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Thursday, March 21, 2019

The House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution that would fund the government at sequester levels for 11 weeks and defund the Affordable Care Act, in a near-party-line vote on Friday morning. The resolution passed 230-189; Republican Scott Rigell (R-VA) voted with the Democrats, while Democrats Jim Matheson (D-UT) and Mike McIntyre (D-NC) voted in favor of the measure.

The bill will now proceed to the Senate, where the Democratic majority is certain to strip the anti-Obamacare language from the resolution and send it back to the House.

“Any bill that defunds Obamacare is dead. Dead. It’s a waste of time,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has said. By the time the Senate sends a “clean” CR back to the House, there will be less than a week to go until a government shutdown. Shortly thereafter, Congress will have to come to an agreement to raise the debt ceiling, or face a crippling financial crisis.

On the House floor, Republicans insisted that their latest stand against Obamacare — the 42nd attempt to repeal or defund the law — is an important symbolic gesture.

“Let’s defund this law now and protect the American people from the economic calamity Obamacare will create,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) declared.

“For this entire Congress, the House has led on restoring faith in our economy and trust in our government,” Cantor continued. “We should pass this continuing resolution so the Senate can finally begin to do the same.”

Indeed, the politically charged debate over the continuing resolution has exposed deep divisions between House Republicans and their colleagues in the Senate. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), by far the most vocal proponent of a vote to defund Obamacare, has recently come under fire for admitting that he does not have enough votes to pass such a measure in the Senate.

Representative Peter King (R-NY) — who has repeatedly warned that a government shutdown would be a political disaster for the GOP — knocked the freshman Republican before the vote, saying “Hopefully it will be a major step in letting people know that Ted Cruz is a fraud.”

Democrats charged that the obviously hopeless attempt to defund the law is little more than political grandstanding, and almost certain to lead to a government shutdown.

In a heated speech on the floor, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) blasted the Republican budget plan as “a wolf in wolf’s clothing,” and said it is “designed to shut down government. It could have no other intent.”

Pelosi went on to rip the deep cuts to research investments and health programs for children and the elderly cauesd by the sequester. “Either you don’t know what you’re doing,” Pelosi told her Republican colleagues, “or this is one of the most intentional acts of brutality that you have cooked up, with stiff competition for that honor.”

Representative Eric Swalwell (D-CA) was even more blunt, saying “I invite my colleagues wake up from this radical, ideological wet dream.”

If Congress is unable to come to a budget agreement in the next 10 days, then the government would shut down on October 1. A shutdown would cause about one-third of the federal workforce to be furloughed, and halt “non-essential” government operations. In practice, this could mean severe delays and service cuts for Social Security and Medicare beneficiaries, among many others who rely on the federal government. Overall, the effect on the economy could be calamitous.

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55 responses to “House Votes To Fund Government At Sequester Levels, Defund Obamacare”

  1. Bill Boltz says:

    What do they care (the GOP)? They don’t represent the working people in their district, they represent their embarrassingly rich donors of their campaign chest.
    Business as usual in congress. These guys are bit more radical then their predecessors, but even if they lose the next election their pockets are deep and they’ll survive as lobbyists for the next generation of idiots.

  2. jnsgraphic says:

    Let Boehner SHUT IT DOWN… a government shutdown will be the death of the GOP/TPUBS party(s). These ah souls care more for ideology than for the American people and 1%ers who hope to own and control our government. They are attempting to bring us all to our knees so that they can control America. In their defiance they are seeking to destroy America by blackmail and extortion of the President and the American people. ‘Greedy Corporate America’ receives over $200 billion in tax subsidies, wasted money that could protect Medicare, create jobs and cut the deficit; but Congress would rather see our country fail, than offer a compromise or get involved in democracy. Despite combined pre-tax profits of billions of dollars, some of the most profitable companies have paid no federal income tax in at least one of the last three years. Tax reform needs to come from Congress that put these tax codes in place… until the GOP is voted OUT in 2014 they will continue to ‘beat a dead horse’ in support of the rich and their pro-corporate agenda over the publics best interest. We need to somehow get through to the Republican middle-class who actually work for a living, but continue to vote Republican despite the fact that the policies being pursued by their party, will be just as damaging and detrimental to them as much as it is to Democratic working class. WAKE UP AMERICA… the only way to protect and preserve the middle-class is to vote out every Republican in Congress in 2014 and let President move forward with his agenda that the ‘majority’ of us voted for.”

