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Saturday, October 22, 2016
  • Stuart

    ISIS is simply practicing human sacrifice. If they claim to be Muslim, they are trying to delegitimize Islam.

    • ralphkr

      Well, Stuart, I fear that ISIS not only claims to be Muslim but that they claim to be the only TRUE Muslims just as Westboro Baptists claim to be the only TRUE Christians. That is a major problem with altogether too many religious groups all claiming to be the ONLY TRUE group. The only good thing is that Christians, for the most part, seem to have outgrown the demand to kill all who do not believe as they believe. Unfortunately, too many Muslim groups are still carrying on the ancient Christian, and Biblical, tradition of killing those who are not TRUE members.

      • ps0rjl

        That is so true. I worked with many Muslims and to a one they all were appalled at how these fundamentalist Muslims can be so intolerant and cruel. I think these groups such a ISIS have a core that is more rooted in poverty and ignorance and their beliefs have not modernized since the time of the Prophet.

  • Cade Yaeger

    A reasonable person might begin to wonder – where was Obama on September 11, 2001? What was he doing? Does he even know what happened?

    • Allan Richardson

      He certainly wasn’t ignoring NSA and CIA briefings while reading children’s books. And, in an ironic coincidence, scheduling a DRILL of the response to a fake attack of exactly the same sort as the REAL attack that started while they were running the drill (one reason for the ineffective initial response; everybody thought it was part of the drill). Who scheduled the drill for that exact morning, and why? And how did the hijackers know to schedule their actual attack on that exact same morning? Who told them?

      Future President Obama was most likely taking care of his state legislative business or his law practice (I am not sure whether he was in the Illinois state house at that particular time, not being an Illinois resident and not having time to look that up). In any event, he would not have been anywhere near DC.