to see things from both sides and that is something you simply cannot do. If I agree with you, I will tell you. You see, we have a problem in this country at the moment. No diplomacy. The reason: we have a leader who is a divider not a uniter. That is a very shallow and immature attitude to take.

          • pot, kettle joe-blow. Why can’t you see the other side? Or are you so brain-washed from republiCON talking heads that you don’t have one original thought in your head? Yea, that’s the ticket. You can’t think for yourself.

          • Joyce you must be out of your frickin head. I have not been brainwashed because 1) of life experience 2) knowing people who have been there done that. I feel my ideology has not been influenced. I am pretty much my own person much like many Conservatives who no longer trust their government:)

          • I’m with you. I am still waiting for intelligent arguments to tell me why I should listen to joe

          • pot-kettle joe schmo…… so because I don’t believe YOUR way of thinking, then I AM NARROW-MINDED. Can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e?

          • Cussing at me gets you no where fast. It tells me you have nothing to inject except for emotional mumbo jumbo. I really don’t give a hoot if you don’t like the way I think. I am sick to death of your sides arrogance. You think you know your Man and what he is doing to us. If we don’t start meeting in the middle it will be ‘adios’ America….and you have only yourselves to blame because it is us who are being infringed upon.

            You think you know Obama…..LOL


          • Who’s cussing, joe blow? You have the nerve to talk about arrogance? How old are you anyway, with a name like joessound like you could ber my grandfather. keep siding with the republiCONS and you will be saying adios to what this great country was once about. You know we were all immigrants at one time unless you are a native american but that’s doubtful. Wake up, you old fool. I know Obama quite well unfortunately you don’t know JACK!

          • I’m definitely old enough to know a thing or two. I have also been around the block a time or two. Traveled extensively and learned a lot from my elders. With a name like ‘Joyce’ I’d say you are most likely in my age bracket or older.

            Yes, it will be adios to Republicans and then guess what, Comrad. You will only have yourselves to blame:) I don’t think you know the extent of what you are wishing for…… Good Luck!

        • Hey Ken, I feel we need to stand up for ourselves. That’s why I waste my breath. Something the Libs know how to do well. Yes, they do get nasty ( I have actually had a death threat hurled at me by them), but I just keep feeding contradictory facts because what they have been told about Conservatives is false information. On their end, It’s just a device to divide all of us.

          I believe the Conservatives are way ahead of the game both intellectually and politically. Specifically because we are aware of the RINOs and tuned into all the crap that has been going on during Obama’s reign…..and Fox news doesn’t even have to say a thing. We see what they don’t. Social media is very helpful:) Word gets around.

          You will notice that once the Libs have nothing left to say they will ramble on and on about nothing cussing all the way.

          ‘CoExist’ does not exist and is a hypocrisy. I have to grimace every time I see that bumper sticker on a Prius….LOL

          • “I believe the Conservatives are way ahead of the game both intellectually and politically.”

            It’ interesting that you should bring up “intellectually” as every study that’s ever been done shows clearly that conservatives are conservatives because they have a lower IQ than liberals – and virtually conservatives are racists.

            See this study which is one of many on the subject – you and Ken are classic examples of low IQ conservatives:

            There’s no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.

            The research finds that children with low intelligence are more likely to hold prejudiced attitudes as adults. These findings point to a vicious cycle, according to lead researcher Gordon Hodson, a psychologist at Brock University in Ontario. Low-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found. Those ideologies, in turn, stress hierarchy and resistance to change, attitudes that can contribute to prejudice, Hodson wrote in an email to LiveScience.

            “Prejudice is extremely complex and multifaceted, making it critical that any factors contributing to bias are uncovered and understood,” he said.

          • That is where your ignorance begins. It is the assumption that Conservatives are dense. Having been around both Conservatives and Liberals all my life, I find that to be untrue.

            I am an example of a low IQ Conservative? That is another assumption. I suspect you are an educator? I have also been an educator at the college level, however; was never indoctrinated by Liberal ideology while in school. I was too smart for that and I saw through the brainwashing I was subjected to. Does that make me stupid or smart? You can answer that on your own.

            Here are 6 reasons why Liberals don’t quite muster up.

            1. THEY SUPPORT LIBERALISM. No, I’m not
            being facetious. Liberalism has been an unmitigated disaster everywhere it’s been tried. It has bankrupted countries, destroyed inner city
            families, and made a mockery of education. Indeed, any area of our culture or economy which is dominated by liberals is a mess. And the
            more liberal a country is, the more likely it is to be broke with massive unemployment and little idea how to turn itself around. (HMMMM, we’re kind of in that state now, makes you wonder doesn’t it)

            2.THEY REJECT REALITY . Anyone who ignores
            facts they don’t like and insists on believing things that are provably false just isn’t very smart. Yet, that describes liberalism to a T. They will believe things which have been debunked and ignore all evidence that disproves their beliefs. And, not only do they ignore evidence they don’t like, they attack the messenger and try to force
            people to accept their fantasy version of reality over genuine reality through groupthink and political correctness. (LIKE A SEAL SWIMMING WITH THE SHARKS)

            3. THEY ACCEPT CONTRADICTIONS. Anyone who can accept a logical contradiction is an idiot because it shows they have no ability to reason and they are willing to believe that which
            cannot be true just to maintain their worldview. And liberalism is crawling with logical contradictions. My recent favorite is Keynesian
            thought, which says that spending money helps the economy because it adds to the economy but simultaneously claims that taxes don’t hurt an
            economy even though taxes pull money from the economy. (REASONING/PROBLEM SOLVING. RAISING TAXES WHEN THEIR IS NO MONEY, SERIOUSLY!)

            The liberal decision-making process is emotive and reactionary, it lacks consistency and any sort of framework upon which to base decisions. It is essentially “reasoning through gut feeling.”

            5. THEY ARE INCAPABLE OF SEEING THE LONG TERM.All decisions have short-term and long-term consequences, yet liberals simply cannot grasp the concept of long-term effects. Only being able to grasp half an answer is evidence of stupidity. (OH THAT’S RIGHT, WE HAVE TO PASS IT TO SEE WHAT’S IN IT. LIVING BY YOUR WITS)

            6. THEY “ADMIT” IT. Liberalism’s most
            obnoxious trait is that liberals project their own worst traits onto others. Thus, while they act like
            racists/sexists/homophobes/ageists/etc-ists, they deny being any of these things and instead project these flaws onto others. They whine
            about conservatives speaking in code because they themselves speak in code. They accuse people of being liars when they are the liars, they
            accuse others of being “haters” when they have the hate, and they accuseothers of being “fascists” when they are the fascists. So what do we make of liberals accusing conservatives of being closed-minded (a distinctly liberal, but not conservative, trait) and stupid? Hmm.
            Sounds like an admission to me. (COEXIST…LOL, YOU DON’T WANT TO coexist WITH US? IN A SENSE THAT IS RACIST TO)

            I myself never use the term stupid on Liberals. That, in itself, is presumptuous. I feel you are more narrow-minded than most Conservatives. You see, what made this country great was diplomacy on both sides. At the moment, that is lacking. Your Man has created the mess we are faced with. He does not give so why should our side,

            The first point made is very true to your nature. Through the good and ‘dumb’ of it all, one side cannot work without the other. The sooner you see this the smarter you will be. As to the prejudice/racist portion of your comment, see point #6…..

