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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

WASHINGTON — We are about to have the worst presidential campaign money can buy. The Supreme Court’s dreadful Citizens United decision and a somnolent Federal Election Commission will allow hundreds of millions of dollars from a small number of very wealthy people and interests to inundate our airwaves with often vicious advertisements for which no candidate will be accountable.

One would like to think that the court will eventually admit the folly of its 2010 ruling and reverse it. But we can’t wait that long. And out of this dreary landscape, hope is blossoming in the state of New York. There’s irony here, since New York is where a lot of the big national money is coming from. No matter. The state is considering a campaign finance law that would repair some of the Citizens United damage, and in a way the Supreme Court wouldn’t be able to touch.

The idea is that to offset the power of large donors, citizens without deep pockets should be encouraged to flood the system with small contributions that the government would match. Gov. Andrew Cuomo has pledged to a state overhaul of this sort, based on the one already in force for New York City elections. In his state of the state address in January, Cuomo spoke of how urgent it is to “reconnect the people to the political process and their government.” He could make himself into a reform hero across the country if he and the Legislature created a model law for other states, and the nation.

The New York City program is straightforward: The government gives participating candidates $6 in matching funds for every dollar raised from individuals who live in the city, up to the first $175. At a maximum, this means a $175 contribution is augmented by $1,050 in public funds. That’s a mighty incentive for politicians to involve more citizens in paying for campaigns. In the city system, participating candidates have to live within certain spending and contribution limits. In a new statewide system, there are likely to be no spending restrictions but lower limits on contributions.

The beautiful thing is that this approach should answer most of the criticisms offered by those who defend the Citizens United world. I say “should” because advocates of current arrangements will find a way to oppose any reforms. But the New York Revolution, if it happens, would undercut many of their arguments – including their constitutional claims.

  • I would like to believe that it is possible to put the genie back into the bottle, but in considering the results I can’t imagine that happening anytime soon. Once both parties get a taste of unlimited and secret money it will be difficult to fight to abolish such funding in the future. The Obama campaign had to get on board so-to-speak out of necessity. Who could blame them for not wanting to enter a gun fight holding a club. This current Supreme Court, unfortunately, will continue to make decisions that will have negative effects upon everyday Americans and the direction of the country for decades to come. The latest decision regarding strip-searches being a wonderful example of overreach by the Court. If progressives want to see an even more conservative court then they should stay home in November and hand the future of the court to the corporate interests represented by Rommey and his ilk.

  • ixnaa

    I don’t see how this would work. Quite a few average people are influenced by the advertising done by big money, so what prevents them from using this program to put more money into the hands of those candidates who are backed by the billionaires?

  • It is peculiar how the USA can find personhood for corporations, but not human persons. We insist on it being legal for mothers to slaughter their little boys and girls and deny the fathers the same lattitude…what if the fathers want to slaughter them…shouldn’t they have a say?

    • It is not “children” being “slaughtered.” The fetuses are carried in the mother’s body, not thew father’s, and that alone is reason enough she should have the final decision.

      • Oh, Alan, haven’t you heard? SCIENCE has even proven that the human life begins at conception and that the child gets nothting more from the mother except food and supposedly protection. Of course, you being black might want to lookat the truth that 3 out of every five black children get killed by a racist organization that strategically puts their facilities in decaying inner cities to target the poor and black and non-white children…ever think about that?

        A fetus, is simply a definition of a stage of development of the little boy or girl…kind of like toddler.

        How many of your children have been offered up to Satan, Alan?

        • Wow, 2 posts ago you berated someone for espousing theory as fact and then you go and do it yourself. Science does NOT universally consider life beginning at conception your religion does. Many reputable scientists consider life beginning when a fetus is capable of independent survival from the mother’s body. Meaning that the child can live outside the womb. Now go ahead and ignore facts and logic and throw one of your over-generalizing screeds.

      • oldtack

        One cannot reason with this type of individual. Like the Pharisee of old they blind thmeselves and walk lock-step with their leaders totally oblivious to anything different from their idealogies. Even if that path leads to ruin.

