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Thursday, October 27, 2016

WASHINGTON — The contest for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination has been described as a reality show and a circus. But what’s happening inside the GOP is quite rational and easily explained.

The obvious Republican nominee was Texas Gov. Rick Perry — obvious because his government-bashing, ideology-mongering, secessionist-flirting persona was a perfect fit for a Republican primary electorate that has shifted far to the right of Ronald Reagan.

  • AnneG.Arsenault

    It is impossible to figure out how this man’s mind works. He seems to think in strange ideas without much reality. To think that the mothers of the world who are poor do not bring their children up with moral values is unbelievable. They have to do a better job than the rich because their children face such difficulties. I guess one truth about Gingrich which we must not forget is that he has little respect for women. I hope the voters have not forgotten how he has treated his wives.

  • jimackermann

    I saw the real “Circus” when “Obama Care” was shoved down my throat. A bill voted on without the time to even read it. I make very little money and the cost of my health insurance has risen. If you want health insurance, go buy it like I do.

    If it’s so good, why did congress exempt themselves from it.

    If you want to see how successful it will be, look at Medicare and the Vetrans programs.

    You set around and muse about Republican ethics while my healthcare is going down the tubes.

    If you must muse about ethics, muse about Clinton. Cigar anyone???

  • Frances Perlman

    Would make President job a farce

  • arroyowash

    Did they really think we would like Gov. Perry, a guy famous for “pay to play?” Perry and Gingrich ooze the old school of elected politicians enriching themselves, and in the case of Gingrich and Cain, personal scandals. And why is it “conservative” is now synonymous with utter lack of compassion and thievery? Mr. Cain’s arrogance was astounding. Did these “conservative” candidates not read the part of the Biblical text that says “the poor shall always be with us?”

    In 2008, voters were clear they wanted change. Unfortunately, bankers and corporate entities like Monsanto bought that president and it has been further creation of the New World Order. Perry and Gov. Bachmann are part of the New Apostolic Reformation – the mainstream press ignored this but the internet brought it out. No thanks, leave that kind of my-way-or-the-highway fundamentalism out of the White House. Why has Ron Paul performed so well? Because he can’t be bought and he would do what conservatives and most middle class Americans want – operate as an adult with same rules of right and wrong we teach our kids.

    But Paul might not be electable. So let us see more now of the one candidate in the field who seems to be presidential material, Huntsman. Let us see if he talks about the fact one in six kids is diagnosed with a mental developmental issue. Or that about one in two Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Or the criminal way in which veterans have been ignored after their return to U.S. soil. Or the growing plutocracy. Or the poor public education system. Or the failed war on drugs. Or any other issues that speak to turning around for the better American life and values.

  • doctordanny

    Could someone please tell me who the GOP has left? I have never seen such a bunch of idiots in the same party in my lifetime (61 years)!! Bachmann? Palin? Perry? Paul? Cain? Is the GOP for real? Whether they come up with anyone or not, it’s a foregone conclusion, at least in my mind, that Obama will be running uncontested. I can’t wait for the first debate between whomoever the GOP contender is and Obama. Obama will eat him alive. No matter what anyone thinks of Obama, it would be hard to argue that he’s smart, articulate, and passionate. Those attributes alone will make toast of the others. The sad thing is I don’t know any Republicans who feel good about anyone the GOP has come up with yet.

  • sdexnorva

    Congress did NOT exempt itself from the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. It has access to some 47 healthcare plans which are available to ALL government civilian employees. In effect, they did what you do – they buy health insurance and pay approximately 24% of the premium – perhaps just like you do if your employer provides that benefit. If you are on your own, things will get better if the PP&ACA stays around.

  • DianneLee

    The Republican party is not as bankrupt of sane candidates as the current crop would indicate. The polls have Obama’s approval rating at around 45%. Reading the poll more carefully, you see that 19% disapprove because he “caves” to the Republicans. That 19% is not going to vote Republican, and they are pissed enough that they are going to vote. 19+45= 64%, which is considered a landslide in an American election. The Republican strategy is to do nothing and hope that stalls the economic improvement and kills Obama’s reelection, but the American people don’t blame Obama for the inaction they see in congress. They blame the Republicans. And, Obama becomes the hero of the slow but steady economic recovery. So, that strategy is quite likely to put Obama back in the White House with the House and Senate in Democratic control.
    Given that situation,any sane Republican has decided that 2016 is a better time to run for the presidency, when they are not fighting such an uphill battle, and when they will not be dismissed as being just part of the 2012 comedy series that the Republican debates have become.

  • CHobkirk

    I have been watching what’s unfolding in the Republican debates and I think that Diane has it absolutely right… The only explanation that I can see is that the Republican party is praying that the electorate will “Buy” the idea that they should vote against President Obama because the economic recovery is anemic… I am bracing for an avalanche of negativity (see the RNC chairpersons comments on Meet the Press this past Sunday for a foretaste of what’s to come…) that will be shoveled out to the public as the election season really gets going… For me, the acid test is this–who do you want making important decisions in the White House for the next four years? For me it’s no contest… The current crop of Republican front runners fail this test miserably…

  • dawnowens

    I realize the Constitution forbids a ‘religious test’ for political office, but when are we going to realize that people who believe in fantasies borne out of the fevered and science-illiterate minds of people who lived 2000 years ago may not be able to handle the reality of modern problems? Do we really want a Michelle Bachmann praying away a slumping economy, or Romney putting on his magic underwear in hopes of catching a break during a particularly bad day with the Joint Chiefs?

