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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Joe The Congressman? Wurzelbacher Files For Congressional Run

In what may be the clearest sign yet that the Republican Party has gone completely off the rails, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher — better known as “Joe the Plumber” — is running for Congress in Ohio’s 9th District. Wurzelbacher formed a congressional campaign committee and filed a statement of candidacy declaring his intention to challenge incumbent Democrat Marcia Kaptur for the seat on Friday.

He rose to prominence late in the 2008 Presidential campaign, when he confronted Barack Obama over his tax plan at a campaign stop. John McCain subsequently turned Joe the Plumber into a meme of sorts, using his name as a symbol for the collective struggles of all working class Americans and making several joint appearances with him. Wurzelbacher would eventually fade from the spotlight as McCain’s campaign limped to the finish line.

Wurzelbacher’s intention to run for Congress comes as a surprise, as he has little to no experience that would qualify him for such a job. The natural reaction to the news would be to doubt whether a plumber should be in charge of writing the nation’s laws, but then again Wurzelbacher isn’t even a licensed plumber. Furthermore, his famous debate over whether or not he would pay more taxes under an Obama presidency turned out to be completely irrelevant given that Wurzelbacher was only making around $40,000 a year at the time (far less than the $250,000 number that he presented to Obama.)

Since becoming a minor celebrity in 2008, Wurzelbacher has worked as a motivational speaker and occasionally as a political commentator, where he took the curious position that journalists should not be allowed to cover wars. Even for the Republican Party, Joe the Plumber is on the fringe.

And is there any clearer sign of how powerful the right wing fringe has become in the Republican Party than the fact that Samuel Wurzelbacher went from an unofficial plumber to an official congressional candidate in just 3 years? Wurzelbacher’s only qualifications for the job appear to be a talent for self-promotion and a willingness to go on TV and describe anything that the White House does as “Socialist.” Depressingly enough, that may make him a perfect fit for today’s Republican Party.

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  • pievegas

    My dear sir Henry. Has anyone told you lately what a self-righteous a** you’ve become? At what levels are you willing to stoop? Any tax-paying, law-abiding American citizen has the right to run for office. Especially one who’s held a job, believes in his community, a cause, and is brave enough to publicly stand up and address those beliefs about which he feels so strongly. To disagree with his views is one thing. A healthy balanced debate would be appreciated. To degrade such an individual is another. Shameful. This isn’t what journalism is about – fueling fires of hatred while spewing empty rhetoric. You are a sad little man.

  • gkiebala

    pievegas – Had you actually read the article, you’d have noticed that Mr. Decker explained that mr. wurzelbacker lied to the president of the United States about a.) that he was a licensed plumber,and b.)about his income. Not just a tweak. mr wurzelbacker said he made over $250,000, and instead he makes $40,000. The point of the article is that a liar, who is unqualified to speak as an authority on anything – of course can run for congress (Mr. Decker never implied he didn’t have the legal right to), but it’s very sad that this bought & paid for, misrepresented, liar would possibly represent any constituency. Hopefully we can all agree on that unfortunate reality.

  • ezbuddy

    The republicans are down to the bottom of the sink. It drains my energy just to listen to some of their tripe. When voters in “Joe’s” district pulls the voter lever, it’ll be more like flushing the toilet. Joe will no longer have a reason to clog the news. Maybe then he’ll pipe down.