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Saturday, October 22, 2016
  • Saturn62


    • daniel bostdorf

      What do you mean? Do you ahve any thoughts past 1 word?

  • TZToronto

    The GOP wants the ACA repealed. The goal of the ACA is to have everyone in the USA covered for health care. The ACA will work, once it’s fully implemented. The Patriot Act, which so many Senators and Reps voted for sight unseen, works against the American people by trashing the rights that are guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. Its existence simply gives the U.S. government a free pass to trample on the rights of people living in the United States. In other words, it says that whatever rights you thought you had, we don’t have to honor them. (The U.S. government, apparently, has decided to discard any pretense of observing the rights of the people and justifies its transgressions by using the excuse that these illegal actions are for the good of the people. This ubiquitous spying on the people–all people–is inexcusable. The Fourth Amendment is the major victim of the Patriot Act. If anything should be repealed, it’s the Patriot Act (II). Congress and the President need to work together to repeal the Patriot Act and to reinstate the full power of the Fourth Amendment. Unfortunately, most members of Congress believe the myth that this privacy intrusion actually accomplishes something. If the GOP wants to cut the budget, it might start with proposing an end to the expensive monitoring of everyone’s communications.

  • sigrid28

    What I find counter-intuitive is the duplication involved in storing metadata twice, since it is already stored by phone providers. Phone records and phone taps have been routinely provided to law enforcement and defendants via subpoena since long before 9/11. Engineers and other scientists often create several identical experimental models, just in case the first one fails, as a means of utilizing the expensive equipment and materials that go into creating specs. A fantastic example of this principle saves the day in Robert Zemeckis’s film “Contact” based on the book by Carl Sagan: an international panel of scientists and humanists decides to construct a space and time travel machine following a blueprint sent via radio waves from outer space, but the first one is destroyed by a terrorist. Not to worry, the government has followed its usual protocols and made two! Here is something I wish were never duplicated that afflicts communications technology–phone trees.

  • Boston You

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