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Monday, October 24, 2016

Kansas Considers Removing The President From Ballot After Birther Challenge

UPDATE: Joe Montgomery has withdrawn his objection, citing the public reation to his complaint.


Kansas Secretary of State and Mitt Romney adviser Kris Kobach is considering removing President Barack Obama from his state’s ballot in November, in response to the lingering conspiracy theory about Obama’s birth certificate.

The Kansas State Objections Board — which consists of Kobach, Attorney General Derek Schmidt, and Lieutenant Governor Jeff Coyer — have delayed a decision on a complaint from a Kansas resident claiming that Obama is ineligible to run for president until Monday.

“There is substantial evidence showing that much of Mr. Obama’s alleged birth certificates have been forged or doctored, and have not been confirmed as legally valid, true and accurate,” the complaint reads, according to The Topeka Capital-Journal.

There is, of course, no serious evidence that Obama’s birth certificate has been forged — but that hasn’t stopped Kobach from seriously considering the challenge

“I don’t think it’s a frivolous objection,” Kobach told the Capital-Journal. “I do think the factual record could be supplemented.”

The board is now sending requests to officials in Hawaii, Arizona, and Mississippi to secure copies of President Obama’s birth records, and will reconvene on Monday to discuss the findings.

In addition to serving as Kansas Secretary of State, Kobach has advised Republican nominee Mitt Romney in both of his presidential runs. Kobach, a noted extremist on immigration issues, wrote Arizona and Alabama’s hardline anti-immigration laws, and also served as chief legal counsel to the Immigration Reform Law Institute. That is the legal arm of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. a hate group which, according to its founder, strives to preserve “a European-American majority, and a clear one at that.”

When Kobach endorsed Romney in January 2012, Romney gushed that “I’m so proud to earn Kris’s support.” After this latest embarrassment, one wonders if he still feels that way.

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  • stupid is as stupid does! Go Kansas!

  • This is all about COAL!!!!!! And these idiots are bringing this up again. How could they have carried him in 2008??????? This Secretary of State Kris Kobach is ONE GIANT MORON!!!!!! What did Kurt Vonegut call them????? GIANT A**HOLES!!!!!!!

  • Would they be satisfied if somebody in California filmed a documentary showing the actual birth?

    • They would then argue that the birth was staged, or photoshopped.

      • You Got That Right It Just To Keep The Real American People From See That Once Was A Respectable Party(GOP) Now Have Turn Into Low Life (Tea Party)TERRORISTS!!

    • johninPCFL

      Lots of films from LA showing the conception. LOL

    • NO Cause The Birth Crap Is Just More GOP/Tea Party Bullshit!!

  • I don’t expect anything better from a state that thinks the earth is 6000 years olds and Noah’s Ark was real.

    • Is kansas a STATE? I want to see the paperwork. I want the paperwok verified, I think it is a fraud or was altered! Come on take Kansa

      • pnllsprkf

        what the hell does Arizona and Missippi have to do with Obamas’ birth records–if you want to find kansas look under the corn

        • johninPCFL

          Nothing. They’re just convenient birfer hotspots to gather more claims of fraud from. After all, Joe Mortenson is just a kook. Add in half a dozen from Sheriff Joe’s holding cells and a few bayou ‘shiners and pretty soon you’ve got a parade.

        • Children Of The Corn Brought The Charges To Court!!LOL Remember The Children Of The Corn??

      • Mrjoeped

        It must be a real state. It was featured in The Wizard of Oz.

      • Mrjoeped

        It must be a real state. It was featured in The Wizard of Oz.

        • hilandar1000

          Well, actually Oz was a work of fiction, but fact and fiction are the same to nuts like these — they don’t know the difference.

      • really ironic since they had two state constitutions and the president gave them a do-over after their first one was approved…then denied

    • …and it is flat too!

      • perplejado

        I think they need to click their ruby slippers three times and come back from Oz or return to Oz,whichever applies. It is obivious that Kansas is no longer in a stateof reality.

        • copper1234


    • digoweli

      You got it wrong. This is what happens when you let a Republican run anything. They are provincial, chauvinistic and incapable of understanding how systems work. They cry, pee in the corner and want to show you what good children they are. Otherwise there is no answer for Romney who initially defended people who boycotted his church just to score a cheap point with the President. What kind of Bishop is that?

    • We don’t all believe that…unfortunately those of us who are sane and logical are probably in the minority…but someone on my street has an Obama/Biden 2012 sign in the front yard. VOTE straight blue in November.

    • dotutz

      The problem is that I have family in Kansas and Missouri and they are the “Salt of the Earth” type of people. The ones I know are Democrats and good Christians, so we can’t judge all by a minority its just that the minority have bigger mouths!!!!!

  • rpg1408

    Disgusting.A new low in the GOP attempt to steal the election.

    • It’s Going To Be Yet Another Low Down Bullshit Act That Too Is Going To Blow Up In They Low Life Knuckle Dragging, Koch Brothers Ass Kissing Faces And Romney Again Will Drop Even More In The Polls!! The Debates Are Right Around The Corner And There Is Where Obama Will Asks About Those Tax Returns That Will Nail Romney No Good Ass To The Wall Where He Will Have No Choice But To Put Up Or Shut The Hell Up And Lose!!! What Did You Expect From The American Taliban?? Lying And Hating Is What They Do, Blocking And Terrorizing People Is How They Roll!! 🙁

      • Come on Fern….what do you really think ???? LOL
        You go girl

      • lindablue

        Two thumbs up.

    • And As I Stated Many Time Before Just When You Think The GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Are That Their Low, They Get Even Lower!!! Terrorists Racist Thug Ass Traitors!!!

      • cem4822

        What are the Obama’s lawyers doing. This can’t happen, say its aint so.

        Hasn’t this President had enough. How much more will he take? Isn’t it a shame that these Republicans, under Mitt Romney, is intending to steal the election.

        Will Mitt Romney be a man and tell these haters that they must stop the BS?

        • Romney Is A Low Life Sociopath I Doubt He Would Tell Them To Stop In Fact He May Just Be Cheering Them On!!! If You Think About It Romney Was A Deal Maker That Would Say And Do Anything Under The Sun To Close A Deal!! That’s Just How He Running His No Hold Bar Lie Of A Campaign!! Romney Just Another Ass Kisser Of The Koch Brothers Would Will Do Anything To Win :-(!!

        • dotutz

          Don’t hold your breath on Romney stepping in. He knows the only way he stands a possible chance of winning is listening to these radicals. I think we should all be proud of how Obama has conducted himself over this last terriorist activity and the loss of 4 Americans. He showed us all yesterday what he’s made of and so did Hillary!

        • lindablue

          I guess you haven’t been paying attention but so far they have won in Florida, Penn, Texas, and Michigan (bargining rights), Wisconsin (bargining rights) , just to begin with.

    • It is, but there is no need to get upset. In fact, we should rejoice because in their zest to deny a great American President the right to run for re-election they are digging their own grave. Don’t be surprised if even moderate Republicans are sickened by the tactics the Tea Party is using to steal an election. They may not vote for a Democrat, but they may be so disgusted by what they see that they may sit this one out.
      Our political campaigns are always spirited, things are often said that should never be said, but what Kansas is doing goes well beyond name calling, distortion or opportunism, and most Americans understand that.

      • I Also Heard That Friday The Man Who Brought The Charges Have Now Been Dropped!! These People Are Sick All These Unnecessary Charges Being Brought To Courts All Over America Should Be Brought Up On Charges Themselves, Starting With The Eric Holder Witch Hunt!! Plus Make Them Pay For All The Court Cost!!

        • Yes, but hopefully their unAmerican tactics will linger as a reminder of what Tea Party extremists stand for.

        • So you think the parents of murdered border agent Brian Terry are witch hunters? Honey, Holder’s corruption didn’t start with Fast and Furious and you know it. Obama’s lapdog has been around a long time and has been party to a few crimes against “we the people”, so do not call decent Americans seeking justice witch hunters. Anyway, both Holder and Obama had every opportunity to clear themselves, but they refused to and instead O exerts executive priviledge. Wonder why Obama used executive priviledge when he knew nothing?

          • Constant harassment does not merit any reply at all. It is SO IGNORANT.

          • I Think That Your Party Is Full Of Shit!! So Why Drop The Charges Oh I Know, Cause Your GOP/Tea Party Is Full Of SHIT!!! Same Old Crap They Pull Daily!! Which I’m Happy To Say It Blow Up In Their Low Life Faces Every Time!! Now Tell Your Boy Romney To Cough Up Those Tax Returns!!! Or Maybe You Want Me To Start Playing Violins To Your Bullshit Whining!!

          • sikathelibsheet

            Spoken like a truley compassionate , I mean intolerant , foul mouth liberal.

          • Your Party Are Now Are Nothing But Liars Terrorists And Traitors!! The GOP/Tea Party Have When To A New Level Of Treason!! You Can Thank Bush He Started This Program!! And You My Thuggett Can Go Back To Sucking Out Of The Koch Brothers Asses Cause Your Thug Ass Party Don’t Give A Damn About These People Families America Nor The American People!! It Was Just Another Low Life Tactic Move To Make Our President Look Bad!! You Bastards Are Not Fooling Nobody But Yourselves!!!

          • sikathelibsheet

            Do you have a clue? Same old talking points. Same old blame game, “it’s Bush’s fault”. What is the program that Bush started that you refer to? Your comments are as ridiculous as your grammar and the capitalization of every word. Once again what a foul mouthed intolerant liberal. Maybe you should educate yourself on what your holier than thou leader is doing and has done to this country. It really doesn’t take much to make him look bad. You sound as mad has he does every time he opens this lying mouth. Why is it liberals are always mad and want everyone to be as miserable as they are?

          • eillah1

            Shut up.

          • lindablue

            Your so right the corruption was started under the last administration.

          • sikathelibsheet

            Are you forgetting Slick Willy?

          • lindablue

            Your forgetting the Republicans pushing slick Willy.

          • drew53

            Hey Kay it is obvious you know nothing about Eric Holder that you didn’t hear on FIX NEWS so I understand how you could make such ill informed statements. you can’t help it your just ignorant of the facts,because as long as FIX NEWS,Laura Ingram,Bill O’REALLY,and those blow holes Rush and Cavuto you will never know the truth.Change the Channel, it will change your life.Oh and by the way if you are in search of real criminal Atterneys General check out the Nixon Presidency, he had two convicted.It’s a fact and I now how hard that is for some folks to handle; ya know facts !

      • As long as democrats don’t take this election for granted and do turn out the vote , we will hold on to the White House and maybe take back the House

        • That would be nice, unfortunately there are not enough Tea Party members running for re-election and the GOP majority in the House is so large that getting the House back is a virtual impossibility. I think the best we can hope for is reduce their majority and send an unmistakable message to the radicals that have obstructed progress and caused so much pain to our middle class and the poor.

          • you are so right Dominick Vila that is the truth well said

          • gonefromca

            Yes Yvetter & Dominick well said. Disqualify the President, disqualify Democratic voters, lies that happen daily by both M$1TT and Paul Lyan. However, if we can keep M$1TT talking we are in good shape. Especially since Michelle Bachman has alleid with Romey on his Middle East inflamitory commets.

          • They might be large but we the people are larger!!!!!!!

          • Don

            Woooooeeee, Kansas blown away by another Tornado and the wicked witch of the west was their to help it along.

          • suddencall

            You could complain to the Military and the DOJ. that republicans are plotting to over throw our nation and demand that things be done to counter this threat. Oh yes ” you have not figured that part out yet . VOTE REPUBLICAN AND BECOME A REFUGEE.

          • adler56

            everybody in the house is running for re-election. The House is a 2 year term unless the crooks changed that.

        • WE will prevail!!!!! I was taught to believe that if you tell a lie the truth always catches up with you and the Republicans have told so many that one by one the truth is starting to come out!!!!!

      • I hope you are right. Let’s keep the faith that good will overcome the evil that exists in this country.

      • onedonewong

        I haven’t seen the Republicans stoop to registering the Dead and illegals to vote which is SOP for the Dems

    • They Also Brought In The Thug Would Posted The Video On YouTube That Cause all The Riots In The Middle East For Questioning And This Thug Happens To Be On Probation!! The White House Asked Google And YouTube To Pull The Video So Far They Refused!! Just More GOP/Tea Party American Taliban Members Bullshit The Crap They Love To Spread So Well!! Here Hoping It Will Be Another Act That Will Backfire In Their Faces!!! Damn Terrorist And Traitors!!!

      • sikathelibsheet

        Well first of all have you heard of the First Amendment? The GOP and the TeaParty have nothing to do with it. Did you know the founders of Google are big supporters of the Democrat Party and Obama? Didn’t think so. Once again work on the grammar.

    • There is no low these people won’t stoop to. They are some throwback to an earlier “man” who never knew about God,human rights, morality and certainly did not receive an education. Oh, they may have attended and gone through school but school did not go through them. They live in a bubble in a time warp and I don’t think anything but hate and dirty tricks fills their meager minds.

      • lindablue

        When you have no where else to go but down then they might as well lick the ground while they are there.