    • Bob Williams says:

      Boehner didn’t do anything to shut the government down. Read the article again. It was Harry Reid who said that without the funding of Obamacare, He (with Obama’s blessing) would shut the government down.
      If Obamacare is so good, why did congress exempt themselves from it? Why are many unions getting an exemption? Personally, I would like to exempt myself from income taxes, but I am not given that option. Either Obamacare should be required for EVERYBODY or NOBODY.

      • jnsgraphic says:

        The ‘threat’ to shut down the government is from Boehner and from the House. The bill passed to defund Obamacare will not be signed by the Senate, Reid or the President. The decision to shut down the government goes back to Boehner, going down that road would strengthen the President while alienating independents and only hurt Republicans. A government shutdown might be what it takes to get through to middle-class Republicans that don’t see the big picture and will finally realize all the GOP wants is their vote.

      • Richard La France says:

        Because they already they have their own fixed medical insurance for life, that’s why! As long as they’re set, why should they care about the rest of us. Boehner and chums already knew what the response would be, so you can’t lay it on the Democrats. It was the Republican Tea Party’s greedy asses that want it to happen just as it will if they don’t bring a budget together within the week.

      • pangamut says:

        If Obamacare is so good, why did congress exempt themselves from it?
        Is that true??? says: False.

        Several versions of this claim have been circulating since before the Affordable Care Act was passed. But no matter how many different ways the critics spin it, Congress isn’t exempt from the law. In fact, members and their staffs face additional requirements that other Americans don’t. Beginning in 2014, they can no longer get insurance through
        the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program, as they and other federal employees have done. Instead, they are required to get insurance through the insurance exchanges.

      • RSDrake says:

        They exempt themselves because OPM pays 75% of their premiums. Like they don’t make enough? $172,000 per year plus all they can invest with insider tips. They don’t come millionaires on $172K.

      • sigrid28 says:

        Part of the irony of these threats is lost on you, I’m afraid. Neither Boehner nor Reid discuss the topic of shutting the government down. Boehner says, very cordially, “We wish to keep the government up and running, and we wish to stop funding Obamacare.”

        To which Reid replies, “We’re in agreement! Yeah! We wish to keep the government up and running, too! Since we do not wish to stop funding Obamacare, however, we’ll just eliminate this idea from your bill.” Then Reid sends the amended legislation back to the House.

        When Boehner gets this new piece of legislation, keeping the government up and running, he could say, “Guess what, when it comes to the government running smoothly, we both want the same thing. Now let’s have the House vote on it.” He will only say that if there are enough Republicans (218 or more) who want to keep the government running smoothly and don’t miss the part of the bill that the Senate dropped, about defunding Obamacare. If Republicans were smart, they would vote to keep the government going and pass health care legislation another time. The Senate and House would then tinker with the bill “in conference,” vote again, and if passed send it on to the president to sign. Note that no Democrat will have ever said he or she would not sign a bill to fund the government.

      • TheGorf says:

        Bob: Believe me I am NOT trying to defend politicians; they’re beyond redemption. I’m a retired fed; my wife and I pay a bit over $6T for annual coverage. Politicians are covered the same way I am – through the Government Employees Health Association (GEHA). I think it’s a stretch to call them gov’t employees, but . . .. They do NOT get free health insurance. And as far as I know, they are NOT exempt Obama care, although there WAS an effort made to grant that . To my knowledge, NO union is getting an exemption. There are exemptions for certain religious groups, I think.

      • Sand_Cat says:

        Yeah, it’s all your fault if you get killed if someone holds a gun to your head and demands all your possessions, and you say “no.” And every policeman or soldier ever killed or wounded has no one but him/herself to blame. Serves them all right!

