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Monday, March 19, 2018

Remember the “47 percent”?

During his 2012 campaign for the presidency, Mitt Romney was caught on tape describing nearly half the country in disparaging terms, labeling them moochers who want handouts. They are voters “who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you-name-it,” he said.

Romney’s remarks — and he stood by them immediately after his election defeat — didn’t just damage him; they also sullied the entire Republican Party, reinforcing its image as the lapdog of the very rich. Even now, as some of its strategists push hard for the GOP to reach out to ordinary working folks, its congressional leaders continue to protect the 1 percent.

If President Obama has no hope for passage of his ambitious program of “middle-class economics,” as he called it during last week’s State of the Union speech, at least he has a plan. His proposals for free community college, increasing the minimum wage and providing tax cuts to families in the middle of the economic spectrum have the advantage of recognizing the reality of income inequality.

So far, his GOP critics continue to resist that reality, sticking to the old Reagan-era bromide that a “rising tide lifts all boats.” Perhaps that’s true, but those middle-class rowboats are taking on water even as the rich float along comfortably in their yachts.

The growing gap between the haves and the have-nots is one of the most critical issues of our time, a dispiriting trend that has struck most Western economies. Because of complex forces, especially globalization and technology, the incomes of ordinary workers are falling further and further behind, even as the rich get, well, richer.

That’s not the fault of Democrats or Republicans, Libertarians or Socialists. Nor did this growing inequality start with the Great Recession. It started way back in the 1970s, as the factories that had powered the middle class started to shut down. American steel mills closed; textile mills went away; automotive plants moved out. The trends have simply accelerated since then, as robots power assembly lines and low-wage workers in places like Bangladesh sew garments once made in Maine and North Carolina.

Even now, in a resurgent economy, many families haven’t regained their footing. Their savings accounts have evaporated. They can’t replace the house they lost to foreclosure. They work two or three part-time jobs without benefits. And even those with full-time jobs aren’t living it up. According to The New York Times, the median weekly wage for full-time workers at the end of 2014 was $796, below the levels in 2009, when the expansion began.

Those workers are hardly moochers. They are struggling to find their way in a world where their skills have less value. They need help from a government that knows its role is to lend a hand, to steady the ladder, to help them find a toehold.

Even Romney, who is making noises about running again, has finally gotten the message. He has at least called for an increase in the minimum wage.

But most Republicans can’t get over the notion that those who haven’t made it simply aren’t trying hard enough, that if you’re stuck on the economic margins, it’s your own fault. Their allegiance to the very rich — people like the billionaire Koch brothers — overrides any concern for the vast middle.

Take their insistence on resisting tax increases for the 1 percent — a plan proposed by Obama to pay for tax cuts for the middle and working classes. Republicans claim any tax hikes would kill the recovery. But that’s not so. George W. Bush’s tax cuts led to no new job growth, while Bill Clinton, who raised taxes, presided over a period of widespread prosperity.

So what do Republicans propose? So far, they’ve pushed building the Keystone pipeline, which would create about 42,000 jobs over a period of two years, but only about 35 permanent jobs. And, of course, the GOP still wants to kill Obamacare, a strategy that would create zero jobs.

That’s not much better than dismissing the 47 percent.

Cynthia Tucker won a Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 2007. She can be reached at

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192 Responses to GOP Thinks The 47 Percent Aren’t Trying Hard Enough

  1. Most of the clowns who share such beliefs are only a paycheck or two away from public assistance. They are just not aware of how fragile their lives are in reality.

    • Share what beliefs? It seems you know more about what people need than they do. Oh , that’s right you are a liberal.

      • Don’t pretend that you don’t understand what beliefs were posted. If you really don’t, try reading the ‘GOP thinks the 47 percent aren’t trying hard enough.’ Then ask you question again. Are you naive enough to believe that the other 53% are financial secure and not just a few paychecks away from requiring help?

        • I am not privy to other peoples finances all I know are mine. I really don’t care what or how people live. No one yet has asked me or told me. I take care of myself and that is enough of a job for me. If you want to save the world be my guest. I am sure that makes me a selfish evil human just like all the rest of them. Do you really believe that there are nameless faceless people looking out for your best interests? Or maybe trying to buy your vote.

          • Yah, they seem to have an aversion to the Military, veterans, the CIA and most recently, the police. Makes me wonder?

          • How do you figure that? Are they not talking about the GOP, 47% Not trying hard enough etc. I guess I must repeat myself. I am not in the GOP, I do not care what the 47% are doing. I have no interest in junk science or what two sexually aroused males do to each other that makes them want to get married. Or what any of the other uninformed persons has to say about a subject they know nothing about. When all my dogs are asleep and I get bored. I will seek you out and that will remind me to wake up my dogs and converse with them about things I really care about. Meanwhile I will try to come up with something that will actually surprise you and give your life a little fulfillment. I wish you a nice day and a meaningful bowl evacuation and we can start again on another day when there is less of you.

          • You are correct. I should not bother responding or trying to have an intellligent conversation with someone who believes ‘I wish you a nice day and a meaningful bowl evacuation’ shows anything besides a total disregard for respectful social intercourse. Thank you for clarifying that point.

          • You are correct I apologize. At my age a meaningful bowl evacuation is something one looks forward to. In fact it can make or break your day. So have a nice day and may you avoid all Republicans because they are full of it.

          • I assume that you really mean ‘bowel’ evacuation, perhaps not. I don’t feel the need to avoid all Republicans, since I’ve a great many friends and former business people of that political bent.

            I sugggest that you read Peter Wehner’s piece in the New York Time Conservatives who aren’t Conservative. That piece describes most of my GOP friends and too some extent myself.

          • So this is where you get your nonsense. Articles written by people who have no real ability to produce anything useful. You found a misspelling, I bet that made your day. Do you know how to do anything that you could draw a wage for without hiding your face? Why don’t you read the frontiersmen by Allen W Eckert or maybe the frontier in American history by fredrick Turner or a Dark and bloody river. Find out what this country is really all about. Its not about sitting behind a keyboard and parroting comments by people who know less than you do. If that is possible.

          • I see you did not bother to read the piece. Gee somehow I knew you wouldn’t understand. I’ll make is easy for you. There are large numbers of Republicans who are not on board with the extremist portion of their party. They understand there is a huge difference being a ‘conservative’ and watching how the meaning of the word has been bastardized by the current crop of radicals.

            Here’s a little from the piece that might help you grasp the meaning of ‘Conservatives who aren’t Conservative.’

            In reference to the blovations of Ben Carson and those of his stripe the author wrote: ‘As a conservative who served in the last three Republican administrations, I find this kind of strident rhetoric to be self-defeating. True conservatism ‘isn’t a rigid ideology,’ but a pragrmatic philosophy base on centuries of human experience and awareness of ‘the limitations of politics.’ The conservative temperament is fundamentallyi grateful, not angry or resentful; thing of ‘the sunny optimism of Ronald Reagan.’

            The authors understanding is clearly light years out of your reach. He’s not some ‘lefty’ that is out to destroy your view of the world. He’s trying to reach his fellow conservatives to crub the excesses that may keep them from the White House for some time to come.

          • Did you read what I suggested? Of course not. Right now its 60 degrees and the sun is shinning.I have got to catch up after the bad weather. I will read it. I know I won’t understand it cause you told me I would not, but I will struggle. I have 400 ft of fencing to install and wire up an electrical service on a house I am building. I have 4 cords of fire wood I need to stack and 10 dogs to feed along with some geese and a cat. I could sure use some help if you want to volunteer. One thing that is not out of my reach is the ability to enjoy life to its fullest. Check this text for errors and let me know.

          • Peter W is not thought too highly of by a number of people in the same business he is in. Do you actually know how to do anything beside read articles and repeat them to people who really don’t care ? They don’t care because they are meaningless opinions. They have nothing to do with real life. I have a grandson with a full scholarship PHD in political science from Harvard and teaches at boston college. I would not ask him the time of day, he is nothing but a useless school boy. My uneducated brain that did not graduate high school gave me a 7 figure capital base. What has yours given you beside the ability to read articles and misinterpret them? I know a person who has a masters in paleontology who was VP of a major oil co and dealt directly with the Chinese gov. for oil exploration rights. Who ran large oil fields and dealt regularly with the EPA. Their IQ is 163 and and says you are not very knowledgeable and your comments have no scientific knowledge base. You keep stacking up all your articles and the time may come when you can swap them for a cup of coffee.

