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Saturday, December 16, 2017

WASHINGTON — For decades, immigration hard-liners have felt sidelined and taken for granted by Republican presidential candidates, left with dog whistles and policy crumbs. But Donald Trump’s ascent to the top of the Republican ticket has changed their fortunes. Longtime advocates for shutting the door to new immigrants now hold crucial positions in the presumptive nominee’s…

Photo: Transport trucks cross the Tornillo-Guadalupe international bridge into the U.S. city of El Paso, Texas, as seen from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, March 21, 2016. Picture taken March 21, 2016. REUERS/Jose Luis Gonzalez

16 Responses to Trump Strengthens His Core Base: Immigration Hard-Liners

  1. Trump, Sen. Sessions, and Sheriff Arpaio don’t have any problem at all with “immigration.” Trump has married two foreign-born wives. Sen. Sessions is first in line to protect the “rights” of white Christian religious “refugees” as long as they’re anti-abortion and anti-LGBT. Sheriff Arpaio just enjoys the spotlight — no matter who shines it.

    These men and Numbers USA have a problem with Spanish speaking brown people. Their problem is called racism, and we’ve seen it before.

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  3. The fact that Trump’s base consists, mostly, of white supremacists determined to stop the flow of non-whites into the United States is old news. Anti-Hispanic-Latino, and anti-African American rhetoric has been the center piece of Trump’s rhetoric since he became a candidate. The only change in his strategy involves the issue of trade, which is being skillfully used as a wedge issue to take some of the sting out of the ultimate goal being pursued by Trump and his acolytes.
    One of the greatest ironies is that this issue has reached the point of hysteria at a time when immigration, legal and illegal, is at its lowest point in decades, and when there are more Mexicans and Central Americans leaving the USA voluntarily, than there are entering it.
    White supremacist tendencies is part of the equation, but so are the uncertainties and financial problems that so many Americans are experiencing as a result of losing the jobs that, once upon a time, allowed them to support their families and hope for a better future.
    The latter is exacerbated by the knowledge that the top 1% of Americans are becoming wealthier, as a result of trade that favors American corporations, and because of their decision to keep employment down to a minimum, and salary stagnation, while most Americans are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet, let alone improve their standard of living.
    Taking it out on newcomers, especially those who look or sound different than the majority of Americans, is almost inevitable under these circumstances.

  4. This Sessions character should be asked about what happened in his state when the illegals stopped working to harvest the crops. The illegals were frightened, the owners were worried there would be legal problems, and the crops rotted in the fields. No Americans would take those jobs, due to the low pay, long hours, and the blistering hot sun. The price of tomatoes skyrocketed and the dumb folks of the state were angry. These racists cannot have it both ways. You either support a program that allows temporary workers to work or you pay exorbitant prices for your food. By the way, Trump, Sessions and Arpaio, our country needs younger immigrants who add more to our country than you three ever did.

    • The state of Alabama, emboldened by Arizona’s “show-me-your-papers” legislation, passed one of the most sweeping anti-immigrant laws ever written. Schools were required to report undocumented students and families. It became illegal for churches, shelters or aid groups to provide temporary housing assistance. It became illegal to issue contracts to undocumented persons, including rental or lease agreements, utility services, business licenses and, of course, drivers licenses. Failure to provide proof of citizenship was grounds for immediate arrest and detention.
      The original law was struck down by the district court, but not before tens of millions in crop losses, chaotic upheaval of the public school system, and three very public, very embarrassing, and very expensive arrests of upper management execs from two auto manufacturing companies and one steel plant.
      The state of Alabama has now turned its focus to the imprisonment of pregnant women for perceived “damages” to the fetal contents of their bodies. It’s part of their idea of Women’s Health. Trump has favored this sort of women’s imprisonment on national TV. And, like everything else he has ever said, he has expressed the opposite statement as well.

  5. Trump proves that people are not really paying attention to who Trump is and what he does. He says he is a big supporter of our country but invests his money elsewhere. He’s anti immigration but imports workers and wives. He wants to build our factories but manufactures his products in other countries. He misleads his followers with lies and even the media who should be calling him out are falling in line. Why did the media not jump on his misleading statements about Oreo’s move. They closed one plant in Chicago and opened one in Mexico. There are still three plants making Oreo’s in the US and the company is expanding into the Mexican market. Trump is a truly great salesman, he can sell lies to people who should know better.

