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Sunday, October 23, 2016

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — There is the idea of having Paul Ryan on the Republican ticket, and then there is the reality.

If conservative ideologues are over the moon at having their favorite conviction politician as Mitt Romney’s vice presidential running mate, many Republican professionals — particularly those running this fall — are petrified. They freely express private fears that Democrats will succeed in Ryanizing the entire GOP.

What’s striking is not just that down-ballot Republican candidates are distancing themselves from Ryan’s proposals, particularly on Medicare, but that Romney won’t take ownership of them either, except in vague terms. Worse, the Romney apparatus is forcing Ryan to distance himself from his own budget. It was sad to watch Ryan dancing around these issues on Fox News Tuesday night and having to say that Romney is the boss. How long before conservatives start producing “Let Ryan Be Ryan” bumper stickers?

Oh, yes, and Ryan could not explain when his fiscal plan would balance the books (presumably because the right answer is somewhere past 2030). “I don’t know exactly when it balances,” Ryan told Brit Hume. So much for specificity.

To understand the elation Democrats feel about the Ryan choice, it’s useful to canvass their reactions in what will be one of the hardest battleground states for President Obama to hang onto. In 2008, Obama became the first Democratic presidential candidate in 32 years to carry North Carolina. Now it is, with Indiana, one of the states most likely to move back to the GOP. “We’re at the pink end of the spectrum,” Rep. David Price, a Democrat who represents the Research Triangle area, said in a phone interview.

For Price, Ryan offers a double opportunity for his party. The swing voters in his own district, he says, “are pretty practical and not enamored of the doctrinaire, ideological approach that Ryan exemplifies.” The very reasons that ideologues admire Ryan are the reasons that independents and moderates may be put off by him.

On top of that, Price said, “the issues of Medicare and Social Security are toxic for Ryan.” White voters in the current over-65 generation, more conservative than the New Deal Era electoral cohort that has largely passed on, are now the base of the Republican Party. By putting Medicare on the ballot, Ryan threatens to push away core Republican voters.

  • Judging by Mitt Romney’s recent statements the GOP strategy when they decided to pick Paul Ryan as Mitt’s running mate was limited to using his conservative credentials to improve Romney’s standing among conservatives, while at the same time distancing themselves from Ryan’s highly unpopular budget plan. To walk this tigthrope strategies, such as Mary Matalin, are using President Obama’s proposal to use $500B – or $700B according to the latest predictions – to fund ACA to deflect attention or mitigate the effect of Ryan’s plan to dismantle MEDICARE. The fact that the $700B “cut” is actually a reduction in projected claims over the next 10 years, and that it is to be achieved by reducing the amount service providers can charge and by eliminating the pharmaceutical subsidies introduced by the 2003 MEDICARE Part D reform, is of little consequence to those who know a large number of our population, including seniors, are more inclined to believe a well crafted political message than spend time researching and analyzing issues of critical importance to our society.

    • WhutHeSaid

      I agree with much that you’ve just said, yet I wouldn’t discount the ability of seniors to discern the facts. It’s worth noting that the nation’s largest advocacy group for seniors, AARP, has endorsed the ACA (Obamacare). They know that this law will lower the cost that seniors have to bear out-of-pocket for their healthcare. The Romney-Ryan plan would increase the cost immediately, and eventually cast the healthcare of seniors adrift in the fickle currents of the private insurance industry without an index to anchor premiums to the rising cost of health insurance.

      • I am a senior, on MEDICARE, and I am an AARP member. Seniors are, indeed, one of the most influential voter blocks in the USA, and many do research issues and make decisions based on fact, but I also know that many are persuaded by political rhetoric and an issue that is not germaine to this discussion, but that should be obvious to all. Yes, the GOP-Romney-Ryan plans, especially repealing ACA, dismantling MEDICARE and privatizing Social Security would have a horrendous impact on our society and well being, but since those changes would allow the wealthiest members of our society to accumulate more wealth, I doubt they care.

        • I am a senior and I do not believe anything a politician says. I research
          it for myself. I do not believe anything Mary Matalin says. I wish CNN
          would quit having her on their programs.

    • hipocampelofantocame

      Mr. Vila you qualify to be a sage, and I have the utmost respect
      for you. Thank you for the great comments.

  • “The test of our progress is not whether we add to the abundance of those who have much. It is whether we provide enough to those who have little”
    Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    • atc333

      You know that is simply Liberal Socialist BS, according to the Right Wing!. Sooner or later if the Job Creators get rich enough they will at some point, begin to create jobs for the masses, the “little people”
      Just when this tipping point on wealth creation vs job creation will take place, no Republican can really state, much less Ryan. Perhaps, during a Ryan/Romney Administration,, once the 2% attain owner ship of more than 55% of all of America’s wealth, they% will decide, out of the pure goodness of their hearts,that it is time to invest their riches in job creation investments,, instead of simply buying more stuff.—– Or not.

      To put it another way, as Marie Antoinette once allegedly stated in her economic plan for the great unwashed masses in France; “If they don’t have bread, Let them eat cake”! Both Ryan/Romney’s “Impossible” Plan and Marie’s own economic plan for the French populace are grounded in about the same economic reality.