          • ….and you can’t handle the truth. See point 2 above. At least we can laugh at the lies you spew at us….

          • You have to be really demented to think I’m going to read and believe one of your right-wing rags!!

          • I’ve read through it. It’s just childish nonsense. It always amazes me how otherwise competent people can be such political imbeciles. The problem with joe schmo is that he has no idea what he’s talking about but he thinks he does. Republicans have gone from evidence-based decision making to decision-based evidence making.

          • …and you have gone from following, seals swimming with sharks, following, seals swimming with sharks and the world just goes in a straight line pattern with no real change in any direction.

          • Of course, you are too one-sided and narrow-minded to care. Even if it’s true. You’re the one who will loose in all this. Not me because the tide is beginning to shift.

            I’m so glad I at least know what makes you people tick. You have nothing on us because you don’t know us.

          • Take my word, Tea Party will destroy the “good ole party” you will split and fracture and split off as the Dems did from the good ole party

          • I read that conservative mag just to keep an open mind, but they indeed keep out the statistics., can’t blame the Dems for dat

          • Joe, It is not the blaming of wealth on you??? There is riches on either side of the aisle. Indep1 is not lying to you at all about the statistics of republican run states, and I think that you are all right with that as long as you don’t have any of “our stinking laws in your face” It sounds just like a biker club..LOL Sons of Anarchy!

          • You know what, you need to stop being so arrogant. You seem to think that all Conservatives are hard core, oaky, beer drinkin’, biker, truck driver, cattle punchin,’ white supremacist, lunatics and tough SOB’s. Well, they aren’t.

            We are also highly educated, entrepreneurs, problem solvers who don’t put up with bullshit, are religious, military and veterans, national, constitutional, capitalists.

            Hmmmm, in a stand off who would you rather find yourself with…… We are a far cry from followers…

          • Add to those things you explain, why even Fox News will own up to the fact that GOP governance is a disaster for investors.

            Fox News published an article that said they tracked investment performance in the stock market from 1900 to 2010 and found that during that time, stock market return during GOP administrations was about 5%, whereas during Democrat administrations it was over 12%.

            The NY times did them even one better – they tracked investment performance from right after the 1929 stock market crash to 2005 and found that during the 35 years a Republican was president, the stock market returned less than .5% (that’s less than 1/2 a percent). Due primarily to all the recessions and stock market dives during GOP presidencies. While in contrast, during the 40 years of Demoratic presidents t he return was just under 10%.

            The NY times projected that had $10,000 been invested in January of 1930, it would have grown to the amazing amount of $11,700 during the GOP presidencies and to over $307,000 during democratic presidencies. Had the study been projected to 2010, after Bush allowed the market to trash again, they projected that the $11,700 under GOP presidencies would have been reduced to about $900.

            So not only GOP governance a disaster for just living in a red state, GOP governance is a disaster forl anyone investing in the stock market.

          • One last thing joe on the absurdity of your post. If “liberal” run states are such a “mess” and such a disaster, why is it that people in liberal run states live as much as 5 years longer lives than people in “conservative” run states?

            All 15 of the states in America where people have life expectancies of less than 78 years are Conservative-Run states. Whereas, of the 10 states in America where life expectancies are 80 and over, only one (1) of those states is a Conservative-Run state (Utah).

            And if you compare the 4 Conservative-run states where life expectancy is to 74 and 75, and compare tham to the 9 Liberal-Run states where people are expected to live to 80 and over, you actually have a 5 year difference in life expectancies – that’s pretty significant for a “MESS”!!). Tell you what, I’ll take living in that MESS, where not only are life expectancies longer, but where homicides are much lower on average, auto accidents are much lower on average, poverty is much lower on average, healthcare services are much better on average and on and on.

            Here’s the statistics on longevity – your posts are such absurdities they’re not even worth bothering with any longer. You are an absolute JOKE!!!!

            , all 15 of the states with the lowest life expectancy in the U.S. are GOP-RUN STATES?? Such that there is a large disparity in longevity
            between Red States and Blue States: on average, residents of blue states live 2 years longer than residents of red states. To the extreme, the Blue State residents of 9 states with longevity projected to 80 and older, live as much as 5-6 years longer than the residents of the 4 shortest-lived GOP-RUN STATES of MS,WV,AL & LA. Follow this: starting with longevity projections for red states of 75 in: Miss., W. Va., Ala. & LA.; to 76 in: Arkansas, Kentucky & Tennessee to 77 in: S. Carolina, Georgia, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio & N. Carolina; while no Blue State has a longevity projection of less than 78, and many Blue states have longevity projected to 80 and over: N.J., N.H., Vermont, N.Y., Mass., Calif., CT, Minn. & Hawaii; Only one red state has longevity projected to 80 Utah (80.2), while 2 Blue States have longevity projections of over 81 –Minn. & Hawaii)

          • What does ‘life expectancy’ have to do with anything? Oh….maybe it has to do with how hard people work. Maybeeee, Conservatives work a hell of a lot harder. You are probably aware that stress and hard work take their toll on a body….

          • Nice try at diverting the obvious – short life expectancy means people don’t live as long -and it doesn’t have anything to do with working hard. In fact, when conservatives denigrate people for being takers and taking it easy, they’re really denigrating Conservatives!! By far it’s conservatives that live in the red states that are sucking the most welfare dollars because THEY’RE NOT WORKING!!

            And it’s conservatives that live in the states with the highest violence!! and with the most people being killed by guns and every which way including auto accidents!! And even the states where more babies don’t even live to their 1st birthday because the state they live in is such a cheapskate that it cares more about giving tax cuts to corporations and the already wealthy, than in providing the healthcare that low income expectant mothers need to even carry their babies to the delivery day and have them be healthy enough to live for one year past that!!!

            Keep on being a Joke with everything you say!!
            YOU’RE NEVER going to convince one person with an ounce of common sense that what you’re saying is true – BECAUSE YOU ARE A DOWNRIGHT LIAR!!!

          • No I am not a liar. That is the fools way out. I really don’t think it has anything to do with Conservatives not working. Most Conservatives are too embarrassed to take welfare money. Many will start their own businesses because they have no other choice. They have been chased out of many blue collar jobs by Hispanics. How can I say that…we are victims of the mess this Country is in and that is no lie. We live it everyday.

            There are many poor in our state, many crimes committed by ethnics using guns. Many gangs, drugs and drug addicts. There are many social services provided. Too many in my opinion. Has it helped. I would say not.

