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Friday, March 22, 2019

“The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” — Matthew 9:37

Good news. The jobs crisis is over.

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22 responses to “The Jobs Crisis Is Over!”

  1. Mbnj says:

    I really think most Americans want legal immigration and worker passes for aliens. My view is most of the younger generation need a bit of a civics lesson and to accomplish that, maybe high school graduates or even juniors and seniors should work these jobs for a total of 40 hours for a two yr period to know how it feels to help the farmer, the country and appreciate hard work.

  2. gsteveman says:

    I would place myself as an independent with generally siding with democrats. I am in favor of enforcing immigration law and agree with Mbnj that college kids in school, high school seniors, ect, would love to be able to get those jobs. I would also support people who are on welfare who are capable of working to take those jobs. The job crisis is far from over however as wages for the middle class have actually dropped. It is true that the wealthy (people making over $500,000)are paying the majority of the taxes but there is still no equality. Between unemployment, welfare, retired people, disabled people, people abusing the system, money is being drained from productivity. The minimum wage should be raised to $15/hour, middle class needs more, higher paying jobs, etc. During this economic downturn, the wealthy should be paying more taxes to even out the playing field.

  3. haklerherr says:

    Say farmers if you can’t find more labors maybe you need to pay more and create better working conditions. Or you alternative is as some farmers did let their crops rot. Illegals will work for lower wages and poorer working conditions because any wage is better than none and low wages here are high compared to the wages in their home land. Farmers may even find that they have to develop fitness programs and skills classes like other businesses do instead of just pointing their fingers at the field and saying harvest. Food prices are going up if they don’t get a harvest in and tax payers are getting tired of footing the bill for poor businessmen.

    Its one thing to have a crop failure because of Mother Nature and another to have a crop failure because you refuse to reorganize your business so that it is still profitable. Taking advantage of your laborers and not maintaining your work place is no excuse. Other businesses have had to clean up their acts. The farm businesses are going to clean up their businesses also. I grew up in the rural Dakotas. This is a small town country hick speaking and not a city slicker. Most of the farms in the Dakotas have become highly mechanized and wants skilled labors only. The rest of the country needs to catch up.

  4. winds7seas says:

    As one who has done some migrant farm work back in my travelling days I can say for a fact that picking fruit and vegetables does not average $10.22 an hour. That would be fantastic! A hard worker without a ton of experience is lucky to make $10.00 a day. That’s right- a DAY! And then the farm gets that back by charging for food and shelter. No, it’s not much of a career.

  5. haklerherr says:

    This country needs to get over the illegal alien “bad stage.” Americans for the most part do not like laws and many Republicans are trying to destroy big government. Americans are willing to obey the law when they feel like it and then break the law when they feel like it. The American Revolution was based upon breaking the King and Parliament’s laws. The reasoning that illegals broke the law and shouldn’t be here is ridiculous. For one thing breaking the law is just as much an American tradition as following the law. Second the illegals did not take the legal citizens jobs. The employers gave the illegals the jobs without first offering these jobs to legal citizens. The employers of illegal aliens did not advertise these jobs in the paper or through any employment agency.

    Did any one see any advertisements for any jobs any where that said: “Below minimum wage jobs, pay your own Social Security and Medicare taxes, in unhealthy working conditions, 12 to 16 hour days, seven days a week with no benefits of any kind including workmen’s comp, in sweat shops, lawn work, construction, mining, farm fields, etc. Legal residents of the United States only.”

    No wonder no legal residents of the United States applied for these jobs. Gee if these employers would have advertised they would have been over run by applicants especially with 9% unemployment. We cannot blame the illegals for this mess. If there was no one willing to hire them, they would not even bother leaving their own country.

    The problem is that many of the jobs that illegals are employed in are jobs with illegal working conditions and wages. We must get rid of jobs with illegal working conditions and find quicker ways to help people who are illegal residents become legal residents so that they pay all of their taxes for the services they receive.

    Illegal people pay many taxes when they buy many products, pay telephone and utility bills, pay rent, etc. So no one can say they are not tax payers. Its just that because of the illegal nature of their jobs and their residency they may not be paying income taxes, Social Security and Medicare taxes, etc.

