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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Do you hear that sound? It’s the sound of a thousands stomachs still digesting fried chicken eaten out of spite.

Wednesday was Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day. Former presidential candidate and one-time supporter of healthy eating Mike Huckabee declared a day in Chik’s honor after a huge uproar over Chick-fil-A’s President Dan Cathy’s comments in which he declared that he was against same-sex marriage and for “biblical definition of family.”

Notably, Cathy points out that he is still with his first wife, one of the New Testament’s requirements for marriage that right wing politicians often forget. Cathy also supports groups that believe gayness can be “cured” and have even tacitly supported Uganda’s controversial “Kill the Gays” law. This isn’t just about marriage.

Facing a boycott and some politicians questioning whether Chick-fil-A is right for their communities, Huckabee decided that conservatives should show their support for the kind of speech that seeks to deprive others of their basic human rights.

The result? The fast food chain claimed record sales. Far right-wing radio hot Bryan J. Fischer predicted, “Chick-fil-A just gave the election to the GOP. Pro-family folks realizing just how many of us there are.” I still think this may be a conspiracy by sly gay and lesbian activists determined to get their most vocal supporters to overeat and contract Diabetes Type Chick-fil-A.

Huckabee isn’t the only conservative endorsing Chick-fil-A’s “speech.” Sarah Palin and Rick Santorum have all shown up at Chick-fil-A and tweeted evidence to their followers. Michele Bachmann joined conservatives in dining at Chick-fil-A on Wednesday, confident that the Muslim Brotherhood hadn’t infiltrated her meal.

Notably absent from the thongs of conservative supporters is their standard bearer—Mitt Romney. Doesn’t the man who once said he would be better for gay voters than Ted Kennedy want to show how “severely conservative” he is now?

As of Thursday afternoon, Mitt hasn’t shown up at a Chick-fil-A. Not even retroactively, despite being practically begged to do so by Bill Kristol. Will he? Probably. It will be the perfect distraction for some bad news day.

And when Mitt does show up, remember that the far right dragged him there. Let this be a reminder of what his presidency would be like: Mitt being dragged to the right, again and again, to take a stand that he probably doesn’t believe in. Because that’s the only way he can keep his base from turning their intolerance on him.

Image from Sarah Palin’s Facebook page.

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  • bcarreiro

    Is Mitt a chicken head, that is the question?

  • forget the politics i just want his chicken seems fair on the surface but if and when he uses his proffits to support killings of gay people in Uganda (coming to location near you) a deeper scary message is seen. if Hitler raised funds to support his war effort selling sausage would buying his sausage be anti-American? Mr. Cathy should have just sold chicken.

    • Tom_D44

      And you guys blame republicans for acting like sheep? Where’s the proof that Cathy knowingly and openly supported anything that included “killing people” – or is that one of those, kind of, half truths where facts were completely twisted to make a ridiculous point like this? It is ridiculous, and anyone who believes that, with the amount of evidence referenced in this article, needs to wake up. Articles like this only serve one purpose, and that is to fuel the hatred that is already on the left. Oh yes and there is plenty of hatred on this side. Just sit back and read all of these posts, day after day, riddled with personal attacks, name calling, and anger….all while professing to be tolerant, and open minded. The hypocrisy on sites like this astounds me and the denial about your anger…..even more so.

      This issue and the support shown for Chick-fil-A was not as much about gay marriage as it was about the one point in this article that everyone in the media seems to be missing. The “……politicians seem to be questioning whether Chick-fil-A is right for their community…………” part is the issue here. And this is exactly why normal people, not radical people, are peacefully protesting that point by supporting the business. No politician has the right to use their govenment power to keep businesses from opening in any community, so long as they are doing everything in accordance with the law, local zoning codes and any other normal processes that we all abide by. But to simply discriminate against an entire business because of the personal viewpoint of an owner, with the emphasis on “personal”, is the very same bigotry you accuse him of. Please people, please wake up. How would you all feel if the tables were reversed and some politician was mounting an attack against a business because the owner supported something that you endorsed? What if some republican mayor decided to ban a business from coming into your community because he found out that the owner supported abortion? What’s next? Where does this end? This is not a partisan issue – it is acknowledging the proper role of government and it is certainly not to censor our communities from the personal beliefs of people.

  • He is not chicken, he is accustomed to French cuisine served by uniformed servants. He woud not know a fast food joint from an Asian elephant.

    • davia55

      did you know he never took a salary as Gov of Mass.? Furthermore…I would rather have a rich person running the country, instead of one who wrote two autobiographies before he was 40 then had Oprah push her pathetic followers to buy them.

      • All Presidents are rich – only rich people can run. You have set the bar so low. It is true that he did not accept a salary as Gov. – but he did use over$ 103,000.00 in state trooper security to run for another office during his last years as Gov. His approval ratings as Gov. never rose above 50%. He may have not raised taxes while Gov. – yet he raised over 1.3 million a year in “fees”.

        Why Why Why can not the pople on the right disagree without calling people names. Oprah’s followers are not pathetic. What was pathetic were book sales in this country and Oprah encourged people to read and to buy books.

        • davia55

          you’re right…all presidents are rich. Obama didn’t even have his student loans paid off til Oprah got into his life. OK You’re also right, Oprahs followers are not pathetic, it just bugs me how they take everything she says as the one and only trueth. She makes people just jump, she is one heck of a saleperson, just like the almighty Obama.

          • joyscarbo

            Oprah has nothing to do with this- what a racist!
            Here are some more facts about Mitty that you don’t want to admit:
            Romney wasn’t even a legal resident of Mass when he ran for governor. He was “caught” trying to claim he was a resident when he was also getting huge tax breaks in Utah and claiming that was his primary residence. This will come out…watch.
            Lets not forget that Mitt Romney is really a leftist- a liberal. He is on record bragging..”I ran LEFT to Ted Kennedy!” He was firmly for gay marriage and womens’ right to choose abortion. He also said that his beliefs were, “…not in line with the NRA.” He loves mandates and he created Mass’s universal healthcare that we all now call, “Obamacare.” This is all known fact. Didn’t anyone tell you? It can all be found- Mitt was videotaped while saying these things.
            If you don’t stand for something…you’ll fall for anything. And you’ve fallen hard for Mitt and his flip-flopping bullcrap.

