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Saturday, February 24, 2018

“There are very few African-American men in this country who haven’t had the experience of being followed when they were shopping in a department store. That includes me.” — Barack Obama

I am Trayvon Martin.

Distill it to its marrow, and that is what African-Americans have been telling other Americans since February 2012, when the unarmed teenager was stalked and killed by George Zimmerman, who, for no good reason, thought him suspicious. And it is essentially what President Obama said in an impromptu appearance in the White House press room last week.

We African-Americans see ourselves, our sons and grandsons, in this dead boy. And we hear no whisper of “there but for the grace of God,” but, rather, a nightmare scream of what could yet be, in a nation that would afterward slander them till it seemed they deserved what they got and more.

In pointedly including himself among our number, in testifying that even the most powerful man in the world once saw women clutch their purses when he got on an elevator, Obama committed an act of moral courage. It was all the more remarkable because it carried no political upside.

Not that everyone understood. “Trayvon Martin could have been me,” said the president, after which Sean Hannity, a grand wizard of the extreme right, professed confusion, wondering if by this, Obama meant he “smoked pot and he did a little blow.”

And so it goes.

That coarse attempt at wit pretty much emblematizes the behavior of many so-called conservatives since Zimmerman’s acquittal. They have redoubled their efforts to fashion a fairly ordinary teenager into some general purpose thug who somehow needed shooting, and his killer into some righteous street avenger who stalked him from justifiable fear because, “we all know” young black men are criminal.

“Young black men.” Not Trayvon Benjamin Martin, 17, son of Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton. Because the first casualty of racism is individuality, the right to be your singular self.

50 Responses to I Am Trayvon Martin

  1. “One hopes people are that tired again — and that it spurs a new movement
    to challenge not just laws, but attitudes so corroded and stained some
    of us cannot even muster compassion for the death of a blameless boy.”

    Beautifully said. It seems to me that we are all being coerced into discussing what happened to Trayvon through the prism of white media America, rather than talking about who he actually was — someone’s child. Until everyone can see a child as a child, rather than some meanspirited stereotype, we will all be tired.

    • If Trayvon had a meal prepaired for him possibly he wouldnt have been out to a quick mart for skittles and he could have been home reading or doing some school work? And the white media, bull pass the buck along. The media was all the time against Zimmerman, On HLN that MIKE something called Zimmerman the most hated man in america, not to all. And one more thing. How many generations will it take for blacks to stop seeing themselves as victims of slavery. Had it not been for lazy whites and the african chiefs selling the slaves to the lazy whites most blacks would still be in AFRICA. The Africa they are so proud to claim never ever seeing the dung hole that would have been their home instead of the USA. Get over the slavery you werent a slave, and I was never a slave owner, those people are all long gone dead. SO do something other than complain about EVERYTHING, YOU have a black president and he has done very little to help the status of America with the henchmen in his cabinet, and women excuse me for leaving out Hilly Clinton a pathological liar.

      • You are pathetic. You didn’t come to the country or your forefathers as slaves. You /they came voluntarily. You can never delete history. Thats why people still stick to the Constitution. It is as old as slavery time.

      • As the middle class black family disappears it is replaced by the fast food, videogame, baby mama culture.

        I hate to go all Henry Makow, but the main element in this spiral is the father not being home.

        Indeed if the Trayvon’s of our world are having dinner at the table with dad and everyone consistently, they would not be blaming anyone for anything.

        BTW I have not ever seen any modern rapper blaming anything on slavery so I gotta call BS on that line.

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        • You sir seem like an educated person. But the modern rapper and the money and drugs and women get into young men of all colors. I know if I had not been under strict parents rule, I d probably ended up in the jail as are so many that break the law. Trayvon attacked the Z. Tray had THC in his blood. I think this is a reason that embolded him. If Z had meant only to kill, MURDER A black human being the KNOTTS on his heaad and blood lost would never have happened, Z would have shot Z from a distance, The attack would not have gotten so far as to having Z be beat up so bad, Any blow to the head is a potential death strike. A small blood clot can form and move into circulation and whammy your dead, God be with you and all of us that need to live together on this ball of a planet called earth,

          • Manslaughter is appropriate.

            Going out with some iron/composite bravery on a Barney Fife crusade that lands you in an avoidable fight where you think you need to use deadly force because of your blunder does not meet the threshold for murder.

            Why gun clinging, conservatives put this loser on some pedestal is beyond logic. Dollars to donuts, Zimm will be an expert consultant on FOX News within two years.

