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Friday, November 17, 2017

When Mitt Romney visited Little Rock a while back for one of those $50,000 per couple fund-raisers where he pretends to tell plutocrats what he really thinks, he acted more like somebody in the Federal Witness Protection Program than a presidential candidate.

Arriving in a limo directly from the airport, Romney came and went through the back entrance of the city’s most expensive hotel—avoiding supporters and protesters clustered outside. I was amazed at the time. Given the state’s fiercely egalitarian mindset, no Arkansas politician would have risked appearing so disdainful of ordinary voters.

The Queen of England, for heaven’s sake, would have walked a rope line and chatted up her subjects. Not Mitt. The GOP nominee took no questions from local reporters, shook no hands, and kissed no babies. He only kissed, we now learn courtesy of a leaked videotape of him speaking to a similarly well-heeled gathering in Florida, the posteriors of his fellow swells.

To Mitt Romney, see, your human worth is directly proportional to the size of your bank account—regardless of where that account is located. Boston, Manhattan, Bermuda, Switzerland, the Cayman Islands; Mitt’s easy like that. It’s why he feels so comfortable running around the country ignoring peasants and begging wealthy people for cash to finance his ambitions.

So anyway, there he was at the Boca Raton estate of an equity fund tycoon otherwise known for being part owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, and for throwing bacchanalian parties with “scantily-clad” Russian dancing girls. (Immigrants work cheap.) Responding to a question about how he planned to win in November, Romney momentarily lost confidence.

“I had the most absurd nightmare,” he admitted. “I was poor and no one liked me. I lost my job, I lost my house, Penelope hated me and it was all because of this terrible, awful Negro.”

Oops! My bad. That was actually Louis Winthorpe III, the stuffed shirt with a trust fund played by Dan Ackroyd in the comedy “Trading Places.” The terrible Negro was Eddie Murphy, not Barack Obama.

But seriously, confident that nobody in Florida could hear but his fellow swells and the kitchen help, Romney described Democratic voters with disdain bordering upon contempt. Because so many media outlets have resorted to paraphrase to spare your tender feelings, it’s worth quoting at length:

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152 Responses to In Mitt Romney’s World

  1. Is there anyone still supporting this guy that is not part of the elite, ignorant, racist, or just plain mad? This is just fecking ludicrous that this is a candidate for the Presidency of the United States.
    Shame on us, if we are supposed to be the land that claims our shining light is the example of democracy, freedom, opportunity, etc., that we have a candidate that in his most unguarded truthful moments , disdains all these vaunted qualities.

    America is suffering from a financial dictatorship. Facts, figures, morals are being manipulated by the elite to be fed to the ignorant, distressed, dispossessed.

    F#%K THEM and their $77,000 prancing ponies.

    • Unfortunately, the huge problem seems to be the die-hard religious right. In my family I am the only liberal; I posted on FB about this comment and everyone in my family defended it. Even though, ironically, I make more money than anyone else in my family and they would actually all fall more into the 47% than I would. The issue keeps coming back to their belief that liberals are all anti-god; they disagree so strongly with the pro-choice and gay rights that they keep their heads in the sand for everything else.

  2. Romney’s recent statements are the result of arrogance and desperation. He does not care how much damage he causes to our country, whether or not his statements compromise the safety of Americans working abroad, or our interests overseas. The only thing he is interested in is making sure Mitt Romney is elected in November. Everything else is meaningless to him.

    • Exactly Dominick, I notice they don’t go through and shake hands and kiss babies anymore. (it’s that better than anyone else attitude he has)

      Edit: Unless you have 50k he might shake your hand then.

      • That Cause The American Taliban Are Nothing But Terrorists!! When You See Romney Do It He Look Like He Just Been Poisoned!! Remember When Clinton And Bush Was Over In Africa And Bush Shook One Of The People Hands Then Wipe His Hands Off On The Back On Clinton Shirt!! Another Caught On Tape Low Down Tactic These People Who Should Never Be In Office Do So Well!!!

      • and how the fu*k is he going to know you have 50K? Can he smell it on you? You are giving me a “chapped ass”…………………………… why do I converse with these “room temperature” I.Qs…?

        • I suspect you won’t answer me back because your mouth is bigger than your balls, but he would know because he invited you to his closed fund raiser, (that was 50k a plate) where he can talk about the lower class 47% peons.

          Try to keep up.

          And he might be able to smell it on you.

          Edit: BTW you’re a liar and a fat mouth.

    • Romney Just Telling How He Feels Along He’s A Spoil Rich Snob Who Don’t Give A Damn About America Nor It’s People Romney Is Out Only For Romney!! Now That He Taking These Other Thugs Money You Can Bet If He Wins He Will Be Spending The First 4 Years Returning Favors For All Of Them And America And The We The People Are Going To Be SCREWED BIG TIME!!! 🙁

    • Fern, I want to tell you about my mother-in-law. She has gone through the veil as they say in her religion. I am not of any party. She used to say, “When the Republicans get in, the rich get richer and the poor get pooer.” I used to laugh at her. Now, I am expecting her ghost to visit me and say, “See, I told you so.”

      • AMEN, Maggie! Maggie, those are the very words of my parents as well. They still say that but just to their grandchildren as well!

  3. Yet Mitt had proposed a 0% tax rate on Capital Gains income for the top2%, as well as benefiting personally himself, I guess when you are a member of the top 1%, it is OK not to pay taxes.. Not so much for the 47%.

      • AH yes who can forget lovely Leona Helmsley . She cut her son’s widow off DIME without a but did manage to provide ROYALLY for nasty little pooch .

        I am sure that one of those loopholes that Ryan and Romney want to close will NOT be the Oil Depletion Allowance .I like the Obama Ad that says “Romney won’t show you his taxes and won’t tell you what he wants to do to yours “

  4. Dominick – question. Is there any way this guy stands a chance at being elected? I am having a very hard time sleeping lately as this election season progresses toward the finale. I can not understand that there are still people unwilling to see what this man stands against, and hope that they will wake up in time to realize that a vote for the R & R team is a vote against America. I respect your opinions and hope that you have time to answer. Thank you

    • Elisabeth…The GOP is hoping Romney will step aside…You know…the typical GOP last minute shock and awe sweep? Norquist wanted Ryan, not Romney but Ryan is notorious Tea Party and Norquist knew that might not get enough votes for Ryan. But if Romney is a sure loser, Norquists and his RNC thugs won’t fail to effect a real swop…Ryan instead of Romney…You gotta love the GOP machinations of backroom agenda…Never fails to be a real mystery…rofl.

      • Eleanore, look at what has happened when other presidents have been killed or with Nixon, resigning. Look at who steps in the V.P. spot without being elected to do so. Hang on to your hat and remember to breathe if this happens. It is our responsibility to look down the road for eventualities when we vote this November. Remember, Mitt Romney is famous for “uninformed” followers not looking down the road past their own noses. He is use to entering a business adventure in sheeps clothing and leaving before anyone knew what hit them. He doesn’t stick around for a “round two ” election either. He is a quick in, do the damage with no disclosure and make a quick exit. Buyers remorse is already happening in the Republican Party.