            You and your stupid Corporations. I have told you people time and time again that the 1% richest are Liberals who do nothing to provide jobs to any American. Much of it is outsourced. Look at your fearless leader. He outsourced the healthcare website. Come on….

            I am not lying…. I go largely by the experiences in my life. You don’t have to believe me. The proof of this administration is in the pudding. I will be glad of Obama’s retirement in 2016. Hopefully by then this Country won’t be in such a mess that it can no longer be turned around. I also hope that this person will no longer divide us. WHAT A MESS….

          • The conservatives said the say thing when the Irish immigrated and the Italians and so on. If you can’t find a job then they need to move to a blue state!

          • Conservatives? No….. Had a lot to do with religion at the time……. Get your facts straight before you post…. Blue state….no…can’t do that when you have elderly family members that cannot move. Will someday:)

            “Ill will toward Irish immigrants because of their poor living conditions, and their willingness to work for low wages was often exacerbated by religious conflict. Centuries of tension between
            Protestants and Catholics found their way into United States cities and verbal attacks often led to mob violence. For example, Protestants
            burned down St. Mary’s Catholic Church in New York City in 831, while in 1844, riots in Philadelphia left thirteen dead.

            Anti-immigrant and anti-Catholic sentiments in the 1840s produced groups such as the nativist American Party, which fought foreign influences and promoted “traditional American ideals.”
            American Party members earned the nickname, “Know-Nothings,” because their standard reply to questions about their procedures and activities was, “I know nothing about it.”In the Questions
            for Admittance to the American Party (1854), inductees committed to “…elect to all offices of Honor, Profit, or Trust, no one but native born citizens of America, of this Country to the exclusion of all Foreigners, and to all Roman Catholics, whether they be of native or Foreign Birth, regardless of all party predilections
            whatever.” This commitment helped elect American Party governors in Massachusetts and Delaware and placed Millard Fillmore on a
            presidential ticket in 1856.”


          • Joe, I agree with everything you stated because it is history and it is mostly fact. But do you not see where the Evangelicals way of thinking is coming from? Why is religion allowed to get involved in the states affairs? Your Party is fracturing themselves. The progressives have the national numbers and the backing in the votes because they believe in fairness and kindness. I do agree that there is corruption in there, but why can’t everyone work together to improve it instead of the conservative approach to just get rid of everything, children do not need free lunches because that makes their parents lazier? Can you not comprehend why no one on this blog takes you or any other TP ideas and critics in a serious manner? That is why you are called names, and I am not being arrogant.

          • It has something to do with the standard of living they enjoy. Those who can afford good nutrition live longer.

          • Now I can understand that. But good nutrition does not always have to do with longevity. I grew up eating extremely healthy. My parents were into health foods before it was cool. My mother made her own whole wheat bread, she cooked soybeans, we had millet for breakfast, no beef, lots of fish, vegetables and fruit. But guess what, I got plagued with an incurable disease at age 19. So nutrition is not the end all of everything. I think stress has a lot to do with lifestyle.

          • Why don’t you explain that brain fall for me? Life expectancy has nothing whatsoever to do with intelligence, politics or regimes. Leave it to a Liberal to bring up an ’emoticon.’

            If anything, it tells me that life expectancy relates to hard work, hard weather and stress. Something I can relate to.

          • No, they run they states on the cheap and their services are very lacking and that is the real truth

          • Honestly, if that is the case because it seems like it is. I could probably find statistics that prove you otherwise, then perhaps the Liberal states should suck up and take in all the poor and downtrodden. The tax base will leave for higher grounds and better opportunities because they are bogged down with social programs.

            As a result of all the taxes and freebie handouts and welfare recipients, what’s left….Chicago, New York (can’t wait until all the Conservatives leave), California (which has 4 out of 10 cities in the US just about in foreclosure.) By the way, it may surprise you that the states that are turning things around are….drum roll please…..Wisconsin, Ohio, Texas….

            Guess what you can take the freeloaders. I live in a state where there are plenty of them, and jobs are few and far between. We are TAXED to death. No one can just move here from another state. God forbid, if you leave here and want to come back. Forget it. It is way too expensive. Oh and there are plenty of handouts and social programs….. I see this as the next Detroit in State form, but it hasn’t been 50 years yet…. Governor Moonbeam is doing a stellar job. LOL

          • Why, I wonder is that so important to you? It is something I will not divulge due to the fact that I have had a death threat hurled my way by posting on Liberal sites. I think that is a bit scary so I keep my information, who I am, and my exact place of residence private.

            I can tell you that my students were largely a diverse group, and I taught very technical art based software. I was very well liked by the staff and dean in our department.

            I think the problem is that you just can’t fathom a successful, well liked, Conservative professor. Oh well, suit yourself.

          • I think everything you say is a lie. That is why you don’t have facts to back it up. You don’t have the critical thinking of a college professor so I don’t believe you.

          • Believe what you want but I was:) I know very well how professors are. Difference between them and myself is the fact that I have common sense. The very thing they lack. I also have a very good education to back me up. Honestly, I really don’t care what you think. If I weren’t smart or able to deduce reasoning, I wouldn’t be wasting my time here.

          • You are a Son of Anarchy, a low grade only care about me fella, don’t say you are a patriot and you do this for the good ole USA. It is a global world now, you can’t stay in a cave anymore

          • Son of Anarchy, only care about me fella! Wow, you really have me wrong. I am a patriot. Do you really think what all of you stand for is very patriotic.

            Do any of these things sound very American to you? In my opinion they are very unAmerican.

            Socialized healthcare. MAKING us use socialized healthcare (European ideal), Spreading the wealth and taxing the1%(Communist/Anticolonialist ideal). Loss of Space program (Anticolonial), Minimizing the military (Anticolonial/3rd world tactics). Eliminating the 2nd Amendment (Communist).

            If you want to read more about what your fearless leaders intentions for this country are take a gander at this article. I dare you…..


            Yes, it is a Global World. I am in a technology based field. I see progress moving forward globally. Don’t have a problem with that. But I do have a problem with becoming a 3rd world nation to be part of it. We always had the respect of nations. Because of Obama we are loosing that respect. Thank you so much for helping ruin the greatest nation on Earth…..and sending us back into the dark ages…..LOL

          • O.K. smarty pants. I read your article. How about this one

            So it is clear what many people will think about conservatism in general when they hear about this study. Stankov does not draw any explicit political conclusions himself, but he doesn’t really have to. After all, smarter people usually make better choices, and smarter people are less likely to be conservative. So how are we to conclude anything but the obvious? Conservatism is stupid, right?