          • Is it really so difficult for you to try staying on point? What does your friend with the high IQ or your dogs have to do with the GOP problem with the 47%. If Peter is respected or not is not the issue. Did you read the words are you just parroting again? I can only assume from your non-response and non-sequiturs that you have nothing of value to offer regarding ‘conservatives who aren’t conservatives.’ There is a great deal of in fighting taking place in the GOP that should be a concern to all, but nobody would see that from your comments. Reality can be a bitch, but thats no reason to toss crap on the wall and pretend it isn’t happening.

        • Look Lynda ‘head in the clouds,’ the 47% mostly includes many of the new 1% which are Liberals. Oh, I guess you didn’t realize that? Why don’t you blurt this fact out to your own people. Don’t entirely put the blame on those of us that are Right minded.

          Yet today in America, the majority of rich people statistically are not Republicans but are liberal Democrats, many of them on the far left.
          They live in places like New York and Hollywood and San Francisco and Chicago and Silicon Valley, hardly the home turf of conservatism. Most
          of the richest congressional districts are represented by Democrats. Many of the richest people in the US congress are liberals.

          And the three richest men in America – Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison – all are liberals.

          This runs contrary to the media fiction that the rich people in America are Republicans. This fiction is repeated over and over in the media in order to win over ignorant people to the Democrat party. And
          there are plenty of them, mostly among the angry, envious poor; in the agitated and shrinking middle class; and in the perpetually enraged labor union movement.

          Nancy Pelosi, the former Democrat speaker of the US House of Representatives, one of the most far-left politicians in America and one of the richest people in Washington (estimated fortune is $30 million, earned by her husband), represents one of the richest districts in America, near San Francisco.

          • Please read the article which is about the GOP distain for what Romney called the 47%. Those are the folks who are suppose to be on the gravy train, unable to care for themselves without uncle sugar doing the job for them.

            Better yet read the words of Romney himself that might point you in the direction of the meaning of the article that you seem to have missed.

            ‘who are dependent upon government, who believe that they are victims, who believe the government has a responsibility to care for them, who believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing, to you name it.’

            Seriously Joe, does that sound like Romney is talking about Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Larry Ellison and others like them? The 47% in question come from all walks of life and political persuasion. Then again if your ‘head is in the clouds’ maybe you missed that point as well.

  2. Nice picture, and a great reminder of who dismissed the plight of 47% of Americans, because his precious time was too valuable to waste on helping half of our population overcome the effects of the Great Recession, and who proposed the dismantling of MEDICARE. Alzheimer patients and zombies may love these two bozos, I doubt mainstream Americans will give the time of day, let alone their vote.

    • I have a dear friend afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Her short term memory is almost gone, but every time I visit with her, she asks me at least four times when we are going to get rid of those republicans.

          • You know that kind of short sightedness accomplishes nothing. Do you really think that dem or Repub really makes any difference. Do you really think that Obama runs the show? He is a community organizer and he organized enough votes to get his handlers in power. If you really think the powers that be care about you, you are owned.

    • The plight of the 47% is the result of to much free money. I live were there are a good number of people on assistance. If you could see what is really going on you might change your mind. I know of people here who are getting $35000.00 a year + on gov assistance and still work cash jobs. People who sell their meds for beer money. Something drastic needs to be done but it won’t cause it won’t buy votes.

      • I also know people who receive government assistance, including some who own the house they live in (no mortgage), and have a substantial amount of money invested in gold and stocks. The 31 year old daughter of a neighbor (Tea Party sympathizers) collects welfare from New York state, even though she has been living in Florida for several years. She uses her brother’s (who is also on welfare) address in NYC to qualify for benefits from that state. Her excuse? She is bipolar. She sleeps until almost noon, jogs in the afternoon, and parties at night. That, however, does not mean that we don’t need social programs, or that most of the recipients are crooks or bums. We need greater oversight, and welfare should not be open ended.

        • We need a lot of oversight but it is not going to happen until it is forced. A currency collapse might do it., It will not happen quietly and naturally. The only way to get the average Joe’s attention is to scare the crap out of him. All people are doing at the moment is jabbering about stuff they know nothing about.

          • If you know someone is committing fraud you should turn them in. We cut the number of welfare workers so their case load is some time 1000 cases. They can’t even keep up with their paperwork let alone look for fraud. Most stories of people getting rich on welfare are out and out lies made up by people to make themselves feel better. The story of someone living in another state is shaky because of how many times they are made to show up at the office. The story of someone getting $35,000 per years is also on shaky ground since there are limits on how much you can get. The fact is that if you want only people who need help to get it then you need to hire enough people to service them. The side effect is you might truly help those who need it along the way.

          • Its not one person its the family. Father mother and a couple of potential muggers. If you think I am a liar just say it. Shaky ground has more to do with earth quakes and pile driving.

          • So you have say four people pulling there money together because no one can live on $9,000 per year per person. Do you think $700 per month is a lot of money? By the way just how do you know how much money they get?

          • Its a man his wife and little welfare students. They both have cash jobs. $400.00 a week for one I don’t know about the other. The guy he works for told me. I am one of his customers. This is all tax free. Its over 5000.00 a month.OH yeah and free medical. I don’t know of to many families that struggle on 5 grand a month after taxes. Where do you live NYC? I am not turning any body in I am not a liberal.

          • So you do business with someone who is not paying his taxes and ripping off the system who is complaining about someone who is ripping off the system with his help. And now you are complaining. For the system to work everyone must play by the rules.

          • That not even close to what I said. Where I live in the Ozarks one is better off if they mind their own business. I might end up looking like a deer to someone.

          • I understand. Folks down there can be a little ruff at times. I have kin folk there and have been told some stories. There are always people who think they
            deserve things that they shouldn’t have and people who believe in rules for others but not themselves. There are people who truly need help but others are just thieves who take advantage of the system

          • Tell me about it. I was a rent collector in the black ghettos of Houston for 8 years. I witnessed first hand the effects of welfare on people. They used food stamps to pay their rent. Most of them had outside cash income called jobs. I think people in real need should be helped to over come their problems. But it seems to turn into a life time pension for booze. cigarettes and drugs. We moved here 16 years ago to avoid what we perceived to be the collapse of the financial system and maybe society. I certainly hope we are wrong.

          • Maybe, to keep these people honest, they should actually work for their welfare check. I also believe in drug testing for government assistance. Scott Walker in Wisconsin has my vote on that one.

            Rent collector in the black ghettos? Brave man…

          • Making them work for their welfare check will not buy votes.Making them drug test and lose their welfare will not buy votes. Buying votes is what it is all about. But they need your money to buy votes.

          • Maybe we should cut costs in other places within the government. So much money is wasted on useless entitlement programs. That way we can hire many more case workers for Welfare. Problem is the government doesn’t seem relentless enough in finding the perpetrators of Welfare fraud. Talk about wasteful spending…..

          • There are a lot of government programs that could be cut or could work if they were run
            better. Welfare fraud is small in comparison to the fraud in the military spending. We were sending truck loads of cash to Iran with out keeping records. We pay private security $100 per hour to do the job our armed forces should be doing. Every time we privatize something the government seems to get ripped off. In the welfare system we use to have case worker who know the case and work with the people to try to help them. Now we have case managers who do paper work and wouldn’t recognize the client if they tripped over them.
            Should the government be in the business of making money for private companies at the tax payers expense.

          • There ya go….’run better.’ Problem is the government is unorganized and they spend entirely way to much money. When they run out of wasteful spending then they want to tax the citizens more. I think the government should be run like a business.

          • I have said the same thing more then once, in fact that’s why I became a Republican. Then one day some one asked me to think about the big companies I have worked for and if I would like a government run that way. Do you want to live in China. China is the closest to a country run like a business. The workers have no say on how things are done and the needs of the state come
            before the needs of the people. I work for one of the largest companies in America and the waste is truly amazing. We waste manpower waiting for orders from on high, we through things away that
            are perfectly good because we don’t need them at that time even though in a month we are going to need them. We have a drone class of middle managers who’s only job is to tell the workers the will of the boss’s and who get it wrong much to often so you end up doing the job over. So if you want to live in a dictatorship then get a government that is more business like. In a good government it is the people that tell the boss’s what they want and it is the job of the boss’s
            make it happen. So if you want a government run like a business think about the last business you work for, is this what you want?