          • davia55

            if I don’t care for Obama and Oprah….I must be a racist…lol. Why is it when someone has a black father (who had little to do with him) white mother and raised by white grandparents, they are black? So you say Romney didn’t want to say where he was fom, was for gay rights and abortion….who does that remind you of? Oh wait….that’s Obama

          • joyscarbo

            Davia….I’m a white woman who has 3 mixed race children (black and white). I believe in being real with my children. When my husband and I look at our kids, we see just our 3 beautiful kids. When many people look at our kids, they just see black kids. We also taught them that sometimes others will perceive them differently because they are black or mixed. It’s something that most people just take for granted but I want my kids to know that some people may have stereotypical ideas of them based on the color of their skin. I wish things were different, but it’s reality. There will always be asses from all people, regardless of their race.
            You don’t like Obama or Oprah..why? Has either of them done something so incredibly illegal, immoral or unethical that it’s directly affected you? I’ll bet that you can’t name one thing. Does it piss you off that Obama couldn’t get anything done with a republican congress that vowed to do everything they could to make appear unsuccessful? Are you angry that Oprah has given money for Obama’s campaign in 2008? That would be stupid because she has the right as an American citizen to do so, and it was all public knowledge. She didn’t hide behind some secretative corporate Super Pac either.

          • davia55

            Well lets start from the end. First off, Oprah never gave money to the Obama campaign. She orchestrated all her wealthy friends to do that! Oprah is a talk show host, but as soon as she put her nose into the political arena I saw her in a different light. I saw how power can manipulate. You know the old saying, power corrupts, total power corrupts totally. I believe that was Oprahs influence.
            There political people I dislike, and not because they are incredibly illegal, immoral or unethical, I dislike them because they are not equipt to do the job. That is Obama! I wont go into all the reasons I believe that, but for the most part I think it is obvious.
            Now, as for you choosing to call your kids black or mixed, is your business. Curious though, why is it ok to call them black and not white? None of my business, just curious.

          • joyscarbo

            Besides her time, Oprah has also donated her money to the Obama campaign: she hosted a 1,500 person fundraiser for Obama at her home on September 8th 2007. Oprah was a talk-show host and a really successful one at that- is that what irritates you? How her success actually may have influence people?
            The saying is, by the way, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Oprah doesn’t have that kind of influence. This saying is really only reserved for those who gain power- usually through religious or political means- that is, their power and influence directly affects a large number of people directly. Hitler is a good example- the level of power and influence he posessed killed millions. Jim Jones, religious leader of “The People’s Temple,” lead thousands of his followers to their deaths in the 1970’s. But it can also be said of Bernie Madoff as well. He willfully and maliciously bilked people out of their money. I can’t put Oprah or Barrack Obama into this category and I find it difficult to understand what criteria you use to justify Oprah or Obama being in this category.

            As for my children….as I explained before, the vast majority of society will look at my children and say, “Oh, that’s a black kid.” It’s just the way it is. Society will make basic assumptions of you based on what you look like, just like you did. What is so extrodinary about Obama being raised by his white grandparents and white mother? Why is it even important? Did you find yourself saying, “Typical that a Obama’s black father left- most black men don’t stick around to raise their kids.” What assumptions do you have of Barrack’s mother? Is she a good or bad person for “settling” for a black guy? I’ve heard many times that white women who choose to be with black men do so because they can’t find a white guy. Or we’re usually fat and unattractive white women that just isn’t good enough for a white guy. Black men are usually seen as scary, violent men who comitt crimes. Black men are only good for sports or entertainment. There are literally millions of sterotypical ideas about people of all races. I’d rather prepare my children for a world that sees them FIRST as people who are black, and mixed race second. However, no matter how much my husband and I tried to prepare our children for the potential harsh realities of the real world, it’s never enough to prevent their anger and sorrow when someone eventually calls them, “a nigger.” My children are 28, 25, and 23 and have, unfortunately, felt discrimination of some kind. I am their mother and I am caucasian and nothing diminishes that- not all the hatred, igornance and bigotry in the world can take my children from me.
            Thankfully, things are changing. People immigrating from all corners of the earth have changed the racial landscape of our country. In my community, Africans, Indians (from India), Asians and Hispanics have grown in population. This has required more tolerance and a concerted level of understanding from everyone.

          • davia55

            If you watch the interview with Larry King and Oprah during the campaign for presidency. Larry King asked Oprah if she had donated to this campaign. She said was not going to donate funds, she said she could help in better ways. That’s when she brought in all her richy rich friends. Thats when she had people to her home (that didn’t cost her, people paid dearly to be there). I like Oprah, she is a very good talk show host. I havnt always agreed with her, but that is ok. My oppinion changed when she got involved with politics. I think oppinions of many changed (I am not that unique). She was asked if she would do the same for Obama this time around, and she said no. I am sure she still supports him, but I think she learned a tiny lesson through all of this. Curious, do you believe Obama would have ran for Prez if it wasnt for Oprah? I remember when he first came on her show because she was impressed about the open letter he published about the war. She is the one who was saying…write a book….run for president. Personally I think he would still be a junior senator without her influence and pushing him to go for it.

          • joyscarbo

            Davia, we’ll have to just agree to disagree on this. I believe that Barrack Obama didn’t need Oprah’s encouragement or support to campaign for the presidency. I think Obama was lucky to have Oprah- an successful, influential and well-connected individual- support him the first time around. I’m not going to speculate on why Oprah chooses not to do the same in the re-election. Oprah is free to do what she wishes and clearly has a mind of her own.
            Personally, I have been disappointed at times with Obama in the past four years. I felt he could have gotten more done for our country with the first two years and a democratic house and senate. I also understand that a country as big as the US is a large ship to try to turn around in times of economic crisis. I remember the long recession of the 1970’s. It was a very trying time for my parents. People lived from paycheck to paycheck, much like now. There wasn’t a bursting of any housing bubble- the corrupt mortgage and lending practices- that industry was very regulated back then.
            The sometimes disappointment is nothing when compared to the outrageous actions- or, inaction- of the republican party in the past 4 years. Their vow to make Obama look bad at any and every cost- even when the American people cried for cooperation- is unforgiveable and inexcusable. Republican’s so-called values have gone crazy. It’s a damned shame that they’ve become the most intolerable bunch of self-righteous, corrupt jackasses. They’ve used fear to whip their republican supporters. The insane claims these neo-con zombies make are unreal! Obama’s birth certificate, his religious beliefs, claiming he’s gay, that he hates America…it’s ludicrous and wrong!!! I would NEVER vote a republican right now in the political atmosphere that they have single-handedly created. The party is completely out of touch. If I had it my way, I’d vote every one of them out of government all together!!!