    Everyone who lives in the United States pays some tax or another just because they pay for something. In the cost of every product, service, utility, and rent taxes placed upon the providers is always paid for by the consumers.

    No wonder legal residents of the United States are not applying for these jobs

  6. JamesWMcLeanJr says:

    Never asking for or receiving a hand out, long ago, when times were bad, we all worked any time and anywhere including chopping/picking cotton, working at the stock yards, working in peoples yards. Now days, if you don’t have a job, you get welfare and food stamps, paid for by those who WORK for a living. I paid as much as ten percent of my income for my retirement, it aint free nor an entitlement, I paid for it.

  7. I. Wilby Long says:

    Education is very much the issue now. Lack of education is exactly why the American Dream has turned into the American nightmare….

    .. and also poor use of words. The word you wanted to use was laborer, not labor. Work in general is labor, A worker is a laborer!!!!!! Get with it!!!!

  8. CA4life says:

    Remember the United Farm Workers strike on the grape growers? Organize. Americans have a low image of farm workers as low-life Mexicans and work I will not do that work! But, we all eat the fruits of their labor. Many farm workers have gone on to college and are very important people in their fields.There is a doctor in NY who is a “world famous” surgeon. Many people that are on TV programs have come up the ranks of the fields you just do’nt know it! If the hourly rate was actually $10 would you really do the work?

  9. DAlnB says:

    I worked the farms as a kid and enjoyed every day of it. That was a long time ago but recent Blogs regarding working in the fields’ shows a great number of people just like me; a born in America White American who did the field labor and enjoyed it. Most of us are still interested and trying to find work; we would return to the fields with no reservations and although probably not as fast and passive as illegal aliens may be, we would get the job done. The suggestion that Americans will not do that kind of work is propagated by the supporters of illegals who either support or benefit from their presence here; many are the same lobbying groups who meet routinly with our representatives in Washington.

    I have been unemployed for almost two years and as I walk into stores and business trying to find work I see most employees are foreigners; they are doing their job and I have no problem with them being there as long as they are here legally, are being paid the same as I would if I was there and are getting the same treatment. I just want a job and I do not feel I should have to give up employment opportunities to illegal aliens.

    When Rick Perry talks about the number of business that moved into Texas he should include the huge number of illegals working at slave labor wages; good for the industries but bad for America!

  10. Newfriend says:

    I also worked in the fields as a young boy with my Mom Sisters and brother.
    True we only worked during our summer vacation in Arroyo Grande Ca.
    We bought our school cloaths and got $0.25 for a movie and a soda on Sat at the Fair Oaks Theatre.
    I will tell you, there were no over weight children in my family.
    It also gave us good work ethics, I have always had a job and never drawn any Unemployment benifits
    It will not kill you and may make your a better person.
    Thanks for all the articals and comments, as a 9th grade grad, I appreciate all of you who take the time to comment.
    Wish there was a spell checker and grammer here.
    I missed a lot of thing due to a poor education.

  11. jwtm says:

    Undocumented immigrant labor is only a step from indentured labor which is only a step from slavery. De Toqueville: “Slavery, as we shall afterwards show, dishonors labor; it introduces idleness into society, and with idleness, ignorance and pride, luxury and distress. It enervates the powers of the mind, and benumbs the activity of man. The influence of slavery, united to the English character, explains the manners and the social condition of the Southern States”.

    In short: undocumented immigrant labor is bad for the polis and everyone in it. Good for Alabama! Taking a step against slavery.

  12. American says:

    This article is pure propaganda. Those illegals were taking more than the field and other undesirable jobs. Plenty of Americans will take a lot of the jobs that the illegals vacated. I know people in my family who were laid-off sure are now working for less — much less.

    My hat is off to Alabama for doing the right thing for its people and for America.

  13. Juinita01 says:

    “We are not low life Mexicans,” to politically correct you we are called “Hispanics. Our parents are just like you, hard working,
    started from nothing and now own beet fields, sugar fields, coffee fields and yes, we pick them ourselves. Why? because we are a HARD WORKING CULTURE AND PEOPLE.
    We do not take from you, or steal from you…(the Drug Cartles & US Corporate men take from you). The Drug Cartel slaughters our men, women, and especially children.

