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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

In a tour de force appearance, Jon Stewart swept dramatically onto The Late Show set, with what appeared to be a muskrat on his head and a long red necktie trailing him like a royal train.

Startled by the sudden entrance of his old boss, host Stephen Colbert, inquired gently about Stewart’s unusual costume — had he dressed up in homage to President Trump?

“This is how I’m going to dress now,” he declared. “The president sets men’s fashion, and I saw the inauguration: super-long red tie, dead animal on head! Boom!”

What Stewart brought along with him — aside from his usual difficulty suppressing laughter and staying in character — was an exclusive set of forthcoming Trump White House executive orders. He offered a surprise solution to the impossible difficulties of building the border wall, including a sneaky way to make Mexico pay, and proclaimed a new official language for the United States (not English).

“It’s been 11 f**king days, Stephen,” said the former Daily Show host. “The presidency is supposed to exhaust the president, not the public, but we have never faced this before: purposeful vindictive chaos.” He had some strong words about how Americans can save their republic — and what reward the nation will enjoy, if somehow we do.

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6 responses to “#EndorseThis: Jon Stewart Returns — With Trump’s Next Executive Orders”

  1. Dan S says:

    Steve is right, we’re all exhausted ????

  2. Don says:

    This is not the way we are going to beat Donald Trump and the political nonsense he and the Republicans are bringing with him. This is childish, immature and damages the credibility of the opposition.

  3. Kurt Kruse says:

    Jon Steward yet another hired monkey in lock step with many, in the paid for questionable entertainment in show biz. Should have stuck to that role,because his voice now merely echoes in the empty hallways of those who have NO idea of what real America is!

  4. Roberto Davila says:

    Why is it that democrats have to play by the rules and republicans cry like babies when they are not in power but as soon as the republicans get a little power they abuse it and want to get what they want . They said Obama could not pick the next Supreme Court judge and that his pick was too liberal then when Trumpster picks a extremely right judge they want the dems to let him slide through the process without any vetting . What Hippocrates!!! I say next time dems get the power back fight hard as heck to give republicans a taste of their own medicine…and don’t let the republicans get away with using alternative facts. They are call lies . Jesus would whip these republicans like the money changers in the church. Shame on them ….shame on us for not stopping the ultimate liar Trump.

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