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Thursday, March 21, 2019

The far right’s attempts to start a culture war just keep getting weirder and weirder.

On Monday the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette obtained a letter from Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris (R-Fort Wayne,) in which he warns his Republican colleagues about a “radicalized organization” that promotes homosexuality and abortions: the Girl Scouts of America.

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41 responses to “Indiana Rep. Warns Against 'Radicalized' Girl Scouts”

  1. EATHERICH says:

    it is a requirement to be a republican. for any party to concider a person like the newtwit for ANY office has GOT to be brain dead.

  2. EATHERICH says:

    it is a requirement to be a republican. for any party to concider a person like the newtwit for ANY office has GOT to be brain dead.

  3. Baron Cormac says:

    Never let it be said that any Republican has ever allowed the truth to deter him or her from making any accusation against any organization they have a personal vendetta against. I would be willing to bet he has endorsed the Boy Scouts, even though the British parent organization was started by one of the most notorious homosexuals in British History. This was in Wikipedia so it MUST be true!!!

  4. tonymav says:

    This is not simply studpid it is part of an agenda. This “nonsense” is consistent with the Republican agenda of promoting a pre-modern view of women , religion and men’s place in (charge of) the world – a view consistent with the “thinking” of the majority of our dumbed down and poorly educated earners in the 20 – 50 thousand dollar a year earning bracket. It is consistent with a literalist reading of the Bible and Scripture and feeds into their paranoia and yearning to be “in control”.

  5. tutidiez says:

    Now we have one more whacky,loony into the Republican Party coming out from his incomprehensible extremist and fanatic world, the good news about this type of Creatures is that they always find the perfect mate, this mate couldn’t be more perfect than Santorum, the only problem about this type of Creatures is that the only place for them to practice their Ideology would be at Newt Gingrich new future Colony, “The Moon”

  6. barrister506 says:

    The world is falling apart and this idiot is the classical Republican lemming that is too consumed by abortion and social issues to focus on what is really important. Talk about “radical”. Unfortunately there are too many of these f—ing people roaming the earth.

  7. ArthurL.Iamele says:

    Another right-wing crazy!

  8. Howz 1 says:

    Maybe one day the Republicans will right wing their way out of office. The more people hear them and watch their moves, the more they are becoming put off by the agenda. Rick Santorum the canidate from the Catholic church, should be a major figure in the re election of Obama campaign. His far right statements are driving more and more women away from the Republican party and if he wins the primary even republican women will vote the other way. In Va they passed a law that women must have a medically usless vaginal sonogram, prior to getting a legal abortion. Couple that with the attacks against contraception and now we have a Republican party that is hostile to women(of course not the submissive ones that they like)
    Keep it up guys

  9. whitewater says:

    You have to be kidding me! Girl Scouts? The only radlicalized people involved in this story is Bob Morris and the rest of his GOP nuts. This smells like a GOP strategy that is nation wide. Let’s talk about junk instead of real issues. This all reaks of the backward garbage Santorum is spouting… This may win points with GOP faithful but not anybody else.

  10. ricw1217 says:

    is rep. morris up for reelection this year? if so, is he ahead in the polls? these ultra-extremists have nothing to contribute to the national dialogue other than this kind of paranoid nonsense and need to be removed from public office immediately, if not sooner. a photograph of this individual should be installed in every voting booth in america to remind the voter that when you elect an idiot, this is what you get. so UNelect them, and do it quickly before they do more damage to this country. who knew the election of barack obama would trigger a national nervous breakdown? its a very fascinating thing to watch, and very, very sad.

  11. Fastherb says:

    no more suversive cookies for Bob Morris…what a jerk !

  12. Fastherb says:

    Make that subversive…..

  13. D.LeMasters says:

    Is this IDIOT for real? This is why Indiana just became a right to work state,because we elect radical,misimformed idiots like this to office.State Rep.Bob Morris you truely deserve to be run out of office!!!

  14. ChuckieRobison says:

    Bob Morris, I’m a consultant in several long term care facilities in Indiana. Every Christmas season, we can count the local girl scout troops singing Christmas carols to the residents.

  15. Artful says:

    Republicans have jumped the rails and have now gone officially into the land of never never. This guy needs to be medicated, but apparently the GOP as a whole needs to be institutionalized. They are seriously nuts, and have become a menace to America.

  16. navyvietvetjd says:

    Mostly ad hominem remarks so far here. What’s Morris got to back up his opinion ?
    I’d be very curious to see what the Girl Scouts national headquarters staff looks like, politically and culturally. “Just the facts, ma’am.”

  17. jimackermann says:

    Why didn’t you little girls get your panties in a bunch over Acorn. I guess instructing illegal aliens in how to run a house of prostitution is just part of the left wing morality.

  18. indyj0hn says:

    get real–get a life Morris. With reps like you, no wonder were in trouble.

  19. dawnowens says:

    Time for a mental health examination for this guy. Seriously, he sounds compromised.

  20. Phil Schumer says:

    It’s those cookies. That’s the problem.
    I know a gay guy who absolutely adores Girl Scout cookies,
    particularly the Thin Mints.

    If they just stopped selling those Thin Mints I’m sure
    Morris will no longer feel the way he does about the Girl Scouts.

  21. Popegregory says:

    Why do you give publicity to a dirtbag like Morris. That is what he is seeking. Just refuse to post or print trash like this, and you will be surprised how quickly it will stop.

    This upcoming election will be the dirtist in history, because the media will not have some guts. The quickest way for someone to get a boost in their polls is to say something not true, but inflammatory .