      • Multi-millionaires, people born with a silver spoon stuck in their throats, and those who use so many loopholes when they file that they don’t pay a dime on the millions they make every year, don’t need to collect a salary when they are in public office. It is fascinating to see how people who demonized Kerry because of his wife’s wealth are suddenly so enamored with a person whose owes his good fortune to his wealthy Daddy and to his ruthless business practices. You may prefer rich people in the Oval Office, I rather have a Clinton or an Obama, people of humble beginnings who rose to power because of their personal qualifications, attributes, and hard work.

        • davia55

          if you knew what you were talking about, you would know that the Romney family history really started as missionaries. They lived for years teaching the gospil. I believe that is a humble beginning. I know it must have been rough on Obama growing up in Hawaii. Then off to Harvard. Such humble beginings.

          • joyscarbo

            Yeah, the gospel of a guy who magically found some gold plates and then claimed he was the only person who could interpret them. And they magically said that the more wives a man had the more God would honor him?!! And God told those polygamists to use the government for welfare, medicaid to be able to afford the multitudes of kids that they can’t afford…and when they ran out of money, each wife could file for bankruptsy. That is part of the so-called gospel that the mormon church was founded on. Joseph Smith was a convicted con man who managed to start a church.
            What a snake oil salesman…you obviously fell for it too!!

            And not everyone who lives in Hawaii is wealthy and lives on the beach. There are plenty of people who scrape by just like in any mainland USA state. Obama is very intellegent and earned scholarships and got loans for his education- he got his education the way MOST Americans did. . Unlike Mitt, Obama has released many tax returns that proves where their income came from because he has nothing to hide. He and Michelle just finished paying off their student loans just a few years ago. Mitty went to fancy private schools and had his daddy to pay for his entire education. He’s always been a pampered, pompous ass. Obama’s dad was absent and his mom and his maternal grandparents raised him. Have a little respect for a common man who actually worked his way to the top. Why don’t you actually LEARN about the man you’re supporting for president before you start spouting untruths?!! What a Fox News moron!

          • Davia, if you knew what you were talking about you would know that all Mormons serve time as missionaries. That does not mean they come from a humble background,. BTW, his Daddy was a corporate CEO. I don’t blame him for being rich or for coming from an elitist background, but it bothers me to see how out of touch he is with mainstream America and how little he knows about our problems and aspirations.

      • Why would he can’t hide all he has !

      • he didnt deserve a salary!also why he didnt run for 2nd term..he was a total disaster..his only claim to fame was his health care bill which is exactly like Obamacare. Used to live in Mass so know.

        • davia55

          halina…instead of throwing crap out there, why don’t you research to see why he didn’t run a second term. I presume you are literate. You might find out he did do other things, one being making life easier for his wife who has multiple sclerosis and had been treated for cancer.

      • Have you forgotten the Romney`s have also been on Oprah show he was rich because of you. I hope you vote for Trump for the next President to be President is not to be a rich man but a wise man because you have to use the right words at the right time and Romney is not that type of a man.

      • You really think Romney cares ANYTHING for people like you? After tonites debate it is clear Obama cares much more!

        • davia55

          Grow up. This isn’t prom king voting, this is about who is best qualified. Obama has proven he as no clue when it comes to economics, that is why he tanked in the first debate. Nobody is saying you have to find Romney a caring person. Personally I could care less if he was a rude disgusting individual, I am sold on the fact he can do the job. If you rather Obama, at least come up with a valid reason other than “he cares”. It was his heart felt (empty) speeches he is so good at that got us in this mess, words are cheap, but they have cost us dearly.

    • DurdyDawg

      Here we go:

      [click pic to enlarge]

  • The only reality of the Chick-Fil-A issue is that bigotry is alive and well.

    • davia55

      you’re a nut…lol

      • joyscarbo

        And you’re a bigot.

  • Germansmith

    How about we all agreed that Cathy is entitled to his opinion just as everybody else.

    I personnally do not support Gay/Lesbian life style. As far as I am concerned is an aberration condenmed by most ancient cultures as well as the bible, BUT they have been with us from ancient times as well and I really do not care whatever unhealthy activities they engaged in. Gay and Lesbians are human beings and deserve to live without harrassments and are entitled to relationships and legal status…BUT NOT to special legal protection and political endorsement of their culture.

    If Gays/Lesbian do not want to eat chicken at Chick-a fill they are also entitled to their boycott. Obama supported Gay Marriage and was rewarded with lots of gay’s contributions, Let Gay and Lesbians vote with their money again.

    For every action there is a reaction
    I believe the republican/christian/conservative support for Chick-A Fill is a reaction to the the mayors of Chicago, Boston and San Francisco and their statements regarding establisments of Chick-A-Fill in their cities, quickly and conveniently forgetting that Chick-A-Fill is a good employer that goes out of their way to support their employees ambitions and growth. I wonder if these same mayors spend any time investigating workers conditions and the treatment of gays and women in their Chinese and Mediterranean restaurants

    • Kansan

      The Bible also condems eating non-kosher foods such as lobster, shrimp and crab, and of course pork, so I expect you and yours will keep the faith by avoiding Long John Silver’s and boycott Jimmy Dean’s sausage.

      The Bible endorses mass slaughter of men, women and children of those whose lands they covet, the institution of slavery, exclusion of women from society during their periods, etc. I expect that you’re consistent in your beliefs so that you do so as well.

