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Friday, October 20, 2017

Jeffress: Obama Re-Election Will Pave Way For The Antichrist

In the wake of Mitt Romney’s near-landslide defeat in the 2012 presidential election, many prominent conservatives have argued that the Republican Party needs to moderate its extremist appearance in order to expand its tent and compete in future elections. Even the Tea Party representatives in Congress now seem to agree that the party must avoid the heated, public confrontations with the White House that marked most of the past four years.

Unfortunately for these Republicans, a critical portion of their base does not seem to have gotten the message.

Bob Jeffress, the senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas and a leader of the religious right, is one of those Republicans who isn’t interested in working with the president. On the contrary, Jeffress believes that Obama’s re-election will lead to the rise of the Antichrist.

“I want you to hear me tonight, I am not saying that President Obama is the Antichrist, I am not saying that at all. One reason I know he’s not the Antichrist is the Antichrist is going to have much higher poll numbers when he comes,” Jeffress said last Sunday.

“President Obama is not the Antichrist. But what I am saying is this: the course he is choosing to lead our nation is paving the way for the future reign of the Antichrist,” Jeffress continued. “[It] is time for Christians to stand up and to push back against this evil that is overtaking our nation”

Jeffress, who famously referred to Mormonism as a “cult” while opposing Romney during the Republican primaries, is not the only member of the religious right who seems to recoil from working with the president. Rev. Franklin Graham, who has suggested that President Obama may be Muslim, has warned that Obama’s re-election “sent America further down a ‘path of destruction.'”

Similarly, American Family Association activist Bryan Fischer — who publicly took credit over the summer for forcing Romney to cut ties with his openly gay foreign policy advisor Richard Grenell — tweeted on election night that “Today was Pearl Harbor. Tomorrow we begin planning for Normandy.”

While the religious right refuses to moderate its strict anti-Obama stance, the rest of the Republican Party may be starting to wonder whether appeasing the group is still worth the trouble. Although evangelical Christians voted overwhelmingly for Romney, they arguably have less political impact than ever before. As Public Religion Research Institute chief executive Robert P. Jones told The New York Times, “Barack Obama’s coalition was less than 4 in 10 white Christian,” yet he was still able to win comfortably. Furthermore, three states voted in favor of marriage equality on Election Day, marking major defeats for the religious right.

“This election signaled the last where a white Christian strategy is workable,” Jones concluded. If he’s correct, then Jeffress, Graham, and Fischer’s fury may not ultimately matter.

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111 Responses to Jeffress: Obama Re-Election Will Pave Way For The Antichrist

  1. What the problem is w/American’s currently, is that we’ve given far too much legitimacy to conservatives already. Once upon a time, the Earth was only 6,000 years old. Then it was flat. Then there was no such thing as evolution. No equality. No Human Rights. No functional economics outside of trickle down/tax cuts. No Global Climate Change. All the above were deeply engrained philosophies/beliefs of conservatives thruout history. All have been proven as baseless & discredited. What will it take for American’s to stop negotiating away reality, intelligence & simple common sense, in order to ‘humor’ spoiled-brat, whinny, cry-baby conservatives who don’t understand there’s plenty of everything we have at our disposal, to abundantly share among the entirety of humanity, w/out any1 going w/out? It’s time we ignore them – those in the above camps – & become a determined, unalterable FORCE implementing Democracy in a systematic way that will show them what mature, responsible, citizen-self-governance, REALLY IS – w/out regard to religious preference or extremism distorting emotions or intelligence…

    • Ask a Talmudic Scholar about Genesis. He will say it is a collection of allegories that explain the origins of the Hebrew People, written down during the period of the Babylonian Captivity. Ask him how old the Earth is, he will say it is somewhere between 3 and 5 billion years old. Ask him about the origins of man and he will say we probably developed in East Africa around a million or so years ago.

      Now, ask someone like Jeffress about Genesis and he will say it is Holy Writ commanded by God and penned by Moses, himself, some 3500 years ago. Ask him how old Earth is, and he will say 6000 years. Ask him about the origins of man and he will say we were made in the 6th day of creation (or after the 7th depending on the chapter in Genesis he refers to).

      • Talmudic scholars should not be on the same sentence, paragraph or page describing the intellectual acumen of most evangelicals. The former study ancient texts to honor our past, and make an effort to interpret those writing, in the context and circumstances they were written, while respecting and acknowledging the advances in science that have been achieved since then, and the reality of our surroundings. The latter are zealots who not only ignore reality, but who often embrace concepts that are the anti-thesis of what they purportedly believe in.

      • In fact, he will say it was written by God using Moses as His writing instrument. To compare Jeffers to a talmudic scholar is like comparing Howdy Doody to Abraham Lincoln.