            Just a minute. Let’s critique that logic. For one thing, the smartest people do not necessarily make the best political choices. William F. Buckley once famously declared that he would rather give control of our government to “the first 400 people listed in the Boston telephone directory than to the faculty of Harvard University.” Bruce Charlton, a professor of theoretical medicine at the University of Buckingham, recently coined the term “clever sillies” to describe people who hold wacky political views seemingly because of—rather than despite—their high intelligence. Conservative writer John Derbyshire has also observed that political naivety exists at both extremes of the IQ distribution, not just the lower one. The reason is that brilliant people can sometimes be so consumed by abstract philosophy that they forget common sense. The late Irving Kristol once illustrated this phenomenon with an anecdote about his friend, the novelist Saul Bellow:

            Saul, then an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, was, like so many of us in the 1930s, powerfully attracted to the ideologies of socialism, Marxism, Leninism and Trotskyism, as well as to the idea of “the Revolution.” He and a group of highly intellectual and like-minded fellow students would meet frequently at his aunt’s apartment, which was located next to the university. The meetings lasted long into the night, as abstract points of Marxism and Leninism agitated and excited these young intellectuals. Saul’s aunt, meanwhile, would try to slow things down by stuffing their mouths with tea and cakes. After the meetings broke up in the early hours of the morning, Saul’s aunt would remark to him: “Your friends, they are so smart, so smart. But stupid!”

            The bottom line is that a political debate will never be resolved by measuring the IQs of groups on each side of the issue. Even if certain positions tend to be held by less intelligent people, there will usually be plenty of sharp thinkers who take the same side. Rather than focus on the intellectual deficiencies, real or imagined, of certain politicians and their supporters, people should strive to find the best and brightest spokesmen for the opposing side.

            There is a certain devillsh fun to contemplating the intelligence of liberals and conservatives, but it should have no effect on how we think about issues. Political debates would be better without it.”


            Great article. This is an all to common fact. The fact is that many Liberals are University professors or in the media. University professor’s never get out of school. How do they know what it is like in the outside world. They don’t. They are so smart they become stupid and, most often, have no common sense. I see this quite often. Conservatives definitely have more common sense.

            I for one know I am not stupid. Other wise I wouldn’t even be debating with you all. I would just be going about my ordinary life oblivious to anything political. Remember….Ignorance is bliss. LOL

          • And because Wm Buckley makes an observation, it is accompanied by scientific data to prove his observation?

          • Really ‘idamg’ your scientific proof is merely a theory and not a proven law and if you had read the article it did not solely pertain to William F. Buckley. That all people are uniquely different is an unquestionable truth and I believe that institutes intelligence as well. Truth of the matter is that both sides carry intelligent and unintelligent individuals. That is a fact. It doesn’t make your sides ideology better than mine. So your side may be smarter. (that’s a bit arrogant don’t you think?) However, when common sense comes into play, I believe Conservatives hold the reins. Contradictory to what you may believe, there needs to be a balance to make this Country spin.

            You made a statement early on that you believe in the Constitution. So do I. But why do you stand to change the law of the land? That is one thing the Conservatives do not want to do. We all got along just fine with relatively little strife (except for maybe the flower power era) for decades. I believe this is just one more hurdle to overcome, and it will end when your President retires. Hopefully after that things will start to straighten out and the division will shift once again to the center. If things get too bad then….I don’t know….you and I will loose our beloved ‘Democracy.’ ….Unfortunately, then we all have ourselves to blame because we listened to propaganda.

          • For a college professor, you sure don’t get it. I stated and stand by it, I have no party. I don’t believe in parties. To really know the constitution, you need to study all the arguments that came about before it was put into place. The colonies could not agree on everything so the adopted a constitution with the idea it could be amended later. I do not have a side. I was even going to vote for McCain before they chose that dumb, but beautiful for a running mate. As soon as she started the name calling, my mind was made up. I could never understand how a nation followed hitler so I made it a lifelong study to try and find out. It was done by infiltrating the democracy Germany had and destroying it. They used propaganda, fear and stirred up anger and accomplished their goals.Not one time have you put an issue out there and the facts to substantiate why you believe you are right. The nazis started with anti-government propaganda. We are the government. We send someone to Washington to represent us, not big business.

          • If you have no party affiliation than why are you even on this site?

            From your vantage point, I have found out that people seem to interpret the Constitution quite differently. Your excuses for what the founding fathers sought to do are usually misguided and misinterpreted. For decades the ideas have been similar. But for some reason, just lately, it seems that you all want to make it something that it isn’t. For instance, I don’t think it was the Founders intention for us to be MADE to do the things we are now faced with….and, I might add, the 2nd amendment was meant to stay and, yet, for some reason you wish to get rid of it altogether. This Country has always been Christian based, yet for some reason it is no longer OK to be Christian and uphold moral values. It is also a bad bad thing to work hard and become wealthy. A very anti-colonial/neo-colonial ideal…

            Isn’t that up to us whether we want to have Government Insurance, whether we want to own a gun or whether we want to be a Christian or even if we want to work hard and make a lot of money. I see a huge problem with that. These are examples of this Country no longer acting as a democracy, rather, it is becoming more Communist every day. You say it is up to us to send representatives to Washington. How can we all help it if they get bought out by big lobbyists. You can add Unions to that list of yours…

            Well….maybe you just didn’t like the fact that Sarah Palin was a very pushy Conservative WOMAN. The libs have their fair share of them. As for McCain. Don’t even get me started. He is a war-mongerer….

            As far as the Hitler study. I know the story all to well. It is not unlike ours. The reason I know this. My family emigrated from that part of the world after WWII. My family also lived under Communism for 40 years. I know all about how that goes too. You can read all you want, and it was a very very bad thing that happened. My family did not go along with the program but were forced to. No one wants to be forced to do anything. Yes, the Nazi’s did start anti-government propaganda. You see things had gotten really bad after WW1. The German economy suffered severe setbacks after the end of World War I, partly because of reparations payments required under the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. The government printed money to make the payments and to repay the country’s war debt; the resulting hyperinflation led to inflated prices for consumer goods, economic chaos, and food riots. People were desperate. Humans do crazy things when they are up against it. (Not unlike what I predict will happen here)

            The Germans had two choices…either to become Communists or Fascists. They went the latter route. Either way was a bad choice…..and we know how the story ended….

            You are all getting flimflammed by this Man. I feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for us. It is a sad sad thing to loose a once great nation. Unfortunately, I am no longer proud of this nation and what it is becoming. We are loosing our identity and will continue to do so as we globalize. Funny thing, Europe is already getting a clue. Putin has a clue, France is waking up, Germany thinks about Germany. Maybe a new National sentiment is growing? No one thinks about us. Not even the people who live in this Country know a wolf when they see it. You all are like seals swimming with the sharks…..swimming with the sharks…..

