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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

For weeks, Republicans have been trying to turn the 9/11 attack on the American embassy in Benghazi into a scandal. They’ve claimed the president refused to acknowledge that the attack that killed Ambassador Chris Stevens and three others was terrorism, though he called it an “act of terror” the day after the tragedy. They’ve accused the White House of rejecting calls for more security that came from the embassy in Tripoli.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has stepped into the fray to clarify the situation.

“I take responsibility,” she told CNN. “I’m in charge of the State Department’s 60,000-plus people all over the world (at) 275 posts. The president and the vice president wouldn’t be knowledgeable about specific decisions that are made by security professionals. They’re the ones who weigh all of the threats and the risks and the needs and make a considered decision.”

This clear statement of chain of command has activated Republicans’ Clinton hysteria to a level that hasn’t been seen in years. They’ve said she was falling on her sword and taking a grenade for the president, who defeated her in the 2008 Democratic presidential primary.

The Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin, who often blurs the line between blogger and campaign spokesperson, responded offensively. She tweeted, “First Bill humiliates her and now Obama does.. Hillary no feminist, more like doormat.”

When Obama advisor David Axelrod tweeted, “Sick. Mitt mouthpiece jumps shark,” Rubin responded: “So is Obama going to hide behind her skirt Tuesday night? Why would the president let Hillary end her career in disgrace?”

Apparently taking responsibility for something that is actually your responsibility is a “disgrace” to Republicans.

Evidence suggests that the Bush administration ignored several warnings leading up the 9/11 attacks and the only administration official who ever took responsibility and apologized for not preventing them was Richard Clarke, a holdover from the Clinton administration.

Rudy Giuliani said that Republicans “should be exploiting” this tragedy to make a case against President Obama. Now that this plan is failing, they’ve returned to the same old sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton.

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  • nobsartist

    republiCONs are afraid of girls. thats why they hide behind grover and filibusters. republiCONs are solely responsible for stripping 300 million from the budget to provide security for embassies. ryan is responsible. i would not put it past the nazi punk and his group of traitors to have notified terrorists that security had been cut to the minimum.

    • They didn’t have to. Inexperienced ambassadors tweet their destinations and itinerary if you don’t watch them like hawks.

    • I Be So If You Notice They Come Here And Attack Me Very Often!! They Very Seldom Attack The Men Here!! They Are Chicken Shit Thugs!!

  • nancywang

    These repugs are so twisted. Their poison foments same in like-minded people. Too bad this country has so many hateful people. How could this have happened?

    I’d sure love a sample of their DNA or brain scans to see what’s lighting up and what isn’t. Obviously compassion chemical oxytocin is missing.

    • SaneJane

      Also look for whatever might make a person more susceptible to brainwashing and fear.

      • nancywang

        Oh yes! That too. But that one is probably due to a very authoritarian father figure, don’t you think? And as a result, what chemical is missing… what part of the brain is suppressed…

  • bcarreiro

    tell the friggin republicans that life is priceless…………………….go and fight the war instead of creating one in the first place. we the people have had enough of the idiots in congress and the whole damn tea party who sit back and take taxpayer monies to formulate attacks on our own. get a real job being a detective first then maybe you can keep it real ………like hillary who is on the peoples side all over the friggin world and is diligant in doing so. why do you make us americans look bad for the price of a presidency. one day the sons of anarchy will be at your door. dont cry then just hold on tight cause it all coming “OUR” way. do you know what having a brother on the ground means. would you volunteer? know your role!!!!!!



    Appears that the American Taliban Republicans will grasp at virtually anything to scare up a point or two of approval, despite the fact that these issues are the figments of their own imaginations.

    Voters must realize that this is an all or nothing election for the old, old GOP. They blow this one after spending all that money and you can start digging the hole in which to bury them.

    REST IN PEACE, GOP. Yuk, Yuk….

    • hilandar1000

      You are so right ExPavic. The republicans of today are a definite throw-back to the old John Birch Society — who labeled almost everybody as Communists — even Eisenhower. They caused a lot of problems for the country until the Republican Party realized their disastrous effect and threw them out. It is my hope that there are enough somewhat courageous and sane republicans today who will recognize this repeat of history and throw out this extremist faction of their party again. From my point of view, this contemporary group of neo-conservatives is even worse than the John Birchers were.

      • SaneJane

        If there are courageous and sane Republicans they are certainly not the ones we are watching in the debates.

  • curious11

    Guess Hillary is demonstrating she still has a pair… Whereas Obama… Don’t think he ever had them… Or lost them a long time ago. Little wonder Obama is a lifetime member of Mans Country!

