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Saturday, October 22, 2016

JC Penny, Walmart And Others Troubled By Bangla Desh Factory Disaster

  • ObozoMustGo

    And now…. The REAL Cartoon Of The Day!

    [click image to enlarge]

    Have a nice day!

    “Demagogue: one who preaches doctrines he knows to be untrue to men he knows to be idiots.” – H.L. Mencken [fortelling of Obozo’s political strategy]

    • OH! You mean like pretending that background checks won’t help curb the increase in gun violence?

      Or that more WELFARE FOR THE WEALTHY will actually lead to more job growth?

      Or that tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas is good for our economy?

      Or that attacking teachers by restricting their right to organize, cutting their pay, cutting teacher assistants, increased classroom size, elimination of tenure, allowing vouchers for private and religious schools, requiring teachers to become ARMED GUARDS, and so on and so on, will be good for education?

      Or that spreading hatred for Muslims will help promote better security for Americans?

      Or that ridiculing anyone who doesn’t subscribe to your own beliefs is actually a sign of superior intellect?

      Yeah, I can see where these are ALL excellent values and goals.

    • So you’re sending a big ole American Tea Party “fuck you” to those who die on a regular basis for the vanity of First World fashionistas?

    • metrognome3830

      Hi, OMG. I think ‘ol H. L. was a bit older than Obama, so it is doubtful he was foretelling Obama’s policy. I used to tell him, “H. L., you just keep making those statements and one of these days you’ll come up with one that will apply to a large percentage of the population and it will still be good for OMG to use years and years from now.” And I think he did it with that one. You can apply it to Democrats, Republicans, Tea Partiers, Libertarians, Whigs, Tories or Know-Nothings. But what does it have to do with all the people who died in that factory so we could all shop for low-cost fashions at Wal-Mart? Thereby allowing Wal-Mart to exploit and underpay their employees? Do you really feel that terribly compelled to defend what happened in Bangladesh as just a part of doing business?
      Just got back from our East European trip (no, we don’t shop at Wal-Mart to save money for our travels). Had a great time.
      Hope your weekend was good.

      • ObozoMustGo

        Hey Metro! Long time no chat. Glad to see that you and Mrs. Metro had a great time in Eastern Europe. That was a river cruise you did, wasn’t it? Did you get a chance to ask people what they thought of the Soviets and communism/socialism? I’ll bet they really miss those good ol days, don’t they? Yeah, right. Sure, sure. heheheheheheh I haven’t been around too much lately but was in the mood to throw some grenades into the leftist freak hornet’s nest today when I saw your message.

        Re: shopping at Wa-Mart, I dont care. Shop where you want. But Wal-Mart is a great company and provides employment for hundreds of thousands of people in an industry where they pay them more than most of the competition. Besides, not a single Wal-Mart employee is dragged from his/her home kicking and screaming while being forced into labor at Wal-Mart against their will. 100% of them are voluntary. That is a false leftist freak narrative because you guys on the left have a built-in inclination to hate success. It’s also because you are pissed that Wal-Mart avoids it’s death by remaining NON-UNION. That’s probably the biggest burr in your boot about them. It’s just who you are, and I accept you for what you are, my friend. Not a big deal. I get you.

        Re: Mencken, I figured you were a friend of his. But he did not make that statement specifically about Obozo, but rather about Obozo’s political slimeball tactics, and in that way, he was speaking about Obozo. Clearly, there is relevance here.

        I hope you are well, Metro. Please send my kindest regards to Mrs. Metro. It is Mothers Day this weekend and I would expect you to treat her according to required protocol. 🙂

        Have a great day, Metro. Good to catch up with you again.

        “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” – H.L. Mencken

        • metrognome3830

          Hi, OMG, good to hear from you again. Yes, we were on a river cruise. We were in Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary and ended our trip with 3 days in Vienna. Of course the people who lived under a Communist dictatorship have no real fond memories of those days. It was, after all, a brutal, repressive dictatorship. Note my use of the word dictatorship. I want to emphasize that it was not a Democratic Socialist regime. But making the distinctions between the two would require more time and space than we have here. However, the Soviet Union did a great deal of harm throughout these countries. As did the Nazis before them. All under a false promise of equality for everyone. Ceacescu was singled out for special vitriol among Romanians. One of the places we visited was the symbol of the gigantic ego of this little shoemaker’s apprentice and ex-prisoner who met his political mentor in prison. His “City Center.” Ten stories of stone and marble (allegedly the 2nd largest building in the world) that now sits being barely used and crumbling away. Also, to show his appreciation to his mentor, he later had him killed. Interestingly, he made it his priority to pay off all external debt leaving no money to repair the infrastructure and economy of his own country. But, he did have a swell palace for himself.
          Re: Wal-Mart. I have never set foot in a Wal-Mart let alone shop at one. No, they do not pay their employees a fair wage. Instead they are instrumental in dragging down wages not only for their employees but for other retail employees in other big-box stores as well. That they are able to convince their employee not to unionize? Fine. That’s the employees problem. Also, their business model, going back many years, was to move into a small or medium-size town, set up their big store and all but give away their merchandise until they ran the local businesses out of business. Of course, to be fair to Wal-Mart, they did not force the citizens to shop there. Once again, people will perform against their own best interests. I much prefer Costco. They DO pay their employees better and provide them with better benefits. Of course, they are from one of those “liberal” states, Washington. They also have better merchandise, fewer, but nicer stores and while their prices may not sink to the level of Wal-Mart, they are still very good. And, they still make a handsome profit.
          Once again, H. L. is right in his scatter-gun approach. That is exactly the aim of politics of all stripes. They are very ably assisted by both sides of the news media and all sides of the populace. It is very difficult for me to find any reason to be serious about any of it. I don’t know — maybe I have just become fatalistic in my old age.
          “The people have spoken. And they have spoken like idiots. We have officially become a nation of idiots.” – Metrognome3830
          p.s. except for you and I, of course.
          Have a great day, and get something really nice for Mrs. OMG. I will do the same for Mrs. Metro. God knows they deserve it.