      • I have no qualms w/the religeosity of quacks being hi-lited in the above article. My response is to the zealots they incite & who, w/in our Democracy, are almost totally out of control, in spite of the fact that at the point of conception, America chose to be ‘SECULAR’ for a reason. U seem a fairly bright fellow, so I’ll take it for granted U understand why there is a NON-RELIGION clause in the 1st Amendment of the Constitution, as it relates to religious abuses intertwined w/in the monarchal savagery acted out against the rebels & their supporters. Yet, there was NOT the retribution against known traitors (at least to popular knowledge) supportive of the crown, as was the converse. These are my only points. The religion angle is too personal, but doesn’t mean I’m dominated by it to the point I don’t see the value of either science nor Democracy…

    • IF U believe the Earth is flat, tax cuts to only the wealthy work, America isn’t a Democracy invented by Liberal/Progressives & evolution doesn’t exist, I can’t argue w/U. & won’t. U don’t mention anything in particular that are baseless or clueless or have been discredited, so I will assume all my thesis’ are correct & U, like all ideologically-driven conservatives, are being simply arbitrary for no other reason than… whatever…

  2. Even though it will bring about screams of “vendetta”, the I.R.S. has to go after the hate mongers of the American taliban who call themselbes evangelicals. We have let them go for entirely too long in the fear of offending the wrong people. This type of speech is a flagrant violation of the law that governs the tax exempt status of a religion, and it should be prosecuted. Most of the morons that ride this gravy train do so for the $$ only, and if hit in the pocket book would cry like babies.

  3. The man is a danger to himself and those who believe themselves to be followers. These folks are already having difficulty facing and living in reality and reason, and this idiot is adding to that paralysis. The country has to mature and move beyond the ravings of a truly disturbed individual and join the community of nations trying for a better world.

  4. Talk about opening a way for the Antichrist!

    Hah, that’s a joke. Imagine if you will, the GOP a supposidly “christian-based” political party embracing Romney, a Morman Bishop for President, a belief system that promotes marriages between young girls and old men in secret, and supports canidates that think god approves of rape.

    How Hypocritical and Antichrist can you get.

    I bet if Jesus actually existed, he’s probably turning in his grave right now over what his flock has been doing recently, not to mention how his believers and leaders have trashed his belief over these past 2000 years.

    Not to pick on any specific religious belief, but some evangelicals consider the Catholic belief as the main representation of the Antichrist. They may have a point there, considering no where in the bible did I read anything about priests mollesting kids enmass as has been found out recently and approving of it. And, I don’t think Jesus would approve of the Catholic Church emassing all the wealth they have accumulated either, let alone all the religious involvements with politics.

  5. The religious right is being left out. The problem is that they are very fervent in their beliefs and are quite strong in many of the red states.

    I have previously stated that many religious people are big hypocrites. I still believe that.

  6. These are the ones who will lead all into hell, they are rebellious , they chew fire and they are more unkind and over their heads with their extreme views. They are poisoning the country and their followers by pushing ugly rhetoric. Lots of us out there are more Godly then these Bible/Scriptural pushers. They interpret the Bible verses the way they want, but the verses are by themselves contradictory at times. I refuse to listen to these backsliders , hypocrites and whited sepulchre. Look for the anti christ in yourself , your churches and your flock and get out the way

    • If we look at this religious situation we can see who the “anti-Christ” might just be. Look at all the hatred and demeaning statements that are coming from the pulpits of these churches confessing to be the true and only true church…each and everyone of them. Everything I have ever studied about Jesus is NOT what is being practised in this type of behavior from the very people and organizations who profess to be HIS followers. Every church points to “they” as the enemy when maybe they might just look at themselves first as the enemy of Jesus. Just a suggestion here. This is why so many people are now joining a nondenominational church to celebrate life instead of exclusion from life…to look within ourselves first instead of telling others how bad they are and how fast they will go to hell or blaming climate change on the behavior of others. ‘It would appear the complaining and treatening behaviors are backfiring in the face of the “religious right and the only right.”

  7. My dear friend, Bob Jeffress, the framers of the US Constitution had the foresight to avoid anti-christianity by keeping State and Church separate. Should you want to mix politics with church, you are living in the wrong country!

    • AlfredSonny:

      Religon and Politics have NEVER been seperate as a lot of people think it is. In fact, our founding fathers waffled on the issue in our Constitution, where this seperation and/or seperations was supposed to be stated. It is not clearly spelled out and vague at the most.

      If there was a true seperation, ever wonder why there are so many US and State Supreme Court cases involving religon involving themselves in politics? Simple fact, it isn’t.

      In god we trust on our money, public display of various scrpture on public buildings, encrouchment of religon in our Public school systems, creationist theory being introduced into Public School Science Classrooms, even the Congress stating a minor prayer before they are in session, is all unequivocal proof that religon has not been and is not currently seperate from our governmental functions.

      Maybe it’s high time this country holds a Constitutional Convention to propose a new Ammendment specifially clarifing exactly what the seperation should be.

      I might be going overboard, but I’d like to see all churches and their associated organizations loose their Non-Profit Tax Status. Afterall, most of them are businesses and quite profitable ones at that – hiding behind the non-profit status.

      • Okay exactly when did we start printing “In God we Trust” on our money? Answer: “In God we trust” has appeared on U.S. coins since 1864[3] and on paper currency since 1957.[4] Some secularists object to its use.[5]. How many times is GOD’s name used in the Constitution? Answer: 0, nada, zilch. There is no indication that God was ever to be mentioned by the founding fathers. They were people who came from a Country who specialized in religious persecution. Mindful of that they deliberately wrote any hint of religion out of the Constitution. Many of the original framers and signers of the Constitution were in fact Unitarians and Universalists. To cite as an example the court cases involving religion as there being no separation intended at the Nation’s birth hold no merit whatsoever. Creationist theory is not taught in most schools especially in any Science class. You are making a backdoor Intelligent Design which was totally debunked in the 1960’s.