  6. Trump’s followers seem to think that electing Trump will result in deportations, less immigration, and better jobs and higher wages for themselves. They seem to have missed the part about American wages being too high. Guess what . . . If Trump gets elected and has a Republican Congress to feed him regressive legislation, the minimum wage will be either lowered or abolished and Trump’s peons will be trying to emigrate, legally or illegally, to find jobs that pay a decent wsge.

  7. Trump hates women because he can’t keep a wife, in the words of Ivana, “the woman always gets the money” are not golddiggers (here line from “First Wives Club”). He hides his anti-Semitism because he and Leona Helmsley were deadly hotel enemies and he hates immigrants because he stiffed so many of NJ casino and hotel workers, the majority of whom were immigrants.

    The Donald is your typical spoiled spiteful little boy who never grew up. When things don’t go his way, he gets even.

  8. Time and again the Democratic Party & Liberal Media politically twist the real reasons why so many Americans, and Europeans want to secure their borders to stop Illegals, and unvetted refugees from entering. We are NOT discussing “Immigration” as they try to portray these types of people as, but the danger to American Citizens as we have seen many times committed by Illegals, visa overstays, or unproperly vetted people.

    There have been thousands of crimes committed by these people, including murder & rape. Most Americans want this stopped, not be a political ploy for either cheap labor, or more voters. Legal Hispanics understand this. Here is just the latest example of a heinous crime committed by an Illegal deported 6 Times! !

    Officials: Man held in Oregon farm shooting deported 6 times | U.S. ……/officials-man-held-in-oregon-farm-s...
    U.S. News & World Report
    4 days ago – PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — A Mexican national charged with aggravated murder in the shooting deaths of three people at a rural Oregon blueberry farm had been deported six times, most recently in 2013, according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

    • Patrick in 1980, my dad was stabbed by an immigrant, the immigrant was jailed and returned shortly as the Mexican jail didn’t retain him. It is a horrible thing to lose a loved love whether by an immigrant or a citizen. The problem of not having immigration reform makes it worse then not doing anything about it. Unfortunately the innocent illegals that have come here to work and better their lives are the ones that the republicans want to punish. They want to separate families instead of focusing on offenders and making sure that those that are deported several times stay gone. In the end we will break up families and those that commit crime will still find a way back.

      • There are many cases though of non-criminal Illegals going on to commit crimes, violent or otherwise. I am sorry to hear about your dad, but the only way to solve this mess isn’t more Amnesties, we have had many of those. We must fully secure our borders & pass Mandatory E-verify . When many entered our Country Illegally, they knew the risks of violating our Laws. I believe what Trump proposes, which is building the Wall to keep those deported criminals from re-entering, and stopping sanctuary cities, (which the Democratic Party just Opposed), will solve this. Trump wants the good people that entered Illegally, to apply for Legal Status from their own Country.

        The problems from Millions of Illegals isn’t just crime, it involves a burden on our schools, hospitals, & unemployment as well.

        • Patrick you are wrong, Trump wants to rule the world and is using a non-viable way of immigration reform. We cannot and should not isolate ourselves, that will not keep our status as a free world. It will not keep the the inhumane treatment of any individual be it the American child that has illegal parents, or dreamers is more important to this nation then to appease a few haters.

          • One thing you must agree on, before anything can really be done about immigration, our borders must be fully secured. Almost no one trusts Congress to enforce our Laws, & many Millions wanting security & enforcement of those Laws certainly are not a few haters.

          • Patrick, we can’t trust congress, to work for the US Citizen. The obstruction, fear mongering, hateful rhetoric is all they do. If millions want security, why hasn’t congress passed the bill to keep guns away from those on the no-fly list? WHY?

          • Seems strange doesn’t it, but it isn’t as simple as that from what I hear. Some of the killers were not on any do not fly lists, & others, mainly Democrats, say it violates due process. This is what happens when years of ideology driven policies mostly by Congressmen that are Lawyers, complicate everything, & the People are uninformed, or fooled by them & the Media.

  9. Secure our borders?
    Ever read the book, NEVER AGAIN, by Bush Attorney-General John Ashcroft?
    He not Eric Holder, ordered the rescue of illegals!
    Was Elain Gonzales an illegal or not?
    Where was Trump when Attorney-General Janet Reno was upholding our immigration laws?

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