    • Joe Angel

      You must be commenting on another article, Paul – or is everything about abortion in your world?

      • Apparently you forgot to read the article. You’ve got to get past the title.

      • Apparently you forgot to read the article. You’ve got to get past the title.

  • jebediah123

    So what is the big issue here?
    Democratic Party—————–working people
    Republican Party——————wealthy people
    The individual candidate is less important than the party. Want an example to make it a bit more clear?
    Our legislative system is based on that of England.
    HOUSE OF LORDS—–and——HOUSE OF COMMONS——-I think that says it all.

    • Personally, most Democratic PArty voters I know, do not work…they’re either on welfare or disability or are employed by unions where they don’t have to work and cannot get fired…that’s why the US in so low on the education totem pole.

      However, there are many Democratic Paty voters who are extremeely wealthy, because they make their money off of people dying (like Soros and Buffet, who capitalize on persons misfortunes and deaths), and then we have the types like Al Gore who capitalize on fabricated fears of Global Warming, and then we have people like Nancy Pelosi whose bottom line net worth has quadrupled during this so-called recession because she’s investing on people’s misfortune.

      So, it is certainly not a class thing between Republicans and Democrats. It is an envy thing, a sin, that the Democratic PArty of America wants to enslave the whole world, except a very few kings at the top and they cannot do this with moral Christians in the way.

      The athiestic secularists will be using every tool in the book to bring about Martial LAw and recism, classism, etc, are only tools to bring the people to chaos.

      The big Problem the Democratic (atheistic socialist) Party forgets – God won’t stand idly by this time, because they’ve far over-reached their boundaries. God will bring all people from and center for a little come-to-Jesus talk and we’ll see then who gets to live and who will most certainly die.

      • bstockinger

        I suggest that you increase the number of Democrats you know. I know lots of Democrats and none are currently unemployed, some are union members, most have college degrees, and a lot of them go to Christian churches every Sunday. Since I live in the Las Vegas area, there are a lot of union members but most work hard at either casinos or a related field. Take off the rose colored glasses for a change and look at the real world out there. I also think you need to get off the religion kick. The last I looked, racism has been supported by lots of so-called moral Christians.

        • Braintrustee

          The idea that a country as diverse as ours still only has two choices is ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous and archaic. This is the real issue.

      • crawel back under your rock. socalled republicans have been at the forfront of making this country a copy of prewar germany the pigs might as well wear their swasticas.nazi’s from grandpaw prescot bush, on. bible thumpers all. lying sacks of excrement.

      • Paul get a grip you belong to the same party that david duke belong too. About god, your white man in the sky is always busy, that why we’ve had so many tornado right in the middle of the bible belt. Remember he’s the same guy who stood by and let slavery, jim crow and don’t forget all those lynching, what about them Indian, ooops I forgot those acts were commited by his favorite people right-wing dixie-can christian.

      • I work 2 jobs and go to school on loans, not handouts. It is people like you who are poisoning political debate in this country. I would offer to get to know you so you can say you know a dem who does work and pay taxes but i doubt you would want to proven to be wrong.

      • This is why our country is going to crap! People like you just plain ignorant!

      • William Deutschlander

        Dear Paul – what planet do you live on, certainly not EARTH!
        I am convinced you are a fourth generation Republican and have never considered an intelligent evaluation of any issue, just accepting what ever lies come your way. Please be sure to vote for Romney , he is a consummate, compulsive liar, a true Republican!

      • BDD1951

        You’ve been watching Faux New.

      • BDD1951

        You’ve been watching Faux New.