  22. jwozniak says:

    Terror cookies! I’ll take five boxes, please!

  23. dnorm26 says:

    I am really getting sick and tired of the far right trying to control everyones freedom to choose how to live their life. They insist on cramming down our throats their religous ideas about how we should lead our private lives. It seems like the far right has hijacked the Republican party. In particular much of their agenda seems to be anti women’s righs to contol their own bodies.

  24. jcurtis595 says:

    Who says there’s no time machine. The Republican party has found one. They have traveled back to the 13th Century. Watch out !! The Spanish Inquisition is just around the corner with them.


    Jay Curtis (author of THE CODE)

  25. Sleipnir says:

    Is this idiot for real. I didn’t even have to read which party he was with to know he was a republican. They are a bunch of crazies. I have quite a few republican friends that believe that anything forwarded in an email is true especially if it puts President Obama down. They don’t take the time to do a little research and find out the truth. They are fairly sane until it comes to politics and religion, then all rational thinking goes out the window. So sad.

  26. VernonW.Justice says:

    Republicans are dumber than dirt. I would have said dumber than a box of rocks but that would be aan insult to rocks.

  27. concernedusa7 says:

    Come on LUNATICS, The Girl Scouts Of America, lets get serious, what ever happened to inteligence and plain old common sense!

  28. snarky says:

    Our country is a mess. And the republicans fear everything. Well, I guess its easier for the GOPERS to assail the Girl Scouts than it is for them to at least check out the traitorous criminals in the Oil Cartels. Bless them republicans for always taking the easiest, most inconsequential, path.

  29. Mr Fitz says:

    No one should make negative comments about the 20 to 50K wage earners being too illiterate aand therefore gullible to this type of propaganda. There are plenty of well-to-do folks who elected these people; they are called Republicans. ‘Lunatic Fringe’ is a much better description for those who support this nonsense.

  30. TomMussell says:

    Representative Morris is a moron if he believes everything he reads on the internet is true. There is a movement within the Republican party to turn back time to the Civil War era where women had no rights and men wielded all the power in the united states. Republicans want to keep women quiet, barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen.

  31. Michael Prosser says:

    As a former boy scout master, father of two Eagles, father of a son who was a former Cub master, grandfather of former Cubs, and present a grandson with Star rank, and grandfather of a girl scout, recently on the University of Virginia Semester at Sea around the world excursion, I often sat for lunch or dinner with various young male student participants. Casually, I would often ask them if they had had any connection with scouting. Surprisingly, nearly fifteen said that they are Eagle scouts. During the 1980s, I was involved for several years with the Boy Scouts in different adult roles–Committee Chairman and Scout Master. Now as a regular obsserver of my grandson’s scout troop activities, I can remember the scout law, from my own youth and former adult leadership, and its inclusion of reverence as one of the 12 laws. In recent years, all adult leaders must have proper training to be certified, as a means of protecting girl and boy scouts from harm, physically, mentally, or morally. Based on my own reading of The Boy Scout Handbook, there appears to be a strong promotion of living good lives and becoming important local, state, national, and international citizens. I assume that the same is true also for the brownies and girl scouts. Personally, I am proud of the fact that my two sons are Eagle scouts, that one of my sons was a Cub Scout leader, that my grandson is moving toward Eagle, and that my granddaughter enjoys the opportunities available in her school Girl Scout group.

  32. terango.lf says:

    I challenge that he didn’t research on-line, he just tuned in to FOX News!

  33. jimmyags says:

    Except that he will surely be elected by some gerrymandering and corporate financing. This is what happens when voters get too carried away on one or two issues and ignore the rest of the candidate. Both sides are guilty of this but it seems incredible that someone like this gets re-elected but they do because they are on the “popular”(in their district) side of a single issue like abortion,guns or other silliness that has nothing to do with the economy or getting people back to work.

  34. terango.lf says:

    “The fact that the Honorary President of Girl Scouts of America is Michelle Obama, and the Obamas are radically pro-abortion and vigorously support the agenda of Planned Parenthood, should give each of us reason to pause before our individual or collective endorsement of the organization.”
    — Indiana state Rep. Bob Morris, declining to sign a resolution honoring the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts

  35. StevenBrungard says:

    Religion businesses rely on access to children for new revenue and just to maintain current revenue levels. It seem a fluster erupts when someone presents opposing views to children.

  36. Kingofnotsomuch says:

    How could anybody vote GOP in this election? All the stuff that all of the GOP candidates are talking about are crazy talk.Do they think that all of the American people are stupid? Nobody in their right mind could agree with any of the things that they say. Santorium is more like Hitler than anybody.Trying to force his beliefs on the American people,just because he is a nut case. Willard has been running for office for 4 years!!!The Cain train has been de-railed! Newt has too much baggage,he couldn’t afford to pay baggage fee on any airline!Paul is living in some other year,I don’t know which year but it sure isn’t 2012.

  37. MarineUSVeteran says:


  38. Downhearted Patriot says:

    The weege issues have served them well for the last 4o years, they would still be ruling the country if it wren’t for W. And Big Dick!

  39. Downhearted Patriot says:

    That should be wedge issues.

  40. Yvonne says:

    Given his concern, from which will Morris derive the greatest benefit: getting a life or being given psychotropic drugs?

  41. Professor Curt says:

    What has Morris been smoking – and where can we get some?? It sounds like he prefers Alice B. Toklas Brownies to Thin Mints or Somoas. That’s the only explaination that makes any real sense.

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