    We’ve tried most of the religions for answers. How about a nice atheist president, or are the Evangelicals unwilling to rely only on rational thought processes?

  • Common Sense Patriot

    The reason the Republican base doesn’t like Romney is that he is a moderate. They like Newt Gingrich, despite his history of ethics violations, corruption, and extreme views because that same base has been taken over by right wing extremists, composed of a loose network of tea party reactionaries, religious fundamentalists, one issue voters (abortion, immigration, etc.)and people so far to the right they make Nazi’s look like liberals. This is not just my opinion. Search the internet and you will find a clear plan by those right wing activists, especially when the Tea Party was organizing for the 2010 elections, that advises like minded nuts to become precinct chairs and delegates to the county, state, and national conventions. They quite correctly state that this is the way to power. And they succeeded, at least enough so that they have significant control of the party machinery which raises money, gets out the vote, distributes literature, holds neighborhood meetings. Most importantly, they are the ones who select the candidates that will run in the primary. It works this way in both parties. I know. I was a political activists in the 70s who helped turn Texas into a solidly Republican state, wrenching control from the Democrats. I was a paid consultant and one thing I learned is that the average voter has no idea how politics really works. They complain about the candidates i the primaries and even more so when the general election comes about. They end up voting for the “lesser evil”. They feel they have done their duty by voting, but it is not enough. It’s like starting a race when the other runners have already completed the first lap. The same thing has happened in the Democratic Party, only it is controlled by left wing extremist radicals with virtually socialist agendas who despise capitalism and believe in big brother government handing out a never ending cornocopia of money to every hand that’s out to be filled with no thought about where the money comes from or that it will eventually, and nearly has, bankrupt the government. The right wing Republicans are just as bad, believing the in no government regulation, unfettered capitalistic greed, extremist religious positions (a theocracy), destroying the environment in the name of profits and easy money, and most of all, the preservation and dominance of a politically corrupt uber rich upper class that controls the country. Idiots. All of them. On both sides. Things will not change with all the talk, opinions, protests, editorials, blogs, etc. They will only change when moderates get involved at the precinct level of politics and take back control of their respective parties. McCain was a moderate, frequently “crossing the aisle” to partner with Democrats on some legislation, including liberals like Ted Kennedy. That made him hated by the Republican base. He only won the Republican nomination because he started taking more right wing stances and slavishly courted the right wing Republican base. But even after the nomination, his support was lukewarm and he knew he couldn’t get out the party machinery in the general election, so he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate, which at least gained him the support of the Republican base. But in the general election, independents and moderates blanched at the idea of Sarah Palin being one heartbeat away from the Presidency, so he lost the election. Romney is now in the same position, flip flopping previously moderate and even some liberal views to gain support from the right wing party base. No candidate can win the Republican nomination without it. But once he gets in the general election, he will face the same problems as McCain. Obama may be unpopular, even with many in his own party, but he’s an astute politician and comes across well in public appearances and debates. Many Democrats will support him because they don’t like what the Tea Party conservatives have done in Congress. But the race is about more than the President. Since radical extremists control both party’s machinery, they will also seeks to nominate candidates in line with the respective philosophies and moderates and independents will again have only a choice of the “lesser of two evils.” No matter who wins what race, they are almost sure to be an extremist right or left winger. Today, there is not a single moderate member of Congress, so we deadlock and get nothing done. Wake up, America! Wake up moderates! Wake up independents! Take back the party machinery. Get off your duffs and save the country from the clash of the extremist idiots!

  • PedroJohn

    thanks to:michaelrivero

    The Occupy movement are not “anti-Capitalist”. Indeed, they seek a return to capitalism.

    First, some definitions.

    Capitalism is a system where if you make money you keep it, and if you lose money, you are stuck with that debt for life. You, yourself; nobody obligated to help you with it.

    Socialism, or communism is where if you make money, it is taxed away from you to serve society and if you lose money, society is taxed to cover the losses.

    Fascism is a system where if you make money you keep it, but if you lose money, the losses are transferred to the society as a whole. As trillions in taxpayer bailouts to the bankers to cover the losses from the mortgage-backed securities fraud prove, the US and UK have long ago abandoned capitalism and operate as fully-formed fascist economies where financial game-players pocket billions in bonuses while the losses from their scams are paid by the general population.

    The propagandists trying to derail the occupy movement betray their cold-war roots by hurling phrases like “Commies”, and “Marxists” at us as if we were still indoctrinated by the public school system to wet ourselves upon hearing those words. But with the collapse of the USSR, that particular piece of brainwashing was dropped from the curriculum. As a result, today’s youth are not scared away from an honest and objective analysis of what the private central bankers are up to by the word “commie”, no more than they are scared away from an honest and objective analysis of what Israel is up to by the word “Anti-Semite.”

    The Occupy movement are not, as you put it, “anti-Capitalist. They are anti-Fascist, and PRO-capitalist.