  • B4Real2012

    There are so few adjectives left to describe the worse bunch of bumbling idiots to disgrace the U.S. and who call themselves RUNNING FOR THE PRESIDENCY and other offices. Romney-Ryan Stooges are far worse than McCain-Palin ticket and I NEVER thought that I would see worse than Palin. The Bermuda Triangle waters isn’t deep enough to dump these CLOWNS in (my apologies to the actual clowns who earn a real living) The jokesters are so far STUCK ON STUPID THAT IT’S PITIFUL. November 6th and 7th almost can’t get here soon enough. It’s pass being SAD.

  • If Obama is removed from the ticket in this state – than the state cannot be counted for any votes during the Presidential campaign. If these half wit morons want to play this game, than they must be removed from the presidential election as well. This is going beyond ridiculous and who voted these fools in to begin with? Don’t you people check out your candidates before you vote? Unbelievable.

  • shblackb

    What a sad reflection on the Republican Party. Totally disgusting. The once great party has degenerated to too many people like these in Kansas.

  • johninPCFL

    Cool. According to Mongomery’s claim, Romney’s Mexican father should keep him off the ballot also. Let’s see where this leads. Maybe there will be no candidates on the Kansas ballot.

    “Joe Montgomery, who filed the ballot challenge with the all-Republican panel, said the president’s father held British and Kenyan citizenship, making Obama ineligible to run for the nation’s highest office.

    Montgomery pointed to a handful of U.S. Supreme Court cases to support his claim a presidential candidate must be a “natural born citizen” from two American citizens.”

    • msrita

      So the Judge does not know if you are born in America you are an American Citizen. BS. So Kansas can not vote at all Jerks. Both candidates are off the ballots. So stay at home and be happy that your Vote will never count in this election IDIOTS.

      • johninPCFL

        Not quite. The phrase “natural born citizen” is used in the Constitution, but is not defined there. The definition then changes through the generations, and according to the birfers it means: a person born in America to two Americans also born in America. Kind of like: a cracker is a southerner born to two people born in the south.

        Since neither Romney nor Obama has a father born in America, birfers should claim that neither is eligible. If they don’t, you have to assume another force is at work.

  • The Republicans will do anything to steal the election. People in Kansas need to organize and head to the capital.

  • Do they still have the shell of the egg Romney was hatched from?


      No No It was under a rock. A golden rock, but a rock non the less. How would you like to be a Kansan and have these idiots giving the entire nation the impression that the total IQ of Kansas doesn’t reach triple digits???? Maybe the state will wake up and decide if you’re an incumbent Republican you are TOAST!!!!

  • dellmartin

    OK, more desparate moves after another. Romney is sinking so fast because of his latest blunder that they have run out of excuses, and obviously run out of brains too. Kobach should be kicked out of office for even listening to such garbage. The crazies have taken over the republican party.

  • It never happens in Kansas. Are they reliving the Wizard of Oz!! If they only had a brain!!

  • George Royall

    Everything is far from up to date in Kansas (city)!

  • NO this no big conspiracy. Mitt’s already got the electoral votes in Kansas.No point to it. Kansas is flying on it’s own.

  • I bet KK is a fine God-loving Christian.

    (I wonder if Kris Kobach’s middle initial is also a K.
    Oops, just checked: it’s W. Can’t win ’em all, Kris)

  • What is the matter with these people?????????????????????? I was born in Michigan and my records are not open to the public……………………….oh, well , maybe I wasnt born in the usa.
    I live in Hawaii and have spoken to people that knew Obamas Grandmother and have seem
    duplicates of his birth certificate…………………… the state of Hawaii has published the birth certificate in the News paper, are you calling our newspaper a fake and a liar.. some people. when they know they are on the losing side will try anything to win an election…………………why do these people not focus on the positive the things that the presdent has done in the last four years,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Im a white grandmother of 83 and I see overtones of racisn all over this country…………………..Im so ashamed of the many people in the midwest, and else where, that want to do it my way or the high way. Its sad that they are still spreading rumors and have mothing better to do.
    I wonder if the president was white and old man, if all this waste of time nonsence, would be going on
    grandma…………who has seem a lot of elecions……………..and this is the wost for spreading lies

    • It would be to ez to unseal all the hiden info about this President. By his own words only those with something to hide do

      • johninPCFL

        Sorry, no. The president would have to request that the documents be delivered to him in a sealed parcel with an official stamp on it, and then forward that package unopened to the requester. That would then possibly answer that one individual birfer.

        Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next.

        Maybe you begin to see the problem. Or, maybe not. Are you a birfer?

      • Justin Napolitano

        Shut up Steven, you are stupid.

        • B4Real2012

          YEAH, REAL STUPID. Get a brain, eyes and a MIND. Then WAKE UP.

    • Dottie, bear in mind that even if the so called birthers had been in the delivery room and seen Barack Obama come to this world, they would still challenge it because the issue is not really whether or not he is an American, but the fact that a number of Americans want him out of the White House because he is a black man. To them, he is an usurper, and it doesn’t make any difference how much evidence he or anyone else provide, he will always be that to them. Fortunately, most Americans do not share those prejudices, and if the latest polls are correct and do not change between now and election day the birthers will have to hang their white robes until 2016 when a woman is likely to run for President and another set of bigots make their prejudices and demands known.

    • And this eightysix year old great grandmother agrees completely. The racism is stomach turning.

  • No difference between severe Muslim belief, and these crackers. Live in a world of fantasy, which accommodates a delusional mind. Perhaps the governor should be recalled because of a fraudulent vote count.

  • don27

    Not a problem. Kansas is a deep red Republican State and their vote will not affect the results in the Electoral Collage. Speaking of which, it is interesting that a Republican Elector resigned because she could not bring herself to vote for Romney in the Electoral College. We need to amend that provision out of the Constitution and decide this issue by the popular vote

    • johninPCFL

      Sure, then three states determine who becomes president. The electoral college was instituted to prevent the populous states from determining the election. The current political landscape wasn’t always this way, and wll probably shift again in our lifetimes.

    • CPANY

      Amen. The electoral college is an anachronism.

  • They, the republicans, have behaved in this manner for their entire collective history. They have to be really desperate to come into the light of day and actually show their underbelly.

    • CPANY


      You’re wrong on that. The Republican Party was formed in 1854 as the party of emancipation. The Whigs weren’t getting the job done.

      Unfortunately, the party has been captured by the extreme right wing.

  • riobob111

    These Republicans will stop at nothing to get back into POWER. Is That corn in Kansa contaminated?

  • msrita

    Obama ask his family to come forward again or ask if you can use the footage. AMERICA IS GOING DOWN THE TOILET.

    Dear Kansas Citizens also take Mitt Robme off the Ballot to be fair and balanced since you follow Fox News, Rush limBlahBlah

  • I thought I had seen the lowest of lowest, bu t as the sun raises each day, I see these Republicians manged to dig deeper hole. But this is going to be an other major distraction formthe rest of their dirty tricks. what happens if they do remove his name, and ‘miserable MITT” then it is proven Obamas papers are accurate and true? WIll we have an other election, or will it be “so sorry but, we won-too bad”? We dont need foreign terrorist, look what we have inside, supposely elected, I have my doubts about any Republician with all the money for campaigns and dirty tricks are they truly elected

  • riobob111

    Seems like they are afraid of lossing.

  • koifan

    Send this idiot to Iran

  • These people are disguising their white supremacist views as birtherisn. If their native daughter, Stanley Ann Dunham, were still alive, they wouldn’t dare pull this. Very sad state of affairs for the state of Kansas.

  • JA

    I hope taxpayers are not paying for this!

    • johninPCFL

      Kansas taxpayers are.

      It’s part of the GOP “smaller government” model. No teachers, firefighters, etc. just police in every doctor’s office, bedroom, and now, political office.

  • htophet

    Every-time I hear one of these mentally challenged gop type teabags I cringe at what has happened to the screening system for elected positions. As this guy, the seal dude and all the other fringe types on fix news come forward from their altered reality’s and for all intents and purposes make themselves publicly a laughing stock and embarrass our country in the eyes of other democracies, just so they can ruin our elections, we have to start weaning out such mentally challenged types.
    All this because of a few bought dogs want to circumvent the real results, why not call attention to the fact yes someone was not a born american in that 2008 election, John McCain, whom was born in Panama! Additionally their must be provisions even in these backward states to remove obviously bias folks for failure to do their job, while working for partisan goals, while on the payroll of all citizens of the state! Where in Kansas should the decent people get the paperwork to remove this clown for mental incompetence and racists attitude! It needs to be published right now, maybe you can get a real American into that position before another election gets tampered with! Joe6pK

  • Doesn’t matter what they do. Kansas only gets 6 Electoral Votes and the President doesn’t need them to win. Besides the state is a red state and any money spent by the DNC is a waste. Obama 2012

    • sheilab2

      Bye Bye Kansas – sorry to see you go. Aren’t you seceding from the U.S.? The loonies and goonies have taken over the state. They can re-name their state Goofeyville .

  • Quang Nguyen

    GOP is for stupid and if you are GO with it and got lied to. And learn the hard way. JUST PLAIN STUPID

  • With nothing but transparency from this admin why would anyone doubt

  • If Kansas does what it is saying, I certainly hope the case goes to the Supreme Court, if nothing else because a plebiscite, similar to those held in Third World nations, with only Mitt Romney running for president should be unacceptable to every single American. So much for freedom and democracy, not to mention common sense and objectivity. Obviously, if President Obama’s name remains in the Kansas ballot his chances of carrying that state are slim to none, but the symbolism of a state doing something like this is an embarrassment to our country. Shame on those who are tarnishing our reputation and undermining our values!
    President Obama is the first U.S. President who had to make his birth certificate public. When he provided one identical to what we all have, he was challenged and he submitted a long form that most Americans did not even know existed. The Governor of Hawaii, a Republican, admitted he had reviewed all pertinent records,confirmed that everything was in order and that Barack Obama was, indeed, born in Hawaii. The administrator of the hospital where he was born, and relatives, confirmed he was born there; and yet, the birthers continue to challenge his legitimacy to be President on the basis that they believe he was born elsewhere.
    Where were the birthers when Sen. McCain, a man born in Panama, ran for President? Why aren’t the birthers double checking the accuracy of Mitt Romney’s alleged birthday after Mitt admitted to his Mexican heritage and everyone knows about his grandfather’s Mormon settlement in Mexico? The answer to these questions is as simple as determining the real reason for the overt hatred Tea Party members demonstrate towards Barack Obama, the person.
    It doesn’t matter how many birth certificates he provides, it doesn’t matter if material witnesses testify on his behalf under oath, it doesn’t matter if his policies prevented an economic meltdown; Barack Obama could, literally, walk on water and the birthers will insist on disqualifying him. When we read things like this and reflect on the sacrifices made by so many Americans to defend our Constitution, civil rights, our hard earned values, and our way of life you can’t help being overcome by emotion and disgust towards those whose ignorance and intolerance are destroying our society.

    • CPANY

      Mr. Vila:

      If it goes to the Supreme court, Romney may win, because the vote could be along party lines. Consider what happened in 2000.

      • It’s going nowhere. But even the supream court with all their current BS would throw it out without a thought… ALLL read ALLL evidence points to it being a crock of shit.

      • It’s Already Been Dropped!!

      • Nah. It would be 6 to 2 (Scalia and Thomas, who else?) with Sotomayor recusing herself, in favor of the President being on the ballot. Why do I put Scalia opposing? Because of his strong belief in State’s rights to allow them to state who should be on the ballot. Why Thomas? Because he echoes every vote Scalia makes.

    • jfsnowman

      Some of these birthers are the same folks who wanted to change the Presidential requirements so that Arnold Schwarzenneger could run for President, during his initial honeymoon as Governor of CA. Think that embarrasses them? Nope. But I must say, this is all great for Obama, as the crazies are driving the moderates away.

      • lindablue

        Cheers. You hit the nail on the head.

    • these people are no better then the groups that are destroying our embasies in other countries. They are evil hate mongers.

  • Teddy Parker

    Almost makes you ashamed to call yourself an American…

  • I was born in Kansas in 1954 and the family moved to California in 1963. I was always proud to be from Kansas; but after reading this I may have to distance myself from my home state. I hope this does not happen; but if it does maybe those in power should go back over the rainbow and request their minds back. Please don’t let Kansas be the state everyone laughs at for such stupidity.

  • beejayoh

    I was brought up in Kansas and I CLEARLY REMEMBER when Hawaii was declared a STATE! It was LONG before Barack Obama was even born. I would really hate to tell people that the Governor of Kansas is a total idiot who should HIMSELF be REMOVED from office. He must have an IQ of 7 or less if he falls into Mitt Romney’s ridiculous, unfounded accusation concerning Mr. Obama’s birthplace. He gave the nitwit his birth certificate. I haven’t seen Romney give his out. He only made CLAIM to having been born in this country. I think he should have to PROVE it ALONG with the Governor Kansas. I really believe that Mr. Reagan had Alzheimer’s while he was in office. I don’t think Romney even has THAT excuse.