      • LotusJoan says:

        Oh please. There is no point
        exercising your fingers rehashing Fox commentary here. To relieve Boehner
        of any culpability for this fiasco is either disingenuous or delusional or both. That’s like saying that the engineer that
        failed to apply brakes going into a dangerous curve is in no way responsible for
        the train wreck. Boehner is the engineer
        on the future train wreck we call the US Congress.

      • Why should the relative few who can pay for whatever health care they want, be subsidised by the many who cannot? Big and small business both benefit from keeping wages as low as possible – high unemployment helps to do this. So being able to afford a better service does not mean that an affordable one is not ‘good’ as you suggest.

        ‘personally’ you would like to pay no income taxes? This statement alone marks you as a self-centred and ignorant individual. You don’t have many friends here do you Williams?

  3. Mortalc01l says:

    Republicans have lost their minds. The last time they pulled this moronic stunt, it cost the USA over $1.4 BILLION and ruined our credit rating.

    What on earth are they thinking? Well,, thinking may be a bit above their pay grade since it seems they are not. I can tell you that the thinking people of this great country will place the blame for any fallout from this absurd posturing, by placing the blame firmly where it belongs; on the heads of the lunatic fringe Tea Party and the spineless worms that comprise the Republican contingent of the house.

    I have seriously never seen anything this blindingly stupid in all my years and it will accomplish NOTHING. The very definition of cutting off your nose to spite your face. This country is doomed unless we get rid of these crazy Republicans.

    • Dominick Vila says:

      I agree. Unfortunately, for us and for our country, the Tea Party zealots, and the few remaining traditional conservatives in the House, their decision is anything but stupid or crazy. They know that if they fund Obamacare they will be out of office next time they run for re-election. Most are from red districts and states where a plurality of the electorate is so far to the right they might as well create a new party.

      • RSDrake says:

        I believe the Republicans are afraid that the Affordable Care Act will be successful. It is already showing VERY positive signs in at least 5 States. The insurance companies are against it so that tells me it will probably be a good thing?

  4. itsfun says:

    Perfect. Let’s get rid of this law, and start over with both sides having input the public can actually watch. After all didn’t Obama campaign on having the health care plan openly created on CNN, so the public would know what is going on. He did say, no more back room deals. Lets start over. In the meantime, Congress can pass a temporary bill that insures people with existing conditions, and helps those without insurance. This way Congress can take its time to create a new and better law and those in need will have protection.

    • Dominick Vila says:

      There is absolutely nothing that prevents members of Congress to modify or eliminate part of the ACA if they prove to be ineffective or if we figure out more efficient and effective ways to do the job. Claiming a program does not work and must be repealed without giving the American people a chance to decide whether or not it is beneficial to us does not make sense.
      Regarding backroom deals, Republican members of Congress were invited to participate in the ACA deliberations repeatedly. They refused to so and instead did everything they could to derail it. The implementation of a program that finally ends one of the worst and most expensive medical systems in the world is not influenced by logic or financial concerns, it is influenced by ideology, by people who hate government, by the effects of effective demonization campaigns, and by overt hatred of Barack Obama.

      • itsfun says:

        How many times did Obama honor his word or promise of putting the health care debates on CNN? I think it was once, and when he didn’t get everyone to agree with him, that was the last one.

        • Sand_Cat says:

          How many times have John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, and the rest of their “colleagues” lied to the American people? You’re always carping about Obama’ “lies,” but his predecessor told the truth about as often as the debates were on CNN.
          Face it: you just hate Obama, Democrats, and the Republican / Heritage Foundation health care plan they put into effect, and you’re willing to say anything or use any excuse to oppose it.