      Similarly, the Bible prohibits the preparation and consumption of dairy and meat dishes together. I admit I am puzzled by many of Chick-fil-A’s menu items such as:

      “Breakfast Platter: A hearty meal featuring scrambled eggs, a breakfast portion of our famous boneless breast of chicken, a freshly baked buttermilk biscuit and white pepper gravy. Also available with a breakfast portion of our spicy chicken breast; or four strips of smoked applewood bacon; or a slice of pork sausage instead of chicken.”

      I personally don’t support the neo-Nazi lifestyle, “German,” but of course realize adherents have a right, like yourself, to express their homophobic, anti-Semetic or other racist and genocidal opinions.

      I agree with you regarding special treatment of those with different beliefs. If Christians, Moslems, Buddhists, Confucians, Jews, Zoroastrians, Jains, Hindus, animists, pagans, and devil worshippers expect to retain their tax-exempt, special legal protection status for their churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, etc., we should all collectively say “Never again!”

      Chick-fil-A has led the way by closing on Sundays. I believe all fast food restaurants should endorse similar sacred precepts and close from Friday night to Saturday evening, the Jewish Sabbath, and should shut down outlets serving non-halal food, and not stay open during the daytime when Ramadam is observed.

      “Sauce for the goose…”

      • alumahead

        Hilarious and oh, so true.

      • Germansmith

        Have problem reading?….the left left a vacuum between your ears?
        I am not boycotting anybody (or insulting them) because of their opinions
        (yeah, I like the way you insert the German and Nazi in the same sentence)

        I leave all these boycotts to the extremes in both the left and the right and it is truly ironic that people on the left overreact to an old guy’s opinion the same way Limbaugh or Beck or FOX news reacts to opinions on the right. You guys are THE SAME , just different extremes

        AND YES, I defend the right for people to express their opinions disregarding weather they are homophobic, or anti semite or racist…
        BUT DUDE…where in my statement are genocidal opinions…you need to learn to read !!!
        Everybody has the right to live the way they want to, but I do not need to be forced to approve it

        I just saying, live and let live and the concept of Freedom Of Speech means no interferance or punishment from government (mayors) because of your expressed opinion.
        If you want to stop eating chicken and boycott Chick-A-Fill, be my guess. If Gays and Lesbian want to boycott the place and not eat in it, that is fine too
        BUT if in this boycott I am interfered with buying a chicken sandwich in peace, then, that is a violation of my right to eat whatever the hell I want to (even if it kills me), and I do pay for my own health insurance

        What is wrong with Kansas anyway? Is the flat land getting you guys dizzy?

        • Kansan

          I could have criticized your odd capitalization, your inability to understand tense, your spelling, your punctuation, but instead I used satire.

          I should have guessed that you were a concrete thinker, a symptom of conditions that are often quite debilitating, and which leaves the sufferer unable to understand satire and aphorisms in particular.

          “Pearls before swine…”

          • Germansmith

            There, there….feel better and superior? (sarcasm)

            I am blogging, not writing a business letter, but you seem to be an anally retentive personality that is more concern with spelling/grammar than with content…..maybe a retired English teacher?

            This concrete thinker speaks and writes 4 languages and english (yes, lower case AR person) is not my first or better
            You still live in Kansas flyover person.

          • Kansan

            I agree that you’re not very good at writing in English, though you’re vastly superior to most of the mouth breathers who post here.

            Let’s try one of those aphorisms, however. No fair looking it up.

            What does, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stone,” mean?

            I’ve been called a lot of things in my life (a few accurate) but no one has ever been so delusional as to consider that I might be “ar” before.

          • Germansmith

            We will discuss again on future subjects
            I would agree my English is not as good as yours may be, if you would agreed you did not quite captured the meaning of the statements I was making and red thing between the lines that were not stated…and reacted
            Kind of reminded me of my old English professor more concern about grammar and punctuation than content.
            My apologies for the AR comment. Being AR is not necessarely a bad thing. It is actually a good thing if you are a neurosurgeon, an insurance underwriter or any profession that requires extreme accuracy, but it could be very annoying when dealing with regular day to day stuff (I am sure you love that word)

            If you live in a glass house you are probably a plant living in a greenhouse, and plants do not throw rocks. Plants just live and let live and do not buy chicken sandwiches with non-kosher cheese in it
            Best Regards

          • Kansan

            My German is atrocious.

            Look up “aphorism,” to see what I’m writing about.

            Others, for instance, would be “A rolling stone gathers no moss,” or “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

      • As a dedicated pagan, I’ll support my tax-exempt status to the death. But let the other newcomer religions perish as they deserve.

    • An article in the Boston Globe yesterday interviewed several secretly gay current employees of Chick-a-Fill. They said that they were afraid to “come-out” to their employer because they would be fired and recited hair raising stories about the anti-gay climate in the stores especially after Wednesday Huckabee eat-in and the horric language used by customers that they have to endure. So much for this being solely about marriage for the store owner. Its way deeper and the worse kind of gay bashing imaginable. All of them are seeking employment elsewhere and all of them would like to see the chain closed.

      • I am sure Chick – Fil – L – A knows it has homosexual employees and have not thought about the ramifications of what they are doing. The are putting themselves in a bad place for all kinds of harassment suits. Because they are going to start firing people who are homosexual. The media and attorney’s are going to have a feild day with Chick – Fil -A. I don’t really see what this have to do with the companies business. Are we talking about a “Church” or “Fried Chicken”. If we are talking about “Fried Chicken”; I personally think they should close all fast food places that are causing obesity thoughout America. if the owner of this company is a “Bible” freak; why is he even selling fried chicken.

        Jack, homosexuals are human beings and they will have to answer to God, we are not in a position to judge them. Leave them alone, this is just like slavery, Americans fought against freeing slaves, people were murdered all across this country. The bible says “thou shall not kill” but during slavery they did not care about the bible and God.

        Politician’s use the bible when it is convenient for them. Politicians can tell us where to pray; how to raise our children, raise gas prices, what to eat, create diseases, and much more. It is our civil duty to leave these people along and let God be the judge of what is their destiny. I am straight; but I believe God would want me to treat these people and all people as I want to be treated. I say they should have all the legal rights that any other human being has.

        I can not deny them that because, I have educated myself on all that my people went though just be recognized as “human beings” not log ago. Today there is still prejudice all over the world, I don’t have time to go into detail.