  • Hillary is tough and smart. And she took responsibility for a mistake when the entire Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld cabal never did for their egregious errors in Iraq and Afghanistan. Bravo, Hillary. It’s nice to have adults in government.

    • Mari Johnson

      Thanks for your comment. I am a Republicans and I was often ashamed of our leaders during those long Bush Cheney years. I always felt like Cheney was a disgusting VP who actually often led the administration, particularly the lies that got us in to those two off budget wars.

      • I agree with you. Dick Cheney was the most disgusting VP that I can remember.
        Yes, Pres. Bush took too much advice from him and people disliked Bush for the
        bad decisions he made because of Cheney.

        • Obama Was Alive And He Kicked Romney Butt Last Night!! He Nailed Him On The Lies And He Told On Him About The 47% Romney Threw Under The Bus!!!

        • jjrjon

          I just wonder how many more hearts will Dick Cheney receive.

      • It’s okay to be a ___________, as long as reality and reason guide your decisions and loyalty.

        I fear the ideologues and mercenaries have hijacked your party’s leadership.

        I wish us all luck rooting it all out.

      • jjrjon

        Mari Johnson I thank you for your honesty. I too am disappointed (be it Demo or GOP) and I refuse to register with either party. I would rather be considered an Independent. I’m really sickened by the way American Politics has evolved in recent years. It’s as if our vote is not worth the paper it’s written on. Especially when the Super Rich (Super Pac’s and Dark Money Groups) peddle their influence, spend their millions in an effort to get their agendas forced down our throats. As each election year goes by our Politicians add additional laws or enhancements to their entitlements that benefits themselves and not the public interest. They are more interested in staying in office than the issues at hand. Real political reform is needed and must take place otherwise our sorry political system will continue to make our so called politicians wealthier. It’s our money they are squandering.

    • That’s Cause She A Smart Strong Woman And She Is A Very Responsible Woman!! But The GOP/Tea Party Seem To Want To Stop Women From Being Equal To Men!! OBAMA WON HANDS DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!! OBAMA CAME BACK LIVE AND KICKING HE SERVE ROMNEY LYING BUTT BACK TO HIM ON A SILVER PLATTER!!!!! OBAMA/BIDEN 2012

  • HILLARY CLINTON SHOULD BE OUR PRESIDENT!! As it turns out in my mind, SHE is the smartest, hardest working public servant of ALL!! Maybe we will see her on the ballot in 2016!! In thge meantime, all we can do is pray for our country and hope God fixes things that the Democrats and Republicans can’t !! We elected them to do a job that they can’t get done, America is going to heck in a handbasket and it is all because of them tripping over their PARTY !! We need to remember them all at the POLLS and give them their walking papers and pink slip!! We could cut back to half of the knuckleheads, remedy some of the deficit and save our country. GET RID OF ALL THE SILVER SPOON FED AND PUT SOME MIDDLE CLASS BRAINS AND BACKS TO WORK!! Those people in D.C. have never had to work hard with their backs so pretty clueless how the time clock works!!

  • I used to at least respect the opposition point of view. Now they just make me sick, and
    very sad. Any Republicans jumping on this bandwaggon should be ashamed of themselves.
    Since they avoid responsibility for the mess that Bush led us into, easy to believe they don’t understand what it means to stand up with honor. Sad, sad, sad.

  • bcarreiro


  • nobsartist

    republiCONs are “pro-life” and PRO DEATH at the same time. They knew this would happen if they took 300 million out of the embassy security budget. who is in charge of budgets?


    this is just part of their plan like making sure the economy didnt recover is. They will kill people and make lives miserable just for their own self serving interests.

    these people need to be tarred and feathered.

    • TZToronto

      Tarring and feathering . . . Hmmm . . . That might actually do the job of convincing politicians that actually working for the people instead of their party and themselves is a good idea after all.

      • nobsartist

        it is illegal to threaten people.

        we all know what it means to “tar and feather”.

        • TZToronto

          My point was not to threaten anyone, only to suggest that something drastic needs to be done to encourage politicians to stop thinking of themselves and to start thinking about their constituents. “Tar and feather” was meant only to identify a rather crude way of convincing politicians of the seriousness of their offices. Heck, even Homer Simpson got tarred and feathered in one episode. . . . And I wasn’t the one who first suggested tarring and feathering here. It was nobsartist.