        I have a better idea for you. Maybe it is high time for all you religious nuts to go away and try to foster your beliefs on someone else. America was created to be the land of the Free, meaning we are free to not have to listen to you or your beliefs. We are free to have our own and as long as we do not try to impose our beliefs on you we ask for your respect to not try to impose yours on us (US). We get into problems when people like you do not respect our rights and try to make us (US) just like you.

        Nice try at rewriting American History but as you can see it is very easy to debunk your theories and assumptions or wishes.

        I do agree with you partially in that all NON-CHURCH financial activities should indeed be taxed. And by that I mean the schools, hospitals and whatever a church has that is FOR PROFIT.

        • RVN:

          I am not a religious nut. In fact, I am very closely approaching Atheism.

          Please note, I use the strict interpretation of what Atheism means: that I do not believe in ANY Deity or Supreme Being.

          A lot of people misinterpret the word Atheism as meaning not believing in anything. I just apply the term to just religion as it is supposed to be.

          Evidently, you probably mis-read my comments. I do not support creationist theory. It should be kept out of the Public Schools. I don’t care what religiously-orientated schools teach. If the parents of these kids what their kids dumbed down, that’s there responsibility. But, in the end, we’ll all have to pay for their Prison Stays if they can’t adapt to societies standards or land a decent job.

          Please re-read my third paragraph, I think you once again misinterpreted its meaning.

          And, we are not as FREE as you might believe.

          Try not paying your property taxes twice for your home in 1 year and watch and see how “freely” the government takes it away from you.

          In some states try parking your car with a license plate in your own yard, have NO intentions of driving it and not have it covered with at least liability coverage.

          States spot check plates against insurance policies and if found that you’re not covered, they can charge you with a crime, even if the car don’t have a battery installed, the transmission is broke and haven’t driven it in some time.

          There are many, many other examples of how “free-less” we actually are – far too many to cover here.

        • I am a practicing Catholic, but cringe when I hear about our “Judeo-Christian” laws and country. Our Constitution is a secular document. Our laws are more closely aligned to the ancient Greeks and Romans, which were “pagan” societies, than to Christian law.

      • United States was created to avoid the interference of religion! Due to excessive involvement of the Church of England in politics, people protested and became protestants. They moved to America, fought against England to prevent them from taking over and framed the Constitution stating that that State and Church were to be separate. President Reagan, a devout Catholic, often said that he would oppose certain issues as a Catholic but as a statesman, he would support these issues. He, himself, was grateful that we have such a language of separation in the Constitution.

        Today, the Republicans, after quite a few focus study researches, are trying to manipulate by using the Church just to get votes. If the Republicans are “true” Christians, why would they protect greedy fat cats and promote guns which would be frowned upon by Jesus Christ?

      • There is no actual seperation of church and state in the Constitution. The First Amendment prohibits the government from establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise of any religious belief (or belief in no religion). The seperation of church and state has been inferred and interpreted by the courts.

    • Mimi, that never stopped those who want power. The German Junkers class thought they could control Hitler when they supported him.

  8. We also are forgetting that much of the south (the Red States territory) was Democratic until President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act. And suddenly the South turned Republican. It is not an overstatement that the South is still angry at that bill which gave many disenfranchized voters a voice. And Senator Eastland of Mississippi claimed that the Civil Rights Act would never have passes except that “a bunch of damned preachers thought it was a moral issue”. And most of those “damned” preachers came from churches who had no fear in science telling us how that creative power we call God said “let there be” in the first place. I am coming to believe that, for our very conservative Christians, Patriotism has become their religion, the Constitution their sacred document and God THEIR “gofer boy”.

  9. Look around and try to find a church that is NOT for profit. If we ever knew just how much any church is worth, they would be taxed as “for profit businesses” which they really are. We don’t have too far to see this is true.

  10. Why do they even print anything of this guys insane ramblings. Half the world is of other religions that don’t believe in this crap. Look around and you will see what is anti to the teachings of Christ. Sad to say a lot of it has to do with christian religions. Ever notice there is no chair in any church that is reserved for Jesus.

  11. Shouldn’t the IRS be investigating this dud for political preaching. “Bob Jeffress, the senior pastor at First Baptist Church in Dallas” My God, what would happen if this dude didn’t survive without donations. That is what’s wrong with society, with all the religion in this world, why do have so many people going hungry, and living in the street. Shouldn’t that be their number one focus, isn’t that why they are a religion, to preach God word, and help the poor.

  12. To think these fools really think God cares about poll numbers. Like He/She has noting more to do that watch the election or listen and nod Their head in agreement with the ranting of these misguided self important fools. As my late father would say these fools couldn’t pour piss out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel. He saved that epitaph for only those incurably stupid.

  13. Barry Goldwater warned the GOP’ers about the religious right point blank saying they scared the hell out of him. Did they listen? No. Never will. And that of course is thier hallmark, they dont listen. They shout over you. Cute. It would be nice if the GOP could return to a party like was during Ike Eisenhowers days, you know when he taxed the wealthy to help pave the interstate hiway system. But they wont. To some extent true belief in any party , or religion ,is for children. Unfortunately belief in the GOP now has become only possible for infants.

