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Monday, February 19, 2018

Reprinted with permission form Media Matters for America.

From the March 7 edition of Fox News’ Shepard Smith Reporting:

SHEPARD SMITH (HOST): Of course, the only way to know what this is going to cost is a system that we have used in the United States for a long time. There’s an office, as you know sir, but for our viewers, called the Congressional Budget Office, CBO. It’s the CBO’s job, as a nonpartisan group, to look at a bill that congress is trying to pass, work through it, figure out what it’s going to cost and report back. You’re pushing this through, and will vote on it in the two committees, before the Congressional Budget Office scores it. So right now we don’t know what it will cost and we do not know how many people will lose insurance, right?

REP. BUDDY CARTER (R-GA): We do not know what the CBO is going — you’re exactly right. We don’t know what they’re going to say. 

SMITH: Why not wait? 

CARTER: Well because Obamacare is failing. Just this weekend, 16 counties in Tennessee. No insurance provider whatsoever. We cannot stand idly by and just watch the healthcare system in America, the greatest system in the world, totally implode. We’ve got to step in and do the responsible thing and —

 SMITH: You can’t wait one week for the Congressional Budget Office to score this? If not, why not? 

CARTER: Well we can way till the Congressional Budget Office scores it before we vote on it on the floor. And we’re going to do that. But we can get it through the committee process because we’re confident that this is going to bring about exactly what we told the citizens and promised the citizens, that we would bring them back to a patient-centered healthcare system. 

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30 Responses to Fox’s Shep Smith Slams GOP’s Rushed Obamacare Alternative

  1. Which proves Smith is a dolt and hack. Given how this legislation will change and how the pieces approach is needed, due to Dems., there is little reason to have the legislation rated.

    Besides, the ratings are never correct anyway. Their track record amounts to nothing more than a gross estimate, bordering at times on black magic.

  2. This foolish charade by the GOP is unconvincing, lame, and just another ploy to maintain an already gaping divide between lower income and upper income segments of America, with both groups going in opposite direction from a narrower gap. Difference is that the rich are able to control their direction, and can adversely affect the poorer members of society who have little control of their direction towards further debt. Trump doesn’t know history and any other field of study, but he knows all about peonage, the art of the swindle, and is quite familiar with serfdom.

    The GOP can call this whatever they want, but their soulless soul says to keep on robbing from the poor and middles classes to fund those “poor” billionaires who are hurting. Robin Hood on cocaine, and Sherwood Forest is now Wash. DC.

    All of this idiocy stems from a bigotry that the GOP was already afflicted with, and just went into higher gear as of 2008.

  3. This “alternative” just diverts all the money to tax breaks for the top 0.1% of income earners, while fixing no actual problems at all. Even the very well off – people earning $200K to $1M – get virtually nothing, this only helps the seriously rich (who don’t need it).

    • In case you’re wondering: the average tax break for anyone earning under $200K is 0% and $0.

      • and DONNY DUMP wants to give those people a $20 tax break so he can give the ones (that really dont need it ) that make $200,000 + a tax break of $50,000 and up for the more you make the bigger your tax break

        • The leaks coming out of the Trump White House cast the president as a clueless child. pretty much rightfully so for he’s been clueless from hatching and or birth and is only getting more clueless more every day

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  4. Sounds like Buddy Carter was not properly prepped by his lords and masters. Maybe Ryan should have sent someone with an operational clue in his place. Not that I am a fan of Shep Smith (I am not), but it’s always nice to see someone from Faux developing a backbone. Too bad Murdoch’s people will order the spinal removal to keep that from happening again.

  5. It seems the GOP, who now have complete control of the government, are not even trying to sound convincing when it comes to policy or more to the point, the repeal of the ACA. All they want is to complete the handover of our democracy to the wealthy so that they can control the resource allotments to we the sheep and expendables.

    • Right now, with the ACA, there is a cap on what insurance companies can charge for medigap insurance. They are working on the bill to remove that cap.

      • Of course! This is a bill about insurance companies not making money, not really about health care for ALL of our citizens.

  6. In the first place because a republican said 16 counties, in Tennessee, are failing (abstract word needing statistics) makes it more likely that it is just one more lie.

  7. it is surprising that a fox person such as smith, would actually ask some pointed questions..most of the time they nod in agreement or ask only “cotton swabbed” questions..the “tweeks” to the aca could have been done without all of the nastiness,name calling,and lies..the republicans for the past 9 years have not been able to come up with a plan to present,so why are they now pushing this through, other than to please mr trump? the ama,aarp,national nurses and a whole lot more strong groups are fully opposed to what is being presented just to please ryan and trump,let alone having no discussion of the cost..yes, this is bs, but its serious bs and should not be laughed off or taken lightly by the American public..

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