  • In my opinion…Hillary Clinton is a REAL woman…she has made her mark in this Country in many ways…she raised a lovely daughter who is now a lovely young married woman with a good reputation and who can make her own way. When all scoffers fed into her marriage vows with all types of criticism…she stayed the course and decided to stay in her marriage. When she was NOT elected president of the United States of America(USA)…she showed her sincerity and desire to serve the USA, and bravely accepted the position of Secretary of State…to work for the man who defeated her. You see, she was not vying for the presidency just to heap status upon herself or for a job…but because she honestly cares about the American people. She cares about this Country. I find it so sad that the more some of us have… more we want andwill do anything to get it. SIMPLY PUT…GREED. We must keep in mind that everything on this earth is going to fade…including us.

  • ChristoD

    Another reason to vote for Obama. He selects QUALITY people who ‘belly up to the bar’ when there is a problem within their area of responsibility. The Republicans NEVER take or took responsibility for ANYTHING where a problem occured starting with Dubya. Ole Karl Rove taught them to deny, deny, deny and then BLAME THE DEMOCRATS ! Their hypocracy knows no bounds.

    • latebloomingrandma

      Romney says he will never apologize. So–what would his story be if this happened on his watch?

      • metrognome3830

        Well, we know he would never apologize.

  • ChristoD

    Hey curious11, my guess is you don’t have a clue as to what a ‘pair’ is. Your juvenile reaction is hilarious. Nice try but, you missed the mark. I suspect that is getting to be a habit with you.

  • latebloomingrandma

    For all those Republicans who think this will end Hillary’s career, guess again. This was the act of a stateswoman. Someone who is in charge of a major gov’t department IS responsible for what goes down and she stepped up. Everything does not get to the President’s desk. That’s why you delegate to strong people in your administration.

  • concernedgran

    Does anyone care what one of the biggest cheaters in America has to say. Rudy you have cheated on what now, 2 or 3 wives. You have no credibility as far as I’m concerned. A man who would cheat on his wife and children is not a man and not worth listening to. Apparently a lot of your own party agreed when you were running for the GOP nominee with your plastic wife by your side.

  • NOVEMBER 6 – PLEASE can you come QUICKYLY OBAMA – BIDEN 2012. I HATE THE HATE = gop/teaparty!

  • That is what Republicans do best: misrepresenting, misrepresenting, misrepresenting and the worst cases is that their uninformed base believes and repeats their lies. As to Rubin, she is just a recalcitrant Republican who does know anything other than badmouthing people. On the other hand, Mrs. Clinton shall add that the Republicans cut funds for embassies around the world for a total of 328 million and that reduction has compromised security in our embassies. Check the budget passed by the Republicans: in 2011 they cut 100 million for the embassies and for 2012 they cut 228 million. Republicans have Zero moral authority to critize the present situation. Additionally, what was Ambassador Chris Stevens doing in Benghazi, 450 miles away from Tripoli, without his security detail knowing that it was 9/11, Mr. Stevens shall have stayed in Tripoli instead of wandering in Benghazi without his security detail. The embassy in tripoli is and was a more secured facility to spend 9/11. Mr. Stevens was reckles in going to Benghazi on 9/11 without his security detail and that is not the fault of Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Obama. Lets be fair to the Obama administration who even in a bad economy and Republican opposition, has been able to reduce the national debt for about 200 billion dollars; has created 5.2 million jobs in less than four years as oppossed to Bush 43 who could not even create 2 million jobs in 8 years; stock market was at about 6,500 points when Obama took the Presidency and now is at about 13,500 points; Unemployment was at more than 10% when Obama took over and now is 7.8% and going down in next report. Lets be fair to Obama, he has done an outstanding job considering the economic situation he inherited. I am not gonna ask you to vote for Obama, but I will ask you to be fair to Obama, to listen to reason, to do your own research, and then decide which candidate will take us in the right direction. If you are unemployed, you need to know that the Democratas have run this country 24 years and created 42 million jobs; the Republicans have run this country 28 years and created 24 million jobs. If you are rich and an investor: Investments grow up during Democratic Administrations and go down during Republican Administrations, etc. The bottom line is: rich and poor benefit from Democratic Administrations. Mitt Romney says he will create jobs, ask people in the Sensata Plant in Illinois where Romney-Bain Capital owns about 8 millions shares. Sensata is being closed and its jobs being shipped to China though Sensata had records profits last year. Romney says he is gonna be tough on China. I believe he is gonna bet tough on China and shipping Sensata jobs to China clearly shows it. Romney says he believes in America, but his money is in the Cayman Islands, and other countries abroad. The decision is yours….May God Bless America.