    • Elizabeth, many of us are having a hard time sleeping these days because Romney is a “candidate”. There is a demention of this income tax thing that many would not have the knowledge of that I have. If Romeny ever produces his income tax records like his father did, he would likely have some explaining to do to the Mormon church. I seriously doubt that he paid a “full and honest tithing” on all of his off shore accounts. This would mean he has years of “tithing settlement” meetings that are lies. Tithing settlement is done every December with every church member. This meeting ends with a receipt for tax purposes for the IRS. The meeting is held with the Bishop of each Ward of the church. Think about it. If a full tenth was paid to the church and therefore a tax deduction, wouldn’t the IRS wonder where the “income” was to support such a deduction? There is a percentage figure for donations that automatically gets kicked out for investigation and questioning with the IRS. This is why my educated guess here is that he didn’t pay a full tithing therefore doesn’t want his income taxes reported to us for fear of the church questioning him too. My husband and I are “recovered Mormons” with far too many years of experience with such teachings and procedures in teh church.

      My posting is not to offend honest church members but to only point out greed and dishonesty is everywhere including behind the closed doors of Mr. Romney’s and and many other churches. Income for tithing purposes is self reported to heads of churches. This is why I seriously have wondered about Mr. Romney and his self reporting to his bishop. I find it strange that both Mr. Romeny and George W. Bush have gone against the teachings and examples of their own fathers. At least both of their fathers were respected men among the Democrats as well as the Republicans. Mitt and George W. have both made a mockery of the American reputation here and around the world. Their honesty has been questioned and rightly so with great gusto and at every turn…..and by their own party as well. It is shameful that we, as Americans, need to apologize so often to so many for their behaviors, and statements with the politically correct “mis-spoke” term instead of the lie the statements actually are.

      Elizabeth, I sincerely hope we all get more sleep after this is all over with. I also hope and pray Pres. Obama ends up with a congress and senate that he can work with on Nov. 6th.

      • Thank you for the information. That makes perfect sense and explains why he has been so adamant about releasing his tax records. Sooner or later, those who double deal get caught in their own schemes.

    • …translated from Money-Grub-Speak to English, that comes out as “It’s one of our most favorite lies. Now if we can only figure out how to snatch away the money wasted on diapers, baby food, and homeless shelters”.

    • Why don’t you explain to us how it came to be that ~47% of the nation pays no Federal Income Tax.? That is the only tax to which that statement applys. Otherwise, virtually everyone pays some tax somewhere or has a tax paid on his or her behalf. My 87 year old mother on SS and Medicare pays no federal income tax. Clearly she isn’t in that 47%! Oh, wait, I forgot, yes she is. That mooch. I am going to have to talk to her. The people with the real “I am a poor victim complex” in this nation are the folks who constantly repeat this refrain about the 47% and taxes.

      • Reference was to 47% of work eligible. Excluded children and the elderly.
        I surely don’t need to explain how the Community Reinvestment Act created a housing bubble of over a trillion dollars in bad loans that burst. The recession caused by that was over nearly 3 years ago, but here we are with over 23 million out of work or underemployed, the rolls of Social Security Disability expanding like a tidal wave, a government advertising for people to get on food stamps, the same government doing everything it can to cause inflation, keeping businesses too apprehensive to do anything but hunker down or invest outside the country, claiming they have a ‘jobs bill’ that looks exactly like last bill for ‘shovel ready’ jobs, claiming they are for the ‘middle class’ but making sure the jobs don’t come back to build that middle class. It simply wouldn’t do to have a nation not micro-managed by regulations or people who were self-reliant.

        • If it refers to work eligible (and by that you believe it eliminates those on SS and Medicare) it is inaccurate. Then it becomes simply a lie. No, you don’t have to explain those things nor do you need to explain the Earned Income Credit. What you need to explain is why that lie and why it has anything to do with President Obama. You need to explain why you believe half the people in the nation are taking advantage of you when the facts on the ground say otherwise. I am sorry. Join the 47% if you think life on that side of the equation is so great. Encourage your kids to also. Clearly that is the path to happiness and prosperity. In law school there is a saying – “$10.00 is $10.00.” Even if your tax rate required you to pay $500,00.00 on every $1,000,000.00 you earned you would do it because $500,000.00 is more than zero. How many panhandlers you know turn down a $1.00 because you won’t give them $2.00?
          Really, your position is that businesses invest outside the country, not because they can increase their profit margin by paying crap wages to some kids in Thailand, but because they are apprehensive. The vaunted captains and engines of capitalism are fraidy-cats? Really, that is your position? In one breath you tell me how you dared to risk it all and in the next you talk of being afraid to risk anything. Which is it? The government did not ship those jobs out of the country. Folks seeking to increase their profits sent those jobs out of the country. It was the old profit motive, and not government policy. Most of those jobs left this country during you know who’s administration. Democrats inherited this mess and Republicans have done everything they could to make it worse, while claiming they weren’t. Now your idea is we should put the old gang back in. It worked out so well last time.

          • Wow. Intelligent and thoughtful response. Keep up the good work. Can we expect Mitt to do this well in the debates?

          • Since you chose to ignore the real cause of the economy that Obama inherited, I didn’t think any further discussion would be fruitful.

          • That is an excuse. The old since “you can’t understand, I’m not even going to explain.” I had have teachers like that. It never was that the explanation might be faulty or the method of instruction wanting. It was always that the students were too dumb to understand.
            I do know this it wasn’t the 47% paying too little in taxes that caused the problem. So it was the Community Reinvestment Act that caused the housing bubble. Is that what you are saying? I thought only Ron Paul and the Austrian guy Russell Roberts were flogging that dead horse. Almost everyone else seemed to think the blame primarily lay elsewhere in the lending institutions with the least federal oversight. I always thought the overweening greed of lenders had something to do with it. Of course that wouldn’t fit your world view that our problems are all caused by institutions or laws designed to aid poor people who aren’t self-reliant. I thought they called it predatory lending practices. I didn’t realize until you mentioned it that loan recipients were the predators and the lending institutions the prey. Have you ever noticed how Republicans uniformly seen to think programs designed to help poor people are always the cause of all our problems, while the multitude of programs designed to give welfare to rich people are always great stuff?
            You have to qualify for food stamps. Why don’t you go apply for them? Check the process out. In summary, your analysis is that poor people who accept government aid and assistance are greedy and lacking in self-reliance, but business men who accept government aid and assistance are simply self-reliant smart businessmen. Your thinking is government should grease the wheels for business and to hell with everyone else.

          • Apparently I did explain, but as expected you don’t like the truth, so off we go on a tangent.

            1) greed of lenders? People who lend money don’t voluntarily lend to someone who can’t pay it back. It is that simple. When they were forced to do it, they devised a plan to try to pass the assured losses onto to someone else. Yes, greedy Wall Street types did take advantage of that process, but it would not have happened without Barney Frank and CRA. And for all the left’s demonization of Bush, he was the one who tried to stop it but got overruled by a Democrat controlled Congress. When Obama does his usual blame Bush for ‘what I inherited’, he should really be pointing the finger at his own party.

