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Friday, October 21, 2016

One of the funniest people in this country today is a man named Tony Perkins, a pious Republican who surpasses any atheist comedian or liberal pundit in lampooning the “pro-family” pretensions of the American right. The latest joke perpetrated by Perkins is a “True Blue” award bestowed by the Family Research Council of America — over which he presides — on Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL), recognizing the legislator’s “unwavering support of the family.”

Perkins’ twisted sense of humor is obvious to anyone who knows much about Walsh, whose ex-wife is suing the freshman Congressman for failing to pay more than $100,000 in support owed for their three children. He claims that she agreed “verbally” that he could withhold payment whenever he was short of funds. She says he is lying. Either way, this distasteful dispute hardly reflects Walsh’s deep devotion to family values.

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  • esther12

    Not only is the Family Research Center a bad joke for family values, they are pushing pulpit politics. Our gullible beloved Pastor recently read a long arduous letter from Mr. Perkins in open Church services claiming President and Mrs. Obama were promoting “Gay and Lesbians” (the Anti-bullying website promoted by the White House seems to be the reason for this statement). My husband and I walked out during the reading and only went back one time to discuss the “politics in religion” issue with the pastor. Our Pastor defended every action by this organization, even advising us there was “no separation of church and state” in the constitution. I have sought counsel from several other religious persons both locally and including Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham’s daughter) and they all state the church is to pray for our leaders but not use the church as a political platform. This organization is insidiously evil and the American people are being drawn in by the devil!

  • thamedaeous

    Hypocracy and lack of insight abound in the right wing kingdom. They don’t seem to realize their ‘values’ do not match the reality of their actions. The voter needs to be educated that we don’t have time to wait for these people to develop the insight and remorse to change their actions. We need to replace these people with members who are willing to do what it takes to move our economic situation forward not backward to the 20th or 19th century.The narcissism of ‘I know better what’s good for you’ mentality can only be dealt with by ousting them and vote in compromisers who won’t at the same time give up what is vital to maintain security and safety for our citizens

  • Dinosr

    Did it change?
    …Before this nation got so addicted to making laws,
    that were for there own advancement, there was a spot
    in my memory about vows. Before an elected leader was
    set in office, first they had to swear. I’m sure it has
    not changed much. It said something about being honest,
    trustworthy, and so on and so on.
    …Now this country has fallen from grace so far, they
    are starting to reap what they sow. The law makers have
    built a vail of immunity around themselves, that protects
    their right to lie and deal as they want. Knowing some of
    their number is going to be caught, they have built themselves
    very plush living quarters, they call prisons. In public life,
    for the same offence, they would go to public prison.
    …Did I miss something? Where in that vow did it say they
    were immune. Nor different nor didn’t have to answer to anyone?
    ….I’m waiting.
    P.S. They alone have control of their own pay check.

  • 2lolo

    Once more Republicans BLOWING-SMOKE-UP OUR-BUTTS…………………………..


    All I can say is the Family Research Council should do some research before awarding Walsh an award. There adward is the height of willful ignorance.

  • Nick

    Rep. Joe Walsh, like many “Tea Partiers”,is reaching for the height of idiocy or hypocrisy. He talks about family values –MY FOOT!! Walsh should hang his head in shame.

  • bigbadude

    14 Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.

  • btlebb59

    The tea party is just a bunch of hoodlums here at our local level. They try to force their views on whoever they can convince, or not convince, and get mad if you go against their programs.

  • HerbThacker

    If Boehner and Canter had any family jewels they would impeach Walsh. How can they talk about Family Values and keep this person in the House of Reps? Not to support your children (doesn’t matter about the ex) is the lowest of low, a slimely slug, that should be surgically casterated. No wonder he wouldn’t attend the State of the Nation News Speech by President Obama, I wouldn’t want to be seen in public either. I hope the VOTERRS of IL Demo’s, Rep’s, Inden’s, Tea Party, or anyone else in the State of IL, should make sure this slime ball is voted out of office. Why does the ex-wife not take him to court and get a garnishment against his Reps Pay? Someone or some Organization should get behind her and get her to get this started against him. Get him now while he is in the House and befoore he gets voted out. Even a snake gets off it belly sometimes, but he is lower than a snake belly and is a snake in the grass, who has been uncovered!!!! Somebody, please help the ex-wife, for God’s sake!!!

  • David L. Caster

    FRC is little different from the KKK, which is where Tony Perkins got his first radical right-wing mailing list. The so-called Family Research Council does no research and their counterfeit pro-family christianity is easily exposed. What is remarkable is that FRC and its mouthpieces still are called before Congress to testify. Something is terribly wrong when organizations like FRC and the unfathomably despicable Tony Perkins have any influence over public policy whatsoever. One can learn just about everything one needs to know about the anti-gay lobby and the FRC in particular here:

  • doane

    Maybe we need another Christ/Savior.. nah, he would be labeled as a liberal.

  • ChrisDull

    We will be voting in November of 2012. Get out there and vote ! Vote them out of office. You can be sure 50 + million senior citizens and I will BE THERE !!!

  • trebol01

    This ranks right up there with the recent e-mail I received showcasing the million dollar plus homes of the Republicans running for President. My Father had it right. He said “Never trust a preacher or a politician who drives a better car than the people who pays their wages”. In my next life, I’m coming back as Senator or a Congressman. Great benefits, franking privileges, and full time wages for a part time job…

  • coachgreenspan

    WE need to pass our comments and reach out via facebook, twitter, e-mail…etc. to everyone we know especially does we feel are in lock step with this obvious hypocrisy.