    • johninPCFL

      Not terribly long, statehood in 1959, Obama’s birth in 1961.

      Personally, I believe S/S Kobach’s tooth count and IQ are the same.

  • Georgettesue

    What is the matter with Kansas!!! I hope its citizens do something to oppose this latest strategy to thwart its citizens of their right to vote and choose. To drag this issue out again and use it in this way is to discredit their government and leaders and citizens. People of Kansas use your God given brains and do not accept this. This continues to distract and confuse.

  • Now the Republicans want to keep the President of the United States from voting.

    A ‘party’ like that has no place in America.

    • If he can produce a BC, just like Romney should be asked to do, then no problem.

      • johninPCFL

        Romney’s problem will be the birfers demanding his father’s BC to prove he fits birfer Joe Mortenson’s definition of “natural born citizen”.

        Since George Romney was born in Mexico, he does not, and shouldn’t be on the ballot either.

  • As a daughter of two native Kansans, I’m embarassed and horrified to read this! Absolutely ridiculous & shameful!

    • So horrible to be asked if running for the most powerful position on the planet that a person (every person running) be asked to prove they meet the minimum qualifications as outlined by the founders in the Constitution.

  • janetramos

    God said there would be days like this……..

    • God speak to you often? That voice in your head is not God my friend. Get help

  • Mimi2kool

    The lunatics have taken over, apparently at least in Kansas. I am sure Dorothy and Toto are relieved to not be in Kansas any more.

  • Tom Van Dieren

    Kansas… Where are we, Toto, I’m lost!! Thank God we aren’t in KANSAS ANYMORE!! PERIOD!!

  • Tom Van Dieren

    Kansas… Where are we, Toto, I’m lost!! Thank God we aren’t in KANSAS ANYMORE!! PERIOD!!

    • Yes, that lower than average unemployment, improving economy as compared to the rest of the US, and lower taxes were such a B^#$% to deal with. I guess you must be in New York or California.

  • Nazis in Kansas you better believe it!

    • Nazi’s, funny. Nazi’s are actually the national SOCIALIST party, much more in line with liberal thinking than Republican. Fact. Sorry

      • johninPCFL

        And if they called themselves grapes they would be?

        Fact: You can call yourself anything you want, it doesn’t make it so. The Nazis were the most conservative social group in Europe.

      • truthseeker021265

        @Bonehead I mean David: The folloing is the first paragraph from Wikipedia:

        Nazism – National Socialism (common English short form Nazism, German: Nationalsozialismus) was the ideology of the Nazi Party and Nazi Germany. It is a variety of fascism that incorporates biological racism and antisemitism. Nazism used elements of the far-right racist Völkisch German nationalist movement and the anti-communist Freikorps paramilitary culture which fought against the communists in post-World War I Germany. It was designed to draw workers away from communism and into Völkisch nationalism. Major elements of Nazism have been described as far-right, such as allowing domination of society by people deemed racially superior, while purging society of people declared inferior which were said to be a threat to national survival.

        Just because it has the word Socialist in it does not make it relative to the liberal way of thinking. If you can read the paragraph you will see that it states that it was considered a far-right ideology. This definition is obviously way more relative to the current right-wing Republican Party than any other!

        You are quite frankly an ignoramus!

      • CPANY

        The party’s name contains the word “socialist,” but it wasn’t really socialist at all. It was the official name of the Nazi party.

  • PatriotNLiberalAmerican

    This action is seditious and the instigator should be arrest, tried, and hung for treason. I am official volunteer to be the Judge, Jury , and Executionor. We cannot allow racists traitors like Kris Kobach to hold public office. This Nazi loving bastard needs to die!!!

    • I love Liberal tolerance. Such hate for asking for a simple piece of paper that you need to get a Drivers License. Anyone running should be asked to prove they meet the qualifications as outlined in the US Constitution, and nobody’s word should be taken as fact. It’s easy to get, easy to produce and you need it to get the most basic of ID’s

      • johninPCFL

        No law requires it.


    • Obama was not going to win in KS anyway, but if you need a BC to get a DL why not to run for President. ANYONE running should need to produce one

  • Good job, If I am getting a job, one of the documents asked for is a certified Birth Certificate. I can easily produce it and do so happily. How anyone, ANYONE can run for US President without producing one is perplexing to me. Produce a certified copy…like I do for a job or a drivers license, or dont run. Simple.

    • I have never been asked for a birth certificate, social security card, drivers license yes, but not a birth certificate.

      • Read the I-9 form, it is on there if you cannot produce or lost your SS card

        • How did he get his DL? How did he work in his state without an I-9? Last question, ARE YOU STUPID? Or do you think that the House, Senate and every court of the land allowed him to have this job without checking with you and that stupid a&& Donald Trump?

    • johninPCFL

      Fine. Change the 50 state laws to require it.

  • What Idiots

  • Polygamyman

    mitt romney’s speech about patriotism today was so hypocritical by a draft dodger who wouldnt fight for his country .. and a tax dodger that wont financially support his country.

  • I always think we have reached the bottom, then something like this comes up. Is there hope there ANYONE sane in Kansas. There must be enough Kansas citizens SOMEWHERE to scream about this. This is idiocy!

  • sheilab2

    Remember the book “What’s the Matter With Kansas?” Now we know – they are nuts-can they secede for the U.

  • I sometimes thing we have finally hit bottom, then something like this shows up. Are there NO sane people in Kansas? If there are, why are they not screaming out loud about this idiocy?!

  • It is embarrassment to be from Kansas with clowns like Kobach… Brownback and his gang of thieves need to be in jail. The things these clowns are doing to this state is a crime…

  • sheilab2

    oops, mean – can’t they secede from the U.S.? Where do these loonies come from? Are they hatched in some deep dark cave? I can’t believe that people like this exist in this country, but the crazies seem to be growing. And romney leads the pack- with Ryan on his coat tails. With more info like this coming out about him and his cronies, Pesident Obama will cruise to re-election, thank goodness.

  • Joe

    This is great. The best thing that could happen for Obama would be if these fools DID remove him from the ballot there. It would have zero effect on the election, since he has no chance of winning there anyhow, and it would make every independent voter in the rest of the country think that Republicans are not only nuts, but can’t be trusted because they will stoop to any crazy means to attempt to win the White House. All you conspiracy nuts in other fully red states where Obama is going to get zero electoral votes anyhow, you GO BOYS, get Obama tossed of the ballot as soon as possible .. LOL!!

    • Yes, Kansas would look foolish because when they asked for a certified copy of live birth in legal proceeding Obama failed to provide it because of spite? Yes, Kansas would look foolish…..

      • he’s released the full certificate twice, but you’re not paying attention.

        • johninPCFL

          David’s paying attention. He just doesn’t care. Like the rest of the GOP. They know what they’re doing. The president would have to request that the documents be delivered to him in a sealed parcel with an official stamp on it, and then forward that package unopened to the requester. That would then possibly answer that one individual birfer.

          Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next. Then, do it again for the next. Then again for the next. Then again for the next.

          Maybe you begin to see the problem.

  • Censorship of contrary opinions….and you call Romney desperate. I see that his pages allow those who politely disagree, this page however does not have convictions in its beliefs to have courage to debate open and honestly. I need a BC to get a Drivers license but I do not not need to produce one to run for President? Anyperson, not just Obama, should be required as a matter of procedure and paperwork filing, to produce a certified copy just like if you apply for DL or fill out an I-9 IRS form when you get a job.

    • He does have a DL. Now what?

    • Cairndance

      If it requires a birth certificate to get a drivers license then why is there so much complaining about illegals with drivers licenses?
      The BC issue was settled over 4 years ago. does anyone think that Hilary or John McCain didn’t ivestigate this thoroughly?
      What idiots!

    • rothgar

      You mean like the BC provided by the state of his Birth – that would be Hawaii.

  • B

    I wish I could say I am surprised, but, sadly I am not. Disgusting, pathetic, obscene, idiotic, self-serving…those adjectives describe Kobach as well as the voters in this state who put him in the Sec of State position. The state gets what it deserves, but it is too bad that the rest of have to suffer for it. I’m gratified to see that others recognize the idiocy of this bunch, anyway.

  • There is nothing new under the sun!! Kansas, a big flat state has nothing else to
    do to get notice!!!

  • There us nothing new under the sun!! Kansas, a big flat state has nothing else to go to
    get notice!!!!

  • digoweli

    When I was growing up on the Kansas border in Picher, Oklahoma, the one thing that we knew about Kansas was that they supported Civil Rights when Oklahoma, Texas and the other Southern states did not.

    They had integration when all of the rest were segregated.

    It seems that all of that has changed and what was once an enlightened tolerant state has elected to follow Russian immigrant Orly Taitz, who has lived in the US since the Reagan administration. The Republican party is in love with two Russian Jewish women who captured their hearts. Ayn Rand and Orly Taitz. Both damaged and both nuts.

    Rand couldn’t make it as a screen writer because her thoughts in English were too cartoonish. The Republican Party has become a cartoon led by wannabe Aristocrats. Now American diplomats are dying because legal immigrants are fighting their old country’s battles here on the internet and representing themselves as American. They should be required to have at least one parent in the nation for two generations before they get full citizenship. That way they could learn responsibility but then there’s that real estate guy and the nut in Florida

    Obama’s lineage is connected to every war America has fought with his ancestors fighting in the American military as Americans. That the Russian women would challenge this is a disgrace. What do they know about America? They think the only purpose for a Black American is to pick up their elephant poop.

  • That’s one way to assure Romney wins. Keep people from voting. New Kansas moto…….Kansas, home of idiots.

    • Dont worry, I think whever you are still has the crown. Understand the issue before you comment please

      • WHAAAAAT?

      • ATolsma

        You weren’t by chance looking n the mirror when you said that were you? Your silliness (calling you stupid wouldn’t be nice) appears to know no bounds.

  • turtlewoman1039

    Robme’s adviser – shouldn’t that disqualify him from making ANY decision that could impact the election in his state?

  • lets be sure Kansas no longer gets Federal money.

    • Yes, lets punish them for asking the President to prove he is legally qualified to be President. That is a very tolerant and liberal attititude…oh wait. the NAZI party WAS the liberal party of Germany when it took power and silenced the opposition…so you are right in there with the great liberal tradition.

      • johninPCFL

        Sorry, no. Socially conservative party, the Nazis. The most socially conservative party in Europe.

      • ATolsma

        What is it with you righties that you have to equate everything with some sort of outlandish label. Obama is socialist, he’s Hitler, he’s Stalin, he’s a Nazi, he wants to take our guns, he’s not an American! Give it a rest man. He was born in Hawaii, a real live American state. He could not have forged the newspaper announcement of his birth. He could not have forged the short or long form BCs that he has put forward. But you won’t accept that because your odd obsession won’t allow it. Just admit that your antipathy for President Obama stems from his being black and let’s move one. You’re boring us out of our minds!!!

  • bcarreiro

    creating policies that protect who?….corruption.

  • If Romney doesn’t disown this idiot, if the governing officials don’t pass on this insane request, and if the Sec of State of the misguided State of Kansas disqualifies our President, then the people of Kansas should not only feel ashamed but should vote out of office anyone who approves of this scandalous and false claim by folks who are so racist and prejudiced by the vitriol of the ultra right wing. God help this country. God help the poor people of Kansas who are having to put up with this crap.

    To disenfranchise a man who is a true citizen of this country, who was legally elected to the office, and who has to time and again prove to the naysayers his rigth to be called a legal citizen is beyond belief.

    Do something people of Kansas. Your reputation as a fair and reasonable people is on trial here.

    Your state will look like a state of fools. Misguided, racist, prejudiced fools. God help you.

  • These are some pretty ignorant people. What they should be concerned about is a man (rommey) who stashes his money elsewhere and then wants to run this country and make decision on what we do with ours. The GOP has some really insane people in their party who loves to lie, lie, and lie some more…Get a life

  • grobbinspiano

    The GOP, in my mind, no longer stands for Grand Old Party. To my thinking, the GOP should be known, instead, especially, in ultra-conservative Kansas, and elsewhere, as the Great Ongoing Prevaricator, or known, as the Grand Outstanding Provacateur, because of this ridiculous birther issue, and other issues representing their negative agenda, such as ignoring separation of church and state as a constitutional nationwide birthright, ignoring women’s rights, gay rights,and so many other issues including affordable healthcare and Medicare which it is against. grobbinspiano

  • “There is, of course, no serious evidence that Obama’s birth certificate has been forged…” What are you smoking! There is serious evidence from many authorities that the BC Obama produced is a forgery. This kind of reporting is harmful to the health of the Republic. One day, the Lord willing, all those who are accomplices to Obama’s crimes will be brought before a jury and judged violators of Article II, of the Constitution! Then, there will be not hiding behind your crooked pen!