      • joyscarbo

        Paul, you have your head so far up the ass of the repube party that you’re tickling their throats.
        You’re a disgrace to the values that our country was founded on. You and your republican buddies are using the American people to wipe your butt with.
        And do you really trust Mitty? REALLY?? He’s been known to be pro gun control, then not. Wanted to ensure womens’ right to choose, then not. He created the healthcare program thats now law in Massachusetts, which was used as the blueprint for Obama’s Healthcare Reform bill and now he’s suddenly against that too. His political record is predominantly moderate to nearly liberal. Now he’s “severely conservative.” And you dumbass repubes are buying it???!!! REALLY???!!! The beauty in Mitty’s squeaky clean looking mormon boy, flip-flopping insanely stupid positions is that they’re not HIS OWN. You can’t possibly be thrilled with this guy. And the other stooges that the republican party served up for your party’s pleasure are equally outrageously ingnoramouses. Santorum? Pope for the white house. Gingrich? He’s already been proven an unethical and crooked politician years ago. Ron Paul? No repube likes him because he’s a liberal republican- that’s an oxymoron. And while we’re talking about republicans, what do you think about Eisenhower taxing the rich at 91%??? He was the last DECENT republican. The rest are a bunch of criminals.
        Nixon would have been impeached and tossed out of office had he not quit. Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr. were trading WEAPONS with Iran so they could get the hostages back and that came back to bite our country in the ass. Then there’s the biggest bastard of them all…W. He lead our county into a war, based on FAKE intellegence. I don’t even like to use the word “intellegence” when talking about W. Our country’s most precious resource, our beloved military personel were injured, mamed and died over false reports of yellowcake and WMD that were never found. There’s more than enough evidence. I don’t understand why W and Cheney weren’t charged and convicted of war crimes. In fact, it pisses me off that Democrats didn’t go after him and his corrupt cabinet. He tripled our national debt and quit trying to blame higher gas prices on Obama! Gas was nearly $5 a gallon during W’s reign of terror against his own people. W and all those working for him were involved in SO much scandal and illegal activities, there’s a whole wikipedia page that had to alphabetize the scandals just to organize them.
        Bottom line is that Mitty has been and will continue to put his big fat foot in his big fat mouth. He absolutely has NO ability to show any kind of genuine empathy for the average American. He’s phony and fake. He can’t stop being a $21 million dollar snob. This facist pig will fail, period.
        Obama is actuely intellegent and is keenly articulate. He is the greater intellect and the better human being. His message is something that more Americans can identify with. He’s not asking rich people to do anything that he isn’t willing to do. He’s going to embarrass Willard and send him back to wherever it is that he’s really from- Michigan? Where trees are the “just the right height”? Will Massachusettes take him back? I doubt it. The republican party will not win with the platform they are running on. Double the interest to college students- you’ve just lost the 18-34 crowd. Don’t support womens’ issues of birth control and right to choose? Women will show up to the polls in record numbers to vote against Mitt. Crap on the American people and the people will show your repubes the door.

  • The COURT voted that way because corporations have been considered”people”. The Congress has to define there creation(for profit corporations)as having ” personhood” for the sole perpouse of of owning property(and paying taxes)

    • JSquercia

      My problem with the proposed solution is that I believe the Courts has alreadt struck down the type of law that provides “matching” funds . I believe it was an Arizona law surprisingly.

  • Joe Angel

    I believe that science also proved evolution was valid. Hasn’t stopped your cohorts from trying to undermine that science, though, has it?

    • That’s so funny, science has proved no such thing. That’s why they’re called “theories of evolution” and no “theory” has yet to be proven to be science.

      Poor Joe, you really need to get that G.E.D.

      • oldtack

        Pharisse Paul
        As a Science major in College I had to absorb all of the evolution rhetoric and – like you I still consider it an unproved Theory. I,personally, chose Creation over Evolution but – I have totake the position that Creationism with all it’s Religious conotations – still remains, like Evolution, an unproved theory. Neither position has absolute proof of their allegations. As humans we study, percieve and make choices each to our own convictions. Excersing that inherent right let us not condemn those who walk a different path.

    • metrognome3830

      I think Paul and Richard B have made big steps in proving the theory of devolution.

    THOSE WHO WORK !!!!!!!!!!!

    • I believe they think the world owes them free money and prosperity, the way they act.

      It’s like they think, “Work, what’s that…that’s stupid.”

      • metrognome3830

        Just where the hell do you and Richard B work? Combining the IQ of both of you would still amount to low double digits.

  • Why do the wealthy Republicans resist on paying there fair share of taxes when it could be used
    to help with the deficit that they are responsible for?