            2) You have to qualify for food stamps? You also have to be disabled to receive SS disability. Do you really think we have than many disabled people? If the government is advertising for people to take food stamps, do you really think they are checking qualifications closely? Not a chance and you know it.

            I have no respect for business people who accept government money unless they are delving into pure science where a payback cannot be guaranteed and it is a technology that could benefit all of us. Otherwise, they are just taking advantage of ignorant politicians.

            One final point. Romney talked about 47% who pay no income taxes. He did not talk about the 57% that receive government benefits.

          • What this reminds me of is those who reach for the least likely or most convoluted explanation for events rather than the one that stands highlighted in the foreground. Who should I believe – you or my lying eyes?
            CRA was established and functioned throughout its history to make it possible for people who could legitimately qualify for and who could actually pay back loans would be able to get loans. It was designed to allow people who should be getting loans, but were not getting loans, to get loans. Not a bad idea. The question of the CRA’s contribution to the economic crisis has been kicked around for some time. There is no empirical evidence to support the claims made by Ron Paul and Russell and they haven’t offered evidence to sustain their position. Even Business Week (Aaron Pressman – 10-14-08) says what you say isn’t accurate.
            Once a client of mine told me she shouldn’t be in jail charged with theft for “check kiteing,” because if the check wasn’t any good the bank shouldn’t have cashed it. I guess it was their fault they had a weakness in the system she could exploit. Given your view on “greedy lenders,” would I be wrong in thinking you agree with her. Apparently, the real moral failure here was not her theft but the bank’s procedure’s allowing it occur.
            Cite me the date and the method Bush proposed to “correct the process.”

            Yes, you have to qualify for food stamps. Why don’t you investigate the process. If it is so easy to qualify when you shouldn’t then go get some for yourself.
            If it is so easy go get yourself qualified for SSI. Jump on that gravy train.
            Is it your position that every program or situation which permits thieves and other similar types to steal or defraud others should be eliminated, regardless of how much good it does otherwise? Or, is your position on this that it is only applicable to social welfare programs? Do you think we should throw the baby out with the dirty bath water?
            Of course the government advertises food stamps. You can’t get a service to people without letting them know it exists and where to go get it. The government advertises a whole bunch of its services. The SBA advertises.
            You understand your position means you have a whole lot of disrespect for a whole lot of the major actors and players in the Republican Party.
            I am too polite to tell you where I think you got that 57% figure. Actually, ~100% of the population receives government benefits in some form or the other.

          • www-dot-youtube-dot-com-slash-watch?v=cMnSp4qEXNM

            The proof is in the numbers, not whether a specific application was denied.
            Increase in SSDI: 22% since 2007. Projected increase over next 10 years: 71%
            These people are not counted as either in the workforce or unemployed and currently receive 18% of SS payout. Either we are the most accident prone people on earth, or checking is not rigorous.
            Likewise, if you try to tell me government verification of food stamp eligibility is rigorous, given the shear volume of applications, I’ll laugh. Of course, I may be wrong. Maybe that’s what the 4.5 million new jobs claimed created by Obama do.

          • Food Stamp budget ~$75 billion dollars. Fraud losses estimate ~$750 million. The latter is ~1% of total expended. Surely some people who get food stamps should not. GOP proposed solution punish all those who get it and need it by lowering how much you give them.

            Medicare budget ~$555 billion dollars. Fraud estimates ~$100 billion dollars. The latter is ~2% of the budget. Almost Medicare fraud is committed by Doctors and other health related services and equipment providers. Solution proposed by GOP – put the onus of providing for healthcare and preventing fraud on the retired recipients themselves in the form of a voucher program.

            Retail losses to theft (shoplifting and employee theft run about 1.4% of sales. (per the National Retail Security Survey – 2010.)

            Maybe this all suggests a pattern and means that in America, no matter what you are doing some Americans will figure out some way to steal about 1-2% of every dollar.

            Point – just because some folks figure out a way to steal something from someone is no reason to stop doing something. The Food Stamps Program isn’t anymore subject to fraud than in other area of life.

          • When Bush took over from Clinton we had a surplus; when Obama took over from Bush we had a deficit. Those aren’t mushrooms, those are facts.

          • That fantasy appeared only because Gingrich forced what appeared to be a balanced budget. The reality is that it wasn’t and there was no surplus. It was an illusion. If you don’t believe it, do the research.
            Yes, there was a deficit when Obama took over from Bush, but you are conveniently forgetting or overlooking that the last two years when that big deficit was created was when the Congress, the only body authorized to allocate spending funds, was run by Democrats.

        • I can’t agree with your assessment of the social security disability issue. The fact is that it is extraordinarily difficult to get. You not only have to have a serious, debilitating illness or disability to qualify but they put you through literally years of red tape before, well denying most of them, but begrudgingly approving a few. Really only 30-40% of applicants have ever been approved so that means most are disapproved. You also have to consider that the population is aging, which naturally means more people on disability; and the population is increasing ,which would mean, obviously, more people on disability.

          • I wish you were right, but the statistics say otherwise. The correlation between those coming off unemployment comp and the rise of SSDI is too coincidental, as is the shear volume.

        • Hi bill, I have watched that three times in two places so not to get a biased copy, and no where in it did he say it was 47% of “work eligible”, he just said 47% of the people, and I have 90 year old inlaws that paid taxes all their working years, but they are now in Romney’s eyes part of the 47% freeloaders and I know he didn’t call them freeloaders, but he might as well have.

          • In bill’s fevered mind. He must know Romney personally, so he just fills in the blanks when Mitt mis-speaks.

  5. That business of handouts to investors like Romney has to stop. They win win their way no matter how bad their investments get. Romney is one of the 400 wealthiest Americans who in 2009 paid NO federal income taxes. All, while they collected tax credits for their investment losses. Is this something Mr. Romney will address? You bet not. His own party under Reagan promoted that Earned Income Tax Credit and Bush ’43 increased it in value.
    That piece of legislation places the burden of federal income taxes on single income earners with no dependents. That piece of legislation helps rich and poor alike who have dependents…So what is Romney talking about?

    And, of the states who have the lowest incomes, all are in Republican ruled red states. Look at it for what it is…Red states pay the lowest incomes, have the highest levels of poverty, pay little or no state income taxes to cover their states’ needs and then these red state politicans cut service like emergency, fire, police, education and healthcare to the bone so the federal government will cover their needs…Federal government? As in the rest of the states paying taxes for red states? How do Republicans like Issa (the wealthiest among Republicans), Boehner, McConnell, Ryan and Cantor all manage to up their incomes in just 4 years an average of $2 million all while their states’ are living in abject poverty?

    • Eleanore, You have made an observation that I have wondered about too but haven’t posted it. Thank you for bringing up the fact that the poorest states are “red” states. Utah is a “right to work” state. Everyone has the right to work for minium wage in Utah. Only those in charge of the purse strings of the state ever “make it” above a ceratin level of pay. The Mormon church pretty much owns the state and always has. Look at where many of the rich churches are from and what “color” their state is, RED!