            Couldn’t understand why Obama would want to ruin the very Country that gave him so much. After reading this article, I finally get it:


          • How about some examples: Michelle Bauchmann’s statement that 85% of members of congress are communists. With problems like unemployment, debt, bad banks and foreign relations, Mich MCConnell, “The Republicans number one goal is to make Obama a one-term president.” Darrell Issa as he starts his career; He promises to hold more hearings and proceeds to spend his time in office holding foolish hearings about everything. Then women have special trapdoors to prevent pregnancy in the event of rape. and you, as an example, claiming to have been a college professor and not being aware that some of the most liberal countries are the most successful. A true college professor would research before he opened his mouth. Under the cover of anonymity you can say you are anything you want to say you are. You see, most industrialized countries are not owned by multi-national corporations. Most of them do not allow public money in elections. Since you are a college professor, I would suggest you visit some of these countries and do some research. Herd visits with an organized tour group will not enhance your knowledge of that country. You need to get to know the people. That also goes for people, in this country who think differently than you do. Get to know them before it becomes illegal to think differently.

          • I am pretty far left Joe but I don’t hate you and am not going to curse you or insult you. I simply don’t share your view of what constitutes a great country or a great society. When I look around the world for places attractive to live, I see nations that are to the political left of the current U.S. Places like Canada, U.K., Germany, Denmark, etc., where education, culture, public health and other key quality of life ingredients are strong. When I look around the same world and see countries to the political right of the U.S., I see places where misery abounds for all but the rich and privileged, places like Mexico and Brazil. Places rife with pollution, corruption and inequality where workers dip their drinking water from ditches. I don’t hate you or any other of the falsely-labeled “American conservatives”, I just want no part of what you think you want. Yes it is true that many wealthy Americans share my vision of what makes a great country. They have figured out that being the richest person in a shit hole doesn’t save one from still being in a shit hole.

          • Appreciate that John. Just as I don’t hate you or the Liberals. Believe it or not, I have plenty of friends that are, but that doesn’t mean I think the way you do. I can oftentimes find some common ground with them as well.

            Unlike you, I don’t feel an affection for more Socialistic countries because I have family in Europe. Also had family in Communist Europe. I remember they always wanted to be American, they wanted to be able to have what we had. We used to send money (when it wasn’t stolen or goods to family in Communist Europe because they had nothing. Some of my family including my parents immigrated to America, legally. They lived under Communism and, nowadays, they feel that our Country, is heading in that direction. Sorry, I tend to believe people who have lived through an experience.

            Fact of the matter is, at the time, the Europeans respected us and they wanted to be part of our uniqueness. So your thoughts are wishful thinking. Thinking that is like ‘greener on the other side of the fence but really isn’t.’

            Brazil is actually doing quite well. Mexico is extremely poor and corrupt. A pure example of what it is like to have the ‘uber rich’ corrupt drug lord and the poor serf-like individual. No doubt they want to come over here, but not everyone can come. There has to be a quota and a program like the Bracero program so that they can take their money home and help bolster their economy. Plus, they need to pay their taxes here. A sales/flat tax would make everyone have to pay whether they are legal or not.

            You ruin the middle class and what do you think you have? A huge problem and that is what is happening today…..

          • He’s lying! And I’d have to see papers to prove he was any kind of educator before I’d believe it – he can’t even educate himself!!

          • LOL, I slipped between the cracks. Believe it or not I was a ‘CONSERVATIVE’ educator. Shock of all schocks. I was a good one at that. My students knew I demanded quality. They loved and respected me. In fact, I am still talked about today. Sorry, not all educators have to be Democrats… In fact, I think the universities are way to bias. Pretty soon, even the colleges will be segregated. Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and the like will most likely only allow Liberal students in. Of course, that will be discrimination.

          • LOL, no way. My parents are very intelligent, educated, and European. I learned early on about the politics of both America and Europe. I also learned about all the falsehoods the American Media spewed on it’s inhabitants. Reason being, I also knew about the news coming out of Europe. My family lived under several different regimes in Europe. I grew up with politics being spoken about all the time. My father and mother lived under Communism before they came to this Country in the 50’s. My father says, the way Democrats of today remind him very much on Communists.

            Sorry to inform you. I am very educated. You know the old adage….’knowledge is power.’

          • You are so right. When the economic crisis hit other countries, Greece dropped social programs and went on an austerity agenda. Germany focused on jobs. Germany is coming out of it and Greece is sinking lower. Germany even loaned Greece money.

          • Yes, they are…… Do you know why? Because of decades of issues that the Germans had to overcome including two wars. Germany is looking out for Germany. They certainly are learning from their mistakes. Unlike us. Russia is coming out of their Communist hole. They are now more Nationalist than we are. Oddly, thanks to Obama, we are now heading in the direction the Russian’s just left behind.

          • You do have a problem with reading comprehension. I am showing which approach to a bad economy works best. People, with jobs, pay taxes and therefore pay down the national debt. They spend and therefore help the economy. This concept cannot be comprehended by you. You think if the Koch brothers have all the money, it will help the economy. There are four jobs bills on the table in the house.

          • You know, out of everyone posting, I am more qualified to make observations. I follow George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison. They did not want political parties as they would divide and cause chaos. I feel they could destroy our country. However, one party has become so hateful, so radical and bizarre as to be dangerous to democracy. They even label their own RINOS if they are civilized to someone of the opposite party. Destroying a party to become the only party is not a new concept. It destroyed one of Europe’s democracies.

          • Wow, this sounds more like your party. So dangerous that it comes close to being suppressive. We don’t want to destroy your party. No Republican even mentions that. It is you that want that sole party. Not us. We just want to have our freedom upheld and be able to work across the aisle. What you state is insane and untrue.

          • You poor backward low information person. I do not have a party. I follow the founding fathers who wrote the Constitution. George Washington, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson did not believe in political parties. James Madison’s words: “Political parties will cause division and chaos and destroy democracy. Because of the intense hatred of one party, we may be seeing the last of Democracy unless someone can see what is going on. I don’t say, “we” because I am one person. What are you? You totally believe you are right and so do the Democrats. Since one party is less hateful than the other and more informed as to how the world works, I will probably vote that way. I don’t need a party. I can stand alone. Bill Maher said it, when he said, “The Republican Party is the party of mean and the Democrats are wimps.

          • OMG, seriously ‘low information person.’ Twisted hypocrit…

            You don’t have a party? So what does that leave….a social anarchist.

            Points to ponder on.

            1. (Federal spending.) We are $6 trillion more deeply in debt. And there are record numbers of Americans on food stamps, unemployment insurance, and disability insurance, or simply disengaged from the work force. Obama has also fundamentally changed Americans’ ideas about the redistributive state. OFF ON ANOTHER VACATION, AND ANOTHER AND ANOTHER ON OUR DOLLAR. DON’T YOU THINK YOU WOULD TAKE FEWER VACATIONS JUST KNOWING THAT THE PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY ARE STRUGGLING TO MAKE ENDS MEET?