  14. Bob Jeffress is absolutely 100% correct. I am the Anti-Christ and I want to thank all the Liberals for voting for my pal Obama. Without your support it wouldn’t have been possible. I promise to bring paradise to all the world before I bring about the end of times. Don’t worry though, life will be so good for the first several years that most of you will hardly notice your own demise. This message was brought to you by the evil over lord Satan (christian fundamentalist leadership). These people need to be shut down permanently. Unfortunately violence is out of the question. Ignoring them might marginalize them somewhat but then they resort to all kinds of disgusting behavior which gains them the attention they crave. There are pros and cons when it comes to the First Amendment and unfortunately even people like Bob Jeffress, David Dukes and a host of others are allowed to promote their hate.

  15. Most Americans simply ignore the religious right wing. Its too bad they won’t leave the rest of us along. They see the devil behind every bush and are absolutely know they are right. Too often, they are intolerant, biased and racist. If they have their way, they would have cameras in our bedrooms, censor our news, force us to support their churches, force women to be baby factories, and put their religion in our schools.
    Sounds like the Taliban doesn’t it.

  16. What Jeffers is really saying is that he wants white Christians to stand up and black Christians to sit down. He probably dosen’t count Catholics as Christians so they are not even mentioned and besides that, the evangelical Christians used to call the pope the anti Christ so this lets him off the hook. It is funny how family values appear to these people. On one side we have Obama, still married to the same woman, and a great father to his kids, even with his massive responsibility, and he will bring on the anti Christ.
    On the other side, which Jeffers exaults, we have Herman Cain with more sexual affairs then he would care to mention, Julliani, who had an affair and left his wife while she had cancer, Trump who trades his wives in every 3 yrs for a newer model, Newt who has gone through 2 and on his 3rd, MCain on his second. Mitt is a great father and grandfather but he is in a cult so is not counted. Limbaugh is on his 4th wife, but he is just a wizard behind the curtian, but they won’t bring on the A-C
    So we have an upside down version of what family values are. If you are Afro American your not looked on as a good family man, and will be the bringer of destruction, if you are white you can do no wrong. This is why the republicans will keep loosing. They carry this philosophy into their elections.

  17. Their “fury” has never mattered….even rationally thinking Mormons voted for Obama….until these characters that claim to be “Christians” stop with their vicious and un-abated rhetoric, they will always be seen as exactly what they are….and they, my friends, are the Anti-Christ – the very one that they so vehemently claim is Obama.

  18. The religious right are not even true Christians. Oh yeah they go to church (or preside at the church) and sling around some Bible verses (mostly Old Testament) but they don’t have any true Christian values. According to the New Testament Christ was all about helping the poor, the weak, the sick and the elderly yet the Christian right considers them all worthless, lazy scum who deserve nothing and in one memorable filmed discussion actually cheered at the idea of a poor man dying because he had no health care. Sounded more like Romans at the Coliseum and Jeffress sounds more like Caiaphas than Christ. If so-called Christians are going to quote the Bible they should pay more attention to Matthew 19:24 “Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.” and then live it, care about the less fortunate. Most of the poor are not truly lazy, yeah you do have some but not most. I’ve been down there in my roll in public health and I know these people. Some work two or three jobs because all they can find is part time work with no benefits and they need it to provide the basic necessities for their families no extras. I am sick of these hypocrites that don’t even realize they are.

  19. Jeffress seems by his actions and verbiage to be very close to the anti-christ label..Perhaps a bit of blaming others for your actions, mr. jeffress?

  20. I question those who call themselves the religious right. So does running a campaign on actually stating that the campaign is not run on facts, and actually lying with no remorse, stating the same lie over and over until people believe it to be the truth, deceiving or hiding what you actually will do when elected, trying to stop the rights of citizens from voting in every un-American way, make you religious or right? What about all the name calling, every hideous name that could be spoken and every lie that could be thought about our President, including his birth and all the other hideous lies spoken about him. I know Jesus does not honor such behavior. I am a born again Christian and am appalded at the people that are calling themselves Christian. It does not line up with the Bible that I have been reading for over 70 years. As Christians we are suppose to be setting an example to win others to being Christ like. I do not think the so called Christian Right people are going to find many followers. It certainly is not promoting the words that Jesus taught. Read about the teachings of Jesus and the 10 commandments and draw your own conclutions. Take note of the 6 and 7 things God hates in Proverbs 6:16-19. You have the right to vote your preference but not the right to condemn those that vote otherwise.

  21. I’m not too worried about offending religious beliefs, not because I have all the answers, but because I study the Bible. If I have read the Bible correctly, the Antichrist, as singular being, doesn’t exist. Biblical evidence for this is: 1 John 2:18-19; and 2 John 7

    Additional reading: 1 John 4:3 explains that the anti-Christ was already in the world in the 1st Century. I take this to mean that every person that does not believe that Jesus originates from God, is an anti-Christ. Plural. Anti-Christ is the movement away from Christ, not a singular entity… There are other Bible passages too.

  22. “President Obama is not the Antichrist. But what I am saying is this: the course he is choosing to lead our nation is paving the way for the future reign of the Antichrist,” Jeffress continued. “[It] is time for Christians to stand up and to push back against this evil that is overtaking our nation”.