        • I thought Oklahoma is the reddest state. All 77 counties voted Republican in the last election. I sometimes feel like the lone Democrat but I know there are many more like me who will vote for Obama even knowing the electoral college from Oklahoma will be overwhelmingly Republican.

    • Funny you noticed that. Mississippi was a Democrat state until Lyndon Johnson signed the civil rights act. Since then they have been a Republican state. Mississippi gets 47% more in government handouts than they pay in taxes.

  6. 4 hours to clear his #MinnetonkaBeach venue … search dogs and all, then entered through employee entrance while employees were held like detainees … what’s he so afraid of? Should have been afraid of the food … have the #roastedvegetables … there #delicious #freemarket

  7. That’s not news to me- for someone to believe that jesus appeared to a con man in upstate New York in the 17th or 18th Century you have to be a dingbat in more ways than one. Mormons don’t want any people who can’t afford to pay the minimum of 10% of their income to the “church”.
    Witholding his income tax returns is thought to be because williard has been shortchanging the church for years.

  8. Eleanore, Interesting concept! I haven’t seen this possiblitly appear anywhere else but it is indeed a poosibility. If I am remembering when President Kennedy was killed, isn’t it the Speaker of the House that would then move into the V.P. place? Anyone wanting to gasp at that thought?

  9. I wonder what the wait staff thought as they were no doubt listening to this spiel? Is Romney so obtuse as to make these disparaging remarks right in front of people who work their butts off, probably for a small wage and no benefits, like they are non-persons who cannot hear? Perhaps one of them set up their little camera phone to catch it all, which is a delicious irony. I wonder what kind of “tip” these megadonors left for the poor schmucks? People that rich are notoriously cheap. After all, “those people” wouldn’t be voting for Romney anyway; why give them any money for services rendered?

  10. As I previously stated this morning I was among the “47%” of the middle working class of this country who proudly paid my taxes and “INVESTED” my hard earned money in the programs that the government, not offered to you such as social security etc, but just took it our of your paycheck. Did they ASK if I wanted to contribute to it? NO, it was manditory!!!!! So someone please tell me why I am now among the these so called “entitlement” people who worked for over 40 years??????????? I totally resent being classified as an “ENTITLEMENT PERSON”. To me an entitlement person is one who lives off the sweat and hard work of other people because they think they are “ENTITLED” to anything they can get for nothing!!!!!!!!
    Anyone who has an ounce of brains will not vote for R & R.

    • ‘entitlement person’–like the corporations who don’t feel they should pay taxes? or the rich who don’t pay taxes? bet old romney doesn’t include them in his 47%

      i agree totally with you. getting back what you paid for is NOT entitlement. it’s a misnomer that needs to go away.

      • Hello clueless! When corporations pay taxes, do you know who is really paying those taxes? Do you really believe that crap about the rich paying no taxes? If they are paying no taxes, who is paying that 70% of all income taxes that the government says they are paying?

        • Absolutely. The free market doesn’t work, and you just proved it. I mean, if people could just not buy stuff because the price went up, then the companies making the stuff would either drop the price or watch it rot on the shelves, right? Thank God that they can charge whatever they want and we just buy it.

          /sarc off

          • Are you slow, or just baiting?

            My comment was complete sarchasm: it was meant to point out the complete lunacy contained in your earlier comment. Perhaps if you go back and re-read your comment, the reply will make sense to you. If not, perhaps a Test Of English as a Foreign Language followed by summer school is in order.

          • I guess I just missed the gist of your ‘free market’ post then, which was in response to my question about who actually paid taxes charged to corporations.

          • Yes, you did. You attempted to push forward with the old canard that whatever costs a business incurs are simply pushed forward to the selling price. That selling price is, of course, infinitely flexible and will absorb whatever costs the business feels like putting into the price; that consumers will simply pay whatever price the business wants to charge. The customers will, in fact, feel gratitude at the beneficience of the business to even deign to put a product they may desire on the shelf, and will gladly pay for the owner’s mansion for the priveledge of buying it. (that was sarchasm again)

            That, of course, ignores the premise pushed forward by capitalist economists: the market sets the price. In this model, businesses either sell into that market and profit, or else put product on the shelf that doesn’t sell and fail. In this model, if a product price can be increased, it will, to the point where increasing price is balanced by decreasing sales, and thus maximizes profits. If it cannot, any cost increases, be they from taxes or raw materials, eat into margins but don’t change prices.

            Two examples of the variations come to mind: gasoline and cars. Gasoline prices are variable from state to state. What’s the difference? State taxes on gasoline vary, and they directly affect the price of gasoline. Annual changes in Japanese VATs don’t change the sticker price of the cars. Toyota (for example) eats any increases and looks for market signals that may let them recoup those costs. They don’t make Coronas anymore, and I doubt it has anything to do with brand confusion with the beer of the same name.

          • Right out of the text book.

            Any business that has a target profit margin, will increase the price of their goods for any increase in taxes. If they have to eat those taxes, then they will look to reduce their costs resulting in a smaller product (e.g. coffee), or by increasing automation, or by using cheaper materials. In my case, I am upfront about it. If I am hit with a higher tax, that is immediately added to the cost of my products and the consumer is told why. If my competition chooses to eat the tax, it will that much sooner that they are no longer a competitor.

            Gasoline prices not only vary from state to state, they can vary from block to block depending on traffic and/or competition. That is pretty much the same with any consumer product outlet, including cars.

            Hint: Toyotas are made in various states in the U.S. and would not be subject to Japanese VAT’s.

          • “it will that much sooner that they are no longer a competitor” – or you will be gone due to decreasing demand for your higher priced product.

            Your tunnel vision makes a point very tough to demonstrate. So, are Latkas made in the US? No? OK then.

            So an increase in the VAT on a Latka doesn’t necessarily translate into a higher price for a Latka. Since an increase in the price of a Latka puts the dealer at a disadvantage selling Latkas, the dealership will eat the VAT cost increase and look for other ways to boost his sales, i.e. TBA (tires, batteries, accessories). Why do that now instead of before? The Latka importer doesn’t handle tires, so the dealership now looks at adding the overhead to handle TBA from other supply chains (ordering, warehousing, transport, training, etc.) to make up for the income loss on the Latka.

            The point is, while you may be happy to pass any cost increases on to your customers immediately, most others don’t. You are right about commodity pricing. They do have the choice of modifying the content, volume, labor practices, etc. I design, build, and sell high voltage power supplies. My costs are variable, my selling price is not. Contracts are long-term with minimal adjustment riders built in. I have the choice of accepting a margin hit when my basis prices change or not being in this business. Most high-tech businesses run the same way. Did the price of an iPhone jump up when Hon-Hai gave their workforce a pay raise or when Samsung increased the price of the display 50%? Hmm…seems like Apple has negotiated with Hon-Hai a long-term fixed price contract with cost change riders included.

            Good luck and be well.

  11. We also need to win back Congress too , otherwise it won’t matter who is elected POTUS.When America elected Obama we lost sight of the fact that he can’t do all by himself.We let Obama down, not the other way around.This time we need to do it right.