            2.(Taxes and debt.) Democrats usually wish to raise them, Republicans to shrink them. Nothing new there. But under Obama, there is
            now a twist. we have the worst of both worlds: high taxes on job creators, along with continuing huge deficits. Taxes are seen now not just as a way to fund expenditures, but as a
            punitive tool — hence the new phraseology of 1 percent, fat cats, corporate-jet owners, you did not build that, no time to profit, at some
            point you’ve made enough money, etc. A more equal but poorer America
            appears to be preferable to a more affluent but less equal nation. TAX, TAX, TAX, TAX, TAX WHERE WILL IT END? WHEN THERE IS NO MORE MONEY TO BE TAXED. UNTIL THE DOLLAR COMPLETELY DEVALUATES.

            3.(Health care.) Little need be said about Obamacare, an orphan now disowned by most of its parents. The purpose of this vast new
            entitlement was not to ensure all Americans better health care (if it had been, then pro-Obama business owners, unions, and congressional
            staffers would have wanted in), but instead a sort of health-care TSA bureaucracy, with more dependents, more federal workers, and higher redistributive taxes — in short, larger government.

            4.(Interest rates.) Ostensibly, de facto zero interest
            rates are used as a stimulus for a moribund economy that so far seems
            oblivious to all the traditional liberal priming tools of massive borrowing, growth in federal spending, and more entitlements and public hiring. THE POOR DON’T HAVE A SAVINGS ACCOUNT AND THE RICH BENEFIT MORE…..AND YOU SAY YOU WANT TO HELP THE POOR?

            5. (The presidency.) An imperial presidency is not new. But rule by executive fiat that escapes audit from the media is. We live in an age when a president can arbitrarily nullify a law, like Obamacare’s employer mandate; ignore it, like the Defense of Marriage Act; or simply
            create it, as with partial blanket amnesties. Various wars — on coal, guns, non-union businesses, and political opponents — are waged by executive action. For now, the logic is that the president’s means are justified by the exalted ends that he professes. Obama has set the
            precedent of a president creating, ignoring, or defying laws as he sees fit to forward a progressive agenda. (DICTATOR)

            6 (Energy)Obama’s view of energy — whether we cite former energy secretary Steven
            Chu’s lunacy on the desirability of raising U.S. gasoline prices to European levels, or candidate Obama’s own promises to bankrupt coal
            companies — is elitist to the core. His signature energy achievement is to change the terms of the debate: The chief energy issues for the Obama
            administration are not national security, not energy independence, not greater competitiveness for American business, not savings for the American consumer, and not jobs. Instead, whether a fuel might heat the

            7.(Race.) Had Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell been elected president, race would have been incidental rather than essential to
            their governance. Nothing in Barack Obama’s past suggests that such a statement could ever have been true of his presidency. The result is that race relations have become more polarized than at anyother time in the last 30 years. Under Obama’s leadership, celebrities,political analysts, and politicians traffic more in racial animus than
            at any other time in our recent history. Obama has had an uncanny ability to energize the Black Caucus to voice unusually inflammatory
            charges. How did it happen that suddenly Chris Rock and Jamie Foxx soundacially biased? When did the post-election commentary of pundits
            (e.g., “too old, too white, too male”) become so race-based? (A STEP BACKWARD)

            8. (Illegal immigration.) Before Obama, the debate over illegal immigration was mostly an argument between two schools that transcended politics and ideology: literalists who believed the law had
            to be enforced to its full extent, postfacto as well as preventatively, and realists who agreed in theory but felt that many of the 11 million
            who resided illegally in the U.S. could be given a pathway to citizenship, so long as they have no criminal record, have avoided public assistance, and could claim long residence — contingent on
            closing the border.

            Obama’s own unfortunate lead, as in his advice to Latinos to “punish our enemies.” Perhaps this vision was best summarized by ACORN’s former
            CEO, Bertha Lewis. She recently urged African-Americans to support increased immigration on the following rationale: “We got some Latino
            cousins, we got some Asian cousins, we got some Native-American cousins,we got all kind of cousins. . . . Cousins need to get together, because if we’re going to be [part of the non-white] majority, it makes sense for black people in this country to get down with immigration reform. . .. Everyone, even all white folks in this country, acknowledge that in a
            minute, [the] United States of America will be a new majority, will be majority minority, a brand-new thing. . . . For the first time ever in
            history, African-Americans outvoted white Americans. Pooh. That’s the fear of the white man. That could change everything. That’s why
            [immigration] should matter to us.”(THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS)

            9. (Foreign policy.) What is the common theme to the euphemisms about terrorism and radical Islam, the failed reset with Russia, withdrawal from Iraq, confusion in Afghanistan, lead-from-behindin Libya, pink lines and pseudo–“game changers” in Syria, the faux deadlines with Iran, mesmerization with Turkey, peace feelers to
            Nicaragua, Cuba, and Venezuela, as well as the rhetorical tropes found in the Cairo speech, the U.N. addresses, and the Al-Arabiya interview?

            The goal? Probably, the transformation of the U.S. into something like the EU, whose democratic socialism is manifested abroad with soft-power lectures. WE ARE NOT RESPECTED INTERNATIONALLY. CLUE FOR YOU…I AM FIRST GENERATION EUROPEAN. I DON’T WANT TO BE EUROPE. PERIOD.

            10.(Guns.) There is no new restrictive legislation on firearms; and yet never has the ability to buy reasonably priced ammunition and firearms in quantity been more curtailed. In loudly
            threatening to enact more gun control after each publicized tragic shooting, the Obama administration has created a climate of fear, which has prompted hoarding, shortages, panic buying, and paranoia, which have accomplished what the federal government could not. 2ND AMENDMENT IS A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT AND YOU SAY YOU BELIEVE IN THE CONSTITUTION.

            …….and you say this is America! Where? Where is the unity? Where in any of these points does it mention anything similar to what the Constitution states?….Think about it. When did all this begin…..and don’t tell me Bush because there was no divide. Not like there is now.

            Frankly, I do not see it. ‘Mean’ what do you think is the causation of that? Democrats are wimps? How? Does that mean you want to take this Country down an even darker path?

            ….and you are with the party of ‘CoExist,’ only, at the moment, we can barely stand each other. Gee I wonder why….


            If you can come up with any answer to contradict my points then I would like to see them. Only, I don’t think you can or will. ‘Backward low information person.’ Really. Go ahead contradict my points……

          • You don’t need to stand up for yourselves. You just haven’t added one fact to the conversation. Go away.

          • Lying again. I know people in both parties as I haven’t been forbidden to, as of yet. I do not know any liberals who would use death threats. Prove what you say.

          • I see that you do not believe in co-existing. We shouldn’t, at any cost, try to understand one another. We should hate and fight and argue and call names.

        • Aren’t you the one. Pot and kettle. You call a Democrat President a tyrant and emperor. That is name-calling. And if you weren’t just parroting, what all of you say like you are programmed, you might take that time to study how the government works. The president does not have that much power. Check what bill the president proposed. Find out what happened to those bills under the t-party rule. You see, btp (before tea party) bills were proposed. They were argued, they were changed to make them palatable to both parties and then brought to a vote. BTW, that is how Democracy works. Now, they are tabled and if one of them does happen to get passed. our brilliant house votes 52 times to repeal it.That is not governing, that is bullying.