  • jkdates

    These peoplw must have arrived by balloon from OZ (not Australia)

  • There’s a book that was published a few years back that talks about Kansas, its’ poverty, lack of education and determined allegiance to the GOP, in spite of the fact that Republican policies, in the main, benefit Kansas (the poorest state in the Union) perhaps less than any other state in the Union. It’s entitled “What’s the matter with Kansas?” Controversies like this highlight the GOP strategy to get less educated poorer whites to vote for the GOP, who in general threw them overboard 30+ years ago, by creating all kinds of silly strategies to disguise the fact that the GOP DOES NOT stand up for or defend the working middle class of any color, including the whites. Geez… issues like this seem absolutely whacky in this day and age. Why don’t these guys just come out and say they’re not going to vote for “N”s. At least, that way, the truth is coming out.

    • Kansas ranks 16th. Calfornia, 34th

      • Not if you measure apples to apples. California’s numbers are reflective of its diversity and whenever you have a diverse test population, you can’t measure it against a homogenous population. It might be difficult for you to comprehend, but testing is not black and white and to think you can reach accurate or reasonable conclusions based on generic, unbalanced data, is absurd.
        Oh, wait a minute, isn’t that how Republicans reach their conclusions?

  • If this charade succeeds, I would vote for throwing Kansas out of the Union. Better yet, build a fence around the place and sequester all the right wing nut jobs in the world’s largest asylum. Sane people should be advised to boycott the place for at least one generation.

    • Yes, because liberals are so tolerate of others opinions….as long as they agree with it…Just like the national solicalist party was in 1936

      • Joseph Hemphill

        if any party parallels the nazi’s, it is the GOTP, lie, lie again, keep lying until it’s the truth, suppress the populous all wrapped up in patriotism and goose step into the next war.

      • CPANY

        The National Socialst German Workers Party wasn’t liberal. It was extremely right wing.

      • DurdyDawg

        Well, you do know there are right wing forums just for idiots like you and Steven W. You can troll there and demean the president at you’re hearts content and you’ll receive nothing but applauds for you’re effort. Stay here and keep you gob shut concerning what bigotry right wingers like to spew.. This isn’t an Obama ‘Spew’ zone.. By the way:

        You’re mama endorsed this ad…

  • adriancrutch

    These dummies will be working the hubcap tent at the swap meet this weekend!

    • I thought I recognized you! You were the one selling incense at the next table.

  • Could all this hate be because the President is Black? Oh No! Was the earth really flat at one time? Did CC really dicover America and the people who lived here? Did Adam and Eve really just have two kids? Maybe Samson killed those folks with the jaw bone of a T-Rex? Ooooor are these stupid Mother F#ckers just crazy as He))? We are going to either stand as a nation or die as stupid Mother F#ckers. Kris, I’m getting sick and tired of racist Bull Sh!t! You really don”t want to dance with Me! That turn the other Cheek BS ain’t about nothing! What you need to know is, “you got to bring some to get some!”

    • Nope, anyone who runs for President, including Romeny, should be asked to provide a copy of his BC. Period

      • Just for the record, how many white presidents have we had? how many Black? How many have been asked over,and over,and over to show a BC. I no this is hard for you but the answer is ONE, YOU IDIOT! THE Black one. imjustsayin.

  • Daniel Humphreys

    Mitt the Twit and his merry band of pranksters, at it again.

    • Ya, it’s so foolish to say “hey, they Constitution says you need a natural born citizen, do you have a Certified Birth Certificate I can have?” this should apply for EVERYONE running. You need one to get a Drivers License, why not to run to have you finger on “the button”?

  • How convient that the secy of state in Kansas is mitts adviser. Yeah. there’s no hanky panky going on here is there and the moon is made out of cheese. Wake up America. This guy moremoney is a work of art and should retire to the funny farm where he can play with his toys.

  • Fairplay4

    Ignorance of the highest order in high places. We are either a Nation of many races or a false image of Democracy. Extremist groups would like to roll back the hands of time but that is a losing battle.

  • If Kansas were to disallow Obama on the ballot then I think Obama should declare a national emergency and suspend the presidential election and simply remain in office. That might shut the right wing up nicely.

    • DurdyDawg

      Silly guy.. That would only stir the shit already clogging up their orifice. What needs to be done is repeal the State on anti-freedom causes and co back to 49 States. These nim nods wanna be isolationists, let’s pull that whole rug out from under them.

  • Joseph Hemphill

    I want to see Romneys DNA test to prove he’s human…..

    • copper1234


  • pleiku1965

    Is that the best Kansas has to offer? What a comedy. Somebody will write a play about you stupes when the time is right.

    • CPANY

      Why don’t you do it?

      • pleiku1965

        You know, I could be tempted if only I was a playright. I’m not, so I have to pass on that one.

  • Chrysippus

    Kansas, bloody Kansas. They still haven’t forgotten their part in the Civil War as a bloody “Border State.” Are all Kansans stupid? No, they’re not. They’re still getting their chains pulled by the side that lost the Civil War.

  • If Kobach researches his own history, he might find that he is 1/4 BLACK! Wouldn’t that be funny?

  • LittleStream

    You insane people will do ANYTHING to win an election! Including cheat and lie!

  • tomcarly

    OMG!! How out of touch are these people??? Seems the GOP will go lower than a snake to do anything they can think of to try to win. The sad thing is they are teaching all of this unscientific & just plain lies on so many topics to their kids. What do they think they are doing to the future of this world that we all have to live in? As the person commented right before me, DISGUSTING!

  • Kansas, please say it isn’t so. The extreme right wing is trying mighty hard to destroy this country with their hate and ignorance. I live in Phoenix and Arizona tried the same thing — it didn’t pan out — but Arizona sure ended up looking hateful and stupid (as usual). One smart thing that happened recently in Arizona is that Dan Quail, a rabid right wing extremist, lost his bid to be reelected to the Senate, a much more fair-minded, normal Republican won — which is pretty much the best we can hope for in Arizona. We have got to get the rest of the tea party elements out of Congress or this country is going to end up back in the 19th century. We have got to vote these nut jobs out.

  • If the GOP can get enough states to take President Obama off the Ballot, they MAY have a very small chance of winning!

    Weird, they claim the president is a Communist, yet they are trying to make this a one candidate election. Sounds like they are Communist or More likely Fasist to me!

  • VictorCraig


  • hilandar1000

    Do you suppose Koback and those like him realize that the whole world is laughing at them?

  • Is this the way Mitt Romney wants to win? Cheating!!!! Sigh! I do feel sorry for the people in Kansas.

  • When you’re a loser, I guess you’ll stoop to anything – like Pennsylvania sabotaging people’s right to vote.

  • hilandar1000

    I think it’s time to file law suits for slander against those who make this claim.

  • emadis41

    The Liars, arrogant, hypocrites should provide the proof for their claim. Obama was elected by landslide; enough trying to steal the election anyway they can.

  • ATolsma

    If these idiots go forward with an attempt to remove the president from the ballot, then someone, somewhere needs to do whatever is possible to remove them from whatever positions they might hold. This birtherism is so far out of the realm of ANY possibility that only the mouthbreathers can believe it. And yet these morons are considering an action. Good God!

  • joyscarbo

    Birthers are like rotary dial phones and black and white tvs—they’re still around?! REALLY?
    It’s such an embarrassment to the entire United States that there are still people who absolutely cannot get over the fact that our president is, in fact, an American born black man with an African name. Birthers are the worst examples of the racially ignorant in our country. Kansas politicians should be ashamed of themselves to allow this kind of ludicrous activity to be taking place.

  • This is an act of desperation, isn’t it?

  • 2012dem

    It is to wonder just how low, how severely gripped by mass psychosis are the members of the Republican party. Everyday brings another example of the feckless falderal, the inanity, the bile-spewing lunacy of the current crop of conservatives. They are beyond pity.

  • johninPCFL

    More likely Joe Montgomery withdrew his objection because somebody from the GOP alerted him that a successful complaint would force Romney off the ballot as well. George Romney, Mitt’s father, was Mexican.

  • CB

    I hope Kansas voters are happy with being disenfranchised if these mentally disturbed people get their way.

  • I invite Kansas to join the 21st century. Such nonsense only makes the good folks of Kansas look like fools. The citizens of the state deserve much better than they are getting from officials in their state. Perhaps a few raised voices can stop this nonsense from moving forward.

  • syl1969

    How about zero federal dollars for Kansas until they all pass an IQ test…

  • brotherscoe

    Cheat and lie long enough, you can make the majority belive anything, Hitler did it with the propaganda against the Jews. Remember these are the descendants that killed Lincoln for emancipating slaves, changing their way of an over privileged life. Obama is viewed the same way by the rich and powerful who feel he undermines, there taxation system of paying no tax on large sums of money is about ot change with him in office. Because he is well liked by the majority, the only way to get him out of office is to discredit his citizenship.

  • blueclouds123

    Kansas people you are too stupid for words.

  • Dorothy_Gail

    I am so sorry to admit that Kansas is my home state, but I’m grateful to say I don’t live there any more . . .

  • Tammie oldham

    All I can do here is give a big ‘shout out’ to the idot GOP, for putting another hole in romney’s tea party boat!!! romney HAS to go down, or the rest of us will.

  • So when the GOP can’t win on their merits they try to suppress the vote, remove the candidate from the ballot or go to any other stupid lengths to win. Folks it’s time to smack these people back into their holes. My friend sent me a comment that said the one thing women can shut down is the Republican party. How silly of those women standing behind Romney to support him. As long as women keep their legs spread and lie on their backs they’re welcome. Do they even think what a GOP win would mean to their daughters? And now that Romney has stated that middle class are those with household incomes of $200-250,000, is he even talking to ANY women standing behind him? Kansas certainly doesn’t have lots of middle class in that category, but the birther issue is only because WHITE FOLKS CANNOT ACCEPT THAT AN AFRICAN AMERICAN could be that smart and out do them, SO HE HAS TO BE BORN SOMEWHERE ELSE. Any white person who thinks Obama was born outside the US is an closet racist. No matter “if my best friend is black” BS or not, you’re a racist because YOU don’t think a black American could achieve the US presidency (because they’re not smart enough). So all of you blacks who have white “friends” who think Obama wasn’t born here, kick there ass to the curb because they’re telling YOU that you (as a black)could never be that capable to be president (but dumb people (whites though) like Romney, Ryan and even Palin are.

  • Vote them out of the US, they are nothing but an embarrassment.Those hayseed rednecks never learned to do anything but plow behind a horse. They make Southerners look brilliant.

  • what the H….. is the average I Q lately ? I think it is suffering like the rest of our planet and being destroyed at a very fast rate….

  • Lets see a bogus Birth certificate , a Conn Soc Sec # , passport and visa info sealed , school records sealed …yes why ever would anyone think he wasnt born her . Those racsists …right ??? It all Bush’s fault …those racists ? You didnt build that …you racists …Private sector is doing fine you racist . Why would anyone vote for this joke . couple that with his record it becomes even more laugable . The left having invested so much energy in this lying incompetent is just so invested in him that they refuse to see how bad he is . The are going to bite off their own noses to spite their face ….Sweeeeeet

    • Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin Sarah Palin. Obama was so smart he came to Hawaii a few days before his birth, sneaked into the hospital, hide under the bed and jump out just when his mother went into labor. It almost didn’t happen because he got under the bed of a white women. She wanted a baby so bad she kept him. See how smart Obama was he got under a white women bed in Hawaii not in Miss, La, or Texas or no other red state, THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN A GOOD OLD FASHION LYNCHING. Now all you pre-school kid that how we got our first black Prezzy.

  • They never returned from the Land of OZ.

  • So Kansas! Is this a move to punish the President’s mother for marrying a black man & having a mixed race child? Is Kansas stuck in another time & place or is this a new form of racism in Kansas?

  • If he feels that way, then he and his followers should leave the state and give it back to the plains Indians, who rightfully own the lands and which many treaties where broken there!

  • There is one and only one “original birth certificate” for any American. It is a permanent public record, kept at the county agency responsible for such things in the county where the person was born. If you want to see the original, you must go there and wait for them to bring it out. They will issue certified copies to appropriate individuals for a fee. Chris Mathews went to Hawaii and made a video of this, saw and filmed the original certificate for one Barack Hussein Obama Junior. It is there, it has the names, it is properly signed according to local law. Case closed. Mr Obama’s mother would have had to show a certified copy to get the 6-8 year old boy Barry to and from Indonesia. Mr Obama himself had to show a certified copy the first time he registered to vote. He may have had to show it to get his law license too. The “facts” to the contrary consist of some erroneous publisher jacket copy on his first book and some faulty memories by an “auntie” in Kenya. Mr Obama is clearly mulatto. His white family is no secret. How and when did a divorced poor white woman carrying a black baby sneak out of Hawaii in order to bear the child in Africa? If our Obama is not her baby all grown up, where did this other mulatto Barack Hussein Obama Junior come from? If there was another BHO Jr, born in Africa, he would be all black, which our President clearly is not. Compare him to pictures of his father and his African relatives, and you can see the white in him. The first time Obama got a passport as an adult he had to prove his citizenship by birth. He was not even a candidate for any office then. You have to be delusional to believe this “birther” stuff, or even to consider it worth considering for longer than it takes to read the paragraph I just wrote.

  • 101strac

    Wow! talk about being in full out panic mode.

  • inspiringred1

    These men are not honest and they have to respect for the peole of this country. They are proving that they are cheats and will do anything keep teh honest people of Kansas from voting. It they have no self resepect if they continue doing things like this.