    • Apparently you’ve had your head in the sand for a LONG TIME.

      Obama has increased the dficit triple in three years of that Bush did in eight years.

      And it is the Democratic PArty politicians that don’t pay their taxes…like fifteen members of the party have been in trouble for not paying/fraud.

      How about trying to work, then you’d know what peying taxes is.

    • William Deutschlander

      My Dear Paul – when Obama took office the Republican National Debt was approx 12 Trillion Dollars and due to Republican “LACK OF” Fiduciary Duty & Malfeasance the ECONOMY of the United States of America & the WORLD was collapsing. The Obama Administration and a few honest people from the G W Bush Administration, determined that the USA MUST IMMEDIATELY borrow 5 Trillion Dollars to shore up the disgustingly corrupt financial industry of 2000 -2008, or the USA & World would degenerate into THE WORST DEPRESSION CIVILIZATION HAS EVER EXPERIENCED.
      In short Paul you drank the poison tea of Republican talking points, which are lies, and are too irresponsible to search out the truth and actual facts, you are why our Democracy is in peril!

  • So, here, is the true issue:

    Democratic Party of America ——————atheistic socialist anti-American.
    The Rest of America——————Religious Freedom and Constitution based small government with the acknowledgement that goverment has no money of its own and federal government should have VERY LITTLE power over the people.

    The United States was founded in INDEPENDENCE of England’s tyrranny.

    Why the Democratic Party of America wants communism so badly in this nation is beyond sanity.

    Every communist nation throughout history has ended in tragedy for all.

    • oldtack

      The worst thing that has happened to our Country is the so-called Moral Majority Neo-conservative Evangelical Christian Coalition. You are no different than Radical Islam. You are both hell-bent on destroying anything or anyone who dares disagree with your warped interpretation of absolute truth. You have your “God” and the other group has their “Allah” and both philosophies have their roots in ancient Middle Eastern Mysticism. I belive in a Creator and Ipay obescience to that Diety each week. So don’t get on your soap box and blaspheme me as a Socialist Atheisist. After you destroy any Christians who dare digress from your warped idealogy and then destroy the Muslims or as you call them the Godless Heathen are you then going to destroy all other diverse faiths? Jesus Christ said “render unto Caesar that which is Caesars and unto God that which is God’s. It appears that your Ilk wabt to run Caesar’s business then cast the Creator aside and totally control Religious thught also. I look to my Creator to save us from Idiots such as you and your ilk.

  • EcoAl51

    A united citizenry could easily defeat “Citizens United”. When people wake up it will happen.

  • sleeprn01

    Paul you obviously are making a gross generalization. Most of the democrats that I know get up every morning, go to work, work hard, and then come home to their family. I’ve worked at an inner city hospital for most of my life and the poor you describe are in the vast minority. Most of the poor that I see have neither health or dental insurance, thus they come into the hospital with multiple rotted teeth, plaque so thick you can scape it with a knife. Their medical conditions are far worse; their diabetes so out of control that their blood sugars are in the 500-600 range (nml200/>100 range (nml <140/<90). These diseases left untreated can lead to severe systemic disease such as renal failure, blindness, stoke, heart attack, and various chronic infections. Now Paul since you think the poor have it so great, ask yourself would I want to trade places with these people. However, maybe you would want to live in their luxurious estates that have no A/C or heat, leak when it rains, have rats as your live in neighbors, and with windows and doors broken out. You need to thank God for how good you've got it, you just maybe a pay check or two away from their detestable condition as many other middle class citizens have recently found out. Thank you President Obama for putting safety nets in place for workers, who thru. no fault of their own, are now unemployed.