            Only in America does a dead black boy go on trial for his own killing. THC “in his blood”? Really? So you suggest he had it coming? If so you are a sad example of compassion.

          • NO SIR< I DONT KNOW WHY you go on calling Trayvon a boy, If I called you a boy or refered to Trayvon as a boy you black folks would moan about calling us a boy…Trayvon outweighed Z and was taller. Zimmerman had as much right to walk where he wanted to as much as the now dead Trayvon. The THC in the blood tells me Trayvon used illegal drugs. How did Trayvon purchase drugs? In my humble opinion he picked up what he could to trade or sell for pot money. Now as far as Trayvon running, had he kept running no way would the encounted ever happened. Trayvon being a young 17 year old man could have been in the next county if he had chosen to be. It just makes sense to me that he hid and thought he would teach whom ever was following him a lesson and never be caught up with. So in effect he profiled Z more that Z did Trayvon. I think he figured I'll whip up on this smaller shorter white cracker ass cracker and teach him a thing or two and no one will ever know. too much violence and TV taught Trayvon the punches he landed on the white cracker, Had Trayvon been taught by a professional he never would have used the martial art to be the attacker. Trayvon just picked the wrong white cracker to mess with. And earlier it was questioned about the 61 murders mostly black on black crime in chicago, that occured while Zimmerman trial was ongoing. This is what I know about blacks. You always want to bring up something to moan and groan about, and missing the larger picture. The many deaths in your race during the same time period and not one mention about this to the public by black leaders. jackson and sharpton are people that get a few minutes of air time by stirring up black people that listen to these guys and get stirred up, not thinking for themselves. Had it not been for the terrible slavery, african chiefs selling others in the tribe to the lazy white slave traders, many of the black descendants would not be here in USA would still be in africa. And all the blacks want to be referred to now is african americas. Why not just Americans, black or white, our skin color is very obvious and not all black folk come from africa. Wasnt affirmative action enough for you folk? I hope this tells you something about how many whites percieve you and your race. Many are just takers, and not so many givers. I hope you go in peace and I cannot help that I am white anymore than you can help that you are a black man. May GOD continue to bless America, all colors. Thank you for the discussion sir.

          • You know no more of what happened than anyone else, and you obviously know nothing about THC.

  2. I think Sean Hannity is the one who is smoking pot. His behaviour and what he says daily is not normal. He is not a kind of a person anyone who has the right thinking can rely on. It tells a lot what kind of people listen to this kind of a person.

  3. I wish that “Afro-American” be cancelled. I believe it is helping to increase the problems. I know that my fathers people came from Ireland and my mothers from Scotland but I list myself as AMERICAN

    • I agree with what you are saying, but actually “Afro-American” went out sometime in the 1980s when the term “African-American” became the politically correct way to go.
      As for myself, I refuse to use the term African-American because I listen to a lot of blacks talk, from Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton, to my neighbor up the street. In the same sentence, they will use the term “African-American” for their people, and then the term “white” for me and my kind.
      What’s fair is fair, I’ll call them African-American when they call me European-American, although I’m 1/8 Native American, which throws a whole new angle into the mix.

  4. What is reverand about Jackson or Sharpton? NOTHING! Look at the blacks killing blacks in Chicago during the Zimmerman trial. 61 deaths during the trial of blacks killing other blacks. Savage! How old is The Revearnd Jacksons LOVE child now by the way? And Al Sharpton just stirs up trouble thats all. No matter who shot who if the Martins had cooked Trayvon a good supper the night he was killed possibly he would’nt have needed to go out for junk food to eat like skittles, his stomach would have been full. The parents didnt even miss their child until the next day when the police came to tell them. My parents checked to be sure I was in my bed every night. Anything to do with a child goes 100% back to the parent, good or bad. So better parenting would have saved Trayvon, cause he would have been home, possibly doing some homework>? Oh thats right he was suspended from school wasnt he? He still could have been reading, or doing something constructive. GOD BLESS AMERICA, FOR ALL OUR SAKE.

      • The Martins said all they wanted was an arrest and a trial.They got that. They didn’t like the verdict so now they want more. You, I, the Martins or no-one else was there when this incident happened so you don’t know what happened. George Zimmermand was aquitted by the jury so now the President of the USA and the Sharpton’s of the world want the laws changed. This is not 35 years ago and history has nothing to do with what happened. If it did then I would have the right to do a crime and say i was innocent because I am a female and didn’t have the right to vote until 1920. This was even later than the black male had the right to vote.Slavery has long been abolished.One of the problems is that men and women of all races, colors and sizes, genders and for whatever reasons get profiled every day but black people think they are the only ones. When my son was young he had long hair and quite often he was stopped by the police. They used the excuse that he looked like a missing person. He was cited one day for aimless walking, although he was just walking from his home to a friends house. I as a white person been ask to show a picture ID when I have used my charge card. I have been ask to show a valid tickenk on the Metro Link.