    Is this not what the Christian Bible has prognosticated? Does not God’s word command that the antichrist rule the earth, before all good Christians are called to Heaven? Is Jeffress not blaspheming against God’s will by calling for Christians to work against this commanded eventuality? Is not President Obama doing God’s will, if in fact what Jeffress says is true? Just saying…………..

  23. These are the same guys who have labeled Romney’s religion a cult, a tool of the devil to confuse people of the truth. Then they proceeded to convince all the evangelical christian sheep to vote for him. If there were such a thing as an anti-christ, he’d gain power by convincing these hypocrites he shares their “moral and values” and to pay no attention to the fact he’s been a leader of a false religion (their label, not mine). “There are none so blind as those who will not see”.

  24. I would so love to see these fundamentalist evangelicals taxed on their profits, as they should have been for years. I’ve long wondered if the 700 club is tax exempt when they spend so much time dissing our President and pushing for victory for Republican candidates. Does throwing in some Bible verses and “healing” by phone make a TV program eligible for a tax exemption? Does anyone know how to find out what the actual tax status is for shows like that?

  25. In reading this article, I find it hard to believe that religious people will label the election as the end of the world. Someone educated and a Christian leader talking like this in the house of God does not make any sense. I do not believe there is anywhere in the bible, that references politics, let alone labeling a defeat “as lead to the rise of the Antichrist”. The way I interpret the above article, it is not Obama the president they are talking about. Christianity does not discriminate; however there are some people that use their personal interpretation as the gospel truth. everyone has their personal opinion and the freedom to express it; however, when their party loses the election, they need to rethink why they lost instead of forecasting doom. That is definitely very unchristian. It is more christian to accept defeat than to label it as the end of the world.

    • In the Bible, Jesus said “Render unto God what is his and render unto Caesar what is his when he ran the money changers out of the Temple.” In other words your soul is God ‘sand obey his orders to take care of the poor, the old. ones unable to take care of themselves and pay the taxes of Caesar and obey the civil laws of Caesar. That means to me that people that don’t want to help their fellow citizens, and realize that sometimes they need help are not being religious but self centered selfish workers of the Devil and the same goes for the rich that do not want to pay their fair share of taxes are doing the Devil’s work like the money changers that Jesus drove from the Temple. All the people that are saying the reelection of President Obama is the end of the world are really saying is that they are racists and haters and think they are the only ones that are smart. For the racists you are forgetting two important things you do not know what color Jesus’s skin was and considering where he lived and preached it was probably dark like our President’s and another thing you don’t consider is that unless you can trace your family orgins back to when your first ancestor came into being there are probably black, yellow and all colors of genes in you, in early time and since the male species of humans have been known to have had sex with any female willing or unwilling they could no matter the color of their skin.

  26. I feel sorry for people of such ignorance. It’s like the blind leading the blind. Where do such ignorant people as Jeffers come from, and how do they get people to listen to their weird rantings? It’s like time travel back to the dark ages of Europe. And they seem to grow ever more frantic as they dimly realize they are being left behind. A car in every garage , two chickens in every pot and a snake in hand for all the people like Jeffers, who desire such kink, is the obvious compromise.

    • Please do not feel sorry for their ignorance. They don’t deserve our pity or compassion. They went to the same schools we did but they rejected reason and science. There is absolutely no excuse for their indignation towards the rest of society. This is the information age and they choose to cling to the old ways just like the Amish except that I can respect the Amish because they keep to themselves. These self proclaimed so called Christians deserve our scorn and ridicule because they have no objectivity outside their own religion. They have the audacity to force their religious views into our politics. Well, they can go to hell.

  27. Hope these zealots aren’t tax exempt. Hard to imagine we may walk among such whacked out people. These folks are on the edge of being dangerous.

  28. I have read the bible many times. It is a very beautiful book with a lot of good advise – eh.

    But, how the bulk of Christianity these days is practiced is far from what Jesus taught. Maybe it never was in a true sense. And, this is certainly true of the evangelical movement, ever since the Reagan Era.

    Jesus would definitely not approve of the vast amount of money that is being brought into some of these churches, let alone their involvement with politics.

    Yea, it’s time we seriously consider abolishing their non-profit statuses. Somethings got to be done with these people and religion in general, or this country won’t last another 50 years.

  29. If there is ever an antichrist as prophesied, he/she will surely arise from among these hypocrites.

    Seems to me many of them qualify now for the title, though they probably aren’t the one allegedly prophesied, who – in my opinion, anyway – is simply made up.

    • People like you need to not only need to grow up, but to read the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all the amendments to the Untied States Constitution, also research what the Mormon Religion think about People who aren’t Mormon, Read the Bible . Also listen to and read something rather than Rush Limbaugh and Fox not news. The people that voted for President Obama were a rainbow of colors, a mixture of religions, all stages of education and financial ranges and even Republicans so shut up with the welfare and amnesty and your pledge of Allegiance to USA flag. Another fact the states that have the most people on welfare are the states that vote Republican and that is part of public records, if you know how to research them. Another why don’t you join Rush Limbaugh who said he was going to leave the US if Obama won reelection(which he hasn’t done yet) and leave.
      Three million votes + and over three hundred electoral votes is a landslide compared to what Romney received in votes and only 202 in electoral vote.
      Remember this THE MOST STATES THAT HAVE PEOPLE ON WELFARE ARE IN THE REPUBLICAN COLUMN NOT ANY OTHER PARTY’S COLUMN. Yes I was shouting, maybe you can understand that fact now.