  • S-3

    Heroism… In a small way. But will it matter in the end?

  • deewhy1939

    I do not understand why so many citizens did not understand that the State Department is the one responsible for the security of the Embassies and other oversea offices. Hillary did the right thing taking responsibility. Why haven’t the Republicans taken responsibility for cutting the State Departments budget allowance?

  • Maybe Hilary is becoming the only true statesman we have had for many years.

  • The more interest Question is why do we have to have 65k employess for State all over the World which has actual a low number compare to thoses nutcases in the Bush2 who started these TRILLIONS of Dollars Wars in thse muslum countries which is now spread across the World!

  • Canistercook

    If I was a family member of one of the victims I would call it a scandal and wonder why there seemed to be a cover up! Wonder who will own up to being responsible if Iran drops an A-bomb somewhere?

  • Pat

    Leave it to the hipcrites known has the republicans. I have never seen such uglyness re the republicans. I would not vote for a republican if he/she was running for trash collector as they are trash.

  • markmckennon

    Hillary cannot engage in politics. Is that constitutional, part of her brief, tradition, accepted wisdom, all of the above, or other? Nonetheless, she should make a simple, direct, true statement: Gov. Romney and Rep. Ryan: “You don’t know what you are talking about!”

    The game of the Republican’ts is plain as crystal. It astonishes me, and disgusts me, and infuriates me, that roughly half of the electorate is falling for his seduction. Romney has no foreign policy experience, no military experience, has held no public office other than one term as a governor, and before he was even close to the Oval Office, he managed to insult the Russians, the Brits, the Chinese, and the Palestinians — and we’re supposed to logically and automatically conclude he’s an expert on foreign policy and the security thereof? Well, we know he’s not; the hands of the neo-cons (you know, those people with the bright idea of the hostile takeover of Iraq) are yanking his tongue. So not only is he insulting, they’re not exclusively his own insults.

  • So porud of Hillary. Too bad the repugnicans can’t handle a woman in any type of power, and their plan is to disenfranchise women completely. Romney’s so called health plan would NOT protect women in any way. Romney/Ryan want to tell all women how to live their lives, and also invade their bodies. I guess it’s a sexist thing with them, wanting to rape every woman they see. I’m sorry for their sickness, but it’s no excuse.

    • lana ward

      Since Hillary is claiming responsibility, why didn’t she a month ago? When a woman is pregnant, it’s not just her body anymore. What about the rights of the baby

      • nobsartist

        lana you are an idiot. the only baby here is you.

        • lana ward

          Why didn’t Hillary claim responsibility for Benghazi a month ago?

          • lana ward

            What about an unborn babie’s rights?

  • bonnetteblj

    Way to go Hilary….it is common sense that the President and V.P. do not have daily control of state department embassies all over the world. The U.S. government is a complex organization with departments which handle day to day operations. The Bush Admin. never did acknowledge that they had first hand documentation stating that Al Queda was preparing to strike in the U.S. Only Richard Clark stated this on his own. It is good to see honesty in the U.S. government.

  • kbcab

    screw all of them…

    • nobsartist

      why dont you move?

  • lana ward

    Obama never takes the blame for anything. but is out in a hot second when it’s time for credit. The coddled, spoiled, little bitch President

    • nobsartist

      you mean like willard the rat and his punk nazi friend?

  • marciano3rd

    Gutsy Lady! The Republicans, instead of rallying the country behind common enemies, are even dividing the nation. Are these the persons you want to run the country?

  • Thank God somebody in Washington has the “balls” to take responsibility for a mistake. My hat is
    off to Hillary for telling us it ws her fault. No one can be correct all of the time. Maybe some of the men in government should follow her example.

    • nobsartist

      like ryan?

  • peteserb

    It’s fitting that Hilary take the blame for the Libya disaster. Now if only Obama could step up like a man, and take responsibility for his last four years.

    • nobsartist

      are you sure your name isnt really petecroatian? What is it that you want to blame President Obama for over the last 4 years?

      Why dont you direct your anger at the idiots that caused this to begin with?

      willard and his cronies.

      By the way, my name is pete and I am a serb. you sound like a croatian.