        With that being said, I employ all of you who are people of God, I want use religous names, because I believe, most are of occult. But if you are a true believer in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ then you believe that every human beings should be treated equally. I must say that homosexuality has been around since the beginning of times; even during the time of Christ. I do not want to be apart of their live style and I certainly will not endulge anyone to be apart of that life style. But to each is own.

        • Germansmith

          Here we go again…
          If you are an employer (and I am one) and you have a good employee, you do not fired them because they are black……or gay (I guess the new black)
          You do everything to keep them happy because it is convenient $$$$ and good employees are hard to find.

          BUT now if you are a bad employee and now you are fired for being a bad employee, if you are gay, or black or female, now you can suit claiming discrimination.

          Should employers keep that potential outcome in mind when hiring?
          How is that going to affect the choice of hiring a white or latino (not protected minorities) OR hiring a person of a protected minority that can scream discrimination or sexual harrasment if anything does not go as they expected?

    • oldtack

      Agree with all your statement except for one word -GAY. This word was stolen and corrupted by the Homosexual “community”. Did anyone ever look at the dictionary
      definition of the word GAY. It certainly has nothing to do with homosexuality.

      Is the Homosexual populace ashamed of the word homosexual? When defining sexual tendencies I find, Heterosexual , Homosexual, Bi-sexual, Asexual and transgender. But, nowhere do I find “Gay” sexual. I know many homosexual workers and business people. and I have no bigoted qualms about their sexual orientation. I value them as I value a heterosexual – by their character, work ethic, and general values. I could not care less about their sex life. BUT I still have problems with GAY. If one practices a homosexual relationship then let that person boldly proclaim that they are homosexual and quit hiding behind the word GAY. If all Homosexuals are GAY then I assume all the rest of us comprise SAD. Homosexuals – quit hiding behind that word and proclaim your lifestyle under the correct definition.

      • Germansmith

        Well, OK, you are right, but they already took the word
        My apologies to really happy people and those one that their last name is Gay.

        • oldtack

          Now – let us both go somewhere and have a Gay time the old fashioned way. We need to reclaim this good word.

    • SaneJane

      I think their support is a reaction to Huckabee telling them to do it or maybe they all just had a sudden, uncontrollable urge to suck up some grease. Sound the alarm and round up the sheep, it is time for the herd to show that they believe what they are told to believe.

      • Germansmith

        Our country have flocks /herds of sheeps on both sides of the aisle.
        Everybody is so concerned to pick a side that they do not realize both sides, in their extremes are wrong and detrimental for our country. We are in a world of S—!!!!

        Please, do not bad mouth grease, it is good, tasty and vital to your nutrition, but as with everything else, when eating in EXTREME is bad for you.

        But, I will not make a line for a Batman movie or even for the best chicken sandwich in the world……

    • I agree with you that Gays/Lesbians are human and should have the same rights as we do. The Gays shouldn’t need protection if the Republican Party would just give them the rights they should have under the Constitution and leave them alone.

  • We’ll read about it!

  • Germansmith

    Nothing to do with this subject BUT
    Why is Obama getting us involved in Syria?
    Having we learned our lessons in Iran, Iraq and Egypt.
    If the Sunni rebels win in Syria the ultimate losers will be minorities in that country (Christians, Alawites, Druce and so on which make up about 40% of the population)
    Whatever civilians Bashar’s army is killing now will be nothing in comparison to the ethnic cleaning that will happen if Bashar falls.

    Here we go ignorantly screwing with the world again

    • Once upon a time our country was seen as a champion of freedom and democracy, and a nation that could be counted upon when despotism and extreme cruelty resulted in genocidal acts. President Obama’s decision is limited to the CIA providing intelligence to the Syrian rebels to minimize the atrocities that are being committed by the Syrian government, which are being condoned by Russia and China. I would have preferred the enforcement of a no-fly zone and the destruction of Syrian military bases, but considering the political climate in the USA nowadays this is as much as can be expected.

      • Germansmith

        What they have in Syria is a Civil War. Rebels are armed and logistically supported by other countries in the region (not because they admire freedom since most of them have none, but because the rebels belong to a sunni mayority same as they are)
        What would have happen if England had supported the “freedom loving” rebels during our Civil War? After all, they just want it to secede from the Union…….
        US Champion of Freedom and Democracy?…pleaseeeee, go and get some history books. Read about our involvement in Nicaragua, Cuba, Iran, Viet-Nam, Philipines and so on and find how many times we were involved as a champion of freedom and democracy? Most of our history the US has been fighting rebels/revolutionaries of one kind or another for the sake of our own economic convenience

        If the rebels win, I will expect to see persecutions and killings of Alawites, christians and other non-sunni sect.
        This is one of the few times that I actually agree with Putin’s policy toward anything

  • If he thinks it will get him votes, he will. But he’ll probably wait until people start talking about his taxes or his record as Governor of MA again, then he’ll show up at Khik-Kil-KA to try and redirect the conversation to something else again.

  • howa4x

    This is perfect! We have an obesity epidemic in this country and the conservative answer is to encourage people to eat deep fat fried chicken. Mitt isn’t going there because he was brought up on gourmet food. Actually how can you tack to the center when the downward pull is so strong from the right. Now we will see if Mitt has any character or not.

    • davia55

      you must be Michelle Obama…LOL cant have a fat kid in this country…LOL.

      • howa4x

        Not Michelle Obama but a concerned citizen that will have to shoulder the burden of obesity because insurance risk is shared across the population. It is the biggest driver to escalating health care costs. Sorry you think that is funny.
        It is not funny when the joint cheifs of staff think that the kids are too fat to fight and rank that issue as a national security threat. You must be a republican if you think this is all funny probably want to repeal the ACA so that families can swarm the emergency rooms again. thses fat people will have diabetes, heart disease and may suffer amputations. You are probaly like Sara Palin who thinks this is all funny and her answer to this is to bake some more cookies for the kids

        • davia55

          how dare you decide that a kid is too fat, or the almighty Michelle think that also. Parents are suffering the burdens of this freaking government breaking the middle class not the mention the lower class. Maybe all they can afford is high carbs! Don’t blame the children for gods sakes! This topic makes me sick, and people who back this freaking woman makes me sick! People do the best with what they have, how dare you go into peoples kitchen and judge! Grab a heart!