  30. Hey I heard Obama re-wrote the Oath of Allegience and it goes like this;
    I pledge allegience to THEIR flag of the PEOPLES REPUBLIC of America, and to NO republic for which nothing stands, NO nation under God who is invisible, with liberals giving welfare to all!

  31. Regarding Bod Jeffress’s statement about the anti-christ. I’m assuming that this indiviual is a White American, a European, calling himself a christian. I realize that most White folks don’t worship the doctrine of Christ, you worship the doctrine of Man. Read Revelation 2:12-13h and you’ll learn that John, the discipal that”Jesus Loved”, place Satan’s Throne in the White Church, or White Community. You are the devil worshipers just like your ancestors were in Asia Minor, when my Ancestors the Israelites converted them to Judaism. They call themselves Jews but the Bible does not support that contention, nor does the bible support Jesus born of the African tribe of Judah, Hebrews 7;14, is a White Boy. my e-mail is

  32. They are off and running again! Why can’t these people keep their bad thoughts to themselves. I am so tired of hearing all of this religious junk! They do not seem to have a valid thought in their heads.

  33. I am a Bible scholar, and it is my “Opinion” that the Right Wing Christians are much more Antichrist than any other group in this country. They have taken the Gospel and have made it a Republican Gospel. Jesus had much more to say about helping the porr and widows, then he had to say about Homosexuals or abotion. About 100% more since he never said a word about either. By the same token, he did talk about murder, and there is some cause to equate abortion and murder (Though I don’t personally). I am definately Anti-Abortion, but in this Country, Abortion has proven to be more of an Economic issue than anything else when the largest spike in abortions in the country occurred late in the Bush Administration when we were facing an economic meltdown. The majority of abortions were by married women who said they could not afford to take care of another child.

    • Rick:

      Funny part about that is that if the republicans want to keep these aborted kids born, how come they don’t want to pay the price of taking care of them?

      Sure, I don’t like abortion either, but I don’t see any of these right wing hacks coming to the plate and saying how they would take care of it.

      Cutting funding to welfare funding to many of these families who desperately need it sure isn’t helping any of these kids. I suppose the next best thing is for these mothers is, is to give them up for adoption to the local church so they raise them as good cow-towing ignorant Christians. The Catholic Church would have a rip roaring Buffet with this. Coming to think of it, the Boy Scouts would like that too.

      Just the other day, I was at the grocery store and bumped into a older man, probably in his 70s. He was in pretty bad health too from what he told me. He told me he was getting $150 a month in food stamps. Ohio food stamp program is proposing a $50 cut across the board.

      It looks to me what Republicans want is for the poor and needy to stand on a street corner with a Tin Can rattling Marbles.

  34. Jeffress says “It is time for Christians to stand up and to push back against this evil that is overtaking our nation.”

    Personally I agree with Thomas Jefferson who said “I do not find in Christianity one redeeming feature.”

    I say it is time for true Americans to stand up to the evils, threats, and foolishness of fundamentalist Christians. By preaching from the pulpit their political stand, they have violated their right to be recognized as tax-free organizations and they should pay the same taxes and face the same regulations as any other for-profit businesses pay!!

    • Ford:

      Over the past few years, in Texas, their Board of Education is putting in place, in school classroom history text, belittling and denigrating Jefferson as much as possible. Republicans hate Jefferson. They’re also trying to rewrite history in the conservatives favor.

      This is going to dumb down a large percentage of kids in a lot of school systems since the bulk of school books standards across the country is set by the Texas Board of Education. They’re not going to get an education in reality, but an education in smoke n mirrors.

  35. Jeffress you are the antichrist and the people that follow you ,My GOD is LOVEand he for anyone specially President Barack Obama’s I’ll pray for you and your family and follower. Bless U

  36. Bryan Fischer is mixing his history. Pearl Harbor was done by the Japanese and Normandy was in response to the Germans. Seems he has ignored our history here too. Under every Demo pres we expanded the number of people employed and under GOP’s we lost ground. Why do they ignore these realities? Are they that hateful? Truly this country is in trouble, not from the “takers” but from the ‘makers”. God have mercy on us all.

  37. You’re correct about Reagan not being Catholic even though his father was. However, my point was that despite his being religious as a born-again Christian, he believed in separation of state and church.

  38. I feel like a lot people do that the only tax exemption any religion should receive is for their house of worship and if they have housing for the preacher, priest or whom ever and the land they are built on the rest of what they own should be taxed just like we are taxed. Jesus told the people to “Render unto God what is God’s and render until Caesar what is Caesar.” In other words, your soul belongs to God and to help the poor, the old, the ones unable to take care of themselves and to Caesar pay your taxes and obey the civil laws of Caesar . People like these so called faith leaders in this article may have the word reverend in front of their name but that does not make them Christian. Christians if they judge people do it by their actions, how they treat others and what they say. When you are pushing hate against others based on skin pigment, religious beliefs, sex, who they love and how they do things you are not a Christian you are serving what some call the Devil not God.
    Hate and causing hate is not being Christian, Jewish, and any other religion, it is working for the other side of the coin.
    Not one person in that was born and raised in these United States going back through the centuries know what genes from what races we have in our body unless you had a DNA test done to find out or can trace your ancestry all the way back to your first ancestor. That is why we have been called the Melting pot of the world because we are a mixture of all races no matter the color. We are all what I call a Heinz 57 variety of races therefore we should love one and another because we might be kinfolk like some have said President Obama and Romney are.