  • nurselaidoff

    Hillary Clinton didn’t throw herself on the sword. She just took the responsibility that she already owned. Good for her for finally stepping up to the plate. No one else has. I think it takes a lot of courage in the wake of all the controversy…..I will vote for her in 2016 if she runs.
    The problem is that she only answered one part of the issue, which was the lack of security in Benghazi.
    This was no budget issue. Testifying under oath, Charlene Lamb (deputy secretary of state) was directly asked if there was any budget constraint that led to a lack of security. Her answer was “no sir”. Charlene Lamb also reported in a message to the Democrats on the House Oversight committee, that they wanted to keep the security level artificially low”. This is due to a policy constraint, not a budget constraint. There was also 2.2 billion dollar discretionary fund which could have been used to beef up security.
    The state department also has a cultural exchange program that has a multimillion dollar budget. Under Obama’s reign, this budget has increased by 40%. I actually agree with that budget increase as I can see where it can have a great effect on exposing different cultures to the arts. However, it is clear that the State Department is not hurting for money. The other issue that hasn’t been brought up is that the Republican budget actually increased spending on the State department, but the increase was lower than what Obama wanted. Plus there was 2 more democrats that voted on that bill than Republicans. However, that is splitting hairs.
    The real issue is why did Obama continue to say that the the attack was due to a video days after the event occurred? With in 24 hours the Libyan president stated that there was no demonstration, that it was a looked like a planned attack by heavily armed and well trained men.
    And why was Susan Rice sent out to 5 TV stations 5 days after the attack, and give a canned report on how the attack was due to demonstrations against a video.
    You can’t tell me that an event as important as this (first US ambassador to be killed since the Carter administration) the president wasn’t well briefed? And why did Obama continue on the campaign trail and fly to Las Vegas the day after the Benghazi event. One thing that has been broached is that Obama is skipping 60% of the intelligence briefs and reading them instead. So it is possible that he wasn’t doing his job well and didn’t read any of the briefs that dealt with the previous attack on the Benghazi consulate.
    Members of the state department were on the phone and hearing a live count of what was happening at the consulate. The state department and the media knew within 24 hours that this was a terrorist attack and not related to the video. The Al Qaeda flag that was hung by the terrorists should have been a dead give away.
    Obama has to answer these questions appropriately and not dodge the question. There are only three possibilities that I see here. Either Obama is very incompetent in his job as our commander in chief, or campaigning has become more important to him than the inconvenient timing of the terror attack that killed our ambassador and 3 others or Obama is trying to cover up the failure of his foreign policy in the middle east. One more legitimate question. What is Obama’s foreign policy for that area.

    • nobsartist

      people “misspeak” under oath all the time. Did you make this big of a deal out of the Iran/Contra affair?

      How about the lack of a 9/11 investigation or either of the two wars we were lied into?

      I didnt read any of your complaints after gas prices went from $1.00 per gallon to $4.00 per gallon under bush either.

      Whats up with that?

  • barneybolt12

    If Romney is elected our next POTUS I wonder which country will throw the first pair of shoes at him?

  • If Republicans know so much about Foreign Affairs and National Security, HOW IN THE HECK DID OUR TWIN TOWERS GET BOMBED IN OUR SOIL UNDER THEIR GOVERNMENT? Did they forgot so soon that their leader Bush claimed he didn’t get the memo. That was a BIG memo, how could you miss it? Now you are accusing Obama of not knowing the embassy was going to be bombed? You are judging Obama under the assumption that because Bush knew and did nothing, Obama is doing the same. Republicans are so out of touch from reality.

    • nurselaidoff

      I am not a Republican but I can see you are missing the point entirely. BTW, Clinton had a chance of capturing Bin Ladin, but didn’t take it. So the blame goes way back.
      Question one: Did Obama’s middle east policy (normalization) leave our ambassador with minimal security on the anniversary date of 9/11?
      Question two: did the Obama administration attempt a cover up of the reason of the attack to protect the reputation of his middle east policy during a very tight presidential race.
      Why was Susan Rice sent out 5 days after the attack to spread the word that the attack was due to a demonstration over a anti muslim movie. At that time, the news media had already been reporting it as a terror attack. It took several weeks for Obama to admit that it was a terrorist attack, despite the over whelming evidence.

      • metrognome3830

        You replied to Dredycal, but you didn’t answer his question. Why? If GW’s administration had been on the ball, 9/11 may well never have happened. BTW, Obama called it a terrorist attack the next day. Why his administration continued to try and obfuscate, I don’t know. Where does Bill Clinton fit into the discussion? Interesting that you can atttempt to blame Clinton for Bin Laden but exonerate the Bush administration. You claim not to be a Republican but you sure could fool a lot of people.

  • I am so tired of the Republicans and their constant fault finding of anything the Democrats do while they sit on their collective rears and accomplish nothing.

