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Monday, October 16, 2017

3 Responses to Who Is General John Kelly, Trump’s New Chief Of Staff?

  1. Sorry, but for me, John Kelly demeans his own credibility by being so willing to work with someone as outright gangster-like and corrupt as Donald Trump. And by apparently supporting some of Trump’s outlandish/mean-spirited ideas.

    • I think I know what Trump is thinking, that General Kelly can bring some discipline to the White House because he was such a commanding voice in the Marines, but he’ll have his work really cut out for him if he thinks Trump’s undisciplined people that have never had to listen to anyone else will all of a sudden change the way they were raised,
      I think General Kelly will be very disappointed.
      You’re right though, it does demean his credibility, but that can be said for almost everyone who works for Trump,. Well except Bannon, and Kellyanne, they never had any “credibility” anyway.

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