    Your rant about unions shows just how ignorant you are; I bet you don't even think about unions when you sit in your easy chair with a beer to watch your sport of choice ( football players, baseball players, and basketball players) all unionized. Or how about when you go on vacation, almost the whole airline industry is unionized: pilots, flight attendants, aircraft mechanics, and air traffic controllers. I hope you don't think that they are on the dole, lazy, and do a poor job, ex. Captain Solenberger and the air traffic controller who was watching his plane. Or if you prefer to take your car, the auto workers and the highway workers are most likely unionized. Yes, I know what you are going to say the UAW caused the auto industry to fail. And yes, there is fault enough to go around, but it wasn't UAW workers who designed ugly cars, who engineered poorly designed cars, those that chose inferior products to be used in their cars, or the executives who took short term profits over long term viability.

    Jebeiah12, yes we brought many things from our parent county to our new home, but form of government wasn't one of them. First we do not have a monarchy. Second we have a Jeffersonian democracy which was partially based on the ancient Greek form of democracy not England's parliamentary system.

  • Braintruste

    How about the Supreme Court ruling that corporations can take private land? And the development they based this fascist decision on (that kicked people out of their homes) has gone bankrupt. What a tragedy and crime. Don’t forget that one! The greatest threat to America and our constitution is our “Supreme” Court. This has become obvious. Why do they hate America? I don’t know.

    • ObozoMustGo

      Brain… the SCOTUS decision did not allow corporations to take private property. It allowed governments to take private property and give it to someone else for their private use. While that distinction may seem small, it is a huge difference in how the case is percieved, and your statement is patently false. The case was called Kelo v. New London, CT. And guess what? It’s the leftist and activist judges that supported the ruling. The conservatives were the ones that dissented. Here are the FACTS!

      On 23 June 2005, the Supreme Court, in a 5–4 decision, ruled in favor of the City of New London. Justice Stevens wrote the majority opinion, joined by Justices Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer.

      The principal dissent was issued on 25 June 2005 by Justice O’Connor, joined by Chief Justice Rehnquist and Justices Scalia and Clarence Thomas.

      I agree with you 100% that the Kelo ruling was a disaster. My hunch is that you will be disappointed to know that you actually support the conservative viewpoint that dissented in the case. My apologies if that assumption is incorrect.

      Have a nice day!

  • if the right wan’s corprations to be people, fine , TAX THEM AS PEOPLE, see how long they like our spot.

    • ObozoMustGo

      ETR… still working over that crack pipe of yours, aren’t you?

      • Jon

        Is that you’re best come back? You’re not even worth the air from a fart OMG. Idiots like you don’t have what it takes to be a real human being. Go ahead,continue to rally for your ilk and bash others who have a right to their opinions and see what your good buddies will do for you once they get in office.. Like Romney’s desire to take a vacation to France with his family once he becomes POTUS.. Guess who’ll foot that ‘lil excursion, hell the price tag alone will make Obama’s trip to his hometown of Hawaii seem like chicken feed.

      • JosefDickerson

        You sir, and I use that term loosely, are an idiot. But then again, as a right wing republican, I expected as much. It was the republican policies that got us into the mess that our president is attempting to clean up. But then again, I realize I’m dealing with a person who, if in Hitler’s time would have bought into the whole NAZI pile of Horses**t. May you and your NAZI ideals rot in Hades.

        • ObozoMustGo

          Let me remind you leftist nutjob dummies about a little bit of history and relate it to modern day. What did NAZI stand for? huh? That’s riiiiiigghht boys and girls. NAZI is an acronym for NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY. Socialism is on the political left. Which political party in America is the home of leftist and mostly socialist ideologies? Come on, you can do it. That’s riiiiiiggghhhht boys and girls. Leftist and socialist ARE the DumbocRATic party. NAZIs were socialist, DumbocRATS are socialist.

          So the next time you leftist morons want to use the NAZI bomb, let’s all know exactly what the truth is.

          You’re welcome for you history lesson, you dope!

          Have a nice day!

  • The sad part of this ruling by the scotus is that the excuse they gave for allowing it is exactly what they said wouldn’t happen. The majority opinion stated that they ruled this way because it would NOT lead to even the appearance of elections being for sale. Yeah right.