  • Put up or shutup, if Obama can brag about being born in the USA, he should be proud to provide his real birth records like any other good American would……….KISS IT………

    All these years and he still hides all his records so no body can see the real truth about a big liar…………

  • SERIOUS EVIDENCE SHOWS that the birth certificate that the White House put on the internet as proof that obummer was born in Hawaii…and the same one that obummer has stated was his true bc…HAS been investigated and found to be a fake.

    SERIOUS EVIDENCE also shows that obummer was NEVER properly vetted, and that the paperwork stating this guy was vetted was scrubbed of all reference to Constitutional Requirements.

    SERIOUS EVIDENCE also shows obummer stating that he was born in KENYA both in front of audiences as well as in his book “Dreams Of My Father”.

    SERIOUS EVIDENCE also shows KENYAN OFFICIALS having declared Kenya as obummer’s place of birth…with plaques and statues.

    SERIOUS EVIDENCE also shows Indonesian school records showing “Barry Soetoro” was born in Kenya and his religion listed as “muslim”.

    SERIOUS EVIDENCE also shows that there is no paperwork anywhere supporting a name change from “Barry Soetoro” to “Barack Hussein Obama”.

    SERIOUS EVIDENCE also shows the Associated Press announcing to the country that “The Kenyan-born Barack Obama Wins The Illinois Senate Race” while scrubbing the “Kenyan-born” reference from internet records after obummer decided to run for our nation’s highest office. (They seem to have forgotton that many people save ‘landmark’ papers…and quite a few have been uploaded onto You Tube and other internet sites as proof of what ORIGINALLY had been proclaimed.)

    The list goes on but this will suffice.


  • lindablue

    Wow. I’m continued to be amazed at what people consider to be worthy of being an elected offical and those their elected offical would appoint.

  • David L. Allison

    I swear, you could not make this up. It now sounds like even petitioner Montgomery is living in a somewhat rational world, withdrawning the complaint. Now we will see if the nut job Kobach will withdraw his nonsense and let the election campaign continue.

  • DurdyDawg

    So much for freedoms in Kansas.. Why don’t they show THEIR birth certificates?

    • lindablue

      Hell why don’t they get out of the round barn?

  • rsteph

    They must be absolutely out of their mind!!!!!!! See how this country will go backward instead of forward if Romnuts gets elected!

  • These people are hate mongers and liars. Hopefully they’ll eventully choke on their own hatred!

  • SaneJane

    This is the guy who wrote our horrible immigration law here in Alabama. He is just another nut but a troublesome one.

  • Mitt feels comfortable in Kansas. After all, it is part of his alternative universe.

  • Does Romney approve this message?? What a crock of tired, old, worn-out BS that was put to bed in the last presidential elecition. Just how low and stupid can these people be.

  • WHAT is the matter with Kansas? I USED to think it was fairly sane. This attempt at stealing the Election Via Birtherism makes one rethink the entire situation. I guess the World HAS gone mad It looks like Dorothy isn’t the only one that’s not in Kansas any more.

  • And the birthers goes on!

  • I want to see Mitt’s tax returns.

    • lana ward

      Mitt has released 2 years- that’s all that’s required. That’s plenty for the kenyan to snoop through. Why won’t the kenyan release his REAL birth certificate? Could it be he really was born in Kenya? An illigal in the White House! That’s why he’s destroying my country

      • lindablue

        Mitt has released 1 partial year and therefore has not come clean with the people. When you vote for a self interested rich guy, who idea of supporting his country is hiding his money in the Cayman Isle and the Swiss Alps, send you jobs oversea’s (un-job creator), dodged the Vietnam War in a french palace, then you get what you deserve, a king.

        • lana ward

          Why won’t the kenyan show America his REAL birth certificate

  • potamus12

    It wouldn’t matter if Moses came down from Heaven with a solid gold notarized Birth Certificate signed by God. These people will believe what they choose to believe or what they are told to believe. This despicable crap is thrown out there and some of it sticks to the walls even though it is crap. The old southern strategy, having somebody to hate gives them energy. I really see similarities to Muslim and American terrorists. It is so very sad and hurts our Country.

    • lindablue

      You are so right.

  • 19ellie34

    If Romney had any class he would shut this down now … probably pick up a lot of votes … and lose some who just won’t vote … but if he does nothing we again learn a lot about his character

  • I have said it and I will say it again you can’t fix idiots, or ignorance, what is the matter with these people? SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIII Whatever.

  • desertdustoff

    It just goes to show that you repugnican, American taliban, fun dumb a mentalist jayhawkers will sell your soul to the devil…or, I mean, sell your sou,l to koch (which makes you koch suckers) to keep real Americans from voting just so your puppet nit wit mitler has an under the table chance in November. Ignorance isn’t bliss; it is a gop (greed over people, greedy ol’ pedophile)voter. You just don’t get that your puppet boy and lyin’ ryan have already sold you out to the highest bidder. If they were to be elected, the USA would turn into a 3rd world country. Where would that leave all you farmers who live off of farm subsidies? Repugnican women: shame on you for allowing your “lord” fat, bigoted, rethuglican husbands to tell you how to vote, how to think, and what you can do with your body. You are truly a disgrace to your gender!!!!

    • lana ward

      Why won’t he show his REAL birth certificate?

      • lindablue

        Why don’t he show the last 10 years of tax returns after all he has been running for President since he left his Govern ship is Mass?

        • lana ward

          Don’t you think if anything is wrong with his taxes the IRS would have been ALL OVER him by now? Why won’t the kenyan show America his REAL birth certificate

  • This is shameful. I am sure that there are honest and fair people in Kansas that will not allow this to happen. I am counting on it.

    • rothgar

      I wouldn’t count too long. I am afraid the loonies and cultists (those would be from the Cult of the Unborn Humans) have taken over that poor be-knighted state.

    • lindablue

      Don’t count your chickens before their hatched the stupidity of our people is second to none. You would think that we already were a third world country.

  • This is shameful and outrageous. I am counting on the fact that there are some fair and honest folks in Kansas.

  • TELL A LIE LONG ENOUGH, AND SOME IDIOT WILL BELIEVE IT. In this case, a lot of idiots.

  • How do these idiots get in public office. Can’t they read? don’t they understand the Law? Obama was born to a American citizen, he is automatically a United States citizen even if he was born in Timbuktu.

  • Re the question from lana ward – WHY WON’T ROMNEY SHOW HIS TAX RETURNS? By the way, what does Obama have to do to convince you he is actually an American? Or have you decided that no matter what proof he, provides, you still won’t believe him.

  • sikathelibsheet

    WOOHOO!!!! 49 states should follow suit. Or maybe that should be 56 more since Obozo thinks there are 57 states.

  • You people sound like morons! come on! Stop bringing up fantasy propositions and religious slams against the beliefs of the Christain nation..that has abso freakin”lutely NOTHING to do with the authenticity of Obamas birth certificate! And you know it! You are evasive and immature in your responses and can not back up any of it with documented proof . Where I can prove the duplicity of “stealing” the election with the dems use of dead people and even animals to vote in the last election.
    Is it really ok with all of you that our ambassador got sodomized, tortured and shot in the head and Obama apologized to the muslims? YOU ALL HAVE GOT TO GET REAL AND BECOME REAL AMERICANS INSTEAD OF SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS!

  • desertdustoff

    lana ward… why won’t your puppet boy nit wit mitler show us his tax records? Are you kansaas born? Well , Dorothy, you’re not in kansass any more. But you do have as a reliable source for information: the topeka faux nooz journal to get the “real” story. Shame on you repugnican women for allowing your white bigoted gop (greedy ol’ pedophile) males to tell you what to say, how to think, how to vote, and even what to do with your body. But I guess if a rich guy like blow his own TRUMP et tells you all to do something, you had better do it. You are a disgrace to your gender! Are you one of them fun dumb a mentalists as well?

    • lana ward

      Anything else? Sorry that the truth hurts

  • Kansas is a funny state, chock full “O” NutZ!

  • HighPlainsDftr

    One would wonder why Mr. Kobach is asking Arizona, Mississippi, and Hawaii for Obama’s birth records. Was the man born in THREE States at the same time? Now that would be a real miracle.
    This birther stuff is only for those that can not stand having an African American in the White House. This is 2012 NOT 1862 get over it.

    • lindablue

      This birther stuff is only for people who can’t handle a cool headed intelligent guy at the helm.

  • sikathelibsheet

    @ Jim Myers Well…I guess he could start by showing his real birth certificate, college transcripts, real past girlfriends/boyfriends not a made-up one as in his book. Why he has a SS# issued from a state he’s never lived in. Tell the truth about whom his handlers are. How about he just tells the truth. He really is the Manchurian Candidate. Romney should tell him I’ll show mine when you show all of the above.

    • lindablue

      That is how Romney handle his campaign for Gov. of Mass. and it proved him to be a liar. So that works for Obama but somehow I doubt it will for Romney.

      • sikathelibsheet

        Your reply makes no sense to my comment.

        • lindablue

          I knew my comment would make no sense to you because your just a Faux News listener and don’t look up facts about your own candidate and you just go around lying about the other side. You’re an ideology that has no clue of what you speak. Romney lied about his residence when he ran for Gov. of Mass on his tax form and get caught as at the same time he claimed to be a resident of Utah on his tax form. Now when you’re a voter who only believes lies and not facts then the truth would make absolutely no sense and your more than happy to believe any lie that comes yourd way. I will no longer respond to a ideolog that lets lies become your truth.

  • The Obama administration is battling to restore a controversial provision of a new federal law that it admits could have been used to arrest and detain citizens indefinitely – even if their actions were protected by the First Amendment.
    Yeh, alittle more Obama justice! PLEASE!

    • lindablue

      Oh you talking about the Patriot Act? You know that little law that was enacted under the Bush Administration that you thought was just for Muslim Americans and now understand includes you.

  • sikathelibsheet

    @Desertdustoff You are a vile person and your post show how ignorant and intolerant you are.

  • Ibsyboy

    This is without a doubt one of the most embarrassing events in American History. The character assassination of the President of the United States of America.

    The GOP is shaking in their boots, they have accepted that Romney/Ryan can not beat Obama/Biden.

    It’s a last ditch effort to steal the election. Can you believe with allof the evidence disproving the Birhter thing, there is some deluded Citizen in Kansas, who refuses to accept you can get wet if you stand out in the rain. Guarantee yu this person is about a year behind the times. I have run into people still arguing being born in Ameirca does not make you a natural born citizen. They think they are three types of citizen; natural born, naturalized and people whose parents are not both US Citizens. Therefore they child is not citizen.

    • lindablue

      Its not about birtherism that’s a side issue to keep the masses dumbfounded and amazed at what idiots they voted into office, its about the Republicans knowing they can’t win on issues of importance.

      • Ibsyboy

        The GOP has historically been on the wrong side of every issue. The last time they were on the right side was during Lincoln’s term and the Emancipation Proclamation. But how soon they forgot that moment in their history.

  • I am 65. I am in shock at the way this country is going.
    I never would have believed it 11 years ago.
    I lived in Kansas for 2 years while stationed at Ft. Riley 40 years ago.
    Again, I never would have expected this from Kansas…nor what is happening in my country.
    All I can do is vote for the President I am proud of:
    Barack Obama.

  • they are trying to voter suppression and we the 99% WILL BE MARCHING AND PROTESTING SO BRING IT ON AND SEE . BAIN EX EMPLOYEES PLEASE YOU WILL BE THE HEAD OF THIS . GET YOUR MARCHING SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Isnt it said “what is good for the goose, is good for the gander”? Well then for the following people, Kansas Secretary of State and Mitt Romney adviser Kris Kobach, I want to see their orginal birth certificate, or immigratin papers, to see if they are citizens eligible to vote. I want to see proof of residence in the they are registered vote in to prove they are eligible to hold office. I want a local, country, State, FBI, CIA, ICE, Immigration, to prove tave no felony convictions. Lets be sure of these fools before we go on to Obama AGAIN!

  • I think Kansas is still part of Mexico… we should give it back…

  • I think Kansas still belongs to Mexico, and we should give it back..

  • To Sikathelibsheet, You forgot to call hin a “N” you know, the N word. The 1 % Republicans have been teaching their “following,” their flock for hundreds of years their slogan: “keep ‘m poor and stupid and we’ll (the corporation) keep all the money. And the Republicans, who are known to be less educated, have learned that slogan very well. Republicans love free”dumb.” They want to be free from truth, math science and logic. That is why they are free and dumb.

  • These dudes are merely puppets of the Plutocrats. They want free”dumb.” Oh, the Republicans love freedumb. They want to be free from science, logic, facts and math. That is why they are dumb.

  • shows you what kind of idiots support Romney

  • bonnie preston

    I can’t believe you so called educated people are being so stupid. Is Mitt Romney so scared that he has to pull something like this. That reminds me of Bush and his brother. Mitt you are a Mormon that prays to Joseph Smith, where do you think you have the right to stand in judgement of any thing. you are not a Christian and do not believe in God. Why are you not running on your own platform of who you are and how you will help the people. so far all we have gotten out of you is I will. I will, you will what. you can’t win honestly and that will be your down fall. I don’t care how much money you have.

