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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

John Sununu Explains Colin Powell’s Endorsement

John Sununu Explains Colin Powell’s Endorsement

    • RichardPatrock

      Face the facts, nobody pays attention to screamers. Use capitalization lightly and for emphasis.

    • awakenaustin

      And? So, you are voting for the white guy because he is white and he’s a guy. Even were you correct, black voters would at least be voting in support of their own best long term economic and political interests. Contrary to your vote which you are going to cast for the guys who have screwed you politically and economically and will continue to do so with your assistance. They are running a game on you. The GOP is doing what it has done historically (since Nixon and his guys came up with their southern strategy). They are using your own racial biases to get you to vote for them contrary to your best interests.

    • William Deutschlander

      WOW, you are not a racist are you, BIGOT!

    • ExPAVIC

      Nice Moronic Comment

      You moron.


      Do you dry clean or wash your sheets and hoods. Enjoy the cross burning!!

    • Landsende

      So, according to your thinking most white people will vote for Romney just because he’s white and blacks vote for President Obama because he’s black. Who do Hispanics, Jews and Orientals vote for since no one from those categories is running? Most people, unless they’re bigots, will vote for the candidate they feel will do the best job for them and the country. I’m white and had planned to vote for John McCain until he picked Sara Palin as his running mate which made me question his judgement. I’m glad now that I voted for President Obama as he has done a good job under adverse conditions. The talipublicans have done everything they can to obstruct his efforts to get us out of the mess GWB and Cheney made. In spite of them things are gradually turning around. Could they be better? Yes. But only if the talipublicans quit being obstructionist and start working for the good of all rather than trying to destroy the country. Before you vote, study the issues and quit listening to the biased news media, form your own opinions, not ones some talking heads have spouted, then put aside your prejudices and vote for who has the best interests of everyone, not just a select few, and vote for that candidate.

      • ARepublicanNorthlandGrad

        Hey someone who did what I did! Where the hell did the real McCain disappear to after he brought Sarah in? And my vote regarding Romney was decided back them in that election. You have no idea what he will do and he doesn’t have the country’s best interest at heart.

        • Landsende

          ARepublican NG
          Unfortunately John McCain who I used to admire because he was a “maverick” and put the interests of the country before partisan politics is so afraid of the tea party that he now spouts the party line whether he believes it or not. There are no moderate republicans anymore. I used to like Romney until he became so desperate to be president that he is constantly flip flopping on issues. With him, you don’t know what Mitt you will get as president, moderate Mitt or tea party Mitt. This year I voted for any candidate that didn’t spout the conservative tea party line especially judges and for President Obama who I believe can continue to grow the economy and keep us safe in spite of the teapublicans.

    • patuxant

      You look lovely in that White Sheet, JB!

    • You do not know what you are talking about. I am white and I have always based my vote on who I think will do the best job for the Country and ALL OF THE CITIZENS not a select few as Romney, Ryan and the rest of the Republicans will be doing. Unless you have a million or more dollars in your bank account and overseas accounts Romney and the rest of the Republican politicians could care less about you, once they get your vote you are no longer considered by them to even exist. Vote for the person that gives a damn about you and this Country no matter if they are black, white, yellow, brown or purple so long as they care about all the people in the USA and will try to improve this Country for the betterment of all not just a few as Romney/Ryan will do.

  • darkagesbegin

    Another reason to vote Obama–so we won’t have to endure another four years of Sununu. I would vote for Nixon himself if it meant I would never have to see Sununu’s face again.

    • grammyjill

      So would I. He was a rotten governor. I was hoping when he left that job we’d never have to hear from him again.

  • rahboom

    sununu sounds like an alien to me, where is his birth certificate????

    • onedonewong

      In Kenya just like barak’s

      • Hey stupid can’t you at least spell the president’s name correctly it’s Barrack not Barak. You right wingers have got to be some of the most ignorant people I have ever encountered.

        • govnosepicker

          His name on the so called Hawaiian BC is Barry Soeto so why can’t the left wing nuts call the illegal alien by his real name??

    • grammyjill

      He was born in cuba.

  • Sununu, what a lying sack of s**t . Can’t stand to see his face or here his voice. Couple of others fit that image such as the former Gov. of New York and former mayor of NY city, Rudy Gagme Giuliani.

    • onedonewong

      When was Rudy governor???sounds like the only lying sack is YOU

  • drdavidgreen

    This is the same John Sununu who, after Christopher Reeve spoke to the 1996 Democratic convention in support of spinal cord research and received a standing ovation, said the next day on TV: “Why all the fuss about a rich actor who fell off his horse?” THAT John Sununu. I saw it. On the old Buckley show, “Crossfire.” And THAT is now Romney’s co-campaign chairman. How appropriate.

    • patuxant

      OMG! What an A-hole!

    • onedonewong

      There hasn’t been 1 single cure using stem cells its a canard And yes his statement was spot on

  • geewilly

    It’s very telling that John Sununu is the darling of the GOP… they foster racism and hate.. the party of the rich white guys… they cannot believe that Barack Obama was elected POTUS when he never kissed a$$ and the Heritage Foundation…. Ann Romney said it’s THEIR TURN to be president… how entitled!! They don’t have to earn it, it’s their turn. What exactly has Mr. 1% done to create any jobs? NOTHING… by virture of being the 1% they claim they are the job creators… where are jobs you rich guys? How about creating jobs then getting a tax break for every full time position created that lasts at least one year?

  • Can anyone actually vote for these guys? The GOP is full of racist nuts!!!

  • DurdyDawg

    I’m with rahboom.. Where IS this bozo’s birth certificate..?

    • Why do you hang around a blog that’s obviously pro_Obama, pro_Dems, pro-Liberals if you so strongly disagree? Do you not have a life? Are you handicapped and can’t get out?

      • ARepublicanNorthlandGrad

        Agree his comment is dumb, but we do not all have to walk lock step, otherwise this will just be another FOX newslike site.

  • onedonewong

    John was spot on in his comments. Blacks have always been monolithic when it comes to the Dem party and black candidates

    • That is a racist comment and should have been flagged by the moderator. If monolithic, how do you explain someone like Herman Cain?

      I suspect your name is also a racist dig. Get off this site. Go play with your fellow fools on a site favorable to RMONEY (sic).

      • onedonewong

        Racist??? since when is the truth racist??/ Cain simple proves the point since I didn’t say 100% of blacks

        • ralphkr

          Come on, onedonewong, can’t you get anything right? Monolithic means all of one piece…in other words 100%.

          • onedonewong

            Its the exception that proves the rule.

          • ralphkr

            And if there is an exception then it is not monolithic so make up your mind, onedonewong.

          • onedonewong

            Guess logic isn’t something your comfortable with ralphie

          • ralphkr

            And you have made it painfully obvious that you have no concept of what logic is, onedonewong. It is so simple that I would think that even you could understand that monolithic is defined as all of one piece, in other words, 100%. Exception to the rule means not 100% and therefore can not be applied to the term “monolithic”.

          • onedonewong

            Thanks ralphie …another clueless leftwing nut

  • 1bythebrooks2

    If anyone caught Nightline on Friday night, you will have seen that the KKK is alive and well again in the U.S.A.! Talk about taking us back to the 60’s, and before! Racism is alive and well in this country!

  • I just can’t believe that there are actually people in this country that believe in Mitt Romney! If you listen, check facts & really research the garbage that he is spewing, you know that he is a lying piece of (excuse my language)crap!!! Come on people have a brain, he is the worst possible republican that could hold the office of President Of the U.S. A vote for him is a vote for the total demise of this country, including women’s rights.