  39. If there is one, then the rightwing is the AntiChrist. A whole bunch of them, actually. Never ever saw such hateful, vile, despicable creatures. So sick tired of their evilness, they are not Christians, thats for certain, they are Satanic!

  40. onedonewrong:

    I know a few Muslims. They are more devout than any Christian I ever met. Yea, I know, they love murdering each other. We’d have the same problem here if we didn’t have all the body of man-made laws that, well, sort of, you know – prevent it.

    But, if you know your history, it was the Muslims education and medical knowledge along with the Chinese that broke the back of the Dark Ages in Europe.

    The Christian Church had nothing to do with the Renaissance. In fact, the church did everything they could to keep people from learning and improving themselves, including murdering many of their own Clergy for learning “forbidden knowledge” that Islam knew for centuries before, such as proper hygiene and knowing that ghost didn’t cause diseases.

    At the lowest of Europe’s Dark Ages, Islam was at the height of their civilization. In a very real way, western civilization has a lot to thank Islam for.

    I know, the whole thing is crazy. But, if it weren’t for Islam, we’d all still might be living in the Dark Ages, America I doubt would have ever been founded, we’d probably still be living under Fiefdom Rule dictated by the church, probably still in Europe for all I know.

  41. OK so, let me get this straight, this preacher claims that electing President Obama somehow will bring about the rise of the Antichrist, which, if we adhere to Biblical teaching, comes right before the second coming of Christ and the Rapture, so…why is he so against it? Wouldn’t he WANT the second coming of Christ to happen as soon as possible? Instead he is calling for other ‘Christians’ to ‘push back’ against the evil. But what does he define as ‘evil’? I think it is evil for any man to claim to know what God’s Plan is and to predict His actions. I think it is evil to espouse yourself as a ‘Christian’ and then act as opposite as Jesus would have or do were He with us now. The Bible is often held up as the Word of God and therefore unrefutable. I have a problem with this. Without going into a long lecture as to why I feel this way, I will surmise it to this point; If it was so easy for Satan to seduce Eve into disobeying God, and mind you, at that point, God was a corpreal figure to Adam and Eve, how much easier would it be to seduce a man to whom God was an abstract, that he was chosen by God to change things in the Bible, to leave out things that didn’t fit the modern thinking at that time? I am ashamed to call myself a ‘Christian’. I believe that Jesus was the Son of God, I believe His death was needed to wash away our sins and I will chose death before I would denounce my beliefs, but I will not call myself a ‘Christian’ because I don’t judge my fellow man, I don’t condemn people who are different and I don’t believe that I am somehow better that anyone who doesn’t share my beliefs. Jesus said, the least you do for your brother is the least you do for me. Remeber that Mr Jeffres, when upon your Judgemant Day the Lord looks at you and says, ‘Get away from me, I do not know you.’-paraphrased.

  42. I am glad these religeous freaks are loosing their power. They are NOT Christian. Its about time their influence wanes. We need “real” Christians. People who follow Christs principles. The “religeous” leaders of his time were against him and demanded his crucifixion. Jesus said “Money is the root of all kinds of evil”. On election nite, the pigs were squeeling on facebook. (Donald Trump)

  43. The church needs to get out of politics! God will judge us not pastors! The church is for all people Democrate and Republican. If the church continues on the path that the Republicans Politicians have taken them they will face loosing exempt tax status.. If the preachers where doing there job we would not have to worry about gay’s / lesibian/ or abortion. I dont worry about it anyway, God will judge us not each other. Repub politicians seen votes, they know they cannot change the laws.

  44. Why is it that these so called church leaders accuse a good man trying to do right by all of his country’s citizens of being a “herald of the Anti-Christ” when all they spew from their pulpits is anything but “Christlike”? The Anti-Christ is there among their own kind hiding in plain sight. I trust none of them…not when my own soul is at stake.

  45. I think religion in general is good for people. It helps to give us a little guiding light every now and then. Take it with a ton of Salt though.

    But, Organized Religion and the Evangelical Movement, is as far as I’m concerned, the ultimate embodiment of the Antichrist.

    Ever since Reagon embraced the Evangelical Movement, religion has become just as dirty as politics.

  46. How do you convince the most ignorant, blindsided right wing conservative evangelicals that you can’t publicize a double standard and expect intelligent Americans to swallow drivel? Jeffress is a racist…here’s why…In the view of scholar’s, evil is always portrayed as darkness…southerners always referred to African Americans as “darkies” did they not?
    Thus, in the mind of these ignorami, anyone with dark skin must therefore be evil and Obama as a bi-racial represents their misguided illusion of the Prince of Darkness ergo…the Antichrist.

    But, here is where their premise falls apart. These same evangelicals are the first to help themselves to federal tax dollars Americans of all colors pay. These evangelicals support some of the most corrupt industries who are virtually living off our taxes. Who then can we view as the real evil if not men like Jeffress and the rest of the “ignernts?”