          • samanthag

            davia you seem like a very unhappy person

          • davia55

            Nope Dr Phil, I am not unhappy. Do you think all who dislike Michelle is unhappy?

          • hellowoman

            I work for a cancer center. Obesity is causing increasingly dangerious illnesses and diseases at an alarming rate. Let’s wake up. We need to get serious about changing our eating habits. It’s very important to try and eat healthier and to get some exercise in our day. Every doctor would agree. We are all need to realize this so we can make changes for the better. Many people are just not informed. Our healthcare system is going to turn into a much bigger crisis due to the burden that howa4x explained. It’s not about judging, it’s about caring. If one takes it as a gad thing, then they are the one’s that don’t have a heart. I don’t enjoy seeing sick people die. Let’s all set an example for the next generation.

          • davia55

            Poor eating habits stem from lots of things like ignorance, income, depression, stress, workaholics, the list goes on and on. Zeroing in on obesity and cancer is way over the top. Too much alcohol can cause liver troubles, but not all liver troubles are from booz. Too much jogging causes your knees and hips to wear out, but knee and hip replacement are not from joggers. To say “you dont enjoy your job” I would say “find another job”. Hopefully one day you can say “I enjoy helping the sick get well”.-

          • hellowoman

            Yes, there are many factors involved. Why is ignorance okay with you? If we can inform America, then let’s do it. Making healthier choices will always be benificial regardless to everything you addressed. There just so happens to be a direct correlation to the huge spike in diseases and obesity, so to ignore that fact is just irrespsonsible. Everyone is capable of a little exercise. Nobody said you must go jogging or run the next merathon. I also never said I don’t enjoy my job, so please don’t put words in my mouth like that. I mentioned it so that people would know that I am around doctors and other qualified medical and operationg staff that have great knowledge about the subject. I do learn a lot about that and many other things going on in healthcare today.

          • davia55

            Look, all I am saying is, you can put warnings on everything, but it won’t stop people from eating or smoking, or wahatever other unhealthy choice you decide should be regulated. People don’t choose to be fat, nobody wants to say look at me I am 200 pounds over weight. It is an illness and should be treated as such. To take away people’s health care because they are unfit is insane. To have the first lady mocking fat children is wrong. I know you think she is fit, but personally I hint if you have a Wal-Mart sized ass you shouldn’t point fingers.

          • hellowoman

            There is proof that information and education brings great rewards. That is what I’m saying. People love watching Dr. Oz and The Doctors. Many people are making changes in their lives because they have been inspired to. Are they mocking anyone by doing so? I kind of think that is what you were doing with your remark. I don’t get how puting out informing and trying to inspire and encourage people to make healthier choices is mocking people. I never heard the first lady mock children. What she is doing is not mocking anyone. With information, we the people, can create a healthier society by making better choices and for setting a good example to our children. We teach them how to eat when they are young. We have a lot of power as parents. Also, people don’t understand the link between an unhealthy society and the cost of our healthcare. We all pay the price with higher premiums when there are highter claims. So bad decisions by others, do affect us all. People do have 80% control of their health. About 20% is genetics. People’s healthcare cannot be taking away with the Affordable Care Act. I can appreciate this because the insurances company dropped my healthcare coverage because I was born with a problem that carried into later in life. My parents ended up filing bankruptsy due to all the medical bills. So the law has changed to help people like me get and keep my coverage. One last comment. I don’t think one’s large ass is the cause of disease. The fat in your waistline (the omentum) is the fat that kills. It’s nothing to laugh about.

          • davia55

            You know where I think the change should start? With the magazines and TV shows where young people have a warped idea of body immage. If you ever watch any british shows, they have real people on there. Here we air brush young girls for cover stories, and they have TV shows where teens are getting breast implants for grad presents. We have people starving themselves to look like their favorite stars.

          • howa4x

            Why am I concerned with the kids health in this country and you on the right see it as a persons right to be obeses? Kids that are in that condition will develop heart disease by 30 yrs old. The republicans in the house blocked a recommendation by 5 agencies that the government restrict the advertising of sugary breakfast foods directly to children on the grounds that it would restrict business. I thought you were the party of family values yet you allow you children to be exposed to this, as well as enviornmental toxins. You talk about me going into peoples kitchens how about the republicans wanting to go in a women’s vagina like in Va. I want to protect the kids. People feed their kids crap because that may be all they know, and if educated about the dangers that lie in food they would make a healthier diet. the reality is this. the red states where all you family values people live are the fattest in the country. Your states have a health care tsunami coming in terms of cost. You have no idea how much it will zap your states budget , and to top it off the red states won’t take the medicaid expansion so a large number of these people will be uninsured and in need of intensive care. so start praying to god to protect you, because you’re going to need it

          • hellowoman

            howa4xs, having any concern and setting the right example to children is asking too much I guess. The effects of not doing anything about it is disasterous. These people don’t understand that it’s the average person that don’t want to see our country turn into this. Why does it even have to be political? I just want people to be informed and hope they make better decisions. I appreciate the first ladies, Laura and Barbara Bush advocating literacy and the “Say no to Drugs” campaign. That’s good for America. What is wrong with promoting good things? In my view, making healthier choices goes hand in hand with the familyvalues. My own family is very important to me. You have nothing without your health.

          • joyscarbo

            In my state, women with children qualify for WIC. With WIC she can get milk, cheese and cereal. Recently, they added a $50 stipend specifically for the purchase of fresh fruits and vegatables.

            In the clinic that I practice, we identify children who are at risk for obesity or who are obese. We intervene very early in attempt to help make better food choices and safe choices for opportunities for family exercise.

        • davia55

          BTW I am not Dem or Rep…………….Michelle just sickens me

          • howa4x

            Why? Because she is Black? Intelligent? In shape? When I was in HS president Kennedy had a physical fitness test that every HS kid had to take and she is just trying to set a national example for kids. Think of it as a Jack LaLaine type thing. The reality is we as a country are the fattest on earth and some national leadership needs to be shown on this issue. We need a better diet, and much more exercise, that’s the bottom line.