      • MsJoanne

        Unfortunately, the job creators forget that it is the people who buy who actually create those jobs…and the business owners would have no business without people who can afford to shop.

        Failure in logic, GOP style.

      • zeldaq

        when these so called job creators attain more wealth, they send it to off shore ,tax sheltered accounts, in the cayman islands, switzerland, and the bahamas. they are cheating the country out of tax dollars needed to run the country. i think it’s just barely legal, and the laws will change soon. these ”job creators” rely on the government just like everyone else, so why should they be exempt from paying a fair share of taxes?

        • El Infidel

          What would you say is the source of wealth?

          • zeldaq

            good morning again again, el infedel the source of wealth has to come from manufacturing. i think, as do most of us, that we need to create jobs, restructure tax laws, and trim fat and fraud from all parts of government programs. EVERYTHING has to be worked on. i’m sure you feel the same way. my ideas differ from the GOP. the GOP wants to take from the poor and give to the wealthy. that doesn’t satisfy everyone. it onlysatisfies wealthy people, and does nothing to fix any of the real problems. it’s evident that the tea party will not co-operate. mr.obama agreed to a 4 to 1 compromise with the GOP. 4 dollar cut in spending to every 1 dollar in tax hikes. the GOP refused.that was a great deal. it shows that the GOP is not willing to compromise, or work with the president. as long as they continue to obstruct, we will remain in this rut. negotiating means every one gives something. we all know why the GOP and tea party won’twork with mr. obama. the majority of voters have demonstrated in the last election, that we must have compromises to move the economy. the sacrifices must be shared. do you agree? i know some of the entitlement programs i depend on will be trimmed. i don’t have a problem with that. most of the public feels the same way. we are just not willing to give up everything so that more money goes to the wealthy in the form of MORE taxbreaks. mr. el infedel, if racism were taken out of this battle, and common sense took it’s place, the country would be prospering, instead of in a dead stand still.have great day Subject: [thenationalmemo] Re: How Ryanization Threatens The GOP

  • tao99

    Don’t foget that Romney was a draft dodger,who when he came of draft age, received four seperatei deferralls covering a five year period. And one of them came from his church. Whe of-draft age, he stated that, if his number came up; and he received orders to go to Vietnam, he simply would refuse to go.

    His arrogance has no bounds. Romney has deciding that the public needs no more than one almost complete return, and an estimate for this year. This decision, according to his wife, will
    prevent the Obama campaign ” from getting more ammunition to use against him. Little lordfotleroy just can’t get it through his head that he is not a king, but merely a candidate for public office[;’and answerable to the public.

    Who in the world could go to London for a little more than a day, and succeding in antiganize one of 0ur closest allies, por bragging that he had a briefing from MI 6.

    • The answer to the last paragraph is a member of the party that blew the cover of a CIA operative when her husband dared undermine the deceitful lies that were being used to justify the invasion of Iraq. And let’s not forget that the “owners” of today’s GOP bragged about doing business with the Iranian Ayatollahs while sanctions were in place. What they do goes well beyond lack of common sense, it is often a tiny step from being treason.

      • “What they do goes well beyond lack of common sense, it is often a tiny step from being treason”. And how should we classify the Koch Brothers oil deals with Iran??

  • night and having to say that Romney is the boss. How long before conservatives start producing “Let Ryan Be Ryan” bumper stickers? OR SAVING PRIVET RYAN

  • I worry about the seniors as a voting bloc in this country. As a senior myself (although still working), I’m puzzled by the level of political ignorance in that group. Perhaps many are just unconcerned about current issues and say to themselves, “well, I’ve always voted republican so why change now?” There may be others who say “well, I’m too old to be affected by dismantling the social network, and I don’t really care about other seniors in the future”. Many or even most of these people get news/information only from TV. If they only tend to watch the blond airheads on FOX, well we know what that leads to, don’t we. Blissful ignorance.

    • But what happens if they by into the Romney/Ryan plans and than they find out the “devil is in the details”. Romney will not explain where is tax cuts will be, what loop holes will be closed, what programs will be get deep cuts and how much is deep. Romney has not stood up to anyone in the Republican party so if he is elected and they put Ryan’s budget in front of him, will he sign? Remember Grover Norquist said the only qualification they need in a President is to have enough digits to sign what is put in front of him.

    • “If they only tend to watch the blond airheads on FOX, well we know what that leads to, don’t we”. Yes, we do. Degeneration of the brain.

      • rippper

        Not only are the people at Fox airheads, but they are also without feelings. I refer you all to the way the three idiots of Fox’s morning show when they got a good laugh out of a woman’s fatal heart attack because she was surprised by her pet lama. Heart attacks aren’t funny not matter how they happen! So, how can these morons have any sense of compassion for those that rely on Social Secuity and Medicaire?

  • Look at the picture above! Would you buy a used car from him? Sunkin eyes, scowling face, leaving me 1st impression of a person who is saying “the hell with you sucker, I am going to take it all for ME”.

    • That IS what Lyin’ Ryan is thinking, obviously.

