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Friday, October 28, 2016

David Cay Johnston argues that aggressive lobbying has given big corporations control over the government in his column, “The Corporations That Occupy Congress:”

Some of the biggest companies in the United States have been firing workers and in some cases lobbying for rules that depress wages at the very time that jobs are needed, pay is low, and the federal budget suffers from a lack of revenue.

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  • rustacus21

    … left me feeling I didn’t fully xplain what U – Conservative voters (i.e., vail, etc.) have DONE, in creating & maintaining an economic catastrophe that’s literally destroying the nation U – Conservative voter – claim to love so dearly. Otherwise, U would understand that the 3 to 5 billion dollars “STOLEN” from pallets, after being shipped to Irag, in a VERY IRREGULAR PROCEDURE, is only a drop in the bucket of the 9 trillion dollars stolen from the American economy (considering the value of the Amer. economy was 16 trillion at the time), by YOUR administration of CHOICE, from 2001-2009!!! But this is emblematic of what Conservatives BELIEVE is the “FREE-MARKET” in action; the advantage of “NECESSARY” reductions in REGULATIONS; the “BENEFITS” of shrunken, smaller government; examples of the “GAINS” in giving govt “BACK” to Americans!? Ea of the above hi-lited terms/concepts, represent a slow chiseling away at the foundation of American government, BY Conservative legislators – authorized by U, CONSERVATIVE VOTER – to do what U see representing America 2day – a nation that WAS the best, last hope for the civilized (& even uncivilized) world, being destroyed from within, by U, “CONSERVATIVE VOTER”!!! These problems were non-existent until to U – Conservative voter, saw that a Black man was lead “REPRESENTATIVE” (not “LEADER”, which ALL Americans seem to suffer confusion over who legislators ARE – REPRESENTATIVES – NOT LEADERS!) OF America. He & his caucus had the courage to tell the truth about the state of the nation & U didn’t & still DON’T like that TRUTH represented therein!!! Again, if U don’t know how to vote, please STOP!!! U’r votes are the poison killing OURS & U’R Democracy!!! Blaming President Obama 4 what U’r party has done, only shows how politically illiterate & ill-informed U – Conservative voter, really are! Please consider this carefully, b4 next November…