        • The Martins wanted a trial for killing their son.

          The DA put up a high hurdle for a weak case and allowed the victim to go on trial by the Defense.

          The jury Acquitted because their instructions forced them to. The instructions are based on the SYG atrocity that basically puts the burden of proof on the dead.

          • The instructions were not based on SYG. They were based on self defense. They had a trial and DA and prosecution did not win the case because they did not have evidence that George Zimmerman was not defending himself.
            I by the way am not a right wing kook. I voted for Obama. I actually thought the jury got it right in the OJ case and was appalled at how the media treated him after the trial. Seems some people in this country like to say we have the best justice system in the world until they don’t get the verdict they want.I don’t always agree with every verdict but neither do I get out and protest and want to change the laws to suit my agenda.


          • Be honest, did you go out and protest because you didn’t agree with the OJ verdict. Trayon Martin was a victim of his wrong choice to attack George Zimmerman and that is why the jury aquitted George Zimmerman.

          • Why would I protest? I agreed with the OJ vertict and I agree with the vertict in the Martin/Zimmerman case.


          • My Children would have liked to have seen the two young black men, who mugged me right outside my condo, get arrested and go to jail, and as a sister, I would have liked to have seen the two young black men, who stabbed my brother while he was working at a 7-11, get arrested and gone to jail. Didn’t happen and yes the punks get away with this kind of stuff quite often.


          • I actually don’t hold animocity toward blacks. My brother and I both voted for Barack Obama and William Lacy Clay. These people were not caught and didn’t go to trial. My point is there is a certain element of any race out there that get away with crimes. How do you think George Zimmerman’s parents would have felt if he had died from being attacked by Trayvon Martin? I doubt that Trayvon Martin would have stayed around to be identified. George Zimmerman had contacted the police and did not run after the incident. The Martins wanted and an arrest and a trial. That happened and George Zimmerman was acquitted. Trayvon Martin was a victim of himself.

          • No such thing as victim of self no where in history is there such a thing and any injuries put on Z was deserved if any man chase me around and put fear in my heart i will fight like crazy too Z’s parents are a joke that’s a 30 year old man they taught to be prejudice pfft.

          • George Zimmerman is not 30 years old. He was 28 when this incident took place. You are assuming his parents are prejudiced because you didn’t get the verdict you wanted. Yes you can become a victim of your own poor judgement. For example if I drive 100 miles and hour and lose control of my car and get killed, I died because I used poor judgement.I became a victim of my own poor judgement. George zimmerman did not do anything illegal. Trayvon Martin made the mistake of jumping on George Zimmerman and assaulting him. If you assault someone just because you think he or she is following you then you are going to be spending some time in jail or prison.

          • Yes, SYG rewrote the jury instructions for trials. No, Trayvon did not need to go all MMA on Zimmy.

            No, Trayvon did not deserve to die for his mistake and no, Zimmy does not deserve to get off scot free for his ongoing bad behavior.

          • George,Zimmerman was tried under self defense period.
            Trayvon Martin died because he chose to attack George Zimmerman and no one should get any sentece because he was defending himself. Trayvon Martin bit off more than he could chew and this time he paid with his life..

          • The Yapster 🙂 I hope you don’t mind,

            I can just as validly say that Zimmy bit off more than HE could chew so he took the coward’s way to finish it and Trayvon paid with HIS life.

            No one should get any sentence? Zimmy is a Barney Fife wannabe who followed a boy after the cops told him not to. Who accosted this boy after getting out if his vehicle and then loses control to Trayvon’s superior skills? Why is he such a hero to the FAUX News claque?

            Sure violence must be the last resort, Trayvon would tell us that, but manslaughter(heat of passion) is a decent compromise that the Sanford Police and DA avoided. This precedent makes it legal for future losers to go and kill more boys they deem dangerous.

            Perhaps the next vigilante can wear a superhero costume to really set the tone.

          • George Zimmerman did not accost anyone when he got out of his vehicle. He did not break any law by getting out of his vehicle. But Trayvon Martin did break a law by accosting George Zimmerman and because Trayvon wasn’t as smart as he thougt he was, he lost his life.