  • TheOldNorthChurch

    After looking at the polls today in the swing states the theory in this article is false. Looks like the Ryan decision was the right one for Romney.

    • Sand_Cat

      Guess the country’s doomed, then.

    • No, wrong, look again.

      • TheOldNorthChurch

        Swing state poll Romney 47 OB 46 with leaner’s added R 49 O 48

  • Ryan’s baggage will be harder and harder to hind and defend as the campaign tries to change the subject…again! It seems to me that the woman’s vote was lost before adding Ryan, but his addition is just another nail in the coffin. The young man seems to have honesty issues as his multiple comments today regarding stimulus money indicate. First he indicated that he did not request the funding. Then a couple of hours later he said it was a staffer who wrote those damning letters. Then he changed the narrative to say he should have done a better job…but it is all Obama’s fault and the stimulus failed. If indeed somebody in the office requested the funding for Ryan’s district just what does that tell us about a congressman who does not what his staff is doing? What a sad mess is found in the leadership of the GOP.

  • Ted Green

    What the hell is down-ballot, supposed to mean?

  • As I have said in the past. The two Republicans happiest about Paul Ryan’s selection as Willard’s Veep are John Boehner and Eric Cantor. Provided they win their reelections, they don’t have to worry about Ryan challenging them for their positions and possibly beating them. On the other hand, Mitch McConnell may be slightly worried. As Senate Minority leader during a Democratic Administration, he has hogged the Republican Spotlight in the Senate (along with Joe Lieberman). Should Ryan actually win, he will now be overshadowed by Ryan as Veep.

    • Mitch McConnell need not worry. The “Vulture and Voucher” ticket, Romney and Lyin’ Ryan), will NOT win.

  • Saving Private Ryan was harrowing. Saving PUBLIC Ryan is hopeless.

    • Sand_Cat

      Who would even hope for such a disaster?

  • Sand_Cat

    The Dems have nothing to do with it: the Republicans have “Ryanized” themselves for years, and they deserve any negative consequences therefrom. Let’s hope those materialize in spades!

  • redoregonian

    The Romney ticket has been flip-flopping like fish out of water since the Democratic National Convention. Now, evey Ryan is attacking his own budget!! Romney began attacking Republican actions and ideas the day after the convention was over. THAT EVENING…in fact. Romney went from “I WILL REPEAL OBAMACARE” to “I’ll keep parts of Obamacare”.

    Its a good thing he will never get the opportunity to do either. Obama will be re-elected. Hopefully this time, we will give him a house he can work with and when we do, the Democrats should replace Pelosi, who let in-fighting and Republican strategies (fillibusters) impede their agenda.

    The one thing I give credit to the Republicans for is…when they had the supermajority, they didn’t mess around. They got their agenda through despite Democratic attempts to slow them down or influence them in any way. When will the Democrats learn from that and just get things done?

  • El Infidel

    Ryan simply reflects what the awakened constitutional majority demands.
    For evidence see 2010 elections and the failed Wisconsin recall.
    November 7th the country will awaken to a landslide Constitutional victory that will send the violent left into the streets throwing molotov cocktails at banks and storefronts. The press and Obama will characterize this as peaceful demonstrations. Obama will then declare the elections invalid while invoking martial law to prevent police from intervening in the riots.

    • zeldaq

      el infidel, did you get your info from fox news? sure sounds like it!!!!

      • El Infidel

        Info is either true or it is not. Sinse I have no idea what you are responding to, I cannot give you a source.
        Since I do nt watch TV I am sure that I am not referencing FOX news.

        • zeldaq

          el infidel
          i was asking if you got the material from fox news. you say you don’t watch tv.
          that kind of hog wash you were spitting out sounds just like what fox news tries to sell.
          i didn’t hear of MR. OBAMA saying anything about an invalid election. the only whining
          i heard was from the ass holes who should have, and did lose the election. by the way
          336 to 203, since you don’t watch tv. your boy RYAN still claims ”it was a close race’ .
          i guess the violence in the streets, and molitov cocktails came from your dreams.
          if you are not a multi millionare, you maybe should start watching the news. this country
          could have been totally ruined if your boys had won. the GOP under BUSH crashed the world economy, not just this country, the whole world economy. romney’s policies were the same as bush’s. thank GOD the majority saw them for what they are. in 2014 there will be mid term elections. that’s when we gat rid of the rest of the ass holes in congress, who
          are holding the country hostage, because of MR. OBAMA’S skin color.
          you are certainly entitled to your opinion, even though it is WRONG.

          • El Infidel

            We are over $16 Trillion in debt and it is rising at more than $1.5 Trillion a year. We haave no money. Without leaving the country defenseless, how do you plan to reduce the deb?. Even if you confiscate 100% of the income of the productive class, it won’t make a dent.
            Try to offer your opinion in a rational sentence without the profanity.

  • rickcain2320

    Ryan was a poor choice for VP candidate. To win an election a presidential candidate must drift to the center, and with Ryan as that rightwing anchor he merely obstructs Romney and confuses the ticket.
    Romney made the same mistake as McCain, letting a focus group pick his running mate.

  • Another perfect storm for Obama.

  • why keep on showing these old news?