  12. Romney is frightening. His utter lack of understanding of working people and the poor, coupled with his lack of understanding of how the economy works, would take us back to pre-depression, pre-Roosevelt times, where there were no protections for anyone. We saw once what happened then -the only difference between now and then is the protection and entitlements” we established as safety nets.
    Someone needs to point out how little tax he pays, proportional to those of us who pay anywhere from 15 – 30% of our income annually. Who doesn’t pay taxes? Those who are wealthy enough to find every loophole, and for whom greed is the ultimate goal.
    iris kern

  13. I don’t get it. This news didn’t affect me one tiny bit. In fact, I don’t know why it’s even news. Did all the white trash, NASCAR-loving, tube-top wearing, gun-toting “Christians” ever think that Mitt Romney cared about them? Of course they did. Because they are morons.

    I’m pretty sure I’ve known this all along. Can we get some real news now? I’d like to know about his foreign back accounts and tax returns.

    • Most of us already knew this about Romney but this is the first time he has expressed it this way. Unfortunately, most of his brainwashed devotees will still vote for him because they don’t think he is talking about them. If ignorance is bliss I wonder why they are all so angry.

  14. Romney you do not have a clue!!! I am in that 47%, retired collecting social security, that I paid into for years and years. I have medicare plus a supplement I pay for every month, plus a part-time job and am still paying into social security every week. I am a voter and trust me, you WILL NEVER GET my vote! Not everyone is born with a silver spoon in their mouth and I thank God I was not! I had parents that taught me how to work hard and have respect for all Americans, rich, poor, black or white or whatever. We are all equal and anyone that feels the way you do has NO BUSINESS running our country!!!

    • I am also one of the senior 47%ers. I also work just part time. In this market, jobs are few and far between for seniors. Luckily my boss needs my experience — but only for a few hours a week.
      I was deeply offended by Ronmeys remarks and attitude. He really is ignorant to think this would not get out and he still doesn’t get why so many people are so angry with him. This man should not be allowed to represent this country. I can only imagine the kind of stupid remarks he might make to other world leaders. It’s really scary.

  15. This is how “those people” think. Oops – that’s right – “those people” are the ones romney and his stepford wife mention when they are feeling particularly arrogant. Remember her remark about not releasing any more tax returns because “those people” would distort them? And the mittster uses “those people” to describe anyone who is not like him and his rich friends. Plus he says he doesn’t have to worry about the 47% who won’t vote for him. Silly me, I always thought the President was President of all of us, not just the few. If we elect this foolish ego driven idiot, we will get what we deserve-and that ain’t pretty. “Those People” is just another racial epihet or dog whistle if you wish.

  16. This clown is totally disconnected from the working people of this country..Am not surprised that his heart spoke the truth,among the shaking head crowd,stuffing their mouths there at that fundraiser in Boca at $50,000 a pop,when he thought no one else was listening…I wouldn’t walk across the street in my neighborhood to see this joke of a man…

    Noticed from the video how comfortable he is spouting that b/s…He is what myself and millions of others think: An arrogant, self absorbed,snob,constipated liar,fraud,tax dodger,who doesn’t give a damn about anything,except buying himself into the presidency,and BAD,BAD for this country…He is totally devoid of the word most people love to hear and believe..The word is HOPE…

  17. Some of the 47% work long hours for low wages and are trying to raise a family. (And come to think of it, about half of this 47% must be our children and youth in school and college). Two tax credits are responsible for the fact that they pay no income taxes. Guess whom we have to thank for them: President Ronald Reagan! He was very proud of this initiative, which he saw as an alternative to welfare. How things have changed since. Now the GOP allows/forces the poor to support themselves and they’re still seen as freeloadin’ bums.

  18. “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” Abraham Lincoln

    I do believe I have seen quite enough of Mr. Romney’s character…More than enough.

  19. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”Abraham Lincoln

    Vote for the R & R ticket and Mr. Lincoln’s statement will come true…

  20. AND why is this race close!?

    Because the Mitt Romney’ of America hold almost all the cards and they’ve stacked the deck. Romney and friends have plans to heist all of America’s wealth potential as playing chips for their exclusive casino like schemes

    In order to achieve this grand heist they have to sweep away all the earned benefits of the working and middle class and transfer those resources to wall street…or shall I say “the job creators on wall street”

    Mitt Romney is a FRAUD!

    • It’s interesting – if you look at the whole of the man you start to wonder why NitMitt wants to be POTUS. The man is already rich and has the commensurate influence that his wealth can buy him, so what’s in it for him to be POTUS? I thought that maybe it was just childish narcissism… but I have a new and better theory: He bet one of his cronies a million dollars that he could be elected president… The guy tried to make a $10K bet on national TV to prove a point… so a million dollars to prove and even bigger point is just about right…

  21. Geez! it’s just so funny how people react so defensively when confronted with the truth. Romney said there are 47% of the country who will (blindly) vote for Obama no matter what. While another 47% will (more wisely) vote for Romney no matter what. Inside of that 47% of Obamaians Romney suggests there is a large percentage of people who really Obama’s socialist philosophy. On the other side, there is a huge number of people who like Romney’s entreprenurial spirit. On the Obama side there is is also a huge percentage that have given up looking for work and are either dependent on their families, food stamps unemployment or a combination. BTW, the monthly economic reports confirm this. Obama is indeed the #1 psychological engineer. He has a large percentage of people convinced that they don’t have to worry. The government will take care of things forever. The problem is, every day our govenment continues to slowly implode. I don’t know what the next structure of government will be, but I believe neither side side will like it much. When I vote in November I’m carrying in my pocket a vision of a country which can again hit the road running… and put away the nightmare of so many able people idlely sitting back “waiting” for something good to happen to them. What a waste of human resource Obama has created!.

    • Naw, what’s funny is that some morons would prefer to write comments exposing their ignorance and stupidity in front of reasonably intelligent people instead of going to knuckle-dragger sites to hear the chorus of echoes from others of similarly diminished intellect.

    • Obama created? Don’t you mean Bush created? If you feel this way then you should thank your GOP for the feeling. The jobs act has been in the House for a year. The House republicans refuse to move on it or the infrastructure bill, another million or so jobs. Today the Senate republicans killed the bill to help returning vets find work or get job training. So you praise the GOP. We who actually check this stuff out know the GOP is trying to distroy this country and we are determined not to let them.

  22. What to say about Romney’s clueless, callous, and callow beliefs about the 47%? This may be the least introspective man in my memory to run for president. Even W had to look inward and question himself and his beliefs to stop drinking because his marriage was at risk.

    Romney apparently is still the rich boy who attended private schools and never wanted for a meal or a bed. He has lived his life sheltered in a religion that brooks absolutely no dissent, and that teaches its adherents that they can aspire to be demi-gods and saints in the afterlife.

    He is still the immature college boy on the wrong side of history in a sports jacket, collared dress shirt, pressed chinos, and short hair protesting anti-war protesters during the Vietnam War while also taking advantage of deferments so he would not have to serve (as many of us did, but few of us would later insult those who did serve by claiming we “wished” we had served as did Romney to beef up h…is bona fides).