      • “Of the country’s top 1 percent — those in households that
        earn $500,000 or more annually who the Occupy Wall Street movement has been protesting against — 41 percent identify themselves as independents, while 33 percent say they are Republicans and 26 percent are Democrats. A plurality of the population’s wealthiest 1 percent, 41 percent, say they are moderate in their political ideology, while 39 percent are conservative and 20 percent liberal.”

        • Don’t confuse Joe with FACTS . As I understand it the Koch brothers stand to make a fortune if Keystone pipeline is approved and best of these patriots have seen to it that WHEN it has spills WE the taxpayers will be responsible for the cleanup .

      • Did you ever notice that the 1% liberals always advocate policies that would hurt their personal bottom lines, but would help the working class. Why do you think that is joe?

      • Let’s have some credible and provable facts, here. Just because you or one of the supremist blogs say so, doesn’t make it true.

    • Vitter likes to throw around the word patriot a lot. The real patriots in this country are the young men and women who are in the service. Not billionaire assholes and their lap dog senators.

      • You’re right about throwing the word around. Even the Great Bard, six (or more) centuries ago, knew, when one of his characters said, “methinks thou dost protest too much,” that those who make the most noise for or against something are usually most involved in doing (or not doing) that thing for which they so detest others. It is a cover-up for their own attitudes. Vitter is one of the poorest excuses for a patriot possible, and needs something to cover up his own well-documented activities.

      • I agree. Moreover, if he wants to apply that attribute to wealthy Americans who donate large sums of money, he should direct it at people like Bill Gates who is spending much of his huge fortune helping eradicate disease and poverty, not people who influence the outcome of our elections and policy making to advance their material interests. Buying politicians is not patriotic, it is just a crass way of doing business at the expense of our democracy.

  2. Another rightwing, lackey scoundrel from Dupedom South being cheered by the ignorant and the crazies who populate that infernal region in huge majorities.

    • I guess it would be easy to fact check the various ads run by the Koch brothers against Soros ads. It’s been done over and over, and guess who proves dishonest time and time again? Well, you won’t believe me, so check for yourself.

      • Mike don’t waste tourtière replying to paulyz. All he does is write an inaccurate and non-provable comment then he disappears when asked for proof. He is just like the coward lion, all talk.

    • You are not smart. I didn’t even know who George Soros was so I looked it up. I don’t use hate blogs for information. He has been a great asset to humanity. Of course, it might not be in your genetic makeup to care about the human race.

  3. If we could just get a picture of Vitter kissing the Koch Brothers’ asses that would be complete. Oh that’s right he just likes to kiss the asses of prostitutes.

    • We don’t even need to cast aspersions on the Kochs.We need only pray that they get all that they deserve.

      • I must say, Mark. I totally agree with you. It wouldn’t be “just” in any other way except to “get all that they deserve.”

        Great post!!!

  4. It must be quite the sight to see these people kissing the Koch brothers butt while they in turn are kissing the butt of good old boy Vlad.

  5. People you better have the right people out there representing your interest cause MONIES has taken over small towns USA, and Plutocracts are calling the shots for the town people. These Plutocracts decide if a citizen gets justice or Not. Where? has our Democracy gone. What? the hell is going on in America. Who? are these people that say ” the goverment is too BIG”, my question is “in What? Way” no answers just complaints. Why? aren’t our Congress and Senate moving our country forward instead of doing Nothing and standing still. You Do Not Do Nothing that is my Motto and I think the Representives of our Democracy should get together with the President of these United States and get the country working again otherwise MONIES from the Koch Bros. and other Plutocracts will destroy our Democracy. Thank You are the magic words in my book. I Love Ya All. Mr. C. E. KING

    • They are being taught the government is too big and the government is the enemy because if the government is strong enough it will protect the people. The Jim Crow laws, voter purging and other tampering with the votes, shows we do need a strong central government. I don’t trust the dips that are in my state government and hope the federal government can protect me from them.

  6. There is no secret that Vitter will say and do what it takes to be a recipient of dark money in his bid for Governor of Louisiana. I hope Louisiana does not let the Koch brothers buy their vote.

  7. ‘God Bless The Koch Brothers’
    Can we add Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, and any other imaginary being that you would like to foist on us. All this stupidity and no fucking relief. Son of A Bitch, I get so very tired of listening to these jackals cackling in the bush. Vitter should be taken out and sodomized with a bushel of monsanto corn, we would get peace, and he would benefit from the DNA therapy. It might help him to become about as intelligent as a sea slug, but that is / has not been provable so far (like that God he so likes to espouse)

    These are the very same motherfuckers that have held humanity back for centuries. When will you people realize that until we stomp these pieces of shit out, we are going to have to put up with their insidous crap. The xtians will never give up they will use every dirty trick in the books, lies and innuendoes and keep trying until they win. The only way to rid ourselves of these vermin to to put them back in the box and everytime they try to crawl out of it, make it painfully clear by taxing their religions and making it painfully clear that there is a TOTAL Separation of Church and State!

    • Not my language, but my thoughts! I guess what you are saying is that, as citizens, we need to practice “eternal vigilance” to keep our”public servants” from allowing such stupid, self-serving ideas to become law, and our executives to enforce the laws that stop the rape of our citizens.

      • Rkief, I am a retired US Navy Chief and I still talk like a Chief. I hold the oath that I swore when I joined and each time I re-enlisted,a badge of honor. I never took any one of them but the first one on the Book of Ignorance and Superstition that xtians call their bible, which, bothers me greatly 60 years after my first enlistment. During that first 4 years, I pondered greatly on how I could take the oath for any reason and still be honorable and had done the right thing. One night on Quarterdeck watch with an old Chief Gunners mate we were talking about careers and I explained my dilemma that I was not a believer in any religion and that I had been beaten from the age of 7 to the age of 16 every Sunday without fail for refusing to attend the church of lunacy that my fundy family attended. I was about 5 months from re-enlistment and was quite anxious at the time. The Chief turned the watch over to me, and said tha he would be right back. He came back carrying The Blue Jackets Manual which was known jokingly as the “Sailors Bible”. He told me to tell the Captain that I wanted to swear my oath on the Bible of my Choice and he was sure that I would not be refused. He was correct (of course), and it never failed. You see there are ways to keep religion at bay and the “Sky Pilots” at bay.

        To this day I hold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights to be 2 of the greatest documents ever written. I still would die for them in a micro second if necessary. I never discussed religion with anyone and if a chaplain asked me for a chat, I explained that I was quite busy but when I found time I would look him up. I never managed to get un busy

        Sorry that I am not really literate, but I do speak French, Japanese, Tahitian and English, all have served me well where ever I went.

