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Friday, October 21, 2016

Cognizant of the tense state in Washington over the government shutdown, U.S. Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) made a desperate play on Monday morning to shift the blame for the government shutdown to Democrats.

While on CNN’s New Day, Issa was pressed by co-host Chris Cuomo to answer whether or not the government shutdown – for which recent polling shows a plurality of Americans blame the GOP — is justified, despite the harm it will inflict on families nationwide who “live on the margins,” as Cuomo put it.

Issa’s response: “You can’t accuse me of beating my wife and then turn around and tell me, isn’t that true?”

“We did not shut the government. We offered to the Senate, again and again, things to keep the government fully funded,” Issa continued, attempting to blame the Senate for the shutdown.

After claiming the GOP’s only goal is to “keep the American people from being forced into buying into exchanges before they are even up and running or we know how much they cost,” the Republican lawmaker admitted that the issue is “small,” and “of course not” worth a shutdown.

The congressman then argued that if the Senate “rejects the offer to have a conference,” they are “rejecting the constitutional process.” For good measure, he added: “It’s certainly not us,” referring to the Republican-led House.

However, Cuomo insisted to Issa that it was his party in the House that “did shut down the government,” and referenced the Constitution as Issa had previously done, saying: “The constitutional mandate is not to accede to your wishes on legislation that’s already passed.”

The congressman responded: “If you [Congress] have the right to fund the government, you have the right to fund the government to a lesser amount.”

Perhaps realizing that a government shutdown did not equate to funding the government “to a lesser amount,” a desperate Issa then declared: “Not funding the government is part of funding it.”

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  • Faraday_Cat

    “We offered the Senate, again and again…” many different meals, the only thing we insisted on, was that arsnic be one of the ingredients…you can’t blame us that they didn’t eat dinner!

  • docb

    Jindal was actually correct…The repubs are really stuck in stupid… Issa, the arson, is just one of the worst! They serve crap on a stick and think Americans will like it…like their low information dwindling base!

  • idamag

    In the beginning of whack-job Issa’s term, he vowed to hold more hearings. He din’t vow to legislate. His voters owe the American people an apology.

  • doninsd

    Typical used car salesman. Doesn’t have a clue, but doesn’t care because he thinks everybody is as stupid as he is.

  • CrankyToo

    I was walking my dog through a Kentucky cow pasture this morning and damn if I didn’t step in a big pile of Issa.

    • Russell Byrd

      🙂 Might as well burn those shoes. You will never get rid of the whiff.

      • CrankyToo

        That’s no “whiff”, Bro – that’s a stink as foul as anything that’s ever offended your sensibilities. That Issa’s a real piece of sh!t.

        • Russell Byrd

          Amen to that!

          I guess that there are at least two of us in Kentucky that aren’t crazy Pubs.

  • Lynda Groom

    Only in the bazzaro world of Rep Issa could something so completely asinine be spoken. Nonsense is one thing, but this is even beyond his usual twaddle. Up is down, North is South and the Democrats crafted the bill to collapse the government and bring on the shutdown. Yeah right Darrell.

  • disqus_ivSI3ByGmh

    Political Double-speak if I ever heard it.

  • elw

    Hey I say step on Issa all you want, he does not deserve respect. He does nothing but waste tax dollars on endless, useless investigations.