    He is still the vulture capitalist whose company preyed on others and threw thousands of workers to the streets and into deep and personal despair while he was enriched while creating little of lasting value (and don’t bring up Bain’s involvement with Staples — it hardly offsets the great economic and social damage done by private equity firms whose sole goal is wealth and not innovation or progress).

    Little stories about Romney that have peppered his campaign and that have been dismissed by him and his supporters with a chuckle and a shrug are, in fact, astoundingly revealing of a man with no real moral core. Who ties a dog to a roof in a car carrier for an eight-hour trip and than hoses it down but keeps it on the roof after it defecates in terror? Who would round up a gang of entitled boys (such irony) to chase down a terrorized gay student because his hair style and clothes “just aren’t right,” and hold him down as he cries while you cut his hair? And then to claim you don’t recall the incident?

    Perhaps he wasn’t lying about memory after all. Perhaps the event is so insignificant to him that he really can’t recall it. It wasn’t insignificant to the terrorized boy or the other participants who clearly remember it and are ashamed that they participated. Whether its a terrorized dog who “enoyed riding on the top” on the car or a terroized boy who was just one of many childish “pranks” Romney pulled, he is a man without an ounce of empathy for those outside of his family and inner circle.

    He is not a man who has gone unchallenged personally, whether it is the car accident during his missionary years in France in which a friend was killed or his wife’s valiant struggle with MS. Yet, he seems not to have grown from those experiences, nor questioned himself or developed any true sense of compassion or understanding for the suffering and challenges of others.


    OptionsStop Telling Lies About Liberals And We’ll Stop Telling The Truth About You
    Wilard “Mitt” Romney can kiss my ass as well. WE ARE THE 47%
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  23. The RNC released some speakers who were from Romney’s personal life and told their stories about how kind he was to them. Every one of them had received some kind of government “handout” like a college loan for example. I wonder — does he really care about other people as they said he does, or is he the pig he sounds like in that video?

  24. Romney’s claim about 47% paying no income taxes got me thinking. I looked at my own immediate family and realize that 50% of us pay no income taxes. I, my wife, our 2 sons, and 1 daughter-in-law do pay income taxes. But I now realize that of my other daughter-in-law, a stay at home mom, and my 4 grandchildren, ages 2 months to 9 years, none of them pay income taxes!

    I also realize these 5 all feel entitled to things. My son puts his check in a joint bank account, and my stay at home daughter-in-law feels entitled to use money to buy things for herself and her kids. Of course my grand kids are always wanting something. They feel entitled to food, clothes, a ride to the soccer game, hugs and kisses at bedtime. And none of them pay income taxes!

    And guess what Romney, you are right, of the 6 of us that vote, you’re not getting any of our votes!!

  25. The rich, aristocratic snob was always the image from literature, it is interesting to see the real thing in progress. Willard the Ratman missed his calling, he should have lived in the times of the British Empire or ancient Europe where Plutocrats ruled the day. How could someone be so insensitive to the needs of common people. As long as they serve their purpose the peasants are great, otherwise kill them and be rid.

  26. it’s very interesting to learn that the poorest people live in red states. won’t they be surprised if, horror of horrors, romney wins and their gravy train goes away!

    democrats need to be sure more and more people vote.

  27. The real Mitt finally emerged. A man with a calculator for a brain, with a cold, heartless approach to running anything of which he is in control, with no plan other than winning the election. He cannot callously write off 1/2 the country d try to govern the rest. His policies would turn the country back to Dickensian England.

  28. Are you all nuts? Our potus is a commie mulsim, hates America,does not salute our flag, has attended flag burning ceremonies with his slack jawed, junk in the trunk mooching wife, and you worry about the wealth of Romney? You think Obama is not wealthy too? LOL Obama is the most arrogant, conceited bastard I have ever seen! His last apology to the muslims regarding the Libyan brutal murders of our ambassador is the last freaking straw!
    What the hell is wrong with you people? Allyou can worry about is Romney being out of touch with people? Obama doesnt even give a crap about us! Do some damn research with an open eye instead of a staunch loyalty to some damn party affiliation and start thinking country loyalty. Look at the bills he has written or proposed! He, along with Hillary want to take our guns away,our personal freedoms and redistribute the wealth in a way that will make us all government dependent.He wants total government control with an oversight by the United Nations which has a majority of Islamic/muslim nations!
    He is a glib talker, reads a teleprompter pretty well, but has the experience of a community organizer that has loaded his cabinet up with muslims and has an Imam to lead the muslim prayers, He has said “the call to muslim prayer is the sweetest sound he has ever heard”, while he bans Christian prayer and worship. You are all freaking brainwashed and are going to help this commie Muslim take over our country! He has secreted his history at the cost of thousands, has a fake birth certificate, many social security numbers and we know nothing about him save the bullshit Moochie came up with at the dem convention. PLEASE! CANT ANY OF YOU READ AND DO UNBIASED RESEARCH OR ARE YOU STUCK UP OBAMAS BUTT SO FAR YOUR EYES ARE SEALED SHUT WITH HIS BULLSHIT?

    • Wow, what else did Fox news and the rest of the lunatic right websites and press tell you to say?

      But then, you must be making an ironic comment, right? No one could be that stupid and willfully ignorant! Congrats on a brilliant bit of satire!

    • Have you ever heard of the separation of church and state? It’s mandated by the constitution. Why do you hate the constitution? Why do you hate America?

      I suspect you won’t answer me.

    • Where the hell do you get this information? Please tell us your sources so we can all do the research! Please don’t say Fox News and unbiased in the same sentence either. They tell you such big lies and repeat them over and over again until you believe so when you hear Romney insult half of America, you will say, so what Obama is a commie muslim, and the combination of a communist and a muslim is the epitome of pure evil! What ever happened to the controversy over Rev. Jeremiah Wright anyway, the CHRISTIAN congregation Obama attended? Maybe they quashed that one so they could focus more on the “Obama is a muslim” conspiracy, since that lie is more politically damaging. You have been duped by the ultra wealthy so you will gladly accept them accumulating all the nations’s wealth in their plutocratic regime, so you are dependent on their low paying jobs and whatever scraps they feel like sparing for you. Obama’s wealth does not even come close to what Romney has amassed. DO THE RESEARCH! Oh you can’t because he won’t release his tax returns? Obama did not apologize to the muslims. That is just what you heard in your own warped mind. He is not a muslim or a communist. The UN does not have a majority of muslim countries. That is a simple fact that is easy to check and you cannot claim any bias of sources on such a fact: there are 51 countries in the world with a majority muslim population classifiable as muslim nations. There are 193 member nations in the UN. Do the math now, I don’t know how many of the muslim countries are actually UN members, but it is mathematically impossible for the majority of the UN to be muslim since 51/193=26.4%. That is the biggest possible % of UN countries that can be muslim. And most of those 51 countries are very small. DO THE RESEARCH. Which bill did he propose to take all our guns away? You lost more personal freedom under Bush’s Patriot Act than you even realize, all in the name of security from the muslims. Please name all these muslims in the president’s cabinet. And please tell me where Christian prayer and worship has been banned in this country because I continue to attend a Christian church every Sunday with no problems. You are either delusional or a liar. Obviously racist and ignorant. Brainwashed as you claim us to be and don’t even know it.