      • middleclasstaxpayer says:

        Well, let’s start with this: the “benefits” of ACA have been MISLABELED: There are TWO BIG LIES that I just discovered in a brochure received yesterday from Horizon Blue Cross/Blue Shield (one of the largest health insurers in the US), entitled “FOCUS Fall 2013.” LIE #1-Everyone will be required to have health insurance or pay a fine…..truth explained in brochure: “not entirely true”, they say…”some people are EXEMPT from the fine, including people who don’t have to file a tax return (THE POOR) because of low income.” SO, the POOR will STILL NOT be insured? SAME AS BEFORE??? LIE #2- Costs will be REDUCED….truth explained in brochure:: “Individuals who receive coverage from a LARGE EMPLOYER (the well-off) are unlikely to see big changes, BUT MANY who purchase coverage on their own (the LESS well-off) will see SIGNIFICANT changes in benefits & COSTS.” Translation: the “well -off” will be basically unaffected, but the MIDDLE CLASS will see “significant” changes in COSTS.”….in other words the “middle class” will bankroll the healthcare costs of BOTH the well-off & the poor.??? I’m not complaining about helping the poor, but NOTHING HAS CHANGED with the ACA intro EXCEPT that the middle class is paying for everyone else, both rich & poor? How is that an improvement over the “status quo?”

    • Robles48 says:

      I think we all know what happens (not!) when Congress “takes its time”.

    • Germansmith says:

      I agree.
      All could have been done far more simply by increasing funds to public hospitals for the care of the poor and uninsured and by adding more funds to the “already existing” state insurance pools for people with preexisting uninsurable conditions and prohibiting some insurance companies (AKA BCBS) for dumping sick people when they become expensive….and it would have cost far less money and paperwork.
      But hey, why do it simply and cheaply when you can spend more money breeding a white elephant (or donkey in this case)

      • Marilyn says:

        There is far more to ACA than the conditions you mention–fixing the donut hole in Medicare Part D, allowing students to stay on their parents’ policy, forcing insurance companies to spend the majority of premiums on health care for the insured (What a concept!!)–for example. Besides, people need health insurance for more than just hospitals. If you wait to see a doctor until you are so sick that you must be hospitalized, that is much more expensive as well as unpleasant for the patient than it would be to see a doctor on an office visit and perhaps head off the more expensive treatment. I don’t think increasing funds to care for the poor in any manner is going to pass through the current House since they have just cut $40 million from SNAP.

    • disqus_9i6pUJ4xMT says:

      Itsfun that won’t happen because the Republican/tea party does not have brains to do that. They are set on one thing and one thing only, just to repeal Obamacare (ACA) and to undermine what Obama has done. Sure Obama did something wrong everyone is not perfect, but the Supreme count said it is constitutional, why can’t the Republican/tea party accept it.

      • itsfun says:

        Its only constitutional as a tax. I don’t like my medical care being a tax, like my income or a sales tax on my car. Healthcare is needed for all, but not this plan that destroys some insurances. I am losing my insurance company because they are moving out of my state because of this. I like my current company, but this plan has forced my company out of my state. Congress doesn’t even want it for their folks. Already, some groups of people are being exempted by Obama himself. That should tell us something about this train wreck. Plus he is breaking the law by doing that. He doesn’t make laws, or decide to amend them. The congress has that authority. We are suppose to have a balance of powers in this country. He just ignores our constitution and laws. You said he did some wrong things, breaking the law is just not a wrong thing, it is a criminal act.

        • Sand_Cat says:

          Frankly, we don’t give a damn what you do or don’t like! The law was passed by a majority in both houses, who were elected by a percentage of the voters that would have given even larger majorities had the GOP not gerrymandered the districts. If you and the rest of the whiners can elect enough people to repeal it, go ahead and try. Otherwise shut up and pay your taxes.
          I don’t like the military we all pay for being used as an agent for the personal agrandisement of Bush and Cheney, and a lot of the things they did were illegal, not just things I don’t like.
          I’ve never seen such a pathetic, malicious, ignorant, and nasty bunch of people as you and your friends.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Yeah, the 800 proposed amendments and 160 GOP amendments that were adopted wasn’t enough? The decade spent since Clinton first worked on it wasn’t enough? The complete lack of ANY PROPOSALS from the GOP isn’t telling enough?
      Face it. For the GOP no amount of time between now and when the sun burns out will be enough for them to care about anyone but the 0.1% who pay them off during election time.