          • Please proceed to provide evidence and data to support your opinion. What programs do you believe are useless entitlement programs for a start? Could funding the agencies that go after perpetrators of Welfare fraud not be cut???

          • My Dad always has stated, when the situation we are in hits the American pocket book things will begin to change….. Been trying to tell these people this for some time. They just don’t get it.

          • I will add to what you dad said. Keep your barrel clear, your magazine full and your money in the mattress.

      • Both the legal and Illegal Hispanic do this in California. They work in fields and they still get aide, schooling, grants, housing…… Wow, sounds like Europe and what they have done for the Muslims……. Do you think we will ever get a clue?

        • No. Its some else money and it not real. And sides the guberment has plenty. If the guberment runs out it just prints some more. Pretty soon the only thing that won’t be free is taking a crap and drinking water.

          • Ain’t that the truth. I think……don’t know about you….that sh*% will hit the fan when that worthless paper money will only be worth wiping your a**. Good luck with the Guberment getting anything then because ALL of us will be too poor to contribute.

    • Jim Hightower wrote an article the other day pointing out that the inequality now reaches the bottom 1% of mere millionaires. As he talks about the recent hard times of the 50′ to 100′ foot yacht business. Even as the market for 300′ footers, and longer yacht business is booming. So. as it turns out that 47% number Mitt used in 2012, is now obsolete, and needs to be revised upward to those darn 51% who now refuse to take responsibility for their own financial lives.

          • LOL, you need to be better informed….


            “Yet today in America, the majority of rich people statistically are not Republicans but are liberal Democrats, many of them on the far left.
            They live in places like New York and Hollywood and San Francisco and Chicago and Silicon Valley, hardly the home turf of conservatism. Most
            of the richest congressional districts are represented by Democrats. Many of the richest people in the US congress are liberals.

            And the three richest men in America – Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison – all are liberals.

            This runs contrary to the media fiction that the rich people in America are Republicans. This fiction is repeated over and over in the media in order to win over ignorant people to the Democrat party. And
            there are plenty of them, mostly among the angry, envious poor; in the agitated and shrinking middle class; and in the perpetually enraged labor union movement.

            Nancy Pelosi, the former Democrat speaker of the US House of Representatives, one of the most far-left politicians in America and oneof the richest people in Washington (estimated fortune is $30 million, earned by her husband), represents one of the richest districts in America, near San Francisco.


  3. Of Mitty Romney’s 47%, 46% gets about 10% worth of nation’s freebies while top 1% gets about 70% worth of freebies. My dear friend, Mitty, if you really want to reduce freebies for 47%, you should take the lead by cutting down the loopholes and pay FAIR taxes at the same rate the remaining 53% pay.

    • The top 1% pay 70% of the taxes and nearly 50% pay none. The top 1% furnish most of the funding for the middle class. How do you want to do this? Strip the 1% of their money and give it to the welfare people? How about reducing government waste and reducing the taxes and making the welfare people do some kind of work for their freebees. This is a pointless comment because it won’t buy votes.

      • Today, the top 0.1% (yes, 0.1%) hold more wealth in the USA than the bottom 90% of the populous.

        During the USA heyday of the 50s & 60 our middle working class, or the bottom 90% got about 70% of the income growth, and the top 10% received 30%. Now ALL of the income growth goes to the top 10%…

          • Yea, and here are three articles that speak volumes about our welfare system.

            You and I probably agree that there is too much welfare fraud in the social welfare programs for the poor. I’m not sure, then, why there is no outrage over corporate welfare…

            A 2002 article claimed (7 years before the 2009 economic meltdown) that corporate welfare accounted for $167 BILLION/yr. (subsidies, itemized deductions, credits, write-offs, and other tax breaks and loopholes) to welfare programs for the poor amounted to $51.7 BILLION/yr.

            A 2011 study (two years after the crash) found that corporate welfare accounted for $92 BILLION/yr. while welfare programs for the poor cost $59 BILLION/yr.

            Here’s a 2014 study that looks into this topic. Where’s the outrage? Many of these companies have evolved into “multinaionals” with little or no allegiance to the USA, as witness by some attempts at an “inversion” maneuver to by-pass entirely any obligation to the USA, as well as the common practice of parking their $10s of BILLIONS in clear profits per quarter in offshore tax havens…

          • I don’t disagree but at least most corporations put money into the system. Its all out of control and getting worse. The only choice we have is to prepare to dodge the government missiles when they come our way. It looks like we might be headed for a global currency collapse. If that happens all bets are off. All we can do is take care of our selves. That is the way things have worked for most of human history.

          • I contend that the $$$ forked over to the poor will, without a doubt, find its way into the local economy. Corporate profits? I wouldn’t be too sure. 147 interlinking corporations own it all and reside outside the jurisdiction of any mere nation.
            When the Hawks in Congress are finished setting up WWIII in a forced showdown between Israel and the Arab World, a direction that was recently accelerated by the invitation extended by the GOP to Netanyahu to address Congress. Not saying I’m an expert in the area of foreign diplomacy, but that move, and its call for more sanctions against Iran, in the midst of a fragile Middle East peace looks an awful lot like an act of bad faith, and could sabotage any of the progress made in the containment of Iran’s nuclear program, and its willingness to be the subject of the imposition of the international (spelled West) community. Pick your threat: International currency wars, or Armageddon over the Jews vs Arabs…

          • I am Jewish and my neighbor of about 10 years is from Iran. Like USA, about 1% manipulate the Iranian government. Should we attack Iran knowing that 99% of Iranians are in our favor?

          • Maybe the Iranians will grow weary of Allah and throw out the Imans before the Imans throw out a few nukes.

          • Alfred, I do not understand your attitude. I really don’t. Here we are catering to Muslims while Obama throws Netanyahu out the back door of the White House. I would think that you would have some loyalty to Isreal. Many Jewish people are Democrats…. It is most often the Conservatives who are on the side of Isreal and who always stand behind the Jewish people with aide. I just don’t get it. Just don’t. Shaking head.

          • I don’t believe there is any real chance of middle east peace. It is all religious based and you can not negotiate with the god people. Probably a currency collapse then some kind of nuclear exchange and chaos for years. We have been planning for this for the last 14 years. If it happens at least I get to watch for a while if it does not, no matter. I rescue animals and my concern is a supply of dog food got plenty of people food and most everything else. Health issues could be a problem. But who wants to live forever.

          • Right on the mark! The currency collapses along with our fake money printing devaluation and most middle Americans will not have more to worry about than their beer and football. They will be way too worried about surviving. To thine own self be true.

          • We need to read articles or hear from unbiased and courageous individuals who do not think through their wallets.

          • I think through my wallet because that is how I keep my belly full. It does not make any difference who we hear from, the ruling class is going to do what is best for them and talk like it is all for the people. A financial collapse will most likely do more to straighten things out than rhetoric. The rich will be a lot less rich and maybe the middle class will pay less attention to football and beer and start paying attention to what is screwing up their lives. Meanwhile the first and second amendments must stay intact or there will be no hope.

          • How exactly do you expect us to make a living? By giving our souls to the government man like you all do. No thanks, this is still a free country.

          • Scares you doesn’t she? Smart, charismatic, able to shut up loud mouthed ignoramuses by simply telling the straight unvarnished truth. So where’s your anti- immigrant, anti-black, anti-Christ, vowing to CON- Serve the Oligarch’s money?

          • Not really. How far do you really think she will get internationally? Specifically within some non-Western countries that don’t respect women. We don’t need another Obama. If she runs you may very well lose.

      • Lets to some kindergarten math, my dear friend, Hicusdicus. Those who have money should pay taxes, correct? Those who dont have money should not pay taxes, correct? Top 1% has taken about $21-$27 TTTTTrilion away from 99% and hide them out of the country. Had they kept this money IN America and pay lower taxes, it would mean all of their monies would remain in America and generate revenues among 99% which will in turn reduce monies spent on welfare and other freebies. Any poker player would tell you that if one takes money away from the poker table continuously, the pot would shrink and the share for the remaining players would be smaller.

        • What they are doing is not illegal you need to speak to the law makers. If I could avoid paying taxes I would. If i could hide my money I would. Oh wait a second, I don’t pay taxes I don’t have a job and I can’t hide my money cause I don’t have any. I don’t disagree but nothing is going to change. So mean while back at the ranch I will zig and zag to keep my life as comfortable as possible until I stop breathing.