    • sikathelibsheet

      Please explain your comment that it reminds you of Bush and his brother. You know Romney is not a Christian, how? Are you a Mormon? Is this why you say he prays to Joseph Smith? I’d say from what I’ve read and heard about his charitable contributions monetarily and by acts of kindness to people, he is a Christian. A Christian will do these things quietly without all the fan fare and need to be recognized with a great photo op. God knows his heart NOT YOU. On the other hand we know by his actions or lack of, that the president is a Muslim. As president he has yet to attend church. He canceled the National Day of Prayer Service at the White House but did host the Ramadan iftar dinner at the White House. He has as much as told us so in his book that he is a Muslim. When it comes down to taking sides he said he will side with the Muslim’s. He comes from a church in Chicago that preaches hate, doesn’t sound too Christian to me. He also states that the US is not a Christian Nation. Who is he trying to please. This country was founded on Christian Judeo principles.
      So what platform is Obama running on? More of the same, high unemployment, government takeover of more businesses, (which he has stated he wants to do) higher taxes to pay for his wild spending, Obamacare that will bankrupt more businesses and a lot of families, bowing down to people that want to see us dead? Tell me just what do you think is so wonderful about this man.
      Seems to me Romney earned his money. He gave his inheritance away to charity Since when is it a crime to achieve the American dream of working hard for what you have. Google it, it was easy to find. I could give you the website but I won’t.

    • lindablue

      You forgot his father was born on a polygamist compound in Mexico and therefore Romney is secretly plotting to make this country a polygamist nation. Just thought I’d help you out.


    • lindablue

      What he’s afraid of is that the American people will see that if not for amnesty from our government he would have been convicted of felony tax evasion. See how good the government is too rich guys. How many of us would be forgiven of tax evasion?

  • faxt42

    I cannot believe this, how desperate Mitt and his clans want to run the country……add more reason of how terrible these group really are, if they cannot get it directly, they will do every dirty thing to get it , no shame at all.

  • sikathelibsheet

    @sporting chance Why is it when lib’s have no argument other than talking points such as “They want to be free from science, logic, facts and math. That is why they are dumb.” Why do you feel the need to interject race into the conversation? No where in my comment did I mention or hint at his race. Republicans are known to be less educate??? I think you meant to say less indoctrinated. Less indoctrinated because we can think for ourselves, look at the facts and not blindly follow what we are spoon fed by the MSM. I suggest you turn off the MSM nightly news or the Cartoon Network wherever you get your info and try reading a little more on the subject before you start calling names. One more thing why are liberals always so mad, hateful and generally unhappy and want everyone else to be as miserable as they are?


  • sikathelibsheet

    @Rex H, I can not believe what is happening in this country or rather TO this country either. Please do tell us of all the great accomplishments of the president you are so proud of.

    • lindablue

      He got Bin Laden, he stop the country from going off the financial cliff, he has targeted China with 17 unfair trade practices and won, He freed Libya of a tyrannical leader who blew up a commercial plane that killed innocent people and help rid the earth of Gadhafi, He ended the war in Iran, He is keeping our countries promise for voter rights, he passed a health care bill that has been tried by every president for the last century, he has given us a back our values lost under the last administration and we no long torture enemies of war. More accomplished in 4 years than any previous President. Enough said.

  • I have to laugh at this whole birth certificate thing. Does any AMERICAN who has a brain that works think for ONE SECOND that President Obama was not checked out by the FBI, CIA, STATE DEPARTMENT, and other agency’s before he ran for president the first time??? Do you honestly think that the man was not checked out by Federal Law Enforcement Agency’s BEFORE he ran for president?? I am a retired police officer, and after I retired from being a detective in my county, I took a job with US Immigration. They checked my background 100% so much so they sent investigators to peoples homes to ask about me, and I’m a retired police detective. The thought that Oboma was not checked out by the government for the highest office in America makes me laugh. I guess Charles Manson could be elected as president if he ran for office if he were not in prison for murder. Come on people THINK ABOUT THIS!! Before Barak Obama was even thought about for president, the US Government Law Enforcement Agency’s knew what hand he wiped his butt with after he used the bathroom, and the number of times he did it!! They investigate EVERYTHING!! And NO WAY could he have run for president if he did not comply with the qualifications needed to run for the highest office in the country!!

    • lindablue

      This is a side issue and not about where he was born but about the Republicans not being able to win on issues of importance.

  • sikathelibsheet

    @faxt42 Unlike the dem’s with their ACORN scandal’s, dead people voting,(which has been proven) people being bussed to various locations to vote more than once (which has been proven) and not wanting to require a voter ID. How about county clerks refusing to cleaning up their voter registration list of people who have died or moved because it would take too much time. How about the pathetic AG Holder refusing to prosecute, as he puts it “My people”, the Black Panthers for voter intimidation. I guess we should forget about these dirty things. You are right no shame at all.

    • lindablue

      Of course you do know that the Acorn bullshit was put to rest and proven to be a lie and was just the first in the Republicans attack on your right to vote, right?

  • Oh, one more thing I must say. Sheriff Joe there in Kansas is a BIG BLOW HARD wannabe. The guy is NOT a cop, he is a political wannabe. He has a big mouth, and knows NOTHING about law enforcement. He is looking to make a name for himself, and will use any way he can to try to up himself in the public eye. The jerk trys to portray himself as a TOUGH law enforcement officer. All I have to say to BIG MOUTH JOE is WE REAL COPS think your a jerk. You don’t feed inmates a sandwitch, and water to prove your tough, your NOT!! Your just a jerk who got elected as sheriff. He has been after Obama for years to boost his own political future. JOE if your reading this, real cops DON’T LIKE YOU!! Your NOT A COP, your a political wannabe, that should not even be sheriff, you unqualified moron you!!

  • Lee_Dimin

    Apparently the Kansas Secretary of State (and Romney supporter) is a racist bigot trying to prevent the President of the United Sta6tes from seeking a second term. There could be no other reason for his desire to remove President Obama’s name from the ballot on election day.

    Kansas should rid themselves of their bigot Secretary of State

  • SickofRacistBull

    You Racist people make me sick. If Obama was a white man no one would be talking about if he was born here in the US or not. Because he’s black man you ass holes are mad he is President. You as holes have shown your true colors and this country has shown its true colors. All the name calling I’ve heard shows just what america is all about. Constitution, constitution my ass you think that this document only applies to whites.

  • mbm

    This from the same state where House Leader Mike O’Neal called for prayer for the death of Obama reading from Psalms, “Let his children be fatherless, let his wife be a widow.” Maybe there should be some kind of psychiatric evaluation…mass hysteria, mass paranoia…
    Have they all swallowed the Kool-Aid there?

    • lindablue

      2 thumbs up!!!!

  • To Timothy Flanagan — You made excellent points, and here’s another one to add to the list. Do you suppose anyone has built and used a working time machine yet? I’m betting not. And WITHOUT one, there is NO way that anyone could have gone back to 1961 to plant Obama’s birth announcement in the Honolulu newspaper. And that fact alone is enough for everyone with more than half of a functioning brain to KNOW that ALL “birthers” are raving LOONS. The only thing they’re missing are tinfoil beanies with propellers on top, to make them easier to spot in a crowd.

    • lindablue

      Just check for the sidearm on their hip.

  • We must fight back and defeat the despicable actions of the people who are dead set to destroy our democracy. As usual the GOP is attempting to get the upper hand, but we WILL show them that their immoral and oppressive policies WILL be defeated. We will Not allow them to steal this election or any other election. They may be the Goliaths with money, but we are the Davids with our collective strength. We WILL prevail despite the millions of dollars that they have pumped and are continuing to pump into this election. We WILL defeat them in their voter suppression attempts, and in attempting to keep the President off the ballot. Mitt Romney is loosing this election anyway. See how we already have him confused? We are not done with him and it will get worse for him and you despite your millions we promise you.

    • lindablue

      Two thumbs up.

  • What a disgrace. I’m glad I do not live in Kansas. This Kobach must be a real nutcase!

  • jimboticon29

    Kansas sucks.

  • TheSkalawag929

    What does it take to prove to some people that they are beating a deceased equine.

  • mek

    IDIOTS!!!!! He’s not running for President. He is the President!!! He’s running for a second term!!! They can look at his birth record 500,000 times, like it or not, it isn’t going to change. Apparently neither is their intellect!!!

  • bcarreiro

    money cant buy a purple heart……..

  • bobbreinig

    I am sorry,, I live in kansas and am ashamed , but this is not the first time ,,so sorry for the republicans of my state,, i just want you all to know not everyone here will vote for mitt,,and even if i have to write it in i willk vote for barack obama

  • The next step will be to declare that Hawaii is not, as a matter of fact, a true US territory. The Republicans will “dig out” some obscure document to prove their point

  • CollProf29

    This action is laughable. It is as laughable as Trump speaking against our President’s validity as a POTUS. Trump was soundly embarrassed by his actions and in public and yet he still continues his insulting remarks. Thank God the majority of Americans think that Trump is a fool and will also categorize KS action in same area as being a waste of taxpayer money.

  • ghettoforever

    The GOP is trying to steal the election by hook or crooks. This is an outrage.

  • ChristoD

    This idiot confirms the ever increasing evidence that many on the right have accepted an alternate bizarre universe that belies reality and makes them look idiotic beyond comprehension. As they did with Clinton, despite a solid election win on the part of both Democratically elected Presidents, the rights reaction is to IMMEDIATELY declare them illegitimate. These so-called ‘true Americans’ are as UNAmerican as conceivably possible and deserve to get their asses kicked, yet again, when people realize that the present DEMOCRATICALLY elected President IS legitimate and kicks Romney’s ass in November.

  • Do not despair America, the Republican GOP is “Totally” showing us the extent that they will go to win, cheat and undermine there own public and Country…not to mention there own dignity.
    As before, I am convinced about the Republican GOP.

    Just imagine what Romney /Ryan will do “IF” elected…..just a thought, they would probably try to eliminate the impeachment process to avoid there removal…..

    What a disgrace…these (2) R/R, are to the United States political system !

    Stealing an election, right before American eyes… Can anything be worse?

    Yes….. Continued Support or them and Americans, voting for there kind of “Politics”….

    “Desperation” leads to drastic, deplorable measures…………!

    I often wondered… Why Kansas suffered so much to “Natural Disasters”………!

  • Good. Take him off the ballot. Challenge it in court. Kansas loses participation in the election, ie, their electoral votes won’t count. Has happened before. Big losers: Kansas voers, Kansas Republican voters, Mitt Romney.

  • Here is the IRONY of American Politics. If any other nations had politicians that were delibertly trying to supress a segment of their population’s vote, or do some of the hateful things that our politicians are doing to remove the current president from office and make the White house WHITE again we would raise our voices in indignation and decry what those other nations are doing. What makes us SO PERFECT that we now believe we are the ONLY nation on the planet that KNOWS what is best for the entire world and we can’t seem to figure out what is best for us? Now I am very concerned because I have heard Conservative politicians talking about that America is no longer FEARED. This is absolute arrogance I believe. I am appreciative of being an American, but does that give me the right to think of myself as BETTER than everyone else on the planet? Am I MORE blessed than anyone else on the planet? If so then that GODLY blessing should hover over our land EVERYWHERE. IF we are so blessed by God as we like to brag then can someone tell me why with the blessings of God we need nuclear weapons? Why with the blessings of God we had slavery? Why with the blessings of God we have lying, cheating, theiving politicians and corporations? As we live in this country we should NEVER have to FEAR from ANYTHING or ANYONE harming us. If America is so blessed by God then why is there so much HATRED, FEAR, LOATHING and CRIME in our nation? SOme of our politicians seem to think using the phrase GOD BLESS AMERICA has the ear of God and he grants us SPECIAL dispensation. I have come to learn that many politician only speak what people want to HEAR instead of speaking what is truely in their HEART. If we are the EXCEPTIONAL gift from God to this world should not we be truely EXCEPTIONAL? In other words: Every OTHER nation will have crime EXCEPT America…Every OTHER nation will have a porn industry EXCEPT America. Every other nationw will have slavery and racism EXCEPT America…Every other nation will have poverty, hatred, and lying leaders….EXCEPT America. That is what it means to be EXCEPTIONAL. It is not becasue we have nuclear weapons, bigger guns, and exotic weapons. It is not because we have bigger homes, banks, cars and greed. What makes America EXCEPTIONAL are those that TRUELY BELIEVE in God and are able to say, GOD BLESS AMERICA not so much with a straight, somber face, but with a STRAIGHT and SOMEBER conscious.

    • Well said “Amen,Amen”

  • What kinds of insects are these? I am yet to determne what they eat . Is Romney for real or he is a bat that flicks from pole to pole with no core

  • Mittens will go to any lengths to get into that big white house on the hill. He’ll lie he’ll cheat and maybe even steal. Wow—–how low can America go. He sounds kind of like Nixon, and we all know what kind of president he turned out to be!

