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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Julián Castro To Deliver Keynote Speech At Democratic National Convention

San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro will give the keynote speech at this year’s Democratic National Convention, making him the first Latino to ever serve in the prestigious role.

In a video announcement, Castro discussed the historic nature of his selection, and how he was inspired by then-State Senator Barack Obama’s keynote address at the 2004 Democratic Convention.

“Being the keynote speaker at the convention this year is an honor I don’t take lightly,” Castro says in the video. He then goes on to praise President Obama’s record on health care reform, ending the war on Iraq, and saving the American economy from collapse.

At 37 years old, Castro is one of America’s youngest mayors — and one of the Democratic Party’s brightest rising stars. Jordan Fabian reports for Univision:

Castro’s Mexican-American heritage and his political skills have put him on the radar as someone who could fill the position of his party’s Latino standard-bearer at a time when Latino voters are gaining more and more political influence.

“Julián Castro has a very good chance of becoming the first Hispanic president of the United States,” Mark McKinnon, a long-time Texas political operative who served as an aide to former to George W. Bush, told the New York Times in 2010 profile of the mayor.

In the short term, Democrats hope that Castro’s speech can boost President Obama’s re-election hopes by galvanizing Latino voters. Although polls show that Obama holds an overwhelming lead among Latinos, enthusiasm among the group is relatively low. If Castro’s high profile involvement with the campaign can drive up Latino turnout, it would go a long way towards helping Obama win states like Colorado and Nevada.

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  • gestroud

    Sounds like a promising individual. I just hope he’s not the DNC’s version of Bobby Jindal.

    • BDD1951

      He’s a good guy. Cares about people.

      • neverworked

        Cares more about illegals

        • clr1390

          George had 8 years to rid this country of illegals???? Why are we still talking about it? It wasn’t until Fox started hammering illegals it became this big problem. They been here for years. Something had to be done. By the way.Obama deported more illegals with a record than ever before.

    • rustingdreams

      What a disaster Jindal was at that critical moment! He’s improved some since then, but not much.

    • DurdyDawg

      Why are they jumping ahead for? Our situation is in the present.. You only look for fresh meat when you come back from a loss.. Are the Dems trying to say they don’t have faith in Obama? Then get someone they do have faith in or else hold off on the future potentials and concentrate on the now. Damn! It seems as if neither party wants to deal with our current problems, just make language blunders then spend days to weeks trying to defunct what they said. The presidential debates will tell America the true story, maybe I should just wait and see… and maybe they should just close their gob until then as well.

    • Landsende

      Living in San Antonio I can tell you Julian Castro is just what he seems. A mayor that wants what’s good for his constituents no matter the race. After some of the mayors we’ve had it’s refreshing to have one that’s honest and genuinely nice.

  • He’s right! The president saved the American economy from complete collapse. All the Democratic Party has to do, is tell the story; and, tell it right! We all know the truth ; about, who is jacking us around. It’s those, who are hell bent on Ruling over America; instead of serving, America.

    • neverworked

      Yea in baseball when a reliever comes in and the score is 1-0 and then gets hammered with 20 runs it doesn’t count as a save. The same for barak

    • chase van arsdale

      “Barry” has RUINED the Economy!

      • Chase; I surely would not want you guarding my back in military combat; you’d mistake me for the enemy and shoot me! I suggest you read up on the facts, step by step, as to how this economy was bled and nearly taken out by the last administration. That it is slowly coming back to life is no credit to the treasonous activities of Republicans in Congress and others, in concerted efforts to destroy a presidency with this nation as collateral damage. President Obama and associated leaders who serve the best interests of this nation are the sole reason we have not “tanked.” As you make a charge, I should assume you have facts and figures to back it up, right? Please, we need some relief from the divisive, misinformed and hateful. Try for some reason here.

      • Thank you Sandra Mursu!!!! Chase it is hard to understand how your memory of what was going on before President Obama came into office….There is no possible way that a President can take the oath of office and that same month the economy collapses….he didn’t even have a chance to do anything at all let alone cause a crash of the economy….oh and by the way…ummm the Republicans were in control of the House of Representatives…so there is another readon Obama could not have caused it….

      • clr1390

        No, he was handed a ruined economy. Then in order to ruin it some more and make sure there is no recovery, Republicans have done their dag gone best to stop any recovery. For in their eyes…it the only way.

  • Nice. A party of inclusion. I also don’t suppose the Dems have been trying to suppress voter turnout by calling for voter ID laws and other means to wipe out a fraud that isn’t there. Repubs, you are looking a bit like you don’t like the traditional American culture and would like a change back to the past….

    • William Deutschlander

      By past I would expect you are referring to European Autocracies, and yes that is exactly what the Republican Syndicate desires. The Republicans would prefer a Putin form of government.

