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Friday, May 26, 2017

7 Responses to Joe Biden At The Gates Of Hell

    • If they do end up there, which only God knows, being a dedicated follower of Satan’s political party, you’ll be able to greet them when they arrive.

  1. A wealthy Republican businessman found himself at the Pearly Gates, and Saint Peter told him he could see both Heaven and Hell for 24 hours, then decide which one he preferred. So for the first 24 hours, he wore his angel robe and played his harp and sung hymns, then when the time was up, Saint Peter asked him if he still wanted to compare them. He said sure, I’ve always been a fair and balanced guy, so he got on the elevator and went down to sample Hell. He was greeted on a beautiful golf course on a sunny day by Satan himself, flanked by two gorgeous women in slinky dresses, who proceeded to give him kisses and serve him a martini. Then he was led to a barbeque party with the most delicious meat he had ever tasted, and was greeted by all of his business associates, and GOP politicians, who had preceded him. During the next 24 hours he was constantly entertained, played a couple of rounds of golf in which he somehow got a hole in one from every tee, ate and drank the best food and liquor he had ever tasted. After 24 hours Satan said he had to go back up to Heaven and make his decision known to Saint Peter, since Satan had no power to hold any soul who did not volunteer to go.

    Saint Peter asked him his choice, and he thought aloud, “Well, the folks in Heaven are kind of nice, but so dull and boring. I had a great time in Hell, so that’s my choice.” Saint Peter put him on the elevator again, and this time the door opened on a desolate, dark wasteland with choking fumes everywhere, all of his former associates dressed in pitiful rags, forced to pick up garbage continuously, totally miserable. As Satan greeted him with his evil smirk, the man asked, “What happened? It was so nice yesterday!”

    Satan replied, “Yesterday we were campaigning. Today you voted.”

  2. As seen on Twitter:
    @NationalMemo Should have said “We’ll chase #ISIS mil contractor-backed #blackop #psyop architects to the gates of Hell as we folo the $”

  3. It seems to me that the Muslims are winning the war. Israel, our “friend” in the Middle East, is increasingly being viewed by the world as the invader and tyrant. Our biggest blunder was in abandoning the position of honest broker between the Arabs and Jews and giving unqualified support to the Jews.

    Aside from the money lavished on our religious and political leaders by the American Jewish community, it is hard for me to understand why we did such a stupid thing. Are our political and religious elites so money hungry that they’ll sell out the country for thirty shekels?

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