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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Is your governor a climate change truther?

The odds may be better than you think. According to a recent analysis by the Center for American Progress, half of the nation’s Republican governors openly reject the reality of manmade climate change, despite the overwhelming scientific consensus on the issue.

The report divides America’s governors into four groups. Green governors accept climate science and are implementing policies to mitigate the threat of climate change. Orange governors either accept climate science or have not openly rejected it, but have not done anything to act on the danger that it poses. Red governors either have not taken any public stance, not implemented any proactive policies, or have publicly derided federal climate regulations. Those red governors who openly deny climate science altogether are marked with stripes.

Climate Map

There is a clear partisan divide on the issue; while 15 out of the nation’s 29 sitting Republican governors openly reject climate science, not a single Democratic governor has publicly denied the existence of climate change.

To learn more about where your governor stands on the issue, read the Center for American Progress’ full report.

H/t: EcoWatch

Photo: ma neeks via Flickr

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  • Independent1

    All the governors that have taken no action to help curb climate change, and especially those that have actively rejected climate science (and therefore deny that climate change is man made), should be required to explain the graph below to the residents of their states; a graph which shows CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere reaching stratospheric levels since 1950; CO2 levels that far exceed any concentrations that have been reached in the past 650,000 years.

  • Doc Lakes

    Man-made global-warming cannot be proved.It’s a story of science fiction. An ever-shifting mirage of illusions conjured up to exploit the sympathies of the gullible and the ignorant.

    • TZToronto


    • Mark Forsyth

      Your intelligence cannot be proved.It is a fabrication of fiction having nothing to do with science. It exists only in the wild imaginings of a fractured mind that has been perverted and polluted by willfull and deliberate ignorance.

    • johninPCFL

      Neither can the nature of light, the source of gravity, or the makeup of the electron. However, the effect these things have on our observable universe leads us to believe that they’re real.
      Similarly, CO2 buildup has an effect that can be observed (if you’ve ever been in a greenhouse you know the effect) and the content of atmospheric CO2 over a long history has been determined from ice cores and other means. The trend observed in the greenhouse predicts that the earth becomes warmer with higher concentration, and that is a testable effect.
      Over the last two decades, the earth has been observed to grow warmer. When this happens glaciers move faster, ice fields melt away, sea ice coverage grows smaller. Check and see if those effects have been observed. One would also expect to see the land grow hotter, and indeed the warmest years on record have occurred in the past decade. How about the really cold winters? Well, they accompany the hottest Australian summers on record, so even the cold winter temperatures have not stopped the increase of the average temperature.

      • Mark Forsyth

        Absolutely! The problem as I have experienced it, is the failure of the others to understand the evaporation process and to realize that the heat,while causing evaporation,does not cause the complete elimination of cold weather or snowfall. but rather promotes precipitation in all its forms.
        Prior to this past winter,the previous four had been on the mild side.During the winter of ’12/’13 we had no ice on the river to facilitate our seasonal ice fishing activities.This past winter we had to drill through as much as four feet of ice in order to fish and had several weeks on end when temps were well below freezing plus a couple of two week periods when we were as much as twenty degrees below zero.Gratefully,I had one of the best fish catches I’d had in years.It would be nice to be able to count on similar conditions next winter but those days are over.You and I and our friends on this page understand why those days are over.Sadly,the others do not or will not.

        • TZToronto

          I’d be worried if I were operating a ski resort. You just can’t count on cold weather and natural snow any more.

          • Mark Forsyth

            That’s for sure.Even the operators with snow making abilities must wait for nights when it is sufficiently cold and then pray for natural snowfall to supplement the base.

          • TZToronto

            I ski at a resort about 75 minutes north of Toronto. Not a big hill, but lots of snowmaking. Last season had an abundance of both cold weather and natural snow. They’ve been upgrading the snowmaking every year and can cover the entire resort 18″ deep in a couple of days, but they’re still at the mercy of the weather–which is at the mercy of climate change. . . . Now if we could just get rid of the snowboarders . . .

          • Mark Forsyth

            I’m not terribly far removed from you as I’m located in the Thousand Islands.Though I don’t ski,I relate to your feelings about the snowboarders,merely skateboarders on snow wrecking an otherwise peaceful experience.

    • Sand_Cat

      Well, you certainly should know about fiction: your post is its purest form.

    • Paul Bass

      Sad to say, Doc, but either you are a fool for thinking you are smarter than the vast majority of scientists, or a lying sociopath trying to convince the ignorant.
      I’m afraid neither carry much weight with this crowd.

    • ralphkr

      Using your reasoning, Doc, then the story that there is a God is in the realm of magical fantasy fiction dependent upon illusions to exploit the gullible and the weak. The theory of God has NEVER been proven

    • Independent1

      Really, would you care to explain the graph I posted above which shows that the CO2 level in our atmosphere has reached levels in the past 60 years (since 1950) that the world hadn’t seen in 650,000 years.