  • It’s refreshing to see a responsible adult in our leadership, someone able to step up and take ownereship.

  • jjrjon

    Regardless of who takes responsibility it won’t help the four dead Americans. I disagree with all aspects of American troops being stationed in these third world mud holes. The Bush Administration placed our soldiers in these mud holes on the pretence of a lie. There is no direct threat to America from these Stone Age Idiots. The American soldier is the one with the target on his back. He is the one threatened not the American people. You teach the Afghans self defense they smile at you, thank you, then shoot you in the back. America cannot change people if they don’t want change. Afghanistan is so corrupt, so backward, so many different factions the Americans really don’t know who their dealing with. These Bush induced conflicts are the bread and butter of a select few Super Rich and/or Corporations who benefit from undeclared Wars.

  • This one of the main reasons that she just might run and win in the next Presidental race in
    She took the high road. To tell the truth. She took complete responsibility when she could
    have easily sat back and let the President take the heat for her mistake.
    She has recieved for too much bad press by people who were born to scribble nonsense.
    Just because they don’t like her or President Clinton.
    Most of the people you don’t like or hate don’t know.
    The ones who do don’t care.
    That was a gut check time. She passed the muster in a spectacular fashion.
    Not only has she the guts to do the job. Hillary also has the balls to handle the heat
    and stay in the kitchen to put out the fire all by herself thank you very much.
    I’ll be 60 on January 5, 2013.
    When Hillary steps down from her post as Secretary of State of the United States of
    America. I believe that in the furure history will treat her quite well.
    Hillary Stood there for all to see.
    She did not run.
    She could have run but she stayed to ride it out.
    Her truth won the day.
    Did you watch how tall and upright she stood while she handled the Press
    ” Hillary Rodham Clinton for President-2016 ”
    I think that will do just nicely for right now.
    You go girl.
    You go get’m.

  • Taking responsibility for their actions is the biggest issue I have with the Republicans.
    1. From Mr. Bush: He would still have gone to war knowing what he knew long after the Iraq disgrace came to light. Instead of admitting that a mistake was made.
    2. From Mr Cheney: Torturing still works. It’s how we have received pertinent information from terrorists. Even though they were fully aware that torture didn’t work (McCain), and the information they received were received were rendered useless.
    3. From Mr Cheney: The current administration was successful in getting rid of Osama due to intelligence received from them. Why didn’t they acted on those intelligence themselves.
    4. From Condi Rice.: The country is less safe and will continue to be less safe on Obama’s watch: Who got rid of Obama and did she even recognized that fact? Did she forgot that when she was Secretary of State Osama was alive and living well, that the only person they brought down was one who had nothing to do with 911. That they had intelligence from the out-going administration and did nothing with it.

  • Washington Post Jennifer Rubin is a paid mouthpiece whore for the RAT PARTY.

    Hillary Clinton has more honor and class then Rubin will ever garner throughout
    her whole dismal career.

    I’ll take Hillary anyday of the week, Rubin.

    Now that you have taken that ignorant side-swipe at Hillary that will
    backfire on you in the future. You can now go back to your minders
    and put on your knee pads that were left behind by Conny for
    these ocassions.
    Just like she used to do for Jr. when he was Govenor of Texas.
    Conny was really good at polishing the funiture. Bob slobbin on
    Jr’s little knob.
    Why do you think that she was refered to as Jr’s ” Girl Friday? ”


  • As for Dick Chenny. He should already be in a real prison with Rove in an ajoining cell.

  • Melvin Chatman

    HILLARY – 2016, SISSYS!!

  • AB

    I do not buy Hiliary taking responsibility for the incident in Iraq. Obama was advised right away. He stated he knows what is happening at all times. Hilliary is only taking responsibility because it is an election year trying to save Obama’s a–. But his Rose Garden comment and the debate he confessed he did not move right away, and he would not talk about it at the debate, he stood quiet or yelling at Romney to say it one more time.

    So Hiliary you are off the hook. You are dicated to take the fall for Obama, but we all know better, you are smarter that that, its kinda funny though, if it were the other way around, he would not have taken the blame for you.

    Instead he is hiding behind your skirt. Disgusting, politics over the truth, nice Mr. Obama.

  • Aw, the tpee-ers feelings are hurt. F’ing hypocrites.

  • Admitting what happened in Benghazi Libya was acceptable and taking an accountability for the dead four Americans including the ambassador was value of democracy and educational for all over the world as a transparency.

  • Taking an accountability gives you an appreciation in myself !