    • dancerboots says:

      It took a full year to pass the AHCA. The Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Act was passed in 2003 (and enacted in 2005…this is how it is done when we had a functional Congress..give the President time to implement/carry out the Act and don’t obstruct) There has been three years for the Republican tea party to amend/improve the AHCA.

      Not one Democrat voted for the Medicare Part D Act. It disallowed any bidding on prescription medications and would not allow seniors to buy their prescription drugs outside the U.S.The Medicare Part D Act was not funded and added to the deficit to the tune of $800 billion over a ten year period. This act mandated all Medicare recipients must purchase a drug plan through a health insurance company or pay a late enrollment fee of a permanent 1% increase in their premium for every month they opted out of a plan (unless they had comparable prescription drug insurance). Exactly like the AHCA and hardly a peep. Here is the difference, The Democrats did not sue its own body of government for not getting their way by declaring Part D as unconstitutional. They did not attempt to repeal it 41 times wasting tax payers money paying lawyers and tying up the government best used to get things done to assist us out of our financial crisis. Never did they threatened ..let alone carry out the threat…to de-fund this Part D Act or refuse to raise the debt ceiling or attempt to shut down the government. I am a Medicare recipient and there was some confusion as Medicare Part D was enacted. But the web site at today is so much better than what was offered back when I was enrolling in Medicare Part D…then the information had to be by phone. It is going to be a much smoother transition despite all the obstruction. The biggest problem is getting the correct information to those eligible. This will not be easy, I reside in Kentucky and receive robot phone calls from Ted Cruze several times a week chocked full of propaganda.

  5. Richard La France says:

    Those goddam bastards! I hope the people who live in the area will rush Capitol Hill and prevent the sons-a-bitches from being able to leave until they fucking back down. They’ve really stepped over the line and we are the ones who are paying for their fucking around. I still insist that they need to be investigated, along with their wealthy donors, put on trial for sedition, and thrown in the goddam slammer for about twenty years or until the fuckers die in there.

    I want President Obama to get really, really angry and stand before them and cut them down to size. He’s smarter than the whole ignorant bunch of them, so why is he not shouting in their faces what cruel, evil, greedy, hateful motherfuckers they are.

    Sorry for the language folks, but I’m so pissed right now I could go through the roof. Anyone else on Social Security ought to be feeling the same right about now.

    I hope there will never be another goddam Republican Tea Party idiot in any of our governmental positions ever again. They have turned this country into a cesspool of anger and hatred and disgusting bullshit that I’d like to smear their smirking, ugly faces in.

    Never in my life have I hated other human beings until these monsters came along. They need to be forced to put every fucking cent they’ve accepted on the sly from the Koch Brothers and all the other wealthy, thieving bastards into the nations budget and then go to prison for good. They owe us big time and we should all be screaming our heads off right now. No more bullshit from these meddling old fools!

  6. Germansmith says:

    Normally I would not support having our credit damaged by Congress playing chicken, but in this case is worth it.
    Being on the inside I see this law as being idiotic and costly and on top of that HHS and CMS are NOT ready for this implementation.
    Let us see who cares about their country more…Republicans backing down and allowing a real damaging law being implemented for a short term fiscal credit of the country OR Obama refusing to back down on his signature “accomplishment” even as he by now realizes is a clusterfu-k.
    Let the games begin…..

    • johninPCFL says:

      And so when the CBO predicts that the law will save the government $130B over the next decade, you’re OK with just spending that money anyway?

    • ronaldhyams says:

      Shutting down the American Government will destabilize the dollar. Almost the whole world measures their values and does their trading in American dollars. The potential damage of not having a currency that can be trusted will have the affect on the global financial markets as dropping atomic bombs on the world’s largest cities. It will put the whole world financially back centuries. When will sane people put a stop to this insanity. Yesterday would be a good time.

    • bandrulz says:

      I can do that, too. ‘Being on the inside I see this as being a great development for preventative medicine that will revolutionize health care in this country.’ How was that?