          • NutCutter

            And the leadership has to be a government driven event because Americans are too stupid to be responsible for their own obesity problem?

          • davia55

            Democracy isn’t going into people’s home and telling them how to eat. Back in Kennedy’s day, there was no Internet, video games, and cell phones. As a kid,if you wanted to talk to your friends you had to ride your bike to their house. If you wanted to play, your parents tossed you outside. As a parent, people have to allow their kids to be kids again. You can’t legislate that…lol

          • howa4x

            True but in those days the food supply was healthier. Today to get the same nutrition from 1 can of spinach you need to eat 75 cans. We need to do more to protect our kids. Advocate for healthier food or put warning labels like we do on cigarettes, saying bad for your heallth. We legislate protections all the time, like seat belts in cars to prevent injury, we have agencies like OSHA to protect workers with saftey rules. So why not protect kids from something we all know is bad for them and will create illness later in life? That is the core role of government -public protection. This is why we have police depts, and speed limits on roads. Public health makes all kids get vaccinated to prevent others and them from catching communicable diseases. Local governments design parks for kids to play in, so govt does have a role in this. In NYC they banned trans fats and now restricted soda size, why, because they found the link between that an obesity.
            We don’t live in the 50’s when most of the food was grown locally, now it’s global, so we need to know that your strawberries weren’t grown in raw sewerage in Guatamala. That is the role of govt.
            Already private companies are making overweight people pay more for their benefits and as people start experiencing worse health outcomes those people will be paying more and more and will even pay more for obese kids. If the ACA is repealed by the republicans, insurance companies will drop these people altogether so you telling me that govt has no role is wrong..
            So you all raise your kids whichever way you want but you won’t be able to turn back the clock.Tthe future is coming and for all these obese kids it won’t be a pretty one.

        • I have never seen a kid on welfare that was not fat….and Obama keeps offering food stamps for more food. What about the taxpayer that lives on a budget? The taxpayer gives and gives and thee people are eating away with out a care in the world… while the taxpayer works with all this stress and dies early. Visit a Third World Country and see what food they have. USA has made the lazy, dependent on a government check for free.

          • joyscarbo

            I work for my county’s public health clinic and I work as a pediatric RN. I provide care for children that come from poor and disadvantaged families. Obese children come from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds. I see no more obese children than in insurance-paid clinics. Poor kids don’t have a corner on the market for obesity.
            Your attitude- and others like you- is the biggest part of the problem. If you don’t want to be part of the solution to ridding poverty in one of the richest countries in the world, I suggest you shut your nasty mouth. Your over-simplification to a very complex issue is proof of your lazy way of examining poverty in America.

          • howa4x

            You probably haven’t seen a lot of kids then.There are many obese adults in the workforce in this country since 60% of Americans are overweight, and I’ve never seen an obese parent with a thin child. It’s not everyone on welfare unless you live in the south, and Food stamps are now very restrictive and you can buy only what is on them so no more substitutions. Some very rich people are also obese just look at the right wing hero Rush Limbough. So don’t blame it all on welfare or what you term lazy people try super sized McDonalds with 32 ounce soda, or deep fat fried food, or ice cream, starch, carbs, over sized sandwiches and late night snacking, and lts not forget the lack of exercise. So its not a wefare thing but an American thing

  • Free speech is a constituitional right–too bad so many use it to spread bigotry, hatred, or their own personal religious ideals with the belief because of the latter they have the right to demand or even force everyone who does not agree with them to “convert” and accept their agenda –as God”s will…???? PLEASE lets try to keep religious and bigotted righteousness OUT of politics and for those who HAVE to think otherwise– try keep it to yourself unless asked….share and then shut up with the “holier than thou” stuff; just “practice” it in your own home, church, whatever, if you have to. Only God has all the answers, and no one should claim to be a “know-it-all” on HIS level. I am 68, wife mother, grandmother, and value my personal relationship with Jesus and God–always have and always will–it is why I am happy and here!

    • You are a wise women. I pray that Michele Bachmann does’t get in again! These people are so hateful in the name of Our Maker. If Romney gets in , the Tea Party will be too, and that scares the H… out of me! I have been contacting Representative regarding the voter suppressing , and will continue to do so. I do wonder if it helps, but I have to do something.

  • get a life…… stay out of theirs.

  • Sarah “Stupid” Palin needs to just get out of the news. I find her totally stupid………….
    She will take part in anything that will get her picture taken. Her daughter got pregnant right under her nose, in her house. She had an affair during her marriage; on this issue she is a good church going, bible abiding person. Sarah where did you come from? Go back and stay……

  • Romney is smart to avoid unnecessary controversy. Every time he takes a position on any issue he only demontrates again how clueless he is. His best chance to prevail is to say absolutely nothing of substance ever — which after all is what he does best, don’t you agree?

  • Germansmith

    Actual Statements

    “In June and July 2012, Chick-fil-A COO Dan Cathy made several public statements supporting what he referred to as “the traditional family,” saying about same-sex marriage that those who “have the audacity to define what marriage is about” were “inviting God’s judgment on our nation”.

    I fail to see where they are violating any employment laws or promoting genocide or refusing to serve or hire homosexuals

    Is our left over-reacting to an old guy opinion? (a guy that has a reputation to help his employees, gay or not reach their full potential). He is entitled to his opinion as all of us are.

    Are our liberals now trying to Out-Rush Limbaugh by blowing things out of proportion?
    Is our country a them VS us proposition now?

    Do we fight intolerance by being intolerant ourselves?

  • 2hheels2

    Why would anyone think Mitt would stand up to anything. He is the first candidate that will take zero responsibility for anything he does or spoken word. not my health plan, I didn’t outsource, I didn’t offend England, He is a coward and a LIAR

  • SaneJane

    OldTack, Wrong. Just looked it up. All things being equal, isn’t it time we started learning to get by without labels. Do you think we should all announce our “sexual tendencies” when we introduce ourselves. Should we include our race/color and religion?

  • SaneJane

    He isn’t right. Did you look it up?

  • Can political hot-button issues get any sillier?

  • Chik-Fil-A is sexy.

  • Romney didn’t go out of respect to the President, who could not go due to the Muslim dietary restrictions (halal) that Obama follows.

