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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

11 Responses to Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton, Defend Obama Daughter Over Video

  1. Republicans don’t even try to hide their hatred and contempt of anything associated with Barack Obama, his family, or Bill and Hillary Clinton. In fact, the one policy “accomplishments” that can be attributed to Trump involve over turning every Executive Order and international agreement signed by President Obama, including the Paris Accord, and EOs designed to protect consumers, limit fraud, protect the environment, and protect safety in the workplace. Obviously, the same goes for Trump’s obsession with the ACA, the Iran nuclear deal, and constant calls to investigate Hillary Clinton based on allegations that have already been proven to be unfounded. Trump’s petty vendettas are clearly a reflection of his immaturity and intellectual insecurities. Perhaps not surprisingly, millions of Americans continue to sheer him on, and demonstrate time and again that in the age of selfies acting like a fool, or a vindictive moron, is an acceptable norm.

    • Why, Dom! That’s a heavy insult to apply. Vindictive morons everywhere (aka Republicans in Congress) are appalled that you have debased them to the level of Teflon Donnie. After all, his vindictiveness has sunk to depths that even former VP Cheney would not have attempted, and Mitch McConnell has even drawn a line to! Granted, he has yet to descend to the depths of Tom DeLay in his vindictiveness. But unless Mike Pence invokes the 25th Amendment, we could see this nadir reached soon!

      • As repulsive and dangerous as Trump is, he is not as bad as his enablers in Congress, who understand the dangers of having a man-child in the Oval Office, but tolerate him for material, political, or ideological reasons.

      • Oh POORly informed fire, are you forgetting the way your FAKE MSM and lefties went after President Trump’s son for just being there! YUP. More proof you lefties are hypocrites! You lefties even referred to pedophilia as being sexual orientation when defending your own, who were proven pedophiles. In Judge Moore’s case, 4 of the 5 have had their stories shaken to the point of disbelief and the remaining accuser has refused to present anything in the way of evidence except her verbal statement, which lacks credibility.
        The reason you Dems are defending Franken is the poll that showed he was the ONLY Dem who had a chance to defeat President Trump in 2020.

    • Oh POORly informed Dom, temper, temper. The great ACCOMPLISHMENTS from President Trump are EXACTLY that – GREAT actions to overturn the illegal, and wasteful actions of obozo!
      Every one of the actions you called President Trump out on were nothing but ego tripping from obozo. He couldn’t even get his own party, who dearly loved the fool, to support him, so he had to resort to EOs.
      And the Russian collusion will blow up in the Dems face as it looks like HilLIARy will be investigated this time by someone who is not on her payroll. The odds are greater that HilLIARy will pay a fine or be convicted of illegal actions are significantly greater than President Trump even getting charged with inappropriate actions let alone illegal.
      And lest you forget, obozo’s TRUE approval rating is lower than GWs, so you even hinting that he accomplished anything of value (forget about making healthcare un-affordable for most) that the public would thank him for, shows how naive you lefties are.

      • Democrats did not support President Obama? The Dems only had control of the House in 2009-2010, and a tie in the Senate when Ted Kennedy was replaced with a Republican. Have you forgotten who managed to obstruct President Obama’s agenda, including not even holding a hearing for one year to fill a Supreme Court vacancy? In any case, the difference between President Obama’s EOs, and El Trumpo overturning them is that Obama tried to protect consumers, the environment, advance women rights, promote equality, and other such matters, and El Trumpo is reverting everything to the way things were decades ago.

          • Oh POORly informed luck, you are still trying to defend the Dems who thought pedophilia is nothing more than sexual orientation.

            I guess you got tired of having your lies exposed during these forums.

        • Sorry POORly informed Dom, but obozo was so focused on his now failing healthcare program that he lost the support of his own party. Twice he lost referendums on his policies so he had to resort to EOs, that were largely illegal, but the GOP, trying to show they supported him, left them alone.

          The SCOTUS opening was payback for the Dems who did it under GW. Besides, waiting was the proper thing to do.
          And NOPE, the GOP supported many of obozo’s ideas. Under President Trump, the Dems have marched lock step in fighting him. The voters are seeing this and the Dems will pay a heavy price in 2018 elections.

          Oh the Dems falsely claimed the GOP was fighting everything, but the voters saw through that lie.

          You’re FALSE claims about protecting blah, blah is shallow. Making folks pay $6 for a 25 cent light bulb is not protecting the climate. Since you brought up reverting, how about obozo making race relations like they were 50-60 years ago!
          I bet you support the FAKE internet neutrality legislation that will do NOTHING but drive up the price and make progress come to standstill.
          And you wonder why you lefties are referred to as low information.

  2. The ONLY success Trump can EVER lay claim to is failure. Every business deals since the days of the old Commodore Hotel, that defunct resort in San Juan, the proposed Trump SOHO failure, the money laundering at the Taj Mahal, the deal to sell a Florida mansion to a Russian oligarch for 9 times its value when it had been under water due to a Florida tornado, to the Iskanka Mammadov Crime Family deal with the proposed Trump hotel in Azerbajan…not to mention he is the ONLY occupant of the White House to marry a naked porn model who got paid to kiss women in her photo shoots, kisses Putin ass at every possible turn and now he is selling out his own son-in-law for all those Trump demanded meetings with Russians.

    At this junction, we could all just throw up our hands and let these pissbags do their worst. Then, when they come crying to us for help,we kiss them to the curb.

    All the right wing and Trump scumbuckets have is deflecting their guilt. So long as they can stick it to Obama, Hillary and anyone who dares disagree, to these morons, it’s all “fake.”

    One serious problem with all that “fake” BS of theirs. Fake can’t be proven. It’s why they always lie in the hopes of turning their lies into truth. Can’t be done.

  3. Petty gossip. That is what the Republican party has become and that is the caliber of their supporters. Ivanka, thank you for being a decent person.

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