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Friday, October 21, 2016
  • Today’s Republican party IS in the center of the political spectrum … the 1847 political spectrum … in Germany!

  • RobertCHastings

    This cartoon vary accurately depicts the two most conservatives members on the Court. Scalia and his backers have always claimed they are strict constructionists, which at least implies that they interpret the Constitution literally. Both Justices have approved all provisions of the Patriot Act which approves, among other things, warrantless wire taps, warrantless searches of library files to discern what people are reading, etc., etc. They were also complicit in the Citizens United decision, as well as the decision that got W elected, a VERY broad interpretation of the”Equal Protection Clause” which they stated, along with Rehnquist and others, was a decision which applied narrowly and SOLELY to the presidential election of 2000, and would NOT be applied to any other election or similar situation. Doesn’t sound like a couple of constructionists to me, more like a couple of gangsters. Perhaps the reason Thomas never opens his mouth is he doesn’t want to sound too guilty.

  • DurdyDawg

    The war on politics has been going on for decades and the pubs keep thinking their winning.. And it looks like the SCOTUS is continually trying to prove it.

  • Scalia and Thomas two very good reasons for there not being lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court or any court. They are both two partisian to be neutral and actually base their decisions on the Constitution. Decisions like the one they made in favor of Citizens Untied show that their descisions are based on what the Republican party and the Koch brothers want not what the Constitution says. Every part of Government like the Supreme Court and other Federal Courts and Congress should have term limits just like the President. If these people in Congress now knew that that they would be facing the reality of their decisions now in a year or two maybe then they would work for the good of all not just the few. Terms for Representives now is two years and Senators is now 6 years. Representatives should not allowed to serve more than two terms of two years and Senators should not be allowed to service more than two terms of 2 years for a term. That way if they don’t do their job, they will be gone and either gone after one term orwith only 4 years total in Congress to try and destroy the Country, they can’t draw a pension because they won’t be in office long enough and if they try to change when they can draw a pension, they lose their office and new elections will be held.