          • You are correct. What they are doing is not “illegal” because the laws are being manipulated by the super rich. In reality, the super rich bribed the lawmakers to make laws so that their activities to avoid from paying their taxes or many other things “legal”. In other words, the lawmakers and Americans iike us are being manipulated. I dont know about you but I dont want to be manipulated.

          • I don’t want to be manipulated either. But if I want my laundry done, dinner cooked and get some spending money I have to I have to be willing to succumb to a certain amount of manipulation.

          • How much is “enough”? Is being among the richest people in the world not enough for the Republican puppeteers?

          • I don’t think republicans have a monopoly on pulling strings. One of the ways people get rich is by learning how and whose strings to pull . Getting super rich is a power sickness and addiction also being in the right place at the right time. They are on a wining streak, why quit? Human nature at its best.

      • LOL, absolutely:) Yes, these idiots don’t seem to realize what just happened in France. That 75% tax on the 1% is going bye, bye.

  4. Now I ask you…Just look at the two mugs on Ryan and
    Romney…a more spiteful bunch of turd brains there can’t be. They actually think smart Americans are falling for their BS just because DogPatch USA does. If they keep up they “FORCE” BS, we will force their butt ends into the SC for abuse of power. These are elected officials who are not allowed to overstep their elected duties…these guys think they are above the law. Until the ACLU gets on their backs and shuts them up.

    • “These are elected officials who are not allowed to overstep their elected duties…these guys think they are above the law.”
      Doesn’t that describe your messiah, the Emperor Obama? Yet liberal traitors don’t want to see that we have an illegal, lawless regime. They just blindly follow along like lemmings.

      • We have no choice other than the government we have, and we have put our trust in them to create a fair environment for all. If you believe the GOP does that equally for all us, then it is you that is the lemming.

        • I’m not sure what country you live in, but Americans DO have a choice. The American government is supposed to be the people Unfortunately our government wants to ignore that, and would like Americans to forget that the government works for us. Those that blindly follow this regime and its illegal actions are lemmings and traitors to America.

          • Again, you believe in the GOP accomplishing an equal form of government? They have shown who they serve, and it is not for all, it is for the wealthy. You want to believe they represent the all of us, trickle down economics, no reinvesting here at home to create jobs, keep taking advantage of the working class, you are the traitor and lemming.

          • You don’t even know that liberalism is an entirely different political and world view than communism! You have no idea what you’re talking about. Get a dictionary for crissake.

          • I don’t see a whole lot of difference. It is all a form of socialism which requires a heavy handed police state to control .Republicans aren’t a whole lot different, just a different slant on the BS. It all works out to you pay and they play.

          • You ” don’t see a whole lot of difference”, and that’s the problem. Liberalism has nothing to do with socialism, it is not a “form of socialism”. Even if some liberals lean toward socialism, liberalism itself is not socialism. Liberalism, like true libertarians, believe the individual should have freedoms and NOT be subject to heavy-handed state control. Liberals believe in “live and let live”. Liberals are an open group who are inclusive of all religions, races, ethnicities, sexual identities, etc. In fact, liberalism is the opposite of what you imagine.

            I used the term “true libertarians” because this new wave of libertarianism is dichotomous to the original intent. It’s very dogmatic. I’ve been aware of libertarians for decades, and I’ve never seen such a random bunch of dictatorial hard asses.

          • Sorry, but your passion for Daine Vann is sad. She’s a lunatic, a flaming example of the paranoid r.w. extremism. That said, my first husband escaped communism (Cuba), and nothing he had to say qualifies me to use that as my own expertise on commuism. I have asked here repeatedly for one example of Obama converting any business in America to a publicly owned entity. NO one has done that because they can’t. America is a corporatist state. Here, the corporations control the country. This is exactly the opposite of communism, where the state owns the means of production.

          • And, while you’re getting a dictionary, pick up a book on grammar. You have a “your-you’re” fail, as well as the “there-their-they’re” fail earlier.

          • And the liberal democrats don’t do this. Lets round up all the Republicans and bury them at sea. Pollution at its best.

          • It’s congress that is ignoring our wishes. Obama is FINALLY acting on the things we elected him to do.

          • Seriously! I guess that’s why you lost the last election? I suppose that Cock sure attitude is waning just a wee bit? Don’t ya think?

          • Really?? So you call winning an election, taking back the Senate seats IN ONLY RED STATES WHILE LOSING EVERY SENATE SEAT IN A BLUE STATE??


            And winning an election by taking a few governorships while losing ground in the legislatures of all the states where they won governorships??

            And then also losing ground in the legislatures in almost all of the blue states where elections were held increasing Democrats control in the ‘blue wall’- winning an election??

            And LOSING EVERY BALLOT INITIATIVE including raising the min wage IN RED STATES and losing all the personhood ballot initiatives – winning an election??


          • Watch the Republicans, who now control both houses, ignore your needs to feed their corporate sponsors.

        • Rag this troll Ken is a one-trick troll – President Obama is an Emperor and anyone who agrees with the president is a traitor. Of course he doesn’t offer any “provable” facts other than his deluded opinion.

          • Ken you are the one making the claims that Liberal traitors are ignoring the lawless regime but you never provide provable or real examples. I just explained how your comments are fact-less and typical troll bs.

          • Ah….Billy boy is back. How’s that stock market working for you:) Heard the interest rates might be jacking up a bit this year. Better watch out! LOL

          • I’m glad you are LOL’ing. It shows what an uniformed troll you really are. Since Obama has been in office the S&P500 has increased 145.01% through 12/31/2014, the Nasdaq is up 214.26% while Gold (isn’t that your daddy’s favorite investment) was up an astounding 38.72%. For the last 3 years S&P500 up 63.69%, Nasdaq up 81.80% while Gold is down 24.49% Every time you write about the stock market you reinforce my belief that you are really dumb about it. Increase rates have a marginal effect on the market. There are numerous factors that effect it but you pick only one and a minor one at that. You keep parroting the same right wing bs about the stock market. On a Libertarian website some supposed investment guru predicted a huge sell off in the market back in July of 2013, still waiting! Keep LOL’ing I’ll keep watching my investments grow.

            In short the stock market is working very well for me.

          • Dude, like a borken record you have gone over the same old same old now for eons. My Daddy has a very diverse protfolio:) Just remember….what goes up, must come down….. Make your money where you can and then give 3/4 of it to the poor… a good little Obama ‘lemoncrat.’ Spread that wealth, why don’t you, those lazy losers on government assistance will love you for it.

          • Talk about being a broken record, you are the one who started the stock market conversation again. As for your precious “Daddy” I don’t care what he is invested in. You are very ignorant on stock market and financial matters that shows on your verbose comments. As for people being on Gov’t assistance I will side with Jesus belief of helping those who need it. In your comment you try to come off as a deep thinker but in reality you are lightweight little boy with nothing positive to offer. Grow up!

          • Wow!! You sure pegged Joe right with that comment:

            “in reality you are a lightweight little boy with nothing positive to offer.”

            Nothing could be more true. Just like a little boy, Joe lives in his own little Fantasy world.

      • Right, ’cause he’s the onliest President in all eternity who did executive actions. Don’t think for one NY minute that Obama isn’t checking on legalities every step of the way. No matter how much you hate him, he’s not a stupid man.

        Maybe you should turn off Fox, speaking of lemmings.

        • Not stupid, just a liar. He has been deemed as the most lawless POTUS ever. Perhaps if he would follow our laws and would act as if he was an American instead of the Muslim communist he is?

          • It has nothing to do with the ill-timed Grover Norquist pledge to starve the government at a time when austerity was the last thing we needed to spur the economy. It had nothing to do with the fact that with the neck deep shyt we’re in, McConnell claims that Congress’ #1 job is to make sure Obama’ a one term President, hence the treasonous sabotage and record smashing use of the filibuster by a Senate minority, along with all of the disingenuous, deceptive and divisive rhetoric, duped GOP lemmings lapped up like it was Gospel. It had nothing to do with the Free Trade Agreements that exchanged jobs in our magnificent industrial sector for higher Wall Street returns, the deregulation of the Banks (Gramm, Leach, Bliley Act, 1999), the purchase of our elections (Citizens United vs. The Federal Election Committee) combined with the legions of lobbyists that flood the hallowed halls of Congress exchanging money for influence in what has become a pay-to-play Plutocracy of a nation.

            I actually heard that Heritage Foundation, or was it The CATO Institute found a 666 birth mark on Obama’s butt cheek, right next to his red spaded tail!