  • As a Kansan, I am so ashamed of these people. They are surely still living in the 19th (not even the 20th) century. Shameless racism is alive and well in America. Obama/Biden 2012. Now get out there and VOTE.

  • This man is a lose cannon and he needs to be stopped ! These Tea Party people are out of there minds ! The American people are smarter and better then all these idiots give them credit for.

  • History will show in the second decade of the 21 century in these RED and BLUE states of the United States Of America. That there are still thoughs that can not stand the fact that the first African American was voted in office as president of these United States of American. They will lie,cheat, steal and suppress votes. If this isn’t racism I don’t know what is?…Congress: “And the children of citizens of the United States, that may be born beyond sea, or out of the limits of the United States, shall be considered as natural born citizens.” Also…Article II: “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.” John McCain was born in Panama in 1936. No birther call to have his name taken off the ballot. What does the tea party mean when said “Take our country back” I asked back where and to what and why? Back to Jim Crow? Back to Slavery? Back to where women couldn’t vote? or back to where only white men can become president.

  • Honestly, I’m appalled at the lefty dems ignorance and refusal to look the truth square in the face. What does it take for you blind people to see? Obama spent millions sealing his records and provided only a fraudulent birth certificate, fraudulent draft card and a stolen social security number, so what gives? Believe me, its not just repubs questioning Obama, but millions of decent dems and libertarians too. You are a bunch of anti-American, socialist lowlifes, because in your diseased, over-zealous, commie minds you are ignoring the TRUTH! If you were really so bright then you’d know none of this usurper’s agenda is good for any of us. By the way, the vast majority of out of work and working Americans demand that our immigration laws be enforced, so the comments about immigration only push these people more to the Romney side. Hey, you kool-aid drinking idiots keep it up, because you are good for the pro-Americans.

  • People like this need to be killed. We’ll see Monday how soon that will happen!!

  • What in hell is the problem with these people’s minds anyhow? I was told my husband did’nt exist when I went to apply for Social Security. I had his honorable discharge papers and military records. Three years during WW2 aboard the USS Nevada. But he doesn’t have a birth certificate, they cried. They did the same thing to my sister, who was a surgical nurse !! Are they nuts? YES, nuts in their desire to bear false witness against their neighbor.
    Such hate in their souls. And they DARE to call themselves Christians. Hah. They had better spend more time asking God to forgive them for their meanness of heart.

  • I cannot believe that anyone would have the stupidity to think that the United States of America would not have stopped the election of Obama to President in the last election, if there was even a possibility that he was not born in the USA. He has provided his birth certificate from the records department in Hawaii, which is a legal document. Don’t these people know what kind of indepth scrutiny is done on a person who is in the military when they are investigated by the FBI for a secret clearance ? They go back to their home where they were born and talk to neighbors of the family, schools they have attended, records in their courthouse, and doctors and hospital records. Don’t they know that the Top Secret Clearance Investigation for someone who would be running our country is even more stringent? Where is their thinking? For God’s sake get over it !! Are these people living under a rock somewhere? I am the widow of a retired USAir Force T/SGT and I know better than that. Get a brain or are you stuck on stupid?

  • The U.S. Constitution says that you must be a “Natural born citizen”. The fact that he was born from a woman, who was born in Kansas. Makes him a “Natural born citizen”.

  • DavidWJohnsonJr

    It’s Time For African American To Start Considering Killing These Racist Pieces Of Trash If President Obama Is Not Re-Elected. We Should Not Want To Live In America Any Longer If Those Two Racist Pieces Of Trash Become President And Vice-President. We Should Also Consider Killing Those Ignorant “niggers” Who Are Supporting Them.

  • we all know now how desperate they really are they see this geting away from them and after what mitt did wed we see this over for the republicans and they know it don’t go away mad just go away

  • JD

    Another attempt from paranoid, ignorant, and racist people to vilify our President.
    This independent voter will be voting for Obama 2012

  • the tea-party is the kkk say what you want we see it and other see it to now it is comeing out real big now.i have been saying this for a long time and now you see its true

  • As an independent voter and after reading this, you have convinced me to vote for Obama/Biden.

  • right and people need to check out these people that are in office if we make them be accountabl for their job’s may-be we can stop the bulshit they keep on trying to pull and vote them out of office they will stop this mess

  • say that shit aging girl i don’t think all the ass-hole consevatives on here can here you. can you here me now lol lol lol lol

  • no because you have to be a man frist

  • Why not take Kansas off of the map? Go it alone and make Romney your president of your state. Good luck!

  • shut up kay you sound so stupid we know what this really is about Issa wanted to keep every-body’s eye’s off florida so they could take the vote down there yep we saw it for what it was ass-hole and it did not work so you and all consevatives can take a long walk and a short drop

  • pogo_patti

    Why oh why did I move back to Kansas? Thought things had changed since the 50’s. Guess not. Not all people think the same way here but 99.9% are staunch conservatives…stingy as they can be! They are good about attending church on Sunday but spend M-F judging others. Other than that, they are wonderful people but really hard for an odd ball like me to exist here! My father told me when I was young that there are two kinds of people….the 9-5ers and the odd balls…then he asked which one I was? And I knew. I love my family but there is a world out there to see and enjoy where people do not nit pick! Got that off my chest, didn’t I?

  • irishtap

    This speakes directly to the character of Tea Party candidate Mitt Romney. The question is :Romney ‘must’ know the TP lunatics are a minority of the voting population. Why would he align himself with these addlepates? The answer is clear: He is not a serious “country first” candidate and wants the whitehouse regardless of what it takes to get there. Lie? OK. Cheat? sure. Steal? of course! Mitt Romney is a lowly, vacuous, seedy parasite, wholly lacking of qualification for elected office. Anywhere. Racism is our great national flaw. When will these Godless, ignorant haters learn to embrace our diversity?

  • COCO113

    What wrong with those people. They need mental evaluation.. Go ehead make Obana let them keep digging their own grave.

  • It’s really amazing to see how far hate and racisim can go!! Why is no one checking Romneys birth certificate isn’t he Mexican wasn’t he born in Mexico where his family livied?????

  • This is so contemptible! I cannot believe this party has resorted to the politics they now seem to think represents out country. Lies, bigotry, racism, fanatical, the list goes on and on. It’s shameful that people fall for these platforms. We who oppose them must VOTE!

  • Don

    I can see it now, many people will not want to visit Kansas. Their Travel bureaurs will go out of business and Kansas will lose a lot of money for non-attendees

  • jamesldavis

    lets return to China bashing asap since we”ve ruined Main street filled target wallmart 2.00 store with “stuff that doesn”t last a week! the blame is on everyone xcept the Governors in the Mirror Post as 44th Colored troops vietnam veterean st george sc

  • This is unconstitutional. Kansas is a red state so it would not be a real loss for Obama. However, leaving Obama off the ballot for the most frivolous and false reasons would set an awful precedent and must not be allowed to happen. Time for the Federal government to put their foot down and threaten these people with charges of treason.

    • lindablue

      2 thumbs up!!!!

  • This is treason! Threaten these lowlifes with charges and give them 24 hours to stop their sheninagans

  • We all know that the Republican Party has lost all creditiblty because of the lack of knowledge about many things show it. If these Kansas People were really honest they would say that it is because he is black and not one of them. But they are afraid to use that language so they have to prusuit this impossible to prove he was not born in Hawaii.

  • This is an example of my comments to all of my collegues and I hope the GOP reads my comments …. It’s all based on racial discrimination, Kansas and many other states are an example that the only issue here is that there’s a African American President hes smarter more diplomatic than the entire GOP and all extreme rightists put together and that is hard for them to swallow. Here’s a question : What if Obama was a Republican, what would’ve happen then ?????

    • lindablue

      2 thumbs up!!!!

  • Ok. If they want to take President Obama off the ballot, they should have that right. PROVIDED THEY CAN PROVE WHERE HE WAS BORN!!!!! Otherwise, everyone involved, (without exception), should be prosecuted for treasonous acts against the President Of The United States!!! (Denying his rights as a citizen of the United States to run for office without legal cause.)

    • lindablue

      Two thumbs up!!!

  • The insults and disrespect that have been inflicted on President Obama is quite above anything that have ever been seen in this country. It is time that responsible Americans, whether Democrats or Republicans, stand against this abuse and bigotry.

  • mjw1952

    Is that even legal?

  • ridemybroom

    wtf !……i dont think disgusting is the right adjective here….are these people full of it or what…lol…they sound like your typical scared screaming monkeys that cant control their bowel movements…Koback ?…another romney piece of trash….sounds like the war wagers are really on the move…an extremist huh ?…koback come here let me show you extreme you carpetbagging piece of trash…another extremist whose racist and jealous with envy that a black man is running the country…what the low lifers will go through to try and derail a man with a successful triump to end the trial and tribulations the repubtards has put on this country all becuase of the color of his skin….

  • Kansas doesn’t seem to be in Kansas anymore and it isn”t Oz either. whatever it is they”re smoking I hope to God it doesn”t ever blow my way. a little too much rapture in the communion wine.

  • I think this is long past due,info.that is out there ,you wonder why a person would spend so much money to keep things sealed up and not let anyone see it,grades,loans,college type,”the book AMATEUR”tells the story of this impoister,never had me fooled a min.,every thing in the book to me was just as clear as a bell ,I add that it amazes me how empty mined some people are,you wonder……….

  • smartdee

    Mitt has made so many gaffes that the GOP is desperate to say and do whatever it takes to get him elected like beat a “dead horse” issue. Pretty pathetic!

  • I guess Kansas figured they would have to do something to out-crazy Arizona.

  • these birther lunatics need to be tapped UnAmerican and not patriotic Do not care about the respect due the President, this should be treason I did not like George Bush but I respected him even though I voted for him not once but twice I did not know what I know now GOP are racist, selfish pigs

  • suddencall

    The people in the state of Kansas have never been very bright . If they would throw away the republican propaganda, book of lies ,they call the bible and spend the time reading Real money by Jim Cramer they would get information that would help further their lives . Then they could get off of welfare and contribute to the treasury of Kansas and they would gain enough knowledge to know when they are making a laughing stalk of themselves.

  • All middle class show up to vote! Put those racist tea party-iers out of their seats. This proves they are to no-good to stay there.

    • lana ward

      Hate to shake you but I’m sure most middle class believe in God and are offended the dems are taking him out of everything

  • Disgusting good for nothing tea party Republicans. How low do you go? And you too Romney ‘N’ Ryan:(((

  • seagazer101

    Perhaps we should “remove” Kansas from the Union.

  • Obama could end all this crap, simply by providing a REAL Full Length version of his BC. Or, better yet, Obama should tell the Governor of Hawaii to open the files and allow whoever, to see the BC. I mean, afterall, what’s he got to hide?

  • So what’s the problem, if it is a valid Birth certificate , no problem.

  • Sheriff Apoia in Arizona already did microscopic investigation on Obama’s Brithday Certificate. He has all the sciencitific evidence…call him.

  • You folks speak with a forked tongue – first you say America is the greatest and then you come out with something way beyond hateful but just down right stupid. I am sorry but your action, along with countless other hate groups disqualify you to be a part of the greatest! And you think other countries are not watching? How are you going to lead others when you are still living in the past! am fraid that we are going to be so absorbed with hate that we will become an easy target for others who want to do us harm. Wake up folks!

    Texann Bates

  • The only that should be removed from holding government office are those racist angry white males in Kansas! The are the lowest form of life on the planet. With this kind of racist right wing extremism going on in the nation, it won’t be long before we a a full blown civil war on our hands!

    Perhaps the people of the United States should declare war on the republican party and it’s corporate masters.

  • onedonewong

    Mossad the Israeli CIA has looked at the barak long form BC and have gone on record that its FALSE. Enough said coupled with having a SS number that is connecticut based shows he was never born in this country

    • “Mossad the Israeli CIA?” LOL! Who the heck is he and what credibility does he have? Oh yeah, he’s in the CIA! A-HA-HA-HA! Some folks will believe anything that helps support their hatred.

      • onedonewong

        Yep an left wing nut that can do independent research hahahahhah yea right hahahahah

  • I agree the Republican would do anything for Romney to win the white House. The birther issues has been over with for a long time. These states just does not want Obama to win. Romney now is a lier, flip flop, not showing his tax return. We should asked to see his birth certificate. If he was born in Mexico well then he is not an American. Since his father was born in Mexico, how do we know that he wasn’t born either. If he does show his birth certificate how do we know that it was not a fake.

  • daniel bostdorf

    Let them…Kansas is not a deciding state.

    Oh–by the way…if anyone mentions “Gateway pundit” as a rebuttal, know this;

    Gateway Pundit” is a “news aggregator” , primarily tasked to discredit Obama.
    It sifts though anti-Obama articles and posts them as fact.
    They dont fact check.
    Their George Orwell motto is; ” where hope finally made a comeback.” That state means ment that they really mean the opposite.

    “hope finally made a comeback ” is realized when Obama is re-elected.

