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Saturday, March 23, 2019

WASHINGTON — Mitt Romney can argue that winning ugly is still winning, especially in a contest he could not afford to lose. But Romney’s decisive victory in Florida came at a price. He aggravated Newt Gingrich’s hostility to him, with all the trouble that could entail, and left behind a dispirited Republican electorate in a state the GOP needs to win this fall.

At least until now, this primary process has weakened rather than strengthened Romney. It has sowed doubts that he has any understanding of how average people live, and opened up a slew of questions about his personal wealth and the taxes he pays.

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7 responses to “How Romney Won, And Lost”

  1. freethinker says:

    Any candidate that gains an advantage by using the politics of personal destruction will ultimately be disliked and untrusted. If you can’t run and win on a platform of what you can bring to the party, don’t run. The establishment may be happy that Mitt has so far prevailed, but he will find lukewarm support for the general election. The only thing that could put him over the top is the absolute distrust of Obama and his futile attempts at governing. Of course, Obama has amassed a huge war chest of funds and has no compunction against using it for personal destruction since he can’t run on his own record. He brought his best stuff and struck out. It won’t get any better.

  2. fordneri says:

    Gingrich has flim flammed his way into everything from three marriages to admission into the Catholic Church for expediency only to betray and denigrate them when they no longer further his ambition. Now Gingrich is attacking Romney for following legislation and tax codes that Gingrich helped pass through congress to great advantage for himself and the people he served. Romney is supposed to be the bad guy for being an effective corporate leader and an efficient money mamager. Gingrich is supposed to be the hero for betraying every value and institution most Americans hold sacred. Their is a big difference between a man who changes his strategy and tactics as the law changes to take advantage of new opportunities that benefit the organization and shareholders he swore to serve and a man who cheats and betrays the system he helped put in place for personal gain. Having said that. It does not really matter because the entire GOP field makes the sitting president look that much better to middle class voters who are in the majority and have the most to lose if another republican is elected.

  3. Charles Higgins says:

    Romney acts like he is a robot.He is out of touch with the American people.The only thing he has going for him is all his super pacs.Their is tons of money being donated for influence.Without all his super pacs he is nothing!

  4. vshepparddesign says:

    What make you republican think that President Obama will not run on his record? I mean really…..His record has proved that he has navigate this country in the right direction. He said it will be slow but steady. Not one of the Republican want to agree with this because they are all about beating President Obama. So what do the republican say “President Obama has failed america….lol. Why should we give the keys back to you republican it was your party that got us in the mess we are in. So you are going to get us out….give me a break. Romney is what Romeny….good luck with him. And really Gingrich….wow. Lets be real….see you in 2016. We may give you those keys.

  5. MaryLongleyHalperin says:

    Throughout this long campaign that has peeled back the layers from every Republican contender and revealed how unsuitable any of them is for the Presidency. Obama can certainly run on his record. It’s amazing that the economy is rebounding like it is considering how far down it was in 2008 after Bush’s wrecking crew got through with it. GM & Chrysler are thriving after being saved by the helping hand from the government. Jobs are coming back. People are buying again.

    But to hear Romney and Gingrich tell it, the country is about to go over a cliff. It was, but isn’t now. We need to end the lies and distortions of Obama’s record. We need a message of hope not more negativity.

    The opponents have been busy destroying each other but haven’t given a concrete statement of what they would accomplish if they were elected.

  6. jimmyags says:

    Romney get 46% but of those only 34% thinks he is understanding of their problems. If republicans think he is out of touch with the average american what chance does he have to win independents and crossover Democrats?

  7. izzy406 says:

    I wonder if Gingrich is angry enough to pursue a kamikaze path of eventually opting to be a third party candidate. It could be his way of getting even with the whole Repub party which has shunned and humilliated him.

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