          • Wow, are you ever a severely duped lemming! :

            1. Who deemed him the most lawless POTUS? Fox? Limbaugh? Mark Levin? or the disgusting POS and appropriately named Michael Savage? Where’s the research that ‘deemed’ him as such? Where’s the reliable historian who deemed him as such? Where is there anything that isn’t a rwnj talking point?

            2. Tells us the corporations he has taken over and converted to publicly owned? Where is the government ownership of any formerly privately held entity? Or don’t you know what communism is, which is apparent by your ridiculous comment?

            3. 20+years in attendance in a fundamentalist black christian church makes him a Muslim? Have you seen him bowing to Mecca 5 times a day? Like your ignorance of communism, you are also ignorant of the Muslim religion.

            Nope, none of the comments you made is true and you know it (or you’re seriously dumb). You can’t come up with anything but lies to cover your butt, and you can’t even name one Obama “policy” to support your position. The only thing you hate about Obama is the color of his skin, ’cause you’ve got nothing else.

          • @pattried, True,True,and more True. They use every ‘excuse’ that can come up with to try to cover up the Truth in what you posted. For them it’s all about bigotry and hatred for the man because of his race.Now wait for it,all the howls of denial coming this way.

          • Ah jeez, another boring stupid uninformed Liberal. Yawn. Didn’t you know the ‘racist’ ruse no longer works? This is no longer the early 60’s. Apparently Obama, Holder, Sharpton and you idiots still think it is.

            As for bigoted race-baiter. You fit the bill famously.

          • Apparently, if we don’t agree with you, then we must be uninformed liberals, right? Hate to pop your bubble, but that isn’t always true!

          • @joe schmo, I have seen others try to respond to you in an intelligent back and forth but to no avail. So I won’t even try. Because it seems that you can only respond to any one who does not agree with you is with snide,rude,nasty name calling. Most 6 year old’s know better and in fact many can have an conversation with out throwing a name calling tantrum.

          • Try not to use a capital ‘T’ for “truth”… it makes you look like a delusional loon desperately trying to convince others to join you.

          • @Insinnergy, I did not know that using capitals for certain words to empathize a point make one ‘delusional’. I will make an urgent appointment with a psychiatrist ASAP.

          • You mean you can’t see the obvious?

            1) Too many Americans are uninformed and are receiving freebies from the government. They vote accordingly.

            PresidentObama knows this. Why else is he in a continuous campaign mode? He isn’t governing. Why else did he win his second term? He appealed to the uninformed and subsidized.

            All President Obama has to do is to
            distance himself from his own bad policies, redistribute the wealth to his constituents, promote crony capitalism, and pander to the uninformed, who still haven’t realized that their freedoms are being destroyed in the process.

            2) Corporate contributions:

            Oddly it Includes plenty of banks and Wall Street types.


            “Communist – Yes Folks, we have a Communist in the White House. (If not, why is he following the Communist Manifesto?)

            1. Communist agenda run the debt up to undermine the soundness of the money/capital supply (the
            fastest way to destroy an advanced capitalist country). ”

            Plenty of info in this article which I am sure you will not look at.


            3) During the week of 14-18th of January 2010, just on the eve of my winter tour to the US, Rachel picked up a Nile TV broadcast in which Egyptian
            Foreign Minister Abul Gheit said on the “Round Table Show” that he had had a one on one meeting with Obama who swore to him that he was a Moslem, the son of a Moslem father and step-son of Moslem step-father, that his half-brothers in
            Kenya were Moslems, and that he was loyal to the Moslem agenda. He asked that the Moslem world show patience. Obama promised that once he overcame some domestic American problems (Healthcare), that he would show the Moslem world
            what he would do with Israel. (more here) This is according to Israel Today here. Here is the passage
            from the May 2010 issue of “Israel Today.” It is on page 3 in an articletitled “Obama, a ‘Strategic Catastrophe,’” by Aviel Schneider: – See
            more at:

            Seriously, kicking one of our best allies, Netanyahu, out the back door of the White House. How disrespectful can you get.

            Kenndeb barely made a comment. Seems you made a mountain out of a mole hill. Who is the one that is really uninformed……?

          • 1. Yes, and most of them are in southern Republican states. 2. Our debt has gone down significantly during his administration, but I guess you haven’t read that or still believe the BS put out by Fox News. 3. Hey, my relatives are Jewish, but that doesn’t make me a Jew. I’m sure I probably have a Muslim relative somewhere out there….maybe we ALL do (heaven forbid)!!! 4. As for Netanyahu, he is a political idiot….anyone that ignores protocol and agrees to a visit to the Congress without the President’s invitation is seriously going against protocol and the Constitution!!! So, I guess we know who is REALLY uninformed because most of the crap you’re spewing is beyond ridiculous…..try fact checking your BS before you dump it!

          • Ummm…
            You know it’s the GW Bush/Cheney clown car that ran up the deficit… don’t you? Are they Communists?
            Have you not been paying any attention at all?

            You’re aware that the deficit is at the lowest since before GW / Cheney / Wall Street screwed it, right?

            You, my man, have a seriously tenuous hold on reality.

          • ‘Reality’ together with ‘Joe Schmuck’ are clear oxymorons. Joe only lives in his fantasy world of GOP doo doo.

          • First let me thank you for posting links to support your views. It does much to explain your thinking, which is skewed to say the least. It would have been nice if you had at least attempted to find and unbiased source. Too many Americans are uniformed, you are correct. So let me help out a bit:

            1. The greatest recipients of government wealth are corporations and the wealthiest among us. Tax breaks, and outright subsidies.


            2. Corporate contributions: So you’re against the Koch bros buying our next President for $1 billion? Or are you fighting Citizens United? All Presidents of the last few decades are in the pocket of the banks and big money. Who would ever get elected without the big money? Our problem is not communism, it’s corporatism.

            The argument you are putting forth is “Obama is a corporatist” because he, like every other candidate, is funded by big business. And they you argue that he’s a communist because a Registered Nurse Diane Vann, who has communism on the brain, writes a book/blog that says so. Tell us what’s in her resume that makes her a believable source of this disinformation?
            And you need to figure out why someone cannot be both a corporatist and a communist. That, my friend, is cognitive dissonance.

            Then you reference Pam Geller… Are you kidding me?

            And, by the way, Muslim, not “Moslem”. Can’t beat home schooling for producing illiteracy.

            You have not made an reference to anyone who is not a right wing lunatic. I get it, you’re a conspiracy theory fan who does not need reason to fantasize about whatever you wish to be true.

            The point remains, you have no idea what communism is. You allow anyone to tell you what you wish to hear and then you run with it.

          • By who? And where did you get your information that he’s a Muslim communist? Did you read the Faux News comic book? Give me a break…every time you post, you show your ignorance!

        • Joe and the rest of the empty head RWNJs posting here conveniently forget that it was 3 GOP presidents who actually started a practice of overusing Executive Orders to get around do nothing Congresses: Teddy Roosevelt, Taft and Coolidge all signed more than 1,000 of them.

      • And what, may I ask, has he done that “overstepped his elected duties?” IF you’re talking about executive orders, he’s signed fewer executive order than any previous president. Maybe you need a refresher course in the Constitution and what the president can and can’t do…..

  5. Really, what else can Republicans say about wealth inequality, without undermining the entireity of their stated economic overviews? Which by the way, are political, and not economic to begin with. Ans so are pure fallacy on their face. Because when one is speaking of a consumer based economy, and dismissing the fundamental importance of the financial health of the consumers themselves. There can be no effective economic policies for growth. And unsurprisingly, save for a few manufactured bubbles emanated partly out of a desperation to find acceptable returns on any investment. There has been no significant, long term, and sustained growth in the U.S, outside of the top, 1/2 of 1%, in the 40 years the Country has pursued these current Conservative philosophies. So at what point do we call these false policies, and stratagems, bunk, and move on? And come to see this economic shell game game, and intentional structural rigging, for the political contrivance it is? And realize it is based on no provable theory. But moreover, actually flies in the face of all known sound economic principles? And it does so, motivated, and incentivized not by economics, but by the politics of it. Wherein, billionaires fund elections, and beholden politicians hand them the storehouse, to keep or distribute as they individually decide. With the edict of maximized profits controlling the final decisions, of course. And, failing to find them in a deflated market, obtain them in the only remaining place left to find them. The salaries of those consumers, The consumer, the Conservative Right now demagogues, and seeks to ignore. After all what else can they do?