  • The Constitution does not define what a “natural born citizen” is, and the Supreme Court has ruled that the Congress has authority to supply the missing definition by statute — which the Congress has done, in the Immigration and Nationality Act. This act provides, among other things, that:

    For persons born between December 24, 1952 and November 14, 1986, a person is a national and citizen of the United States at birth if all of the following are true (except if born out-of-wedlock):

    — The person’s parents were married at the time of birth
    — One of the person’s parents was a U.S. citizen when the person was born
    — The citizen parent lived at least ten years in the United States before the child’s birth;
    — A minimum of 5 of these 10 years in the United States were after the citizen parent’s 14th birthday.

    Obama was not born out of wedlock; his mother was natural born citizen of the United States; and she had lived the requisite amount of time in the United States before giving birth to her son Barack. Thus, even if Obama’s birth certificate had been forged, or was missing, or showed that he had been born in Ulan Bator — he would still be a natural born citizen of the United States.

  • Now I really know what,” ignorance is bliss,” means. Kansas is sad!

  • copper1234


  • Why do Republicans insist on showing the rest of us what total douche bags they can be? Do they ever put their tiny brains in gear before they say such incredibly stupid things? Regardless, it just makes the Dems (who can be just as stupid sometimes) look like freakin adults.

  • Just another fascinating antic out of the Republican and the Tea Party’s Acme Bag O’ Tricks. Now, the piano or an anvil should fall from the sky and land on their heads in a cloud of dust.

  • copper1234

    Just shows that Mitt and other no goods are desparate scoundrels ready to mow down any of us who are trying to KEEP the middle class alive. LOOK OUT ALL YOU MIIDDLE CLASS PLANNING TO VOTE FOR HIM. YOU MAY JUST GET HIM!!!!!!! So now that they have seen the outcry from so many people they have decided against it. You can be sure that this will not be the last dirty trick they will try. Although it would hurt some of the middle class we should boycott any state that passes anything that would take that state”s voting rights away. Better than letting them go scott free with their nasty underhanded tricks.

  • Hawaii has two major newspapers, the Honolulu Advertiser and the Star Bulletin.
    BOTH newspapers include birth announcements, and BOTH newspapers record the August 4th, 1961 birth of Barack Obama. Get a life you lowlife republican birther idiots!

  • Why not impeach these low life and get rid of them for good, then the good people of Kansas can go on with their life without having to listen to fools like Kobach!!

  • They just won’t give it up. What a bunch of twits. I look at the republican party now as a lot of people who need parenting. Childish.

    • leftyrowe

      2 stollen elections by the GOP
      1 election won honestly by the Dem.

      the Republicans still have not faced the fact of loosing the election.
      but, what elese would someone exspect from the GOP?

  • leejam1944

    I guess this is what happen’s when people aren’t playing with a full deck.

  • Give me a break. The man has already been elected President of the United States of America once. If this was an issue, it should have been addressed before he was even allowed to register to run. This is just another desperate ploy that shouldn’t be allowed in a supposedly Democratic society!!! In a democracy, the people are suppose to put whomever they please into office without all of this underhanded, trickery and dasterdly deeds. We the people demand the right to vote for whosoever we want in office and that shouldn’t be decided by any crooked politicians.

  • It’s tough, making the Democrats look like adults — but Romney and company have pulled it off!

    • Um, no they haven’t. They’ve made complete fools of themselves and have showed the nation that Mr. Romney is not ready to lead. You’re delusional!

  • MOOSE4U2

    There’s still a question about his birth certificate was he born in the us?? Still to some people it hasn’t been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt .

    • leftyrowe

      Well then was Mitt born in the USA?
      and has Mitt proven his citenship without a shadow of doubt??????????????

      this is nothing but a Karl Rove diversonary tatic to avoid Mitts tax returns.

    • To some people, nothing Obama shows or does will change some people’s minds. If you don’t know what abject hatred is, the birther movement is a perfect example of it. I pity you and folks who hate so deeply. May the God these birthers claim to believe in have mercy on their souls.

  • If Democrats (Black Democrats in paticular) don’t get out and vote in the general election and the midterm elections then we are going to be modern day slaves again this is a unpresidented amount of disrespect and billergerence I’ve ever seen comming from the highest grade of institutional goverment I’ve ever seen Richard Nixon didn’t get this disrespected like this and he was impeached.

    • Well if ya didn’t know before, now ya know. We are not a post-racial society. The media put out this lie and it is obviously not true. Black Democrats will turn out in historic numbers again to vote to re-elect President Obama. We know what we are facing if the facists win the election. VP Biden is right – we will be back in chains.

  • I am going to file a complaint saying that if the Presidents name is not on the ballot,then the States electoral votes can not be counted for the Presidency.The reason I am going to use for this is the civil rights act of 1965,where a candidate cannot be refused on account of race,religion,etc.

  • Every time I read about another ignorant, sleazy, asinine GOP tactic, I have this compulsion to send our President more $$$$. OOPS, I did it again!

  • Well, since Obama is unlikely to win Kansas anyway, it likely will have NO impact on the results. In doing this stupid maneuver, Kansas willingly makes it’s voters votes, irrelevant. How nice to be a Kansan. More to the point, eliminate one party from the ticket and you essentially make Kansas a totalitarian State. Sounds like communism!!

  • wizemann

    The republican party is the Nazi American Party plain and simple. All this atlk about concervatives is a nice robe just like religion…They paut it on to fool the easily and willing fooled christian rasist movement disguised as all sorts of things conservative….
    The Nazis in Germany used similar themes…When it comes to ethnic cleansing people aint nothing yet…If they can do these sort of things emagine what happens to minority inmates, defendants and the welfare of minorities in general…As republicans wreck the economy through their war on unions more and more middles class people will join the likes of these rasists…if anything goes wrong blame minorities…

  • All the United States should banded OBAMA just as Kansas is thinking about it. But Congress, the States. none have the “BALLS” to do anything

  • Another NEOCON Tea Bagger American Taliban effort to destroy the election process guaranteed by the US Constitution.

    Is there any people in KANSAS brave enough to stand up to this FASCIST take over of our governments?


  • All 50 States should BAND “OBAMA”.(The people that suppose to work for the PEOPLE Our Congress had any BALLS would have Band HIM for all the CRIMES he has done to OUR COUNRTY………

    • lol! Please learn how to spell. It’s BAN or BANNED, not BAND. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will make sure YOU pay for the big tax cuts they will give to the rich!

  • Chris_Vreeland

    Kobach, Sheriff Joe & Orly Taitz are the gifts that keep on giving to the Democratic party. Don’t worry, tea baggers, nobody will suspect that there is any racism behind any of you.

  • what are they afraid of President Obama is going to win the election , and who in the hell is going to vote for two idots Mitt &Ryan ” OBAMA 4 MORE YEARS” AND ROMNEY IS MEXCAN

  • rockpicker

    I find Obama’s admitting, on national tv, that he’s “done a little blow,” to be particularly endearing.

  • He is his own worst enemy. How stupid can a person get when his challenge has been answered. Also stupid is as studpid does. The outcome will be to turn more voters toward the Democratic side.

  • Unbieveable! He is so stupid that he is willing to have possible voters change over and vote for the other side. “Stupid is as stupid does” We need some people running the government who have some brains and able to reason and make rational decisions. May God be with all of us.

  • emilywf

    This is an outrage! President Obama was born in Hawaii which is one of the United States. What Kansas is considering doing is unconstitional.

  • wendyleemyers

    Stupid! President Obama has presented his birth certificate more than once. You just don’t have solutions so have to depend on attacking the President. First rule in debate. When the other side starts name calling, they know that they have lost. That is all you do. Bad mouth the President. How about the one he inherited the mess from? You don’t want to talk about that. The one who put the country in jeopardy, to fulfill his father’s legacy. 9/11 happened, but, Bush was out to get us into a war with Iraq anyway, just a good excuse. Lies of WMD. Why did you not invite Bush to you convention? You don’t want to talk about that. You have no concrete platform except to get Obama out of office. God does not like ugly and you are acting ugly.

  • wendyleemyers

    I read later down the comments. So, Bobby E. Williams, what crimes are you accusing Obama of during his term? No generalities, be specific,

  • leftlite

    It never ceases to amaze me how racism can make people willfully blind.

  • markmckennon

    The birthers are a pestilence upon the body politic. They and their tea bag colleagues don’t have the intellectual ability or integrity to challenge Obama or the Democrats, liberals, progressives or non-partisan academics on the facts and pros and cons of policies. Instead, they rely on distortions, aspersions, insults, prevarications, and attempted outright election theft to gain power. The form of government they embody — the ends justify the means, no ethics, shadow backers, dark money, bad faith — is worse than a corrupted democracy, that is the game of fascists. All to easily, if given more power, in a generation they could become tyrants. They are more than disagreeable; looking at them one sees a harbinger of the end of the U.S.A. as we know it.

  • The antics of the Republican/Tea Party are astonishing. The world moves ahead, the USA stays stuck in 1857. What a bunch of morons. The nitwit 49 States (less Vermont) continue to astonish and carry on in such a destructive course. In an election that is a no brainer for the working class, we have ordinary folks in Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Florida, Arizona, etc considering their self emulation. We need an end to the senseless wars, we need re-regulation of Wall Street (Glass Steigle), we need universal, single payer health care and much more. We do not need the simplistic, knee jerk reaction of The Tea Party. The Kansas
    people are seriously taking valuable time on the birther nonsense. What stupidity. In Vermont, there is much talk of reconsidering our “Soverengty Association” agreement of 1791. I keep hoping that the rest of the country will wise up. I feel more and more that won’t happen. The state legislative vote in 1991 was not the unanimous rubber stamp exercise it normally is (’41 and’91) leaving the door open. Quebec and Canada look better all the time.

  • bwmconst

    Is there anything right wingers won’t do to remove Obama…He is not my hero, he has done things that took too long, he has appeased the right for political gain as he saw necessary, but he is not the indignant traitor that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and the rest of them are…He would not sell American lives for OPEC, and outright energy manipulation…Yeah “Misson Accomplished”, his group of pirates destroyed our middle class, and damn near bankrupted the whole planet…Ooooohhh, now that’s a tough act to follow, let’s make Obama an alien…Would like to stick foot up someone’s ass, but that would get me 20 to life…

    • lindablue

      You mean to tell me he acted like a politician?

  • They say they are Christian but nothing they do is Christ like or honors the teachings of Christ. They say they are constitutionalists but nothing they do honors our Declaration or honors the intent of the founding fathers.

  • Kansas Secretary of State AND Mitt Romney adviser Kris Kobach want to pull the sitting Presidents name from the November ballot because a “birther” has filed a complaint once again raising the specter of Mr. Obama’s citizenship. And Romeny complains about the Presidents capaign tactics. If it weren’t so revolting and dangerous, it would be funny. But of course Romney is still hanging with Trump and all the rest of the not quite so wealthy “birthers” even as he makes public comments that he is satisfied with the record. Romney loves to do his dirty work through surrogates. Ruch Limbaugh is one such surrogate, as he spews his daily garbage over the Bain owned Clear Channel radio waves. Like I said, the whole thing is ludicrous. But here is the Kansas SOS, part of Willards team, jumping in and using the power of his office to thwart the will of the people. It is shameful. But that wouldn’t matter to Mitt or his supporters for whom shame is an unknown quantity.

    • lindablue

      Good observations.

  • shadowg

    I wonder when will the Republican run out of tricks in order to try to win this election?

    • lindablue

      Never that is what money buys a bag of tricks , no serious policies just a lot of over zealous lies.

  • Melford

    Cool. It does not have wings, but considering the tricks the Liberals are up to lately, I guess it is no surprise that ethics are sinking to new levels in *both* parties…

  • l326

    I never seen so many cheating ways to get Dems from voting! If Romney gets in this way I am suing!!!!

  • Kobach strives to maintain and preservea European American majority.I wo.Der what the “nation e Americans” think about this?

  • native Americans that is

  • Nutballs!!! Another state to cross off of my vacation list and add to the “NEVER go there” list — alongside Arizona.

  • President was born here!!! STOP THE BIRTHER SHIT GOP, CAUGHT U LOSER

  • the gop has no other things to say

  • It’s not embarrassing at all. There’s just way too much smoke around most of the documents surrounding our current president – college transcripts, papers and thesis, birth certificate, etc – way way too much smoke….and far too many officials that are concerned at every level. This level of concern and doubt has never before occurred with a president – never. So many officials are convinced that it’s time for the public to listen. Go Kansas. Somebody’s got the guts to ask for proof and deny him on the ballot till they’ve got it. The “proof” heretofore has presented far far far too many questions for professionals. Get out of denial, people. You voted a fraud in to office, and you are the ones that should be embarrassed.

  • Surely, you jest. The KANSAS Secretary of State?

  • Surely you jest. The KANSAS Secretary of State?

  • What about the fact that his mother is a white woman from Kansas??? This is the same kind of Jim Crow plot the south is famous for. If they try that, everyone involved needs to be locked up and prosecuted for election fraud, civil rights violations, and as many other charges as may be applicable. The whole birther issue is a farce. A baby born of a U.S. citizen is also a U.S. citizen no matter where they think he was born…. Ask John McCain.

    • lindablue

      Two thumbs up!!!