      • neverworked

        Putin doesn’t allow Cubans , Chinese and other communist members to vote in Russian elections. That sounds like a reasonable request

      • Do you have any facts to back up your statement?

        • Pretty much everything that the right wingers do, as opposed to what they say. Pay attention to something beside Faux news.

    • neverworked

      Are you comatose??? In the WashPost last week a new ACORN like group “Voter Participation Center” in DC was caught mailing out thousands of voter register cards to the Dead, Pets, Children, Illegals.
      You think this was an accident?? Not hardly

      • rmarqua2921

        As long as it was voter registration cards, who cares? That is not voter fraud! That is a stupid waste of money! So no I am not comatose! You appear to be uninformed if you think having a registration form is voter fraud?

      • TheSkalawag929

        According to the story in Red States there was ONE fellon that used one of the registration cards to register and vote. To me that doesn’t constitute wide spread fraud. Besides they were cards to be used to register to vote not to actually.

      • LOL! A loyal FAUX Nooze fan! You’re the one who’s comatose!

    • I really don’t understand where you get the idea that the Dems are calling for voter ID laws. Eric Holder is throwing lawsuits right and left against states that have voter ID laws. You must be kin to Rip Van Winkle and have been asleep for a few years. I’m so glad I am neither Dem Or Repub. I base my vote on the record of an individual rather that what they say they stand for. I am not tied to either party so I can have an open mind and open my eyes to what I see not what I hear.

  • Betty Murphy

    Let’s not jump the gun and make Castro into a President yet! He hasn’t even served in Congress. I suppose it’s OK for the Dems to pander to the Hispanic vote, since Romney did his pandering to the Jewish vote at the Wailing Wall. It would be nice but unusual for both sides to stop pandering and show some leadership!

    • Nothing says you have to serve in congress to be president……….Clinton Carter, Bush Jr, Reagan to name a few

    • LOL! Obama didn’t serve in Congress either! And Obama has shown leadership and will continue to show leadership. The Dems are not pandering to Latinos. We don’t have to. Your party deserted Latinos; your party kicked them to the curb and under the bus. Obama will win the Latino vote, the Black vote, the Women’s vote, the Gay vote, the young people’s vote and the Senior Citizens vote. Only the haters, bigots and the rich will be voting for Mitt Willard Robme (of my job).

  • Well said with fact-based statistics! Let us choose truth!!!

  • neverworked

    His father is ailing that’s why he claims he’s Mex-American rather than a Cuban

    • So what? He’s a Latino who will be giving the Keynote Address at the DNC. That’s the story here.

  • Democratman4life

    Yes, this speaks volumes of the Democrats, and their policy of inclusion, diversity. That single issue is probably what is going to make a difference in the election. If you galvanize the hispanic, african americans, and other cultures…the members of those cultures that are american citizens will not forget…It is too late to try to make this a country of one racial group only…hispanics are over 55 million and african americans are over 50 million. This is 1/3 of the total population…that is a lot!!!

  • His appearance this year as speaker ai the Democratic National Convention is in line showing

    the World, that aU.S citizen is a woven coat of many different colors like Joseph coat of many

    different colors.

  • Pancha_Chandra

    The Democrats have creative young leaders who could blaze the election trail in due course. Constructive fresh ideas will separate the grain from the chaff. The Presidential election will be an ideal platform for Democrats to show their mettle. The present incumbent, President Obama has shown amazing leadership in his first term. He should win hands down come November. Here is a compassionate leader who has given his heart and his soul to making the world a better place.

    Pancha Chandra Brussels

    • Thank you, Pancha. Well stated.

  • neverworked Now I know why U never worked

  • HELLO AGAIN MR. PRESIDENT: Another wise, calculated and intelligent move. I tell my community to “leave you be “- just pray for health and strength and you are going to take us
    across” the red sea”. Julia’n Castro is a terrific choice.
    With BARAK – NO TURNING BACK – “Forward ever, Backward never!
    Connie Witter

  • chase van arsdale

    So Julian is San Antonio mayor! How ignorant can he {Julian} be to involve himself with “Barry” when any smart Texan knows how “Barry” HATES Texas! Barry has the EPA butting into Texas, he nixed the XL Pipeline that could have helped Texas, plus he never gives Texas any federal aide or fema aide when a weather disaster hits! And Texas is always having bad weather disasters!

  • Deb

    The Democrats keep coming up with these articulate, intelligent young multi cultured leaders.
    The Republican keep parading out the same boring old white men.
    Is it any wonder our changing society leans Democratic.

  • I too was inspired by Obama speeches in the last election. Unfortunately what he says and what he does are two entirely different things. The president will do anything to get latino votes including requiring selective enforcement of imigration laws. Now he is telling government contractors to ignore the law requireing them to give 60 days notice of the posibility that workers will be laid off, because that would occur before the election. Some of us see through this charade by the president. He will not get my vote this time.

  • Julio Castro Yes! we need more young people in our government.