    • The economic treason perpetrated by moneyed interest and their lackeys in Congress (regardless of which side of the isle they occupy, it just happens to be predominantly the Red side), needs cover in the form of divisive rhetoric. If the true nature of this treason were to become common knowledge, mobs would be gathering with torches and pitch forks outside Town Halls, and Chambers of Commerce. This propaganda falsely, but brilliantly demonizes those who’ve been displaced in an economy that has for 35 years, idolized Wall Street investment gains, and sacrificed the middle class. This deception projects blame on the victim of a game rigged against them.

      • I don’t know. Evidently it has something to do with wearing bread wrappers on your shoes. Then later playing with them by putting them over the younger kid’s heads. Who then grow up to vote Republican, and put bread wrappers on their own kid’s feet. It’s all about the wrappers!

        • Actually Joe’s somewhat right, except that it’s always been the majority of the truly wealthy HONEST Americans who are in fact supporters of Democrats. If you look at the House representatives – those supporting the wealthiest counties in America are Democrats. The majority of HONEST wealthy know that Democrats by far are better at running the economy. And that Democrats are also far better at improving America’s GDP growth and even returns in the stock market.

          Sadly, it’s those somewhat less honest wealthy like the Sheldon Adelsons who run a Casino, and two Bros like the Kochs who are intentionally trying to subvert the country, and people like the Walton family who have made it clear that they will ensure they don’t pay a cent more in taxes than they can get away with by hiring an army of accountants; and even like the Mitt Romney’s who refuse to divulge their tax returns that haven’t been doctored because they’ve finagled them to ensure they pay as close to zero taxes; who are really the 1% of the wealthy that are a REAL PROBLEM to America.

          • You have done a marvelous job pointing out the fallacy, and failure of GOP economic theory writ large, in the emaciated, and Federally dependent economies of the Southern States. Where the ratio distribution between what those States contribute to the Fed, and what they receive back is as high as 4-1 in their favor. And too, the hypocrisy of their anti-Fed stances as it relates to one of their favorite bug-a-boos, the National debt. This while bragging on their own budget prowess, while tacitly supporting such radical, and ultimately seditious tactics as intentionally increasing the national debt to unsustainable levels, in order to collapse the social safety net by, “starving the beast.” This disgusting, and destructive con has been taking place for years on the Right. Driven by ideological megalomaniacs like the Koch family, and others of like ilk. Such as the late Texas billionaire/banker/ solid and nuclear waste baron/racists, Harold Simmons. Who contributed over $100 million dollars to the Koch’s political pac, “Americans for Prosperity,” in 2008. While calling candidate Barack Obama, “The most dangerous man in America.”
            I was reading an article a couple of months ago in Huff Post, that reported there were only 668 people
            in 2012, that contributed the maximum amount to any politician’s campaign, including the Presidential candidates. And far fewer contributed to any political action fund, at all. So it’s these rich ideologues that are running the show, controlling the message, and agenda. And as we see, much of the information people have traditionally used to make their decisions about which candidate to vote. So the enormous amounts of money in the process has no doubt worsened this situation. And so has the increase in ignorance of the voting public, as to what is actually going on. The GOP has been very effective in scapegoating the gov. for the injurious results of their own policies. And has been pointed out, this hasn’t happened overnight. And it hasn’t happened without a long term, ongoing deliberate, and well funded effort both in and outside of gov. to discredit what were settled, widely accepted, hard learned, fundamental truths in the public repository of knowledge. Such as gov. can, and should have a role in regulating for the safety, and well being of the public, and creating an atmosphere of wide spread economic growth. Unpinning another bedrock idea, that we will all do better, when the economy provides basic financial security for workers at all income levels. And to the great extent these few have been able to turn that around, accounts for so much of the dysfunction in the American economy, gov. and the general loss of faith in anyone being able to discern a single truth they can hold onto. And it is here, I feel these anti-American, greed freaks, have inflicted the most harm on the Country’s institutions they so disdain, and people they obviously care so little about.

          • Great post! On the subject of pouring money into political pacts, did you see the article about the Kochs having allocated an 889 million war chest for their efforts to subvert the 2016 elections?

            And it’s really a little unfortunate that the 1% are really getting so much negative press as it’s as you point out, a selected group of the top 1-5% probably who are in my mind nothing more than America’s version of the Italian Mafia that are trying to take over the running of America by the current group of nefarious politicians that are nothing more than gangsters posing as legislators.

            I came across an article in the Huff post too about the difficulties that D.C. area airports had for both of Obama’s inaugurals in trying to accommodate all the super-wealthies’ private jets coming into be their when Obama was inaugurated. The super wealthy that are willing to play the game fairly know very well which party is really on their side and does far better for their wealth. It’s those that think they have to cheat that are determined to work at changing the game as you described.

            and given how big of disasters the GOP has been to not only our economy, but also our GDP and the stock market’s performance during GOP presidencies, the only reason I can think of why these corrupt wealthy folks are backing the GOP is because of all the monies that the GOP can funnel their way by passing legislation giving them free handouts (subsidies) and no bid contracts of all kinds that allows them to defraud the government of trillions of dollars. And keep a tax code in place with loop holes that allows them to reduce their tax burden to zero or close to it, or even get refunds when they’ve made millions and even billions in income.

          • I know. The problem is that the NM is getting filled with RWNJs that have empty heads totally unwilling to accept reality.

        • The funny part is that Joni’s family lived off handouts from the government for years because they are farmers! They weren’t poor, trust me!!! But, the GOP doesn’t want you to know that about Miss Joni!!! Ridiculous!

          • Yeah! Over $450,000 in government subsidies and other hand outs. Wow!! And she has the nerve to make it look like they were really struggling.

    • Again, this is entirely OVER Joe’s head….he’ll never be able to understand what you’re saying. Tea Party Republicans have NO time to make sense or be logical!

      • Joe’s problem is he truly believes what he thinks is so. And he only listens to those those things that reenforce those beliefs. For example, like the article says, Joe doesn’t believe the 47% are trying hard enough, is most of the problem. And that’s because they are looking to the gov. to give them stuff the hated Democrats want to take from the rich, or tax the rich to pay for. Who are in Joe’s mind, working furiously just to keep their heads above water. Joe speculates, using his information, which he trusts implicitly. That with all the taxes the rich have to pay, and all the useless regulations the way too powerful gov. forces them to follow, we’re lucky anyone has a job. See, Joe believes the guy who builds the store creates the job, not the customer who buys things in the store. In Joe’s world, that guy needs a swift kick in the keister. Now, if someone informs Joe, that corporate profits are setting records, and that corporate taxes on those profits haven’t been lower in 80 years. Or, that the average family today has almost no savings, because wages have been essentially flatlined since 1973! Joe thinks, Well that can’t be true! It doesn’t make sense, given all the other stuff I know to be the gospel truth. Just all another Liberal lie to Joe. It doesn’t compute.

        • That’s what I thought….he’s got that Republican conscience, and it’s totally backwards because that’s what they want their base to think! They rule with lies and scare tactics and, unfortunately, the base eats it up. Joe is just one of the many!!!

  6. If the gotp continue gutting the regulations, the pipeline won’t even employ 35. Of course we will have lots of problems with leaks and spills.

  7. Give me a break. Poor writing too I might add. If they are struggling it wouldn’t be because Obama has made it hard for everyone.

    “Those workers are hardly moochers. They are struggling to find their way
    in a world where their skills have less value. They need help from a
    government that knows its role is to lend a hand, to steady the ladder,
    to help them find a toehold.”

    Awe, jeez….. Here we go again. France tried a 75% tax on the wealthy. Didn’t work….. They are repealing the tax. It became a burden to society and it didn’t really pay help the French cause.

    “But most Republicans can’t get over the notion that those who haven’t
    made it simply aren’t trying hard enough, that if you’re stuck on the
    economic margins, it’s your own fault. Their allegiance to the very rich
    — people like the billionaire Koch brothers — overrides any concern for
    the vast middle.”

    Why should they try when the government gives them everything…..

    • “The government gives them everything”!!!!!! What government are you talking about? The one its congress cut down their entitlements and now eyeing on repeal ACA! Is that the government you are talking about Joe? Does taking away in your sense means giving?