          • Thanks,
            Your entire point is ONLY possible if Trayvon, the victim in this case is the one put “on trial” by the DA. Zimmy cultists would not spew that Trayvon smoked weed, or was suspended from school and condemn him for it.
            This is how rapists get away with their crimes, e.g. She always wore those short skirts.

            If Trayvon had disarmed and beaten George unconscious, George would likely still be alive. If Trayvon did manage to kill him instead, Trayvon would be the one standing his ground.

            Too bad Zimmy wasn’t as tough as he thought, and a boy who could be you, or anyone, died.

          • Your post doesn’t make any sense at all. I didn’t say anything about weed or school .
            George Zimmerman didn’t have to wait for Trayvon Martin to even hurt him in anyway at all as long as he felt that his life was in danger. He did not do anything to Travon Martin until Martin was on top of him pounding his head on the concrete sidewalk. End of story.

          • You haven’t a clue what happened, and you’re a liar to imply otherwise. Only two people saw what happened, and one of them is dead.

          • I looked at some of your many comments. Do you even work, seems all you do is bitch about everything,,,and are you a black man or mexican…I swear I cant tell…but you talk a lot of crapolia

          • LOL

            Thanks you just made my day.

            Alas, I cannot goof off ALL THE TIME, but I do pretty good.

          • And once again we see the old right-wing trope that no one could possibly oppose you unless they’re low-life freeloaders, right?

        • You can bet the parents are coming out of this smelling like a rose! Tv appearances, talk shows etc.! I’m sorry to sound so callous, but there are thousands of kids, black and white, that are senselessly killed everyday! The only reason this one is different is the “Reverand” Al Sharpston got involved and you can bet he didn’t do it for free!! This whole thing is a circus! If the Supreme Court thinks racism is dead, they better come out of their protective shell and live on the streets for a while! Because of people like Sharpstom, Jackson etc. racism will be kept alive or they would go broke!

          • Better protest over one case than silence on all.
            Maybe your heart is in the right place, but you need to engage your brain.

          • My brain is fully engaged! Where there is money to be had for publicity, black or white, they will take full advantage of it!

    • Please take your hate somewhere else and, for God’s sake, if nothing else at least use the proven facts of this case. As for TM’s parents, you are so wrong. TM’s parents are divorced. TM was visiting his father and they were at the fiancée’s townhouse. TM wasn’t getting dinner, they had already eaten. He went to the local store–a 7-11 type–to get an Arizona Iced Tea for himself and Skittles of his soon-to-be 10-year-old stepbrother prior to the start of a televised game.

      As for his parents not searching for him, that’s just not true. When TM didn’t return home, his father called the police–that night, not the next day. The police didn’t inform him of the shooting. TM’s body lay in the medical examiner’s office for three days before his parents were notified. (Remember, the police had TM’s cell phone and could have called the last number dialed and learned his name and location, but they didn’t.) During the three days, TM’s parents frantically searched for him. and, reported him missing, after the required 24 hours, to the Sanford police. This case was bollixed from the beginning by how the Sanford Police handled it. There wouldn’t existed all the questions and acquisitions had they performed the investigation promptly.

      • The police see this everyday. Blacks attacking others. Not to say that whites dont do the same, but not in the degree that blacks do. Had Z only wanted to plug Trayvon, he would had done it at a distance. Are you not tired of paying to keep others up in life. Wait until someday you are done very wrongly and they happen to be black.You will learn. And I hate no one. You need to wake up and smell the coffee. Until you get jacked you will continue to be a bleeding heart for criminals. How did the innocent Tray pay for his dope?,,,My guess is he cased many places to see what was handy to pick up, other words steal. Cant prove it in this case, but where did the THC in his blood come from. It had to get there someway, and last time I checked the President has as O F YET signed free pot for all legislation yet, any day now any day!

      • You lady are a bleeding heart LIB. AND LIVE IN LA LA LAND. The court has ruled, why not live with it. YOU and morons like sharpton and jackson just want to moan and groan about something that didnt go the way you though it should have. You were not there and neither was I. So the legal system has had it’s say, like it or not. And as for your 9mm pistol it does you so much good in the house dosent it?….sad u r.

        • You Jon are a heartless cruel right wingnut.

          There, how’z that feel?

          The Court has ruled, but the entire mess lives on. Facts such as the ones the bleeding heart liberal allegedly likes endure.

          You propose that the rest of the darker persuasion just learn to be “good ones” and they won’t provoke the lynch mobs, is that it?

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