    • President Barack Hussein Obama is not Muslim, does not eat halal (nor kosher), and has actually supported having beer in moderation, a stand that hasn’t been really workable in the Oval office since Billy Beer.

      Nice try, he isn’t Muslim, and I’m flagging this blatant deception as offensive. Have a nice day.

      • samanthag

        i agree

  • WHY do the Republicans even PRETEND to even care about the 99.9% of the NON-super-rich, of America. I agree with those who say that a Republican only eats, drinks, and cavorts with, the super-rich. In Romney’s own words “I just dont think about the poor”.
    This is the mark of a true, and devoted, Republican.

  • Pointyfinger

    Are you missing Gov Romney? The guy has a life, and not going to meddle with all of the hype, where is Obamama anyway?

  • I applaud the GOP right wing once again for their firm grasp on reality. Going to Shit-filler is the right message to send to gays and lesbians aiming at equal rights. You want marriage, have another drumstick, to boost sales the next company to come out against decency and human rights should be Bain Capital or Carlyle. How about the NRA sponsoring a day on the range at a nearby movie theater. As a marketing ploy this is priceless!!

  • I like the food fromk Chick-fil-A. I’ll miss it. (I’m straight; I’m just not crass enough to deny people who are of age and sufficiently far enough apart genetically a right to marry!)

    • Germansmith

      Let’s see
      You are OK with homosexual marriage, but not for heterosexual or homosexual cousins to have sex? Genes do not matter with homosexuals because it is highly unlikely they would produce any biological children
      Do you realize you are violating the rights of some people in the hills?

      How do you feel about polygamy between consenting adults?
      How about a marriage between a 16 year old boy and a 18 year old woman?
      How are you denying or helping the right to marriage for homosexuals by eating or not a chicken sandwich?

      I think we are making too much out of NOTHING. This is a Red Herring. As a country we have bigger problems (economy, jobs, healthcare, inmigration, you named) that affect far many more people.

      How about we allow homosexuals legal unions with the same legal rights as marriage, but do not force religious organizations to call it marriage or preform the ceremonies unless they want to? Would that be an acceptable compromise for liberals and conservatives?
      How about we allow people to express their opinions without the government (local, state or otherwise) implementing punitive actions?

  • charpro

    Mitt is not chicken, he is Daffy Duck to Obama’s Bugs Bunny.

  • ObozoMustGo

    It’s not just Republicans, you leftist freaks and fools. It’s ANY American that supports the First Amendment and freedom of speech. Saying that one supports the traditional definition of marriage between a man and a women (80% of America) DOES NOT mean that anyone hates gays. It’s a strawman argument and you leftist nutjobs and useful idiots are too stupid to think rationally or logically. Instead, you only want people who think like you to speak out what you think is OK for them to say. Anyone that speaks the opposing view from you should be shut down and ridiculed, correct? What a bunch of idiots you all on the left are!

    Have a nice day!

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure,
    the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy,
    its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery..”
    — Winston Churchill

    [click to enlarge image]

  • MaximumOvertroll

    Chick-fil-a has every right to be vocally anti-gay and fund every anti-gay group they like and I have every right to refuse to fund them.
    This is America, you have the right to hate anyone and anything be it fag, nigger, chink, spic, kike or woman. Some people have more tact about it than others.

  • It’s been said that, “you are what you eat”! I don’t he’s chicken! I believe Misfit Romney eats alot of “jackass meat”!

  • Frankly, I’Mm tired of hearing about Chick Filet A, but Yes, I thin Mittens is a chicken–about everything except running off at the mouth without knowing what he’s even talkeing about;lying, making things up , not knowing what he really does stand for (or hiding it along with his tax returns which he is deathly afraid of doing as that could be his demise. Has to stand behind his wifey to give false impre3ssion that he ca be a regular Joe & rekate to some people, to protect hin from just out & out insulting people–she’s no more “in touch either, just maybeabetter speaker who must stand by her man to have a chance of making it to their heaven. Hi thee to a chikrn koop, Mitt.

  • Gays don’t ‘choose’ to be gay. They’re born that way, like you are born either left or right handed. You, Dan Cathy, are either ignorant of homosexuality and its origin or purposely demonize this variation of human nature because it scares you. I feel sorry for you. You hate a small percentage of the world population for no reason.

  • No His Not Chicken He’s A Big Flip Flopping Lying Sociopath Who Only Cares About Money And How Much Can He Get For His Puppet Masters 2% And Himself!!!!! Screw America And The 98%!!

  • They don’t read the bible, they use quotes in the bible to further their racest agenda. You must really read the bible to know what it says’, love thy neighbor as you love yourself, not hate everyone who doesn’t think like you. They use the bible as a political tool. Shame on you.

  • gustavodos

    When closet case males start respecting the rights of disinterested straight males, perhaps there will be greater tolerance and less phobia. These people don’t just innocently go about their business. Many can be very invasive as if they have a right to test another male who might obviously be disgusted by the thought. It is expected by nature that men seek the interest of available women. Men who pull that on another male, actually border on criminal.

  • Ben

    I would rather be a bigot than a faggot!

  • lets not insult chicken , A COWARD IS A COWARD!!

  • Its he is use to the 500.00 plates what a joke chicken does not cost enough for his pockets

  • Sounds like more of the same CHICKEN CRAP, as usual for the tea baggers and NEOCON RIDICULOUS (RELIGIOUS) RIGHT!

  • joyscarbo

    If people aren’t eating at Chik-Fil-A, it’s their own damned fault. If what you do as a profession is to make chicken sandwiches, then you best keep to doing just that. When the company president makes disparging statements about gay people, he invited his company to a boycott. He needs to be told do what you do- fry chicken- and shut it.
    Chik-Fil-A has been donating coporate money and giving it to groups that fund political organizations that work to restrict the rights of homosexuals. While I understand not everyone accepting homosexuals based on their personal or religious beleifs, restricting or purposefully seeking to deny them rights afforded to ALL Americans is bigoted discrimination.

  • kerotom

    I hope that Chic fil a can survive on only Conservative customers, I’ll never grace their restaurants again. That’s what happens when businesses align themselves with religious and political figures – they LOSE !!