    • Joe loves to create fantasies in his own mind. If you don’t believe that joe – read this article that shows you who are sucking the most welfare (the biggest moochers) because they’re the biggest chunk of Romney’s 47% (people living in red states); and then also to see who are the biggest scofflaws when it comes to not paying their taxes: People like Romney:

      • Look at the demographics, moron. The two states that have the widest gap between rich and poor is NY and CaliMexico.
        California has the most poverty, and let’s not forget Detriot. 50 years of Demographic control. What a wasteland. I predict that if things don’t change in CaliMexico in 20 years, you might as well annex it to Mexico.

        “Hispanic Poverty Rate Highest In New Supplemental Census Measure.”

        “The poverty rate represents an average over the entire population and does not really tell us who is well-off and who is worse off. Blacks and Hispanics have poverty rates that greatly exceed the average. The poverty rate for all blacks and Hispanics remained near 30 percent
        during the 1980s and mid-1990s. Thereafter it began to fall. In 2000, the rate for blacks dropped to 22.1 percent and for Hispanics to 21.2 percent—the lowest rate for both groups since the United States began measuring poverty. By 2010, however, the poverty rate for both groups had risen to around 26 percent.”

        So under Reagan and Bush senior the poverty rate for both Blacks and Hispanics started to go down, however; by the time Obummer got in office the rate went back down. I rest my case.


          The wealth gaps in Blue States has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the fact that its RED STATES that ARE BY FAR the BIGGEST MOOCHERS IN THE COUNTRY!!

          AND WHY?? Because GOP legislatures and governors cut budgets and hence state services to the bone with the actual purpose of foisting a big chunk of their state’s responsibility to provide for their citizens on the Federal Government. Many Red States actually have programs that teach their citizens how to fill out the federal forms for every kind of welfare program they can foist their citizens on so the state doesn’t have to pay to keep them alive.

          So I don’t care how much disparity there is in CA between the wealthy and the rich. THE FACT IS THAT CA IS ABOUT 17TH IN THE COUNTRY with respect to the percent of its population living in poverty. WHEREAS, TEXAS IS NUMBER 6. TEXAS HAS TWICE OR MORE the number of people living in poverty as California; and ALSO WAY MORE THAN NEW YORK.

          Both California and New York suck 20 cents per tax dollar less in welfare benefits from the feds than Texas. And far less than at least 22 of the other red state.

          • Independent1: I think this is a little over Joe’s head….he’ll never be able to figure out what you’re saying, but I appreciate that you try!! And, I hae to agree with you. The southern states take more from the government than they pay in…..tells you a lot, doesn’t it?

        • Joe, you’d better check your facts, California is NOT bankrupt and not even close! We are doing quite well despite the fact that things are tight….we’re definitely NOT Detroit by ANY sense of the word!

          • Note that where Arnold was running up debts like a drunken sailor, emulating Ronald Reagan (Arnold triple CA’s debt in 8 years), Brown is actually paying down debt Arnold rang up. See this:

            LOS ANGELES — Ever since he came into office, Gov. Jerry Brown has promised to address what he has long called the state’s “wall of debt” built up over years. And now that the nation’s most populous state is looking at a multibillion-dollar surplus, Mr. Brown, in a $155 billion state budget proposal submitted on Thursday, is pledging to make good on that promise.

            While Mr. Brown called for an 8.5 percent spending increase, he also proposed spending $11 billion on debts and liabilities, including a $6 billion deferred payment to schools and roughly $4 billion to pay down economic recovery bonds issued by his predecessor, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.


          • Not only that, but Joe may well be one of the GOP’s best writers, as he’s great at creating fabrications of reality, and in trying to cloud an entire issue by trying to convince other bloggers their wrong by posting facts that don’t even relate or respond to the issue being discussed.

          • Ronnie was not only the worst president America ever had for destroying the very fabric of what America stands for, he was also the most devious person who ever sat in the oval office.

            Ronnie was so devious that when he was an actor, he conned the Screen Actors Guild (a union), into electing them as its president, until those in the Guild discovered he HATED UNIONS!!

            And he conned the Air Traffic Controllers Union folks shortly after he took office, a union which our laws say can’t strike, into believing that he would negotiate with them if they struck – and then when they did strike, he summarily fired them all.

            And how much more devious can a person be than to get into a pact with Saddam Hussein agreeing to help him in his use of chemical weapons against the Iranians during their 8 year war??

            Americans who think Ronald Reagan was a good president, or even a good person, are grossly mistaken.

            Just see this ‘short list’ of his NEFARIOUS FIRSTS!!!

            1. First to turn America into a DEBTOR nation.

            2. First to increase DEBT faster than growth of national income in eight years.

            3. First to increase DEBT faster than growth of GDP over eight years.

            4. First to double the deficit in just eight years.

            5. First to “almost”: triple the national DEBT in just eight years.

            6. First to increase SPENDING by 80%–over 8 years.

            7. First to have a popularity rating of 35% after his 1st two years in office

            8. First to have unemployment at 10.8% since big depression

            10. First to SPEND more in eight years than was spent in prior 50 years.

            11. First to have “real” INTEREST RATES of 8% after averaging 1% over 35 years.

            12. First to keep PRIME INTEREST RATES at 20%.

            13. First to over value the dollar to the Yen at rate of 262 yen to $1

            14. First to have served as Governor and increased spending by 112%

            15. First to have home loan interest rates as high as 16%

            16. First to cut taxes by 60% for his rich pals

            17. First to “deal” with terrorists.

            18. First to bust a union and then appoint union haters to run the department of labor

            19. First to set a record for the largest one day percentage decline of the Dow – 10-19-87

            20. First to have increased his wealth by over $10,000,000 from serving for 8 years as president

            21. First in having servicemen killed during peacetime (241 killed while they slept in their barracks). which was the result of a nefarious deal Ronnie had worked out with the Saudis.

            22. First in Farm Foreclosures

            23. First in Savings & Loan Failures

            24. First in percent of increase in personal bankruptcies

            25. First to have an Assistant Secretary of State indicted

            26. First to have an Assistant Secretary of Defense sent to prison

            27. First to have 100 Members of an Administration Charged with Crimes

            28. First to have more members of his administration charged with crimes than the cumulative total of all previous presidents in the 20th Century

            29. First to testify under oath 130 times “ I don’t
            Remember”17. First to have an Admiral plead the “fifth amendment”

            30. First to have an Admiral with a photographic memory testify 128 times “I don’t remember”

            31. First to honor “Nazi Storm Troopers” by calling them “innocent victims”

            32. First governor to increase personal income tax by 60%, increase taxes on cigarettes by 200% and state tax collections by 152%

            33. First president to have been divorced17. First to have an Admiral plead the “fifth amendment”

          • @dpaano, You might also suggest to joe schmo that he Google ‘California now has a surplus from revenue of at least 2 billion+ dollars’. I read about it last week.

    • Below Joe, is a pie chart which shows the income distribution in America. Take a look at how small a piece the pie, that little red square, 80% of Americans hold within which those 47% you’re trying to denigrate exist. And then just try to imagine from within the scheme of things, that it’s from within that minute pie wedge, that, you, Romney, Ryan and virtually all you RWNJs are complaining about those who don’t pay taxes because they earn so little.

      And then try to visualize that even if everyone of those within that minute wedge paid their taxes, how little, if any, effect them doing so would have on the total revenues of our country.

      And then do the opposite, and try to visualize how much the 20% of Americans are that are outside that little wedge, and the number of them that are like the Romneys and Waltons and Adelsons and Kochs in America, who do everything they can to pay as little tax as possible. And then try realize how what the enormous amount of tax revenues those scofflaws end up finagling their way of paying, WOULD ABSOLUTELY DWARF the taxes that the 47% who mostly earn so little they can’t even afford to pay taxes, are not paying.

      It quite clear Joe, that the 47% ARE NOT THE PROBLEM. it’s the 1-20% who do everything they can to short change the government by having conned legislators into passing legislation with loophole after loophole that allows them to pay little or next to nothing in taxes THAT ARE THE PROBLEM!! AND THE PEOPLE WHO SHOULD NOT HAVE A VOICE IN AMERICA’S GOVERNMENT!!!!!!


  8. Worse. When they think nobody but the base is listening, they freely discuss depriving voting rights from all non-landowners or recipients of any form of aid (more than half the U.S. population):

    The truth is that the G.O.P. isn’t just infatuated with the 1%. It also has nothing but thinly-veiled animosity to the other 99%.