  • ObozoMustGo

    There should be no restrictions on political speech, period! Citizens United was a correct constitutional ruling. Leftist nutjobs dont like it because it gives others the same money power that the unions have held forever with the DumbocRATS. You want to talk about corruption? Unions FORCE dues on people that dont want to be in the union. They take dues from people who do not support their leftist political agenda. Then they spend those forced dues (hear extortion) on leftist politicians many of their members would never support. Dont get me wrong. I say the unions have a right to their speech as much as anyone. But the employee should have a right to NOT be forced into paying union dues if they dont want to. Or they should have a right to determine where their dues are being spent. This is especially true about the public employee unions which are the biggest scams of all. They are engaged in blatant money laundering.

    Have a nice day!

    • joyscarbo

      I proudly PAY union dues. They keep big business from SCREWING the worker. I worked for an employer who wanted to mandate flu vacines or lose your job. I had to choose between being forced to have a vacine or lose my job?! That’s unconstitutional. The union sued the hospital and had to back down on their mandate. But this kind of big business strong-arm tactics are very common. Big business in America is so incidiously corrupt that they can’t be trusted to treat their employees with any kind of decency. (You know, “employees” you know, that majority of people in the country WHO DO THAT WORK TO MAKE BIG BUSINESS WEALTHY??!!!) Without unions, big business wouldn’t be compelled in any way to pay decent wages or provide any kind of benefits. It’s jackasses like you and the jacked, corrupt, REPUBES that you support that are going to run this great country of ours into the country. BIG BUSINESS doesn’t OWN America- THE PEOPLE do!!! You and your republican buddies are the TERRORISTS!!

      • ObozoMustGo

        Joy.. if you like paying union dues, pay union dues. Why should a worker that does NOT want to be in the union be FORCED to be in the union and pay dues? And your rant about “big business srewing workers” is so full of crap, I bet you taste it as you type. The best way to increase wages is to increase demand for employees. And you cant have employees without employers. The higher the cost of being an employer, the greater the risk and more difficult to make a return on investment. Unions artificially drive up the cost of business and are the #1 reason business moves overseas. You want your right to organize in a union, I want my right to NOT have to join a union if I dont want to. Support Right to Work laws!

        Have a nice day!

        • joyscarbo

          You’re DAMNED straight I’ll keep paying my insurance dues!! And your party can keep putting Americans out of working by shipping jobs overseas to places like 3rd world countries and CHINA!!!
          I’ve seen so many big companies who don’t give decent raises- even cost of living raises- and they don’t hire full-time workers so they don’t have to offer any kind of benefit packages. My father worked for 35 years at the Boeing Company and was a proud union member and made a good living for his family.
          Do you even work? Or are you one of these business owners that claim you can’t give any kind of benefits to your employees???

          • ObozoMustGo

            Why should a worker that does NOT want to be in the union be FORCED to be in the union and pay dues?

          • joyscarbo

            I have worked at company that had an “open shop”- that is, participation and payment of union dues was not mandatory. But they still received the same protection under the contract. They received the same raises and benefits spelled out to them in the contract.

            I’ve worked for companies who had a union in place and was a “closed shop”- that is, paying union dues is required. You know that coming through the door. I worked with jerks and asses like you who bitched, moaned and whined about the union. They’re the same folks who also received HELP from the union when they had a grievance!! They brought a case, a union rep fought with the administration for them and they won. What a load of hipocracy!!!

            And union dues are not a prohibitive amount of money to pay. It’s around $45-$50 per month. Not a lot to pay to keep the company’s big wigs from going stupid on the worker.

            All you know is what Hannity and Rush tell you. You don’t think you way through anything. Unions help families make good living wages, decent and safe working conditions and assure that there are good and fair business practices in the workplace.

            If you don’t like the union, then don’t work for a company that has a union in place. You’re FREE to do that.

          • ObozoMustGo

            Who cares why someone does not want to work in a union? All that matters is that it is their personal right to NOT be in a union. Support Right to Work Laws!

          • joyscarbo

            See?? There you go again, Bozo….you don’t address any arguement with any substance, or intellegence, other than what Fox News has told you.