      • Speaking of Faux News… I was watching a segment on MSNBC where they exposed all of Faux News’ “political commentators” as being paid and un-paid advisors to the Romney Campaign… If I had a piece of paper and a pen I would have written them all down – but it was amazing how many these supposedly non-partisan commentators are in the employ of Romney… Amazing, but not surprising…

    • If you are not on medication, you need some. Not one word of your rant had any truth in it. No I am not up Obama’s ass. I do check things out. Lets see, Yes the president is well off. He knows it and so do we. He did not apologize to anyone. He sent marines and battleships and drones. Ok, Obama doesn’t give a crap about us? Who the hell do you think has tried to push a jobs bill through the House for a year, and an infrastructure bill that will create over a million jobs. Neither has gone through because the House republicans stopped them. Today a bipartisan bill to help returning vets find work or get training, guarnteed to pass, got killed by the Senate republicans. As for Obama’s religion: NOT muslim. Evangical
      So. Find some better news and better meds.

  29. Regina, if you would do some of the rsesarch you so zealously advocate, you would realize tour Glen Beck-inspired opinions are pure mushroom fantasies. Oh, well there are none so blind as those who will not see. In future, please engage brain before putting mouth in gear.

  30. Well-done…as for Mitt’s intrinsic attributes, how about righteous contempt modulated by invincible ignorance & self-pity–deaf to the cries of us peons who’ve lost everything.

    We’ll give him a pass on babies–infamous for slobbering on hapless Armanis.

    One of these days, blue-collar Anglos will awaken, enlist the aid of despised minorities,
    & jointly overthrow a Plutocratic regime built on 35 years of Neoc0n think-tank, supply-side, trickle-down, me-first embezzelment.

    There’s no decyphering why the American people swallowed this sewage, unless we crank in the racism that depicts BHO as a pinko, class-war, atheist-yet-Muslim, born-abroad faggot-lover–w/a comical Fuhrer mustache, yet.

    But Samsara will come w/public financing of [short] campaigns, proportional representation, holographic IDs, Sunday elections, compulsory voting, quantum-encrypted ballots,
    rectangular districts, abrogation of filibuster, a restored Fairness Rule & dissolving media conglomerates.

    Then it should be possible to break up banks to0-big-to-fail, tax carbon, push solar-aeolian, impose heavy taxes on income & inheritance, confiscate handguns, dismantle our hegemonic empire, ad inf.

    Goal: disarmanent & global parliamentarism at turn of 22nd Century.

    Desiderata like stopping capital punition, monitored suicide, decrim of drugs/bordellos, etc., can be accomplished in curso as secular technocratic humanism advances.

  31. Of course it is arrogant and disdainful. What Mitt Romney has done in his own bumbling way is to boil it down to the essence. I say yes to Romney’s question. Yes, a citizen of the richest country in the world is entitled to have food and shelter, the basics of human life. If, like we have now, the charitable climate is inadequate to the task then yes the government should step in.
    Mitt Romney says NO and he is hoping that a majority of Americans are as lacking in compassion and respectful for their fellow man as he is.

    Most of us did not land on Plymouth Rock but to to coop Malcolm X; Plymouth Rock landed on us via the economic meltdown.

  32. Romney exudes ignorance! Doesn’t he understand that the current redistribution of “wealth” FROM the middle class TO the wealthiest 1% means the wealth is already redistributed. It’s just a reverse Robin Hood scenario. It is accomplished through tax write offs, government subsidies, inadequate capital gains taxes, etc. Mitt already pays a lower rate of taxes than most Americans!

    And by the way, when I refer to the middle class, I’m not refering to Mitt’s defined “middle class” as those making from $200,000 – $250,000 and above. The man doesn’t have a clue about economic reality. He’s totally out of touch with average Americans

  33. What we finally got to hear from the video tape, simply confirms what we actually already knew. Many thanks to the person that recorded THE REAL WILLERT ROMNEY. I am honestly not shocked that he feels that way, what shocks me most is that some people still think that he has a modicum of a chance to win, when he should NEVER have even been considered to run in the first place. He is a MAJOR JOKE and I have no idea how he even won the “alleged” primary. I know the pool of other “comedy acts” was really weak, too, but wow, even Ron Paul gave a better stab at running than Romney. At any rate, until The President completely blasts and obliterate him completely out of the water on Nov 6, then my montra IS and will remain, MITT, HAVE A NICE LIFE AND CONTINUE TO TELL YOUR STORY WALKIN’. OBAMA 2012

  34. Let Romney keep talking.The more emboldened his supporters make him feel,the more he exposes his true agenda.Personally for me,that’s the gift that keeps on giving. Let all the ditto heads fall with him. The Tea Party and the Republicans completely miscalculated the American electorate.The Liberals are finally understanding that we can’t ever let our guards down.I believe the Conservatives sense that they’re in for a real fight this time which is why they’re willing to go for broke. Romney doesn’t even try to hide his contempt for anyone not wealthy along with most of his party. That will be their downfall and in the end they will still be rich but we will still be Free….

  35. This man was born in the wrong era. He believes along with his other cohorts that Americans who are not extremely wealthy DO NOT count. We are only here to do their bidding. Perhaps, they think this country should be one that follows the feudal system or that they are kings.

    I always thought he was the ‘devil’ The level of contempt these mindless heathens feel towards the others who have less than they do is almost unimaginable.

    I would love to have been the chef who prepared the meals for these arrogant greedy fools. I would make sure they all enjoy their very last meal.

  36. Excuse me! You are off on the wrong road, you are supposted to kiss Mitt’s hands, fingers, toes and nose and bow down to that rich man. He has no time for trivia like being a human being. He wants your vote and after your vote he will choke and laugh at you for being so stuipid.

  37. I think Mitt is an arrogant, greedy rich person who wants us to pay him a salary and pay for his and his wife’s Cadillac of health care for the rest of their lives, while the rest of us can hardly afford health care!! Also, I paid a greater % on my income taxes than Mitt and could not pay it off all at once, so now the gov are chargeing me interest and penalties! Mitt could care less I am sure. Also, Mitt blames Obama for our products coming from C hina, but he forgets to mention that he worked to outsource products!!

  38. This is just leftest garbage. Just wait if Obama gets re-elected there is going to eventually be civil unrest due to future policies he plans on putting into place. Prepare to be part of an America that has never been quite like it will be.

  39. All of it is bad, ALL OF IT. He didn’t even need to say those things for thinking people to know how he feels; simply put he feels “privileged.” He feels above others, so he refuses to show his tax returns, something that every other Presidential candidate, including his father, has done. He has no need for the truth or facts, he too rich for that. Mitt Romney is the son of a rich man, who was ensured a college education, went to best schools without having to work, and had parent’s rich enough to lend him money to start his own business. Are those good reasons not to vote for him? NO THEY ARE NOT. A very good reason not to vote for him is his utter lack of empathy and understanding that most of world does not live like he does and what it really means to work for what you have. BTW, you can be rich and have those qualities, Roosevelt had them and so did JFK and President Carter. Romney is a flawed man.