    • Yes, acknowledged publicly across a wide spectrum of Americans; and not only those who are looking for and willing to believe the truth; but also those who today have their heads in the sand, and/or are only willing to believe the lies, distortions of the truth and even the total fabrications of reality they hear being spewed by GOP politicians and RWNJs like the trolls even here on the NM.

  9. Romney’s 47%: 22% of Romney’s “takers” were our elderly retired people on Social Security whose adjusted gross income is less than $25,000. 15% receive tax credits for children and are among the working poor.

    The rest ended up owing no federal income tax due to various tax expenditures such as education credits available for our working age college students (our youth). Another segment of this group includes those who take advantage of itemized deductions or reduced rates on capital gains and dividends. Most of this group are in the middle to upper income brackets. In fact, the TPC estimates there are about 7,000 families and individuals who earn $1 million a year or more and still pay no federal income tax.

    Multinational corporations who garner the lion’s share of their $10s of Billions of profits from the USA consumer market per quarter, then park this clear profit of offshore tax havens, also pay 0% to the USA government. Where’s the outrage over this?

    • It’s not the 47% of low -income, elderly and other HARD WORKING Americans who are the income tax scofflaws!! it’s the 162,000 high-income earners in the top 10% of America’s highest income earners, like Mitt Romney, who finagle their tax returns to end up to often be paying Zero Taxes that are the actual scofflaws!!

      See this excerpt from an article by dailyfinance:

      This isn’t to say that everyone who doesn’t pay taxes is struggling. About 162,000 people among the top 10% of earners have found ways to avoid paying any federal income tax. This includes approximately 3,000 people in the top 0.1%, a group that makes $2,178,886 per year or more. A large part of their low tax rate, The New York Times’ Bruce Bartlett suggested, lies in the fact that many — like Romney — derive most of their income from capital gains, which are only taxed at 15%. To further cut their liability, many are able to offset their taxes because of losses that they took in previous years. Alternately, some invest in tax-free municipal bonds or take advantage of a slew of other tax loopholes.
      For a more precise definition of those who are not having to pay taxes, the majority of them being people living below the poverty level and the elderly, see the dailyfinance article which some great graphs; And to see a list of all the taxes that the 47% actually does end up paying (and that a large portion of Romney’s 47% actually live in Red States):

      • ….and just take a gander at who they are….

        Yet today in America, the majority of rich people statistically are not Republicans but are liberal Democrats, many of them on the far left.They live in places like New York and Hollywood and San Francisco and Chicago and Silicon Valley, hardly the home turf of conservatism. Most of the richest congressional districts are represented by Democrats. Many of the richest people in the US congress are liberals.

        And the three richest men in America – Warren Buffett, Bill Gates and Larry Ellison – all are liberals.

        Surprise! Surprise:)

        • I have no clue what your point is. I’ve known all along that the Democrats are the party of the WEALTHY. If you checkout the House of Reps, the Democrats represent the majority of the counties in America where the truly wealthy live. That has absolutely nothing to do with the practice among the CONSERVATIVE WEALTHY, of doing everything they can to dodge taxes.

          You have absolutely no evidence that wealthy democrats are pulling the same tax dodging garbage as Romney, Sheldon Adelson, the Walton’s etc. (some who have actually publicly stated that they refuse to pay one cent more in taxes than they’re REQUIRED TO PAY by the tax code.)

          You don’t find any wealthy liberals donating to ALEC which goes around pushing every piece of legislation it can to screw the poor and middle class.

          Which is quite a different mindset than what most liberals have who are liberals because they recognize their responsibility to the country and their fellow countrymen, and aren’t out to ensure that Americans in are less fortunate and need help have to figure out how to survive on their own.

          Identify me ONE CONSERVATIVE who even comes close to being willing to share his or her fortune with others in the world like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet!! JUST ONE!!!

          Take a couple minutes and watch WHAT A LIBERAL BILLIONAIRE IS WILLING TO DO IN SHARING HIS FORTUNE, and I defy you to find even one wealthy Conservative who would EVEN THINK ABOUT DOING THE SAME THING.

        • Of course, Joe, those guys actually worked for their money. Without Gates in particular, you might not get to rant on this site and others, because they might not exist.

          Republican richies, on the other hand, tend to have made their money peddling poison (tobacco, alcohol, etc.), weapons or shifty financial schemes, or to have inherited it from ancestors who did those things.

      • Then we must ask ourselves why it is the Democrats that are opposed to a simpler, fairer, or flatter tax? They are always looking for ways to spend even more money, and raise more taxes. Deficit spending & pork must end. Democrats also oppose a balanced budget amendment and term-limits.

        • Because a ‘simpler, flatter tax’ is SIMPLY NOT FAIR TO ANYONE BUT THE WEALTHY!!

          A simpler flatter tax simply foists the majority of the burden of running the country on not only the people who can least afford it, but also the people who TAKE BY FAR the least advantages that the country gives them – the middleclass and poor.

          A flatter tax simply means that lower income people end up paying a FAR GREATER percentage of their income in taxes, when they in fact, BY FAR own less homes, do less traveling, run far fewer luxury items like yachts, all of which suck up far more of a country’s land and resources while at the same time creating far more pollution; read that carbon that makes global warming worse.

  10. Who really cares what a bunch of pushy, high handed, arrogant tyrants of the GOP think? They also think there’s nothing wrong with Pay to Play and sucking up to the Koch bois. They think that the government is theirs to do with as they please. So..why should any of us care what “they” think? Are “they” the last word on how we think?

    When Rip Van Romney relies on a decade old BS mantra as his campaign base, all that tells the rest of us is that he has nothing of substantiation to prove his worth to the country.

    We want leaders who are not tied to midwestern and southern cultural traditions that turn clocks back to Pre-Civil War days. If they can’t do that, they have zip to offer.

    • Whats wrong with pre- civil war days? No automatic assault rifles, no nonsensical internet No oil co wanting pipe lines and horses, lots and lots of horses. If you fell in the street without a name tag no body could find you. The best part is we could have our own slaves. I need a slave, my wife has a slave why can’t I? You would make a good slave you could cause me to have the strongest arm in the county. I could teach you how to really dance.

  11. Record
    profits for the “job creators” or should that read job cremators, highly
    favorable tax rates for the job creators so the theory of coddling them and
    allowing them to keep most of the money they make should have produced a flood
    of well paid jobs otherwise trickle down laissez faire economics was a crock
    load of excrement we were sold seeing profits are zooming take home for CEO has
    them building gilded mansions and driving million dollar cars with a fleet of
    other million dollar cars in their garages, scattered through their other
    mansions and yet wage stagnation has been going on since Reagan, with a brief
    respite under Clinton for the rest of America, the one’s that can’t afford
    lobbyists, the ones who have lost the ability to collectively negotiate wages,
    the one’s who are stuck in minimum wage jobs as the service sector booms, a
    sector that can’t be outsourced although the profits sure are into tax haven

    raising the minimum wage because the obscenely rich will cry if they miss out on
    a new mansion every year and have to make do with only one new mansion every 2
    years, a smaller fleet of million dollar cars, an upgrade to their private jet

  12. I understand quite a few city farmers still receive enormous federal stipends for nothing. Are these farmers part of Mitty Romney’s 47%?

      • How do you feel about subsidizing Exxon? How do you feel about the Koch Bros planning to buy the next Presidential election?>

        • How do you feel about having no say in the matters? How do you feel about George Soros buying the next election How do you feel about big companies getting grants and subsidies for doing special research for the general good. Research that has nothing to do with there main business. Doing this research becaus they are the only people with the facilities to do it.

          • Unlike you, I will answer the questions:
            1. I have know idea what your first question is asking or I would answe it.
            2. George Soros makes donations in excess but can’t even begin to compare with the Kochs. However, I actively oppose megadonors and would like see Citizens United reversed. I actively work against (lobby, protest, write) Citizens United. This does not belong in a free & democratic nation.
            3. If companies are getting grants to do work “for the common good”, I take no issue wth that, assuming that “the common good” is serving the community. I have no knowledge of such grants nor if these companies are in fact serving “the common good”. However, if we are going to pretend that we are capitalist country, no industry should be subsidized. Socialism for corporations (while privatizing profits) is just wrong.

            So, now will you answer my questions? Why should we subsidize healthy corporations that are able to stand alone on their profits? Yet we are unwilling to subsidize energy that is not YET profitable, that actually is earth-friendly, thay IS creating jobs, and WILL become profitable as is shown in other countries. The main reason the Kochs and others are as wealthy as they are is because of being subsidized along the way.

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