  47. You lead by example, you lead by prayer, you lead by having open doors, options, support, you lead by just leaders that do not dictate, that address a Nation with millions of people you plant seeds, you take care of the elderly and disabled, you educate, you build up people, what is amazing to me is every one can cast the first stone, I can not

  48. Face facts. Rich men want anything but democracy. Why do you think they are so hot to destroy SS, Medicare and Medicaid all of which they perceive as reducing their wealth? Why do you think they want your payroll deductions in privatized accounts that would flood Wall Street with a totally Worry Free existence, not to mention accountability for their plundering and looting of our hard earned money?

    We cannot continue to pretend that allowing billionaires to continue to grow their wealth to astronomical levels has no consequences. This is why an evil man like Grover Norquist would rather let 2 quarts of blood out of each of his fat little wrists than pay a lousy 2% more in taxes. Zero out the corporate taxes but increase the corporate income taxes. That ought to stop them plundering their own corporations and then looking to the government for financial assistance every time one of their high risk investments goes sour. Their biggest highest risk investment was thinking if they poured billions into the GOP campaign, their money was a sure bet to plutocracy. Watch out for their retaliation…a rich man and his money don’t like divorce.

  49. I don’t mind the rich becoming rich. Many of them actually did work for what they have.

    Problem is, is their excesses. Instead of;

    Having 5-5 Million dollar homes, whats so wrong about having only 4?

    Instead of having a 20 Million dollar Yacht, what’s so bad about having a 10 Million Yacht?

    Instead of drinking a thousand dollar bottle of wine, what’s wrong with a 500 Dollar bottle?

    I could think of a lot of other examples.

    If average joe has to tighten his belt, why shouldn’t they? They are no more exclusive than anyone else.

    With only the top 5% owning roughly 70% of our country’s wealth, that means the rest of us, the other 95% has to battle it out with the remaining 30% of our county’s wealth.

    See what I’m getting at?

    Another point, this has to stop. France didn’t tolerate it and had a revolution. Britain did too. We’re going to be next if this stuff isn’t stopped dead in its tracks, within I don’t know, perhaps the next 50 to 100 years, maybe sooner.

    Jesus warned us about these types of people. What was that?, a rich man has the same chance of going to heaven as a Camel passing through the eye of a needle……………….

  50. When evangelicals use the same enthusiasm for the poor as they do for marriage equality then and only then will they have lived up to bible teachings,but sadly they don’t. So by contrast they become obsolete.They believe the world will end soon ,thus deny climate change or anything to do with science,because world will end anyway.

    • You’re right, some of these so-called religious nutcases think the world is going to end within a few years. That gives them license to trash everything around them. Gee, how many more Rapture or End Time Theories are these wackoos going to come up with.

      If anyone is going to bring about the REAL “End Times”, it’s going to be these Evangelicals. These are the exact same people, who if they could, would push the Nuke Button on everyone else.

      Evangelicals = American Taliban. Pretty scary, isn’t it. And, that’s here, in the Good Ole US of A.

  51. Jeffress, you shall be held accountable for every soul you lead to damnation. Judgment starts at the pulpit first, your every word and deed that leads one of Almighty children astray. Should be brought before Almighty God and their blood shall be on your hand. Therefore I pray, watch your mouth and actions because Almighty God is keeping record.

  52. These people clame to be christians, and everyone else is the antichrist, they can’t se the writting’s on the wall, too bad. Yet how simple things are and how complicated they try and make thier point.

  53. The great thing about being an atheist is that I can honestly laugh at claims about the Antichrist. Seriously, the ‘last days’ have been coming for 2,000 years. Don’t christians get tired of the predictions?

  54. It would appear to me that the anti-christ has been defeated. His name is mr. etch a sketch and lost big time. Another comment regarding these so called christian pastors (????). Since they have been involved in current politics do their pastors and churches pay any taxes or are they on a free ride?

  55. You’d better believe that Obama is not the Anti-Christ and this so called Pastor doesn’t even know that the Anti-Christ is of Jewish lineage and will come from the European culture. All governments are headed into that direction. When the Anti-Christ takes over, all Gentile governments will be at his beck and call…as he is going to be a “one world Dictator”. Gentile rule will be over as we know it now. Everyone that has not been caught away, will be subject to the Anti-Christs’ rule and that is going to be a very, very destructive time…

  56. I would classify myself at this point in my life as a Maltheist; in earnest, I do not believe God loves his children.
    I grew up in a Baptist church in the Smokies. Most of my people still live there & still slavishly adhere to those same tired dogmas. I have never been able to break through their cognitive dissonence with even this very simply collection of logic:
    *The Old Testament was written in Hebrew, & the New Teastment was written in Greek & Aramaic.
    *The first omnibus translation of the Bible was into Latin. It was done by committee.
    *The Latin translation by Bacon into English was accomplished about a thousand years later.
    *Many of the words & concepts could not be directly translated from any of the original languages into any of these languages. Often, the word & concepts simply didn’t have an analog in the languges they were being translated into. So, the people doing the translating simply guessed or made stuff up.
    * Therefore, the old “God said it, I believe it, & that settles it” chestnut immediately becomes absolute nonsense. How do you know God said it?

    And every damned one of these slack-jawed morons believe that Obama is the Anti-Christ.

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