  • William Deutschlander

    The UNSUPREME COURT, CITIZENS DISENFRANCHISED ruling is a horrible disgrace to the founders of this of this Republic, It leaves an indelible stain on the major branch of our system of justice. Not only did it open our political process to the whims of the highest bidder but it has proven that our justice system can be bought.
    We MUST OVERTURN CITIZENS UNITED and return our governance to a DEMOCRACY!
    The Roberts Court is the biggest disgrace to our Justice System I have seen in my 75 years.
    I pray that the MAJORITY of citizens, unite and correct the horrible Citizens United, more correctly CITIZENS DISENFRANCHISED, ruling by this shameful court!
    Thank you E J for keeping the focus on this political court!

  • dardyl

    joyscarbo, It is kind of like making you buy Obamacare or get fined. I hear you.

  • Falconnest

    G. W Bush raised the national debt 75%. Ronald Reagan raised it 168%. They were the two presidents that raise the national debt the highest going back to Washington.

  • dardyl

    Falconnest, Obama said he was giving new hope to America. He said he was going to have a whole new approach and TRANSPARANCY. He should have begun to pay down the national debt. He should have reversed what Bush and Reagan had done. He had controll of the House and Senate and Reid and Pelosi When a friend asks you to help him to get out of debt, you don’t say “Well first, let’s get you in more debt before we began to get you out.” You start then and make the hard decisions about what it takes to make that happen. Obama didn’t do that. He raised it even further. Bush and Reagan served two terms and nothing improved. I learned that if it doesn’t happen first time around, that’s it. Why should I re-elect Obama when he stands ready to pour even more money into debt, and he has shown he is ready to spend. Shame on me to be suckered twice.

    • ObozoMustGo

      dardyl… nice work on a cogent and well thought out post.

      • dardyl

        Blaming Bush is wearing a little thin. Obama’s never taken any blame. It is always someone else’s fault, the Congress, the Republicans, Bush. Yet what he has done in the compressed amount of time he has been in there is unbelievable. If he goes back in I don’t see any hope for America, and I can’t for the life of me see why that isn’t obvious to people! It is so frustrating.

        • ObozoMustGo

          It is frustrating, dardyl. But remember, the leftist nutjobs we see on this site are really a small minority of committed useful idiots who would still vote for Obozo even if he was caught on tape raping a child. Remember, these idiots look at Obozo as a savior, as their messiah. You arent going to change any minds on here. At least not the posters. But there are others out there who are more independent and thinking people who may have been suckered by
          “Hope and Change” one time, but have seen the light of what a miserable and incompetent failure Obozo really is. Even I had high hopes for Obozo after the election, though I didn’t vote for him. I wanted him to be a uniter. Instead, we got arrogance and division. We got HUGE government debt. We got class warfare pitting one group against another. We got massive increases in the size of the government and the amount regulations they foist upon us. We got 14 million fewer jobs under Obozo. We got allies not trusting us and enemies sticking their fingers in our eyes. We got apologies for America. In short, we got a sheet sandwich from Obozo, and the useful idiots on this site keep telling you how good it tastes. Well, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck……..

          Have a nice day!

          • dardyl

            I know all that, but sometimes I get discouraged. It is good to know there are those of you out there who SEE. I’m hoping that the longer and worse people are hit in their pocketbooks, the more they will turn on him. There is nothing that speaks louder than the dollar, worthless as it is. I did not vote for him either. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. That is how he struck me and he didn’t get my vote. I will continue to post on here. Usually I get tickled at some of the dumb things posted.

  • Rutlander

    It’s bad enuf that our ‘election cycles’ are every 2-4-6 years and that we have to listen to the parti-
    san BS for months on end–now we are to be treated to lies and jive to the tune of millions of bucks
    thanks to the Supreme[?] Court…We have children, elderly, and working poor struggling along
    while advertising agencies and broadcasters pocket dough that cud have been put to better use
    trying to restore the liberty and livlihoods of our people…I envy the countries that only allow 3
    months or less ‘campaigning’, a limit on any political spending, and no unproven negative spots
    or infomercials,,,I intend to vote but I don’t expect I’ll listen to all of the garbage that is coming
    at us…Aaron Allen…