  40. I am in a business (oil and gas) with many rich people. Too many, like Romney, really have no idea, want no idea of what the world is outside the boardroom and the country club. I also have long worked as a volunteer with people with disabilities, most of them poor, and it has sensitized me to the rest of the real world. To elect someone as insensitive as Romney is to betray our nation.

  41. Working class America is in trouble because one, they have no guts to Organize, and two…..they are even too CHEAP to pay dues! They want Obama to give them theirs by taxing the rich…….sorry it doesn’t work that way! You must NEGOTIATE contract rather than LEGISLATE them! Wake up America………. are you stupid?

  42. Its great communicating with all my friends at the National Memo Forum, we just love hearing from you………………….. next.

  43. Romney also said that “the Gov should help those who need help”, I think he is speaking about the 1% whom he wanted to give another tax cut on the expense of the middle class and the poor.
    The People who are retired and getting SS checks, equal to 30% of their income in his eyes are loosers, because they trusted the US gov with their money to be paid back in their Autumn yreas.
    Well, if you calculate what a fellow who was making $100,000 when retired and averaged about $60,000 a year, he d his employers would have paid the SS and Medicare fund more than $400,000, if he invested in the stock market, he would have more than $1 million in his retirement. Is Romney willing to pay each retiree who paid his payroll taxes this much?
    e also said that they elieve they are victims, indeed they are victims of his cronies on Wall Street as the stock market crashed and their 401K lost half its values in 2008, and lost other 10% when his fellow GOPers in Congress played with dept sealing, US Gov. Default only in Dec 2011.

  44. I know this won’t be popular, but if you are old enough that you were actually taught math in school, do this. Add up the contributions that both you and your employers put into Social Security and Medicare. If you didn’t keep your old W-2’s, you probably have a pretty good idea what you made each year, so use 15.5% as the amount put into to those programs each year. Now look at the amount you receive from SS and, if you keep records, what Medicare has paid for you since you got on the program. How many years of collecting does it take to exceed the total deposited? 5, 6, 7?

    When the program was designed, most retirees died within 5-6 years of retiring. Now, we are living 15-20 years beyond retirement. Bottom line…you will probably collect far more than you ever had withheld and that makes you a dependent of the government.

    • No, because it is not the Governments money, although they have treated it as such. Republicans can always find the money for wars or tax breaks for the rich or corporate welfare. Why can’t they find any to pay back what they stole from social security?

      • ‘They stole from social security’? You need to do your homework and find out which party was responsible for allowing SS to become part of the general fund so they could more easily spend it. Hint. It is not hard to find the answer.

  45. Romney, Romney, Romney — everytime you open your mouth either a blatant lie or something astoundingly stupid comes out of your mouth. Things are not looking very good for you these days.

  46. Romney’s recent comments are not surprising to us in Massachussetts. Romney is not one of us – the ordinary people. Romney lived swimming in pools of money as a child; he never took public transits like us; he calls anybody that is not rich “lazy”; he does not pay correct taxes and avoids payment of taxes at all until time to run for office; he destroyed records in Massachussetts Governor’s office to hide his crooked means; he outsourced American jobs to exploit cheap labor; launders money offshore; took away his and his father’s wealth from Michigan to cover his tracks to Cayman Island, Swiss Bank, Ireland, India and China; said his own hometown – Detroit should go bankrupt; Romney now accuses 47% Americans of not paying any taxes but he does not call out himself as the chief tax evader. Romney says if he was born Hispanic he may have won the presidency; Romney calls ordinary Americans “Welfare Victims” who will vote Obama nomatter what. I told you guys long ago that Romney’s candidacy is a visit of daddy-long-legs in America. Romney donated lots of money to defend Warren Jeff who raped several underage girls in Mormon church. He tells minimum of three lies before the cock crows; he wants to protect Donald Trump and others but to throw you and me under the bus; He wants to deport Hispanics for political interests; he is a disaster in International diplomacy; wants to limit women rights like mormon church does; wants to close ministry of education and create department of Tax Cut for the rich. Romney will sink America is elected.

    • I’d kinda like to know if his granpa had a mexican wife. I’ve seen a coulpe of Romney’s sons on TV, they appear hispanic. Resive gene maybe? Most suck to have to hate half your family.

      • Romnesia is a pre-existing condition and is covered by Obamacare. Romnesia disease is a wandering-flipflopping disease that makes the Republican nominee to lie and change positions always without shame. The symptoms of Romnesia are lying about your beliefs; denying Tea Party; call 47% victims and loaders; never lived middle class life; and achieved 47th position out of 50 in job creation in Massachussetts.

  47. Romney has been attempting to run for president on the strength of his plastic smile, great hair, and the desperate hope he can be seen as anything but the second coming of George W. Bush. His cluelessness is exceeded only by his condescending arrogance.

  48. You are free to skip past anyone you please………….. as you know……….. we just love hearing from you…………………. next.

  49. This is a big wake up call for the country and the need for profit to pay equity in wages because it indicates that 47% of the country can not afford to pay taxes because our income is too low. Mean while you have this arrogant character who has used the talents of this labor force under paid them and has now told them they don’t count and is not concerned about your issues. But he told you in the beginning of the campaign that the poor had a safety net, food stamps so he wasn’t worried about that either.

  50. I am retired and live on social security, which is not much. I, however, manage to survive and help others along the way without feeling miserable or dependent. I worked all my life and payed my dues to SS and medicare, besides other required taxes. Thus, I feel that what I now get is a well deserved compensation for all my efforts and for leading a productive life. It’s a shame that with the world in such turmoil Romney downgrades such an important part of the population, as low paid workers, the elderly and the unemployed, not to say the sick and disabled . Because of the nation’s power and his greed he will bring humanity to more pain and disaster, should he win. He doesn’t care and never will. That’s a tragedy. He doesn’t deserved to be president or to be taken into account for anything that matters… Since he is a climber, let him climb into oblivion!

  51. If my competitors don’t make the same margins I do, they will not have the resources to compete except on price. That will inevitably translate into a lower quality product and less marketing capability. If anyone with a lower price could win the market, IBM, Apple, Microsoft, Mercedes, just to name a few, would not dominate their markets.

    I do tell my customers, because I want them to be well aware of some of the hidden taxes they are paying.

  52. Mitt Romney is going down slow. My only concern in this is that we will see his public defeat and take it as an automatic win for the President. We should accentuate the vote to ensure that Romney/Ryan is thrown into the ash-bin of history, and to make them an example to the Republicans/Tea Party that America is fed up with their arrogance, smugness, and greed. November 6th should mark a progressive turn in America for Americans.

  53. The sad part is, that is Mitt. He does not realize what he does or says.
    When in Florida earlier this year, he was talking to a group of laid off people that had work and lost their jobs. They were losing their homes and worried about feeding their families. He was so CRUDE AND RUDE.
    He told them, right now he did not have a job either.
    No clue, no idea, selfish, self centered.

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