    If we do not own a sugar cane field, we will pick and that is called Migrant workers to inform all of you.
    We are not ashamed, because we do the job fast, efficient, and get it done by the time it is supposed to be done.
    I have seen some Americans out there picking with me and they can barely finish the job. I feel sorry for you because we have work Ethics.
    I am in school studying Pre-Law after I am done picking, evening classes, there are many of us who want to go to school to become educated.

    We are not stupid, nor dumb, WE ARE HUMANS JUST AS YOU AMERICANS ARE…however we take any job there is because
    it feels good to work and not be shot at. We want to make our parents proud of us.

    To the person who worked on a farm, we look at you as a Human Being and a Person that wants work, if we have a job we will
    give it to you and with more money because we can learn from you and not mock or make fun of you.

    I will say this to all Americans, do not BULLY US, be kind to us as we are kind to you, treat us with respect as we will treat you
    with respect…
    No it is not bad for America, at least other Americans are working along side of us and making some money to take home to their families so they can put food on the table and shelter over their heads.

    Peace to all of you and may you find it in your heart to be respectful towards all Cultures

  14. j says:

    This article is rubbish. It deliberately obscures the fact that farmers can IMPORT UNLIMITED NUMBERS OF MIGRANT FARM WORKERS. The problem there is the farmer must provide transportation, housing, food and health care– a subsidy to farmers that hides the true cost of produce.
    Problems with illegal labor occur in cities, construction, material management, health aids, landscaping, restaurant, janitorial…..all jobs where the wage is being reduced and the workers being replaced with illegal labor.

  15. jose lafaurie says:

    This talk about forcing people, high school and college students, to work in the fields, along with welfare and other so called milkers of the system, is no different that what Fidel Castro and all other communist countries have done for the last fifty years. That concept is the reason why their economies crumbled and we as the beacon of freedom and democracy hailed and pumped out our chest, we won!
    Do not lose track of who is responsible for our woes, it is not illegal immigration, is not dishonest and immoral CEOs and Political leaders, it is us, WE THE PEOPLE, we allowed this to happen and now it is up to us to fix it. But in order to fix it we must go back to when it all began.
    Americans did what every successful individual does after attaining success, they went on vacation! and left their democracy in the hand of professional politicians, this politicians took the job and, since we were on vacation, began doing things on our name, not only in this country but all over the world. Such a mess they created that suddenly we begin to feel that other people did not like us and we did not know why. Well this politicians first allowed US corporations abroad to get away with murder and mayhem and when they got caught our military forces were used to allow this corporations to get away with it. Now this same corporations are doing it to us and,since they already purchased these professional politicians, they think that they will also get away with it. In the film The untouchables, Sean Connery asks Kevin Costner (Ness) What are you prepared to do? that is the question that every American has to posed to himself at this cross road in time. Our forefathers were visionaries and truly based on history, they foresaw what we are going through, I suggest that every American reads a book titled the ORIGINAL ARGUMENT, and periodically read the constitution of this great country. Re-energize the sentiment and the mind frame that created such a nation. We should wonder why, after the professional politicians took over, Civics is no longer taught in our schools, why is it that these politicians have the gall to tell us that they have to vote based on their conscience and we allowed them to continue to vote against our best interest. Their consciences have been bought by those who seat in the board of directors of major corporations, besides they are sent to washington to represent us not themselves, their conscience should be used when they as individuals vote for those who are going to represent them, they are sent to washington to represent the majority of us, when they fail to do so we should be ready to get rid of them before they create any more damage. The process of election and the process of impeachment should go hand in hand, we the majority should be able to tell them how we want the vote to go, if we can elect American Idol every month why is it that we can not tell our representatives how we want them to vote in just about every issue. Specially when they are proposing raises and benefits for themselves, the mere thought of it sounds unethical and immoral, but we have allowed it and I think it is time that we tell this Employees of ours who the boss really is.