      Please do your best to explain how that could happen without a humungus volcanic eruption or via man-made activity. Only a total dolt would believe that mankind could pump trillions of gallons of oil and trillions of tons of coal out of the ground over the past 100 plus years while burning all that fossil fuel and in the process do nothing to the earths climate – actually instead of dolt let’s try raging imbecile.

  • Mark Forsyth

    Climate Change,Global Warming-Hmmm! Let’s have a look at some folks living in a wild environment on a daily,yearround basis.A number of these folks are featured on a weekly cable program called Life Below Zero.Each person lives in relative close proximity to the Arctic Circle with one located 197 miles north of the circle and a married couple live twenty miles south of the circle on the south bank of the Yukon River.The difficulties they are forced to endure due to global warming and climate change in their daily living is a reality that is clearly defined with those folks, and is well illustrated as they seek a variety of ways to adapt.All manner of activities such as fishing,hunting,trapping,logging and traveling any distance by dog sled,snomobile,boat,or truck must either be delayed or accomplished sooner than normal,often under dangerous conditions that they would normally have avoided under colder circumstances.
    None other than the National Geographic Society,a renowned and highly respected organization made up of countless scientists and other educated individuals,lends it’s credence and expertise to the study of global warming and climate change and join the 97% of the world’s global climate scientists who agree that the world is warming at an alarming rate that is caused by human activities.National Geographic does an exemplary job of bringing a wide variety of programming that goes to great lengths to clearly and simply display the processes playing into climate change and global warming and how those circumstances are playing out in nature and the lives of everyday people.
    As a year round resident of the Thousand Islands,Saint Lawrence River area,I can testify without reservation or intent to deceive,to the effect of climate change and global warming on my own seasonal activities.Too many people have forgotten that we humans depend upon the good graces of Nature.They have forgotten that Nature does not require humanity.They also ignore the fact that Nature is capable of conducting its own rebellion whereby it reduces surplus populations of all things that do not serve its best purposes.When these processes occur,they happen with no regard as to whether or not someone has their head buried in the sand.

    • Sand_Cat

      But can’t you see? It’s all them eleetist eggheads pushing their fancy-pants “science” on us folks what knows better.
      Wake up and smell the conspeerasee before they come fer yer guns!

      • Mark Forsyth

        Great post Sandy.I am chuckling but it really isn’t very funny when one does indeed “SEE” that there are those who employ the,(dare I say reasoning or thinking) that you so aptly describe.

      • Jane Smith

        Obamas Fault.. Benghazi!! Arrrrrgh! lol

    • johninPCFL

      The issues are masked by the presence of water. Ice absorbs a huge amount of energy converting to liquid, but the temperature of the ice doesn’t change until it’s all melted. That means that a +1C change in the arctic temperature has been preceded by the melting of an enormous amount of ice.
      Similarly, evaporating water carries with it a tremendous amount of energy. That’s why we use steam as the energy transfer medium in power plants. If the open ocean absorbs more energy because of less sea ice (lower albedo), either the water temperature goes up, or more water evaporates, or both. Water vapor this carries energy with it (in the form of its the latent heat of vaporization), and this energy fuels storms. More water vapor in the atmosphere means more violent storms.

      Additionally, water vapor is a much more effective “greenhouse” gas than CO2, so increasing the temperature and evaporating more water creates the conditions where even higher temperatures result.

      • TZToronto

        What you say borders on witchcraft–in the minds of the deniers. A lack of understanding of albedo reflects poorly on the under-educated.

  • terry b

    Ignorance is how many republican candidates are able to win elections. In this case it is sheer stupidity. The evidence of climate change is so massive that only a complete moron could not see the truth. We all know that many republican governors are considered borderline sociopaths when it comes to social issues but on an issue like this less than half of them of deniers of the reality of climate change.

  • jointerjohn

    It isn’t easy to embrace science, history, and evidence while being an electable republican these days. That party’s pandering to the religious right has placed them in a bind when it comes to rational positions. Just how can they be intellectually honest about this subject when so many of their supporters believe Jesus is about to swoop down out of the sky any day now and take them away to some supernatural, celestial Sandals Resort? How can they use geological evidence with followers who believe the earth is only 6,000 years old. It would be like discussing algebra with my dog.

  • Allan Richardson

    I wasn’t surprised to see what color my current state of residence, and my birth state, are: both red striped. The problem with Florida is that it is a purple state, but the blue vote only comes out in Presidential election years, not in the off years when we elect a Governor. The current governor there, a crook who bought the office with his money during the Tea Party craze, is being opposed by a decent man who had the sense to change ideology and party when he saw what was happening.

    Georgia, on the other hand, has had a conflict between the enlightenment center of Atlanta and the rest of the state for many years. This may finally be “the year we turn the lights back on in Georgia.”

    • Independent1

      Let’s hope so. The folks in Georgia need a change.