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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Heroes Of The Previous Administration Follow The News

Heroes Of The Previous Administration Follow The News
  • Allan Richardson

    Bush is the one holding the bag of pretzels, remember?

  • Justin Napolitano

    Gee, we have a President that thinks about what to do before doing it. What the hell kind of President do we have? I mean shouldn’t he have said to Assad “bring it on” like President Bush. Maybe The President should bomb the Bahama’s to punish Assad for using poison gas. Didn’t Bush go after Iraq knowing that Al Qaeda was being protected in Afghanistan? OK, not the Bahama’s, Americans like to go there so how about Iceland?

    • Elisabeth Gordon

      Justin – strangely, there are those who voted for President Obama who are disappointed that he hasn’t “struck” the Assad regime…I find it encouraging that for ONCE we have a thoughtful President that doesn’t fly off the handle at every provocation…Can you even imagine where we’d be had Romney and that freak Ryan been elected…? I shudder to think.