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Kennedys, Movie Stars, And More: 6 Candidates For Kerry’s Senate Seat

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(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

Now that President Barack Obama has officially chosen John Kerry to replace Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State, all eyes are turning to Kerry’s native Massachusetts. Assuming that Kerry is confirmed by the Senate, which is widely considered a foregone conclusion, Republicans feel they will have a golden opportunity to capture Kerry’s seat and cut into the Democrats Senate majority.

The reason? Soon-to-be-former senator Scott Brown, who remains quite popular in Massachusetts and leads early polling of the upcoming special election.

As Brown found out in November, however, it takes more than goodwill for a Republican to win statewide election in the Bay State. Massachusetts is one of the most liberal states in the country, and whoever wins the Democratic nomination for Senate will have a great chance of winning the general election. Several high-profile Democrats are already rumored to be interested in running, and more are likely to signal their intentions in the coming days.

Here are six Democrats who could be Massachusetts’ next U.S. senator:

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Kennedys, Movie Stars, And More: 6 Candidates For Kerry’s Senate Seat Reviewed by on . (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) Now that President Barack Obama has officially chosen John Kerry to replace Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State, all eyes a (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) Now that President Barack Obama has officially chosen John Kerry to replace Hillary Clinton as his Secretary of State, all eyes a Rating:

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  • Baron Cormac

    Oh, Gawd, not Ben Affleck! Ed Markey has a lot of baggage, as does Capuano. I wondered which Kennedys would be included in this list.

    • amazonfan

      I hope not Affleck either, as he still has plenty of good films left in him. :D

      • Bill

        I agree I have enoyed his last 2 movies – The Town and Argo bothe really good movies. I don’t know if he would be a good senator I know he is a good film maker.

  • Michael Ross

    Capuano would not be a good choice. Of all the candidates for the Democratic primary that Martha Coakley defeated for the nomination, Capuano was the only no-show when it came time to the actual election against Scott Brown. His head is in the right place, but not his heart.

  • Michelle Rose

    I’d say either Ted Kennedy Jr. or Gov. Patrick, both of whom I’ve heard speak and both of whom are absolutely ace politicians: reliable, truthful, compassionate and passionate about justice and the people they serve. (Governor Patrick especially. The man is scary smart.)

    When I read Ben Affleck’s name as a possible candidate, I start giggling. Seriously? But upon reflection, I thought, well, why not? He’s smart, also compassionate and he’s experienced with political matters. Yeah, he’s really green, but that intelligence of his would rapidly make up for his lack of practical political expertise.

    Then I thought, no way. Do you realize what kind of a pay cut he’d have to take?

  • TenFeet2Hands

    I am leaning towards Ben Affleck, because our Governor has higher goals and Affleck would clobber Scott Brown, as though he were not even in the race. Ben Affleck has the focus of a statesman and would pour new blood into that starchy Senate with solid reason and the support of his SAG friends.

    Brown has begun priming the pump with a new voice of empathy and concern, rather late after attacking Elizabeth Warren on her roots. Brown is too flaky and totally transparent to the majority of MA Progressive Dems. I live in the Harvard area: N. Cambridge, where the population is rich with academic retention. Graduates of Harvard and MIT love the area, as do the Professors; it is rich with rational casual conversation with familiar strangers in the most sought after fields and some retirees. Ben Affleck is the person conversations dominate, we are all aware that the Senate choices affect the Nation not just the State from which they are elected.

  • onedonewong

    Brown will be reelected

  • Canistercook

    How about someone who knows how to make money instead of spend money. Lets have more elder business executives in government.

    • 113121

      No thanks.

    • Ford Truck

      Romney knows how to make money, and American clearly rejected him. We’ve tried “money-makers” before, and all they are interested in is making money FOR THEMSELVES and their rich friends. Screwing the rest of Americans in the process doesn’t bother them!

      • Canistercook

        Well with an income of over 3 million a year and never having produced anything ‘useful’ to mankind I guess one could call Obama a money maker at least for him and his family!

  • Jesse Fell

    Ed Markey would a good choice. He has been fighting for the sane and the humane in public policy and legislation since 1976. He has never modified his positions to follow the polls. He’s a great story teller. And he’s a regular guy from Malden (which is separated from Wakefield, Scott Brown’s hometown, only by diminutive Melrose).

  • angie

    Why not Barney Frank?

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