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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Immigration Reform?

The National Memo is conducting a poll to survey our readers' views on comprehensive immigration reform. We'll be sharing the results on our site as well as with TV, radio, and Internet opinion leaders.

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  • RightwingLiberal

    The problem is reform advocates and special interests want some type of massive legislation. This only allows the special interests from both sides to water it down or provide amnesty. Immigration reform should be taken in steps to keep the greasy fingers of special interest groups from poking it full of holes. Complete and enact one step before starting the next step. Above all, absolutely no reform of any kind which is a detriment to the poor and middle class working Americans.

    Step 1 – Enact crippling monetary penalties and jail time for our job creators who hire illegals. Implement a robust eVerify system and close all loopholes which gives those who hire illegals phony excuses to avoid punishment.

    Step 2 – Fix the worker visa program to allow temporary 9 month per calendar year seasonal workers for agriculture and non-skilled type jobs. No construction, manufacturing, or other blue collar jobs. No family status visas.

    Step 3 – Curtail the number of H1B visas and all other H visas for so-called skilled workers. Eliminate the H4 visa which allows the H1B’s to bring their families.

  • Elle’s Island

    Per Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution, states may enter into agreements with other states if invaded or in imminent danger.