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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Koch Brothers’ Money Saves Scott Walker From Recall Drive

Koch Brothers’ Money Saves Scott Walker From Recall Drive
  • Itsjustmeagain1

    So true. Being stupid however is not a crime. When will the State Constitution be delivered to Koch brothers? The electorate just gave up ownership.

  • What a deal. For a mere $27M the Koch’s have bought their own state. Congratulations Wisconsin.

  • Looks as tho there are as many idiots in Wisconsin as everywhere else in the US. Didn’t two terms of Geo W teach anybody anything?

  • Since Wisconsin and Scott Walker were officially bought by the Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and the multimilillonaires that live in Wisconsin Tuesday , the people that consider themselves to be in the middle class will be in the one of the two classes of people that Wisconsin will be made up in less than a year and it won’t be the rich class. The only two classes of people in Wisconsin will be the Ultra rich and the ultra poor because Walker will finish stripping workers in the state of all their rights that he can get away with and I don’t mean just state workers and teachers I mean all other workers including the fire, highway patrol and police all way down to the lowest pay people in the state now. When Walker and his Republican helpers get through the poorest people in the United States will no longer live in Mississippi but in Wisconsin . While he is celebrating selling Wisconsin’s working people to the untra rich Koch Brothers, Karl Rove and the multimillionaires of Wisconsin, the rest of you better have a big fat savings to fall back on for you won’t be getting pay raises but pay cuts while the rich get massive tax cuts you will be getting massive tax increases to go along with your pay cuts. Also look for more massive cuts in education and health after the rich get their massive tax cuts that will go into their pockets not in creating jobs.

  • That was expensive. They won the Gov. recall but lost the State Senate Majority. The new State Senate Majority leader is Mark Miller, one of the wonderful Wis. 14.

  • Gammaanya

    Democracy was lost – sold to the highest bidders. Koch Bros. C.Rove, Citizen United, etc. now they are happy owners of the great State of Wisconsin to do anything they please with the 50+% of approval from cheese heads (now you know why they are called cheese heads – soft brain). Education down, (who needs educated lemmings??), safety down, school/colleges will go to private hands (the rich needs more money to educate their lemmings that the less you know it’s better for you) and you will pay for it. Yes, no bid contracts will be given to buddies with money, that will not hire anybody local. One common thing the cheese heads should look at – why out of state rich people pumped all the money to retain Walker??To better the Wisconsin people?? Hahahahaha. Just watch and see. Crooks always keep crooks. Birds of feather fly together. LOL. Good luck Wisconsin. In about 4 months you will be crossing to Illinois for soup kitchen. By the way your budget was not balanced as walker said, not in real way. I am accountant and I do balance books for Corp. it’s easy to shift money from some projects showing surpluss to the ones showig debt. It seems to me the Wisconsin people do not understand accounting check and balances or ever saw balance sheet to begin with. None of them asked Walker to show it how he got the books balanced.??!!Guess who pays for his defense in criminal case – Wisconsin people not the Republican Party. CHeck facts Wisconsin. Good luck Wisconsin – you voted, you got it, live with it and DON’T COMPLAIN LATER. Floridian’s did it and look where it got them. Money talks BS walks and Wisconsin just prooved it. Myself I don’t believe in Unions anymore because they become just another big business and there is no need to protect employees from the big Corp. Safety is not an issue because of OSHA, wages – should not be an issue because if you make a dollar more with union, the dues eat the difference. In many cases Union defend and keep on the job dead wood that affects everybody’s performance. When you get laid off union or not, you are out on the street and Union will not help you from then on. I believe if you wanted to join union do so but others don’t have to be forced to join. It should be optional. No matter what state U R in, some teachers can’t teach but Unions keep them on payola. Some cops should not be on the force but Union keeps them etc. I don’t believe in cutting education to help the Corp. Corporations not people and they do not create jobs – SUPPLY and DEMAND and MIddle Class create jobs and sustain the economy.
    “Human kind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. All things are bound together. All things connect.” Chief Seattle, 1854
    One smart chief.
    “After the last tree has been cut and the last river has been poisoned will you find that money can not be eaten” – said by Native Crete tribe chief. How true. Good Luck Wisconsin – you will need it.