    • dancerboots says:

      The AHCA is up and running…ready for those that are eligible to enroll on October 1st. The web site looks good and it is going to be a fairly easy process..the largest decision for the uninsured…what plan to pick out of the four tiers and whether to have the government pay the health insurance companies premium with the subsidy every month or wait and declare it at the end of next year on their tax return.
      Just choose the state you live in.

  7. Dominick Vila says:

    The stopgap measure passed by the House this morning is a ploy to force Democrats in the Senate to reject the Bill. When we do, the GOP will place responsibility for a government shutdown on Democrats, knowing full well that the reason their Bill is being rejected is because they deliberately excluded funding for a government program that is law, was declared lawful by the Supreme Court, and should be given a chance before it is changed or repealed.
    The main reason for this impasse, besides the fact that 70 or 80 Tea Party members must support the desires of their constituents in red districts, is that they know that if ACA is fully implemented on 10/1/13 it will not be long before middle class Americans become aware of its benefits. Once that happens, it will be impossible to repeal it, regardless of who controls Congress in the future. Moreover, the GOP knows that the outcome of the 2014 and 2016 elections will be influenced by the state of our economy and the unemployment rate. As a result, they are determined to do whatever is necessary to stop economic progress, even if it means another recession to achieve their political goals.

  8. gvette says:

    LMAO…Nancy P couldn’t wait to get herself, and those in Washington exempted.

    • johninPCFL says:

      Except they’re not. Check your facts? Or check your facts at the door?

      • BillP says:

        Replying to gvette is a waste of your time. All he can do is write a comment without backing it up with any “provable” facts. Notice he said Nancy P the former speaker of the house not John B the current one.

  9. ram1020 says:

    This is not a vote to shut down the Government. The Senate will pass a bill with increased spending over the pre-sequester level, and the Conference Committee will come up with something near the pre-sequester level. Both the House passing this and the President threatening to veto (also required for the shutdown) are acts of showmanship.

    • dancerboots says:

      It isn’t to increase spending it is funds to pay the bills Congress has already racked up. Do you honestly believe the President is going to approve a draconian bill that allows no funds to implement the AHCA and think it is showmanship? The AHCA has been law since 2010 to be fully enacted Jan.1st 2014. There has been tremendous effort to get it up and running by that date and funds spent…not just by the federal government but by states that are accepting its provisions. There are 50 million people eager to enroll on October 1st. Despite the continuous dirty tricks by the Tea Party stepped up in their desperation the last several month, the AHCA is working and the web site is in place for those eligible to enroll.

      • nirodha says:

        Yes, and that last-gasp effort by ignorant TPotty congresspeople, and their even more uninformed constituents, does my heart good, because it is an exercise in futility. To paraphrase the bard, this is a tale full of sound and fury, told by idiots, SIGNIFYING NOTHING! I emphasize the last phrase because the government will not shut down on account of the uberconservative crazies in congress’ failure to accept the inevitable and realize that the ACA is the law of the land. Shutting down the federal government is an idle threat when one considers that it would violate Section 4 of the 14th Amendment. As a constitutional lawyer, President Obama realizes that to default on the financial obligations of the federal government is simply not an option, in light of 14. If push comes to shove, he will issue an EO to keep the government paying its bills, invoke the 14th, and let the supreme court settle the matter. Whatever group (or individual) bringing suit against the federal government in this matter will be dismissed for lack of standing by SCOTUS (in all likelihood, many years from now). In the interim, the ACA will become operational, gain traction as people discover that they really like it, and everyone (with the exception of the crazies) will wonder what all the fuss was about.

      • ram1020 says:

        Both sides are putting together extreme suggestions. Like I said in the original post, the Senate will pass a bill with high spending, and the conference committee will make some cuts to put it somewhere around the pre-sequester level. This will include funding for ACA.

        The debt ceiling will be raised. Even in the 2012 campaign, the Republican talk was to balance the budget by 2020. That means we would run deficits until 2020, and the debt ceiling would need to be raised. What the Republicans are trying to force is some fiscal PLAN. In the meantime, both sides are grandstanding. I hope someone somewhere is actually working and not just talking.