  16. lucy in California says:

    I don’t think anyone is really complaining about farm jobs… that illegals are taking, it is the County, State and Federal Jobs, the jobs at grocery stores, eating establishments, construction building, convenience stores, If you go to Catalina Island, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Big Bear Lake, any resort, you will notice that all of the jobs are handled by people with limited English skills, even the front desk jobs and of course all of the housekeeping jobs, and landscaping positions. It is mandatory that at the County offices you have Hispanics working to handle their Spanish speaking customers, etc, etc, at the State and Federal level.
    Perhaps Spanish and Chinese should be electives in our shcool systems, since we are not a growing Spanish democracy and owe so much money to the Chinese…

    Also what are the men and women doing all day in those prisons where the fields need to be picked, have them transported to those fields for work

    Our Country is in a mess, and there are solutions

  17. sveltenva says:

    America is gearing up for ‘Black Friday’. I say let’s polarize and boycott Black Friday since the unemployment rate is 15% for African Americans. Why should we support businesses that do not hire?

  18. McTaggert says:

    Simple, really. The Republicans wish to return us to an aristocracy, where the rich and powerful(really one and the same) control everything. Therefor , get rid of jobs(too much freedom) , get rid of education ( too much ability to rebel), and prevent services to the poor(allowing them to get rid of any final responsibilities to anyone other then themselves.

  19. RonDzierwa says:

    Is it just me, or can anyone else see the similarity between the situation with immigrant workers and slavery. It seems like the same arguments – the farmer can’t do business unless they have this particular workforce. I wonder how the cotton farms made out after they no longer had slaves. Did they all just disappear? Or did the lack of slavery just make their profit margins smaller, and their life more difficult? Maybe we should look at the ones that survived the loss of slaves and apply the same concepts to the farms that can’t hire illegal workers.

  20. merlinsprague says:

    The real problem creating illegals is not the churlish and ill-liberal American people. Is the feckless, corrupt and incompetent governments south of our border and the brutal ones in benighted Africa. I cannot imagine what it would be like to leave my neighborhood, my friends, my wife, my children, my way-of-life, and go south, never to return.

    These poor devils come here because their homelands are failed states and there is nothing for them there. If a Mexican auto factory paid its people US$25.00/hour, do you think any of them would come here to pick tomatoes?

    The best thing we could do for these folks is assassinate their “leaders” and install an American regency. We did this in Germany and Japan after WWII and look how well that turned out.

  21. Sparkle says:

    NO there is NO similarity between illegal labor and slavery. That’s like comparing apples to oranges. For starters, slavery ONLY ended when plantation slavery was no longer profitable to the slavemasters, not out of love for the slaves. If the cotton and tobacco fields were still fertile, black Americans would still be in bondage and working those fields for nothing. I should know. My grandparents were cotton pickers.

    Secondly illegals were not brought here against their will and can always return home, a choice slaves did not have.

    Lastly, they are only required (like every other immigrant group) to slave away for ONE generation. After their time in the fields is done they are free to climb as high as they want on America’s social and economic ladder – an option former slaves and their descendants do not share.

    African-Americans are America’s ONLY permanent underclass. Picking fruit for one generation under exploitative conditions are a small price to pay if your descendants have the opportunity to move upwards and onwards. Not to mention they get bilingual services and aid that slaves nor their descendants were and still are not entitled to.

  22. Sparkle says:

    The reason for the failed governments of Africa and other developed parts of the world IS the CIA-controlled dictators that are put into power to ensure that America and Europe continues with their unchecked looting and rape of these nations. Whenever these so-called “failed” nations attempt to elect their own leaders the US government moves in for the kill like they are NOW doing in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.

    Latin America, on the other hand, is somewhat controlled by that same CIA but since the countries are WHITE-dominated can operate with much more freedom. Not all of Latin America is poor. The countries and regions with predominantly white populations live at a higher level of society than most white Americans. Wealth distribution is no more unequal than that of the US. The major difference between North and Latin America is that North America has a MAJORITY white populati0n which makes it a lot easier to hide the condition of its nonwhite (especially black) population than it is south of the border which has greater nonwhite populations.

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