          • I’ve come to appreciate it idamag. Public financing of elections is a good thing. It was introduced in the 1990’s in Canada and is called the vote subsidy. $4.00 per year from taxpayers is a small price to pay for democracy.

            That, combined with banning corporations, unions, and all third party interests from donating money; as well as very strict limits on individual donations…and how much you’re allowed to spend in total on getting elected (regardless of how much you could theoretically raise), make for as level a playing field as possible between the political parties. It’s also given start ups like the Green Party a fighting chance to get their message out and run a reasonable campaign.

            It would be a nice offset to Citizens United and I feel strongly that it’s going to come, as federal Supreme Court decisions can’t really be overturned.

          • Heaven’s yes. At least Canada has a real Democracy, not a plutocracy owned by a few rich people. It was a blow, to me, when I found the super rich owned the Supreme Court, also.

          • Do not want to be like Canada. This is not Canada, Germany, England, France (which by the way is getting rid of their socialists) etc… America is unique. We don’t need to be a Socialist country. It always worked before. Do you actually see this Country getting better by becoming more Socialist. Not!

          • Thanks for the clarification. Let me guess….Either you are older than I or you taught English? Can’t say that much about our elementary and secondary education system. Too Liberal for my liking. If you think I’m bad, you should see how many students nowadays add up in both English and spelling.

            Out of 33 countries mentioned we are last in reading, 27th in math and 22nd in science. Gee I wonder why?


          • Green Party is a looser. In Europe it no longer fairing well at all.

            The rest of your comments I totally agree with.

          • You surprise me joe. You never know, maybe we’ll eventually get you converted.

            By the way, that’s loser. Looser would mean that they’re less tight.

          • I don’t think so ‘Graham.’ But you would be surprised at how some Conservatives think. I believe in some instances our ideas cross over and that’s the part that makes us all American’s. However we usually are recognized with one political affiliation over another mainly because of ideology.

            For instance, I am for a women’s choice regarding abortion. After all, it is her body and up to her. I am also anti-war not anti-military…..and some environmental issues appeal to me, but they have to make sense. I am also against outsourcing of jobs.

            I am for self sufficient energy, against illegal immigration, not a big fan of unions (they have gotten too powerful), don’t believe in global warming/climate change, for 2nd amendment rights, tougher punishment for criminals, discipline in education, diplomatic relations internationally even if that means being tough. You don’t gain respect by being passive (which is evident in our latest administration.), believe in Capitalism because I think it spurs innovation. For low taxes.

            So if you weigh the two out, I clearly lean more to the Right.

          • This is a great post. You said what you believed, not the collective “we”. The tparty might find out you have ideas of your own and kick you out.

          • Hey college professor – don’t you mean loser. Let me clarify the two words: Looser means less tight. Loser means the one who lost.

        • Actually, I agree with you on this one. We Conservatives had a good conversation the other day about the fact that most of our representatives get paid way too much money. They should get half of what they are getting now. Then maybe we will get people in office who REALLY want to be there.

          • No problem with them getting paid. Any lower and they all start looking for bribes.

            However, we might consider not paying them for any day when one house passes a ridiculous bill it knows is going nowhere, like the 30+ House votes to repeal Affordable Care.

      • Koch brothers propaganda organizations: ALEC, Americans For Prosperity, The Heritage Foundation, heavily invested in the NRA, Huge sums to candidates, from local to federal. George Soros 140,000 to preserve democracy during the bush years. Several medical research foundations, Food organizations to third world countries. Koch brothers descendents of a nazi sympathizer, father John Birch Society. Soros, born in communist Hungary, thus a champion of democracy. Legalized citizen of this country. Koch brothers front organizations. Soros open. Koch brothers buying television and newspapers to spread propaganda. Koch brothers million dollar donations to colleges with strings attached as to what they can teach.

      • Discussing Hollywood and politics, you have Ted Nugent and Clint Eastwood. One craps his pants and the other talks to chairs.

        • Believe me there are many many more on your end who are complete lunatics. I know the industry well. So much money turns their brain into a pea. They forget how to be normal. By the way, your Man loves that Hollywood money. They are like a suppository up Obama’s behind.

  8. There is nothing wrong with praying that God will bless everybody, including the Koch brothers. However, to refer to the Koch brothers as two of the greatest American patriots in all of history is to redefine what it means to be a patriot. By this definition of patriotism, the vast majority of us do not have the financial resources required to be a patriot.

  9. Can someone play back the 2012 Romney/Obama debate when Romney said Putin was the greatest geopolitical foe we are facing today & Obama just laughed it off & said the 80’s wanted their foreign policy back?? Talk about I told u so??

  10. I wonder how many politicians would make the ballot if that big money wasn’t there. What if politicians were not allowed to collect so much for their war chest. I wonder if all that money given to politicians was put to better use, like creating good jobs, feeding the poor, educate the the masses in college, spent on the infra-structure in the U.S.,pay on the national debt, lowering the cost of living; THEN maybe people like the Koch brothers can be called patriots. As it stands they are in the same league as Benedict Arnold.

  11. I wonder how much Dave the Diaper Man is paid to be a Koch whore? Did his wife ever divorce him after his public outing? Just curious.


    • Like all GOP politicians, the Kochs are fighting for the freedom to rob the American taxpayers blind. They don’t like it when legislation isn’t being passed or wars started that allows them to defraud the government to the maximum degree. They’re not happy when they can’t ‘freely’ stuff your and my money in their pockets.

  13. Well, Vitter IS from Louisiana. I don’t think there’s been an honest politician in or from Louisiana since it became a state.
    Even Jindal is a bald faced liar. He said Louisiana wasn’t going to accept any stimulus money from the feds. Then he took credit as he personally passed out the checks.

  14. The Koch Bros. are clearly as fascist as were their Nazi relatives at Buchenwald. Our government is loaded with fascists who have always been anti-democratic.Given all the lives that were sacrificed to rid the world of fascism in WWII,how is it that these individuals are not prosecuted for the criminal treasonous persons they are?.It is because our Democratic Republic and the principles for which it stands has been bought and sold in the marketplace along with the American people.It is past time to destroy their profit margin and birth a new Republic.

  15. How many cases of diapers did they promise you David? Come on tell us.
    Pampers? 100 % cotton? Whatcha wearin these days?
    If the Kochs are patriots I guess I am the Queen of Sheba.

  16. A lot of liberals don’t know how to attack Republicans. In Texas the jobs are growing but the kid population is getting less white and more Hispanic, so poverty among kids is rising. Many right wing Republicans that are white are more middle class and get jobs in those industries but many southern states have higher poverty because of higher minority populations. Democrats don’t know how to say well Vermont has only an 11 percent poverty rate and Texas about 17.9 percent because it brings up race and ethical background. In fact Texas is heading for the same problems as California since most of the children are Hispanic and tend to finished high school and college less than whites and Asians.

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