  10. Bryan Blake says:

    WHY do they oppose Obamacare so much? The Affordable Care Act is the straw that will break the corporate camels back! Obamacare will open the eyes of millions upon millions of Americans to the corporate cruelty that the Wall Street Insurance Companies have inflicted upon the American People for generations. In short it will slowly become an epiphany for American consumers. We The People will realize that we do not have to be prisoners and property of corporations and their dictates through the markets and their political servants of both parties that suckle from the corporate teats. This is the very thing that the Nefarious Political Billionaires Club fears most. When it is pointed out once again that government programs are able to do good things for We The People and the benefit is being felt by the great majority of us then their Great Lie Is Exposed. They become just merely The Naked Billionaires Club. The young, whom they are trying to scare away from Obamacare, have a much more limited opportunity for a good job or education than their parents did. When Obamacare works for them then the extreme right and their propaganda will fall on deaf ears. Limited government? No, effective government that solves problems. If Obamacare makes the health of We The People better and much less expensive then the next logical step is what the Nefarious Billionaires Club fears the most: MEDICARE FOR ALL! Why have corporate middlemen skimming 20% off the top when the federal government can and will do it for 3%? There is a place for corporate profits. But health care and other basic needs of humans should not be dictated by corporations through their political lackeys.

    The Nefarious Billionaires Club fears that they will loose their places at the head of the table. They care not while We The People die of lack of health care or even food. This is why they are willing to risk blowing up the economy of the nation and/or the world. They mistakenly believe that they are immune to any calamity of their own making because of their money. But they will not be immune to the wrath of We The People. Out of work hungry people with hungry children and other loved ones are unpredictable. The Great Depression 2 will not be like the 1930s. Then the American People were much closer to the land and its family farms. Then the American People were much closer to one another and not products of greed fueled brainwashing. Today? It cannot be predicted, except to say it will not be the 1930s.

    The question will be answered: 1. Are we to continue on our present course and solidify into a Fascist Nation?; or 2. Are we to return to our Constitutional roots and restore our nation under the rule of law and reign in Monarchical Capitalism and create a just and fair economy for all?

  11. howa4x says:

    This is all about serving their masters on Wall st. Prior to the ACA the 1st 20% of profit went directly to investors in the health insurance companies. Health care was put directly in the market place and if an insurance company couldn’t meet the target ROI, then they could drop marginally healthy people to lower expenses and could deny coverage to marginally healthy people to keep profits up. The health of the ins co’s was far more important than the health of the people.The republicans could care less if there was 32 million uninsured and showed it when they had a majority in both houses and the presidency and didn’t do anything to extend insurance coverage. It just didn’t matter that 50,000 people died every year from a lack of access to health care. All Bush and the congress were concerned with was company profits. Now they want to defund Obama/Romney care because under the act 80% of the premiums have to go to patient care, and if not they have to be refunded to the consumer. The only group that was cut out was the investors, and they are the only people republicans care about. This is why they desperately want it repealed. they are under orders from their true masters.

  12. John Pigg says:

    Hurrah Scott Rigell!

    • dtgraham says:

      If some political talk show ever decides to have Scott Rigell, Jim Matheson and Mike Mcintyre on for a three way interview…I’m there. My PVR will be anyway.

  13. Angel Perea says:

    THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH: This current crisis creator group of
    republicans whether they be tea party or not, have established themselves along
    with Ted “Canadian born” Cruz that commends for doing nothing more than
    Obstructionists, now wish to be THE NATIONAL DEATH PANEL! With their past
    “do nothing” legislative record, now seeks to say, NO health care for
    you! Meanwhile these clowns continued to prolong the economic depression for
    millions of our Middle Class Americans that are now unemployed or underemployed
    that started back in 2007-08! Reagan and Eisenhower are turning over in their
    graves due to these idiots! So let them close down the Govt.! Americans Care
    about our country first! So we need to identify and clean out the Congress of
    those self serving political prostitutes as Cantor in Virginia and McCarthy in
    California that insult our intelligence with record of supporting THEIR special
    interests at the cost and betrayal of our